1. Agh! They need to stop saying what a good episode it’s going to be! It’s tearing me apart! lol, I can’t wait anymore!!

  2. “These next 6 episodes are for ‘Office’ fans”

    Thanks John! YAY!

  3. I am SO happy to have the Office back! April 10th cannot come soon enough, I have definatly missed seeing these guys every week.

  4. No way. Just. I. Can’t. Wait.

    Best cast ever, if that hasn’t been said enough.

    Six episodes, here we come!

  5. One of my friends on LiveJournal said, “it’s Christmas at OfficeTally!”

    I couldn’t put it any better.

  6. i love it! i just wish john talked more.. sigh.
    Jenna was so funny!
    Creed sleeping under his desk!

  7. Ahhh! I can’t even EXPRESS how much I love the office cast.
    I feel like they’re just my next door neighbors… you know what i mean?
    Anyways, I. CAN’T. WAIT. !!!!

  8. I love that John said the next six episodes are for Office fans who like all the little things about the show!

    Can’t. Wait!

  9. Dear Thursday,
    Please come as quickly as possible!
    Post-it Thief
    P.S. Thank you, John, for saying these are episodes for us Office fans.

  10. I noticed the “no jim/pam” drama too! I wonder if she is hiding something or if there truly is no drama.

    anyways, I can’t wait!!

  11. that cast seems like the best of friends. that is one of the reasons it just works. i can’t wait until

    the only way the day could be better is
    ICE CREAM! :)

  12. Man tanster, you are on fire today with the updates! Thanks so much! Now go rest.

  13. seriously, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday are going to be the longest days EVER!!!!!!!!!

  14. this is the first new episode i’m ever going to view after seeing the complete series so this is a HUGE milestone for me!

  15. Steve’s answer about doing the show by himself with no cameras for the last 100 days (‘and some of them turned out fantastic’) Killed me. Thursday!!!

  16. These were so funny! Spicy Curry, I noticed that too… no mention of JAM drama. That made me happy. I like happy things for them. But as much as I have (surprisingly) grown to love Andy, I want to see Dwight fight for his love. I am so freaking excited! I need to find a friend that has a ginormous television to watch Thursday night’s episode.

  17. Ha, Creed. I love how you can’t really tell if he’s talking about his character or just referring to himself in the third person. Judging by how everyone in the cast says that there’s virtually no line between Creed the character and Creed the person.

    : )

  18. haha i loved all of jenna’s comments!! and i love when john says “its totally normal, and nothing weird happens” haha

  19. Based on what John said, I cannot WAIT for these next six episodes!

    These videos made me happier than seeing the cover of the much-anticipated and much-discussed TV Guide. I for one am going to quit speculating about what’s going to happen, and just get on my board and ride the last wave of the season in.

  20. Wow…this has been the longest wait for a Thursday, ever, in the history of Thursdays. This was such a treat, though! Makes the wait easier for sure.

  21. Fancy new Beesley indeed. More like fancy new Fischer. Her responses were great.

  22. John Krasinski’s comment that these episodes are for fans who love all the little things about The Office, made my day. It looks like we are going to get some classic and very special episodes. I can’t wait.

  23. “I wrote a novel and a symphony. Is that good enough for you?” Oh, Steve, you make me laugh!

  24. Ha! I loved Steve talking about how the best way to make sure something is a classic is to say it is a classic while you are making it (or something along those lines). SERIOUSLY, is it Thursday yet? Thanks for all the updates, Tanster!

  25. All these clips and new spoilers are making me ridiculously happy. Compared to the last few months, it really feels like Christmas for this Office fan.

  26. I wouldn’t read too much into Jenna’s comments. These vids were filmed during Dinner Party and I don’t believe they received any additional scripts at that point.

  27. I can’t wait to see how they hide Angela’s belly during the dinner party!

  28. 100 days to write a novel and a symphony? Geez, hang in there Steve. You’ll get better. Remember, it’s all about quantity and not quality. I think that’s the phrase.

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  29. Oh I love them all, haha.
    And Jenna’s so funny in the first part.
    2 days, guys, 2 days!

  30. How much do I love John Krasinski? He just makes my heart sing. These interviews were awesome and I can’t wait for Thursday! Thank you, Tanster!

