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SPOILER WARNING! Article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers. interviews Jenna Fischer about Blades of Glory, but she talks a little about The Office, too:

You had a weird break up scene on The Office this season with your boyfriend. It was very unnerving towards the end.

Yeah, with David Denman. David is one of my closer friends from the show; he and his wife and me and my husband, we hang out a lot. To see him turn like that, for me it was even more shocking because I know him as a big teddy bear. He played it so well and I think that cliffhanger of “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” is one of the best last lines of our episodes ever.

Link: Interview: Jenna Fischer (Blades of Glory)

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  1. So does that mean Contract Negotiation, Safety Training, Women’s Appreciation, Beach Day, Finale? Anyone more obsessive than I am want to correct me?

  2. I thought this was a really nice interview. It’s quite long and have lots of interesting little tidbits in it. As usual, Jenna’s so eloquent in her answers. I especially liked her earnest reply to the interviewer’s statement that Rainn didn’t think Steve would stay on “The Office” for long. She’s such a sweetheart :-)

  3. I love this! Her take on Steve just makes me love him all that much more. And after all the “Jenna is going down a dark path”, it was nice to hear her comment on the issue herself LOL

    Great interview! I can’t wait to see what guest director/fan of the show they can get to direct next. Harold Ramis’s next episode sounds like a blast.

  4. Cute interview. They are REALLY pushing Jenna’s “ladies” in Blades of Glory press.

    I’m sad her MySpace page has become a bit overwhelming. I hope she doesn’t give up on it just yet.

  5. CorNOT University, I believe it’s this:

    18. The Negotiation (supersized)
    19. Safety Training
    20. “Unnamed Episode”
    21. Women’s Appreciation
    22. Beach Day (formerly Coal Walk)
    23. The Job (hour-long finale)

    And if the finale really is on May 17th that means these six episodes will be shown throughout seven weeks…probably a week break between episodes 22 and 23 for an hour-long “Earl” finale.

  6. I really enjoyed the interview. The interviewer seemed to know his stuff. I appreciate how Jenna comes across as a genuine person in interviews. I’ve been disappointed in some of the cast interviews where they come across as a “character” rather than a person. Maybe that is just Jenna’s character.

  7. Just read the interview and had to add this: Jenna’s an Arrested Development fan! That is awesome beyond words.

  8. I love Jenna. She seems to really understand who she is and how to do what she loves without while keeping her head on right. She really has a lovely perspective on everything.

  9. I’ve already said it on one form, but it can easily be said again.
    If “Beach Day” features John Krasinski in a swimsuit, all of my frustrated complaints on the Jim-Pam-Karen runaround this season will be redacted.

  10. The Beach episode sounds awesome and I thought this was an awesome interview. The Interviewer sounded nicer than the last, not-at-all-enthusiastic one.

  11. Ehhhh, I’ll come off as a pervert no matter how I ask this, so I just will – what does this whole naked thing involve?

  12. Awesome. My favorite episode of Arrested is Afternoon Delight, too. I love you, Pammy.

  13. CH – Just seeing him in a t-shirt and swim trunks will be enough for me. Seriously… if he has on no shirt, I’ll break my Tivo. :-)

    And another thought – Dwight definitely will have no shirt, which will be awesome. I can just see him now with his line of sunscreen down his nose! Hilarity will ensue in this episode.

  14. totally off topic, but did anyone else think reading that was a pain in the ass. i mean the colour contrast on there is deathly, as i type this, there are huge black lines across my line of vision.

  15. CH – i am with you all the way. screw JAM if i can see jim shirtless. okay….no…i really want JAM, but still….. :)

  16. As others said, that was a good interview, smart questions. I did notice that she said Carell didn’t write an episode this season. Some had speculated he might write the finale but we know now otherwise.

    If myspace is overwhelming, she should experiment with livejournal, blogspot or some other equivalent outlet. I miss her blogs.

  17. Mike D – She’s not actually getting naked in this movie, but she does wear some sexy lingerie while seducing Will Ferrell. The groping mentioned in the interview goes on over clothing.

  18. @ 19 DrunkBiking – I 100% AWTC. :) Jenna, leave myspace and come to LJ. plz gurl. D: it’s so much better, less crowded, but pretty much has the same features that you use in your myspace (blog entries much?). also you can join communities (The Office US Community, etcc) and such. you have a large enough fanbase at lj for people to respond, but small enough that you can probably read them all. :) you should turn off anonymous comments though; for some reason, they annoy me (they’re often either lurkers or people who decide to remain nameless because they want to leave a really rude comment), but hey, do what you want.

  19. beach day
    maybe we can see jenna in a bikini
    but seriously that sounds like a good episode

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