1. bacon….. and the office……. i hear angel choirs….. what? where’s bacontally at? oh on the office? okay… cause that’s awesome.

  2. Love Kevin! Way to go! Lynn is a cutie patootie :)

  3. So, was it Lynn Kevin was kissing, or was he trying to lick the bacon taste off of her?

  4. What is Michael doing in the second clip?! Garbage can in the door? What?

  5. I don’t get the second clip at all. What was Michael doing? Dumping the coffee (I think)? Moving the garbage can to the bathroom, sort of? Not sorry to see that removed, though maybe it would’ve made more sense in context. Loved the stuff with Kevin and Lynn in the first clip, though.

  6. I believe he was getting rid of the coffee upstairs, so that everyone would have to go downstairs to get a cup of coffee.
    He thinks that is going to get people to go to his party.
    I like the clip because it reminded me of when he threw away all of the food in the refrigerator, because he was on a diet.

  7. Michael was throwing away all the coffee so there would only be coffee in the cafe disco and he was using the trash to open the door so everyone could hear the music through the vent in the bathroom.

  8. I think Michael was dumping the coffee grounds out so that people would be forced to go to Cafe Disco (or they were being punished for NOT going). I have no idea why he puts the trashcan in the door though.

  9. The implication of the second scene is that Michael’s grandfather was an alcoholic who went to AA, correct?

  10. Jackanapes – yes, apparently his grandfather was an alcoholic who attended AA meetings. XD

  11. 13 so yeah. props the door open cause the “disco” ex MSPC was just below the men’s bathroom and the open door would allow the music to be heard upstairs.

  12. LOL at Dwight in that yearbook photo!!

    I also liked his “Schrute v. The Lackawanna County Board of Education” thing.

  13. Did anybody else think one of the other softball players looked like Pam?

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