Announcing this week’s OfficeTally prizewinners!

Congratulations to Jordan, Justin, and Piper for winning this week’s OfficeTally giveaway!

You will each be receiving your choice of Office video from the iTunes Store …


  1. congrats!!

    does anyone know how good those look on the video ipods? i want to get one for this really long plane ride…so i can watch the office!! because the dvds still aren’t available here. :-( but if it looks terrible, or is hard to watch, i don’t really want to bother. odd question, but i get a bad case of buyers anxiety k? lol.

  2. Yay! I won!! I picked Casino Night…I wanted Michael’s Birthday or some others, but I ultimately had to go with Casino Night. I have to own that last ten minutes and be able to watch whenever I want!!!! Yay Jam! I want so badly to know they’ll be happy together forever, but I think we’re going to have to suffer a bit. And what does Pam say at the very end??? It looks like the sound was cut in editing or something. Well, happy posting everyone!

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