Creed Bratton phone call

I just got off the phone with The Office’s Creed Bratton. He called to thank me for coming to visit the set. How sweet is that?

He also let me know that he’ll be playing a gig in San Diego this week. I asked him to send me his full calendar so I can post it on OfficeTally. You guys would love to see him perform live, right?

Lastly, he told me he’s planning to visit Iceland. “It’s so Creed,” he said. “I’m going to Iceland because I heard there are fairies there. I’m going to look for them under rocks. If anyone can find them, Creed can!”

I love him.


  1. Okay, now that is the most random and awesome thing I have heard in a long time. Iceland? Seriously? I love it.

  2. I wish I lived in San Diego. I would definitely go hear him play — he’s amazing! I love him. :-) Thanks for sharing, Tanster! (P.S. Do all the Office cast members have your phone number? So cool!)

  3. Creed is the best! A great actor, a great musician and a very kind person.

  4. I’ve been to Iceland. (Really) It’s gorgeous. I hope he really is going there.

  5. If Creed comes to Canada (which is pretty close to Iceland), I’ll definitely go hear him play! (At my favourite bar, they have Temptation Eyes on the jukebox and I always play it when I’m there – partly because I love Creed, but mainly because it’s just a great song.)

  6. hahahah Creed Called you. That is fantastic. Is that the first time a office cast member has called you before?

    [from tanster: no, jenna called me in 2007 — more info here. :) ]

  7. I live in America’s Finest City — I would love to attend Creed’s gig and perhaps take a few photos with the legend that is Creed Bratton. Are there other Tallyheads who want to go as a group?

  8. Just heard from Creed. Sorry, San Diego is a corporate party. Will try to get more details on when he performs publicly!

  9. That’s awesome! Creed is the sweetest. Anybody who goes to see him live better submit a full report to OT! :)

  10. Oh, Iceland! One of my favorite trips I’ve ever been on. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there (about 10 years now, Wow!) but it was SO COOL! I can totally see Creed going there. I hope he’ll report on his visit here on Officetally.

  11. awww, I’m bummed the San Diego gig is private… so close! cool you get phone calls from the cast though.

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