Caught reading OfficeTally in class

From Tallyhead erinlee519:

Last week I was in class in a computer lab and was, as usual, on OfficeTally. The professor asked me a question, and since I had no idea what he was talking about, I didn’t know the answer.

Being in the front row, the professor flipped my monitor around to see what I was doing. I guess all he saw were a couple words, because then he yelled out, “Dunder Mifflin!” in front of the whole class. It was embarrassing … but today I got an assignment back.

Attached is the picture of what the professor wrote. It says:


“Grade raised to 20/20- so the bottom line — you can continue to look at web sites for “The Office” in class, as long as you deliver on the learned competencies I expect each and every student in Com 310 to master.”

So, two things here … while I’m thrilled to be off the hook with this professor, I think I’m more excited about the fact that he knows that “Dunder Mifflin” means “The Office”! He might just be my favorite professor now …

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