The Office moves up an hour in the fall

NBC announced its new fall schedule today during the “upfronts” at Radio City Music Hall.

The Office will be airing an hour earlier, moving from 9:30pm to 8:30pm.

Here is the new Thursday lineup:

8-8:30 p.m. “My Name Is Earl” (new time)
8:30-9 p.m. “The Office” (new time)
10-11 p.m. “ER”/(“THE BLACK DONNELLYS” in January 2007)

One less hour to wait! That’s good.

But I wonder if this means that Season 3 storylines will have to be tamer due to the move to “family hour.” Could an episode like Sexual Harassment (the only Office episode ever to earn the “viewer discretion advised” warning) air in the 8:30 slot?

For the full NBC press release, click here.


  1. Hmm . . . it’s certainly a concern that they might have to calm it down a bit at an earlier hour. On the other hand, though, “Will & Grace” is not the cleanest, most family-friendly show on television, and it’s currently on at 8, right? So maybe we don’t have to be that worried.

  2. What I’m worried about it the fact that I’ve read from a whole bunch of places that that slot is a black hole for NBC. No show can actually stay there and surivive. I know that our show is much different than every other one but c’mon. The only thing I can think of as this being a good this is the fact that “Earl” moved with it.

  3. I thought it would find an audience in the 930 slot.

    But being away from CSI and going up against the lesser (yet still powerful) Survivor should help.

  4. I agree with Stacy. There is plenty worse on TV, and I don’t think NBC would change the formula it has right now.

  5. Perhaps the reason that the time slot has been so unsuccessful is that NBC just hasn’t put anything worth watching in it.

  6. While I understand the concerns I still think this great news for the show. I see at as a positive because I think it gives the show a chance to bring in new viewers at the earlier time slot.

  7. Sweet. Problem is, I won’t ever be able to watch an episode on time anymore. Im still doing homework at 8:30.

  8. I agree with the notion that this might bring in a wider number of viewers. Here’s hoping.

  9. You can see the history of that timeslot here:

    There have been a lot of really bad shows in that timeslot, but it was also where Friends started out. I think the most analogous situation might have been 20 years ago, when it was Cosby at 8, Family Ties at 8:30, and then Cheers at 9. Also, this will be the first time that they are running two hour-long dramas (Studio 60 and ER) back to back.

    If I had to guess, I think the strategy is this: keep building support for Earl and The Office, hope that Studio 60 is a big hit (it sounds good), then next year move Studio 60 to 10:00, Office to 9:00, keep Earl at 8, and use the other slots for new shows.

    What do you think of that?

  10. Thanks for the link Lal. It seems that the 9:30 timeslot has been more of a kiss of death since Frasier held and vacated it in 93-94.

  11. i just saw that ABC is moving Greys Anatomy to 9pm Thursday night. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that the office was moved up an hour, and it wont be up against something like that.

  12. NBC has stated repeatedly in the past 5 years that they are not a family-friendly channel and have to intention on being so. I don’t really think they’re worried about what goes on in the 8-9 slot, as long as it brings in advertisers.

  13. The combination of going against both CSI and Grey’s would be death, I don’t care how different the target audiences are. I don’t view the move as a blessing in disguise… just as a blessing.

  14. lol, i use that term loosely since it didn’t look like many people were initially happy about the move.

  15. I thought the same thing about going up against Grey’s Anatomy (and CSI). Not that we are not up for a battle, but the more viewers The Office has, the more secure I feel about this show having a long, long run.

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