1. so nbc ordered 32 episodes but the producers settled on 30, according to mindy there will be 28 and now melora says 22? what is going on! how many episodes will there be??

  2. Comment #4: I’m not sure of the exact number, but I’m positive there will be more than 22 half-hour segments because that’s kind of the default order for television shows, and NBC would definitely have a bit more of The Office.

  3. Whoops, Kristin made a booboo there about Melora not being a regular, but she may have saved herself with the “It’s not the same without you” comment.

    I can’t wait for the new season! Hooray!

  4. I am the only one who thinks she got a little too defensive about being a regular? calm down Melora, you know we love you!

  5. Wow! That was fun! And so much info too!! Thanks Melora!! Love her hair and makeup!!

  6. I hope Todd Packer’s in the first episode. He wasn’t on at all during Season 4.

    He’s horrible, but I get good laughs from him!

  7. When Melora said there was going to be 22 episodes it kind of sounded like she was guessing. So rest assured people i am pretty sure there will be more than 22! I’m so glad though that Jan will be in more episodes and I can’t wait to see what happens with Jan next season!

  8. How does she already know the number of shows she will be in? Do the writers have every episode mapped out already and know who will be in which one? I didn’t realize they worked that far ahead.

  9. #7 – She did get a bit defensive about being a series regular. Kind of caught me off guard because I wasn’t expecting her to act that way.

  10. I thought Melora explained her series regular status well. She didn’t seem defensive to me. However, my stomach dropped when she mentioned Jan and how Michael could step in to be involved with the kid, and that Jan will throw a wrench into Michael finding happiness with Holly. I know Melora loves her character for that, but for me, it makes me really sad and slightly annoyed that we’ll have to see this. But The Office knows how to do this well, so we’ll have to wait and see. Six more days until cast reports to work! (I feel like I’m counting down the days until Pitcher and Catchers report to spring training).

  11. Melora was very defensive about her regular character status and I think we caught a glimpse of ‘life imitating art’ for a moment! It happens to the best of them!

  12. I know she was just estimating, but I was surprised at how many episodes Melora at least thought she would be in. After Jan and Michael hit the splits, I don’t believe we saw Jan at all until the finale. Why will she be back in the show all of a sudden? (Besides the baby, because Michael has Holly now).

  13. I was surprised at the way she handled that whole interview. She seemed slightly irritated almost the whole time and it came to a head with the series regular question. All the cast members are always saying what a wonderful person she is, so I have to assume it was a bad day or she had some other legitimate reason to behave that way. I’m sure I’ve had my moments in life…theirs are just under such scrutiny. I do think she came off looking like a bit of a “brat” which is so unlike that whole cast’s appeal to us fans. Feel better Melora – hope you’re having a better day today! :)

  14. Remember that they consider some of the hour-long episodes as single episodes, so they may say there will be 30 episodes, when in fact it’s actually thirty half-hours. They may turn into 25 episodes, with 5 hour-longs?

  15. Melora looks so pretty with those purple eyes! She’s got such a great sense of humor about her really psycho character. After reading the comments I admit I was looking (pre-cringing) for her defensiveness, but she didn’t come across that way to me at all. I think she was simply trying to clarify that she was a series regular since season 2. What was with the 22 episodes??? Does that mean 6 full hour episodes and 16 half hour episodes? Oh man I hope not. Long episodes are nice, but it’s nicer to have new episodes each week.

  16. On the series regular thing: I think Kristin’s question was just misunderstood. Kristin is a well known rabid fan of the show, so she knows Jan/Melora has been around for several seasons. But with her status a bit up in the air this season (breaking up with Michael, missing from several episodes), I think Kristin was just wanting clarification on whether the Jan character will be around for the whole season or just a few episodes. It’s a legitimate question, just probably could have been worded differently.

  17. As for Melora being defensive or “off”, I think what people might be seeing is just her feeling a little uncomfortable with the red carpet spotlight. Though she hides it well, I bet she’s a bit of a self conscious person, and I think that kind of reserve from such a good looking person can be easily misinterpreted as arrogance.

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