  31. God I love how smart aleck they all are without even seeming to plant it. So great. Jenna’s clips in that first one remind me so much of her in Lollilove. Is it Thursday yet???

  32. Those interviews are so much fun to watch! I feel like a kid at Christmastime, only I don’t get my present until Thursday at 9pm.

  33. As always, thanks so much for the updates, Tanster! Not sure if all of these updates are making the wait for Thursday harder or easier, but all of these updates are so exciting! I can’t wait!

  34. I cannot wait for the next couple of new episodes! I just realized that I’m just about a month away from my one-year anniversary of being an Office-fanatic! YAY!

  35. Seriously, I have been squealing since Monday… two more days!!!!

    These vids just made me even more excited. Love John and Creed’s comments.

    “I still live under my desk.” Best thing I’ve heard all morning!

    Thanks for posting!!!

  36. Ahhhh! I was already excited for thursday, not I can hardly sit still!! Im so excited about this episode!!

  37. I once had dinner at the house of my boss’s son. He spent a lot of time commenting on the beauty of his wife’s legs, while she was sitting right there. So, yeah, things can get awkward. That guy was really like a younger, less good-hearted version of Michael. Anyway…I’m so excited!

  38. It will be good to see Steve Carell and Ed Helms have some screen-time together.

  39. I cannot wait!!! I love sarcastic Jenna, and I love how Leslie is so NOT Stanley.

  40. I would also like to say that I gained weight while “The Office” was on break. I find myself gaining weight in the summer as well. Hmm…maybe we should should have new episodes of “The Office” all year round so that I don’t gain weight. haha

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  41. “For people who love the little things about the show?” That’s ME! I love the little things about the show! AH is it Thursday yet?!

  42. OT is so much fun! I am so excited to visit everyday and find new and exciting upcoming Office stuff. Thanks Tanster! My life has resumed. I can see from the short clips why their table read was so hilarious.

  43. I loved John’s last comment. I feel like a lot of this season was written for people who aren’t really the longtime fans. It’s great to know that they’re somewhat going back to normal.

  44. Oh John–giving the old fans those little office things to love and quote and squee over. What could be better?

    “A symphony. A novel. Good enough for ya?” Steve is amazing.

    B.J. was so cute too. I smiled just thinking of all the little characters who were quietly dancing in his head, then coming to life and being loud around him.

  45. Thursday is going to be the longest day of my life, but it will be all worth it at 9:00

    “thats what she said”

  47. For me the one of the best parts was seeing John with his Jim hair and rolled up sleeves. For a while he’s been promoting Leatherheads and has had the clean cut suits and the gelled hair. But Jim is back to work!! Yay!

  48. I AM SO EXCITED. These interviews are very good :) I loved seeing John back as Jim as well. I missed him!

  49. oh man I am SO EXCITED!!! Jenna’s favorite episode – it must be good! Please be Thursday now!

  50. Melora Hardin was on the Today show and they aired another short clip from Dinner Party. It was really funny. Pam is a little misinformed, and her and Jan have a little awkward moment. Oh, I can’t wait!


  51. Ah this is so exciting! This is brutal waiting until Thursday although the spoliers help a little! I feel like a kid waiting for christmas to come!

  52. I love, love, love Jenna/Pam so much, but it honestly bugs me when cast members besides Steve Carell are sarcastic in interviews. He was the first one to say that he hated everyone and that work was such a drag, and now all the cast members do it. Steve spoiled me I guess.

  53. what is up with the “Chair Model” episode? What happened to “Parking?” Is it the same episode with a new name or is “Parking” going to be shown later? Thanks!

  54. haha yea “Chair Model” and “Parking” are the same episode they just decided to change the name of it

  55. Jenna is so cute with her tolerating thing and I really love it when Steve talks about writing a symphony and a novel! Hilarious! i can so not wait until Thursday!

  56. I cannot wait! Seriously, I have some sort of fever coming on. Watching these clips set me over the edge!

  57. I’ve been trying to restrain myself and wait for the episodes, but broke down and watched these. I would very much like to hear Steve Carell/Michael Scott’s symphony.

    Sooooo glad they’re back!

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