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SPOILER WARNING! Article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers. (It’s not too spoilery, though.)

Once again, a lengthy interview with Jenna about Blades of Glory, and once again, she says some interesting stuff about The Office:

I don’t know if Jim and Pam are ultimately meant to be together. I say this to producers all the time: ‘Sometimes that person helps you become the person that you’re supposed to be to meet the person you’re supposed to marry.’ Maybe that’s our story. And if that’s our story, that’s still a beautiful story to tell.

Link: Interview with Jenna Fischer


  1. “‘Man, my boobs don’t need any more action for like a few months.’ I can tell you. Like my husband, I was like slapping his hands away for 2 weeks. Like, ‘They’re done. No more.’”

    LOL. I love Jenna. And I LOVE JAM, but what Jenna said up there is a really nice thought even if things don’t turn out the way we want.

  2. I agree with Jenna
    If it wasn’t for Pam. Jim would never have found Karen.
    HORRAAY for Pam!

  3. Oh man, but if Jim and Pam don’t get together at least ONCE and give it a try, I feel like the universe might explode. They are meant for each other, and even if it’s not a FOREVER relationship, they owe it to themselves to try it out. I don’t think it would ruin the show. And I keep hoping it will happen!

  4. I know, I know, the world does not revolve around Jam, but I really don’t think I would be a happy camper if it’s “not in the cards” for Jim and Pam to get together. The show is so great at breaking the standards of comedy/television, but letting the boy get the girl in the end is one “cliche” I would like to see the Office hold onto.

  5. Awww, that’s sweet but I kinda feel like we’re in for a disapointed season finale for JAMers if she is in the mentality to say that.

    It’s totally true but grrrrr!!!!

  6. Jenna, get your head out of the LA smog. That would be a lousy story for the Office which has Jim/Pam and the comedy/drama of their relationship as one of the primary threads of the show. Having the Jim/Pam tension for 3+ seasons then having Pam wisked off by some random at the end would be pathetic and would let down a lot of fans. Friends had a go with something like that with Joey and Rachel and that came off as equally lame. The error was corrected in the show’s finale.

    That would be a “beautiful story” to tell on some other show.

  7. I was a little sad at first, but I think I know what she means now. I think she just meant that if/when Jam gets together, they shouldn’t force a wedding out of it or any of the typical things UNLESS it feels natural to the flow of the characters. If it does feel natural then, sure, let them last. But I don’t think she was saying she doesn’t want them to get together at all. She just wants the writers to keep it real. I can understand that (as much as I’d LOVE to see Jam work out in the long run).

  8. I think what Jenna said about Jim/Pam was very enlightening. Jim/Pam’s legacy as one of TV’s definitive couples won’t probably by judged by whether they ultimately get together and live happily ever after, but probably by all those “we’ll always have Paris” moments, e.g. the 27 seconds of silence, hi/hey etc etc. (I remember Rick and Ilsa but have to wrack my brains to remember the name of the guy Ilsa ended up with).

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Jim/Pam fan to the core, and would give anything to see them get together and stay together as a happy couple. But I think there is a poignancy and an element of the bittersweet to what Jenna said about Jim/Pam that could make the story, as she said, a beautiful one to tell.

  9. i understand what jenna is saying.. but its such a disappointment.. the perfect couple we have waited 3 seasons for should have there happy ending.. coudnt Roy be that guy who turned her into the person she needed to be to meet jim!! lol

  10. It would make me sad if Jim and Pam don’t ultimately end up together, but if the story was done right, I would accept it. But its hard thinking of anyone else who would be more perfect for them than THEM.

    If Pam isn’t the right woman for Jim, then Karen surely isn’t either. I would hate for Jim to end up with her, because they’ve taken great pains this season to show us that though they try hard, they just don’t have it. They don’t connect and I would hate to see Jim settling for a girl who may be perfect for him on paper, but just isn’t the one :(

    Same for Pam.

    Like I said, I’d accept it if it made sense, but after watching S1/S2 and how even through distance and angst in S3 that they still have that connection? I don’t see anyone other than Jim for Pam and vice versa. Surely The Office can give the fans what they want and still make it work.

  11. Hmmm… what about all those other interviews with Jenna where she’s said it would take a LOT to convince her that Jim and Pam don’t belong together?

    I understand what Jenna means, for sure (and it is a nice overall sentiment), but I think, in the end, it would be a huge let down to the audience if Jim and Pam aren’t together. I know that’s not the whole focus of the show, but it’s a huge storyline that’s never gonna be let go of. *sigh* I just want someone to throw us a little bit of a bone. The wait is killing me. :D

  12. I think she’s just saying it to throw us all off. Come on, she the biggest JAMMER there is!!

  13. I don’t think it would ruin the show to have them finally be together–look at Niles and Daphne on Frasier. Granted, it was one-sided for some time and it is a completely different kind of situation, but once they were together, there was still room for comedy and growth in their storyline.

  14. They would be the biggest disappointment ever to not have them ultimately together.
    What the hell?

  15. Uh oh, I got this really bad feeling that in the season finale Pam is going to confess her feelings and Jim will reject her. I really hope that doesn’t happen, I can’t stand ANOTHER whole season of Jim and Pam being weird with each other.

  16. I definitely think she’s right, but at the same time, the show is about what happens to these people within the work environment and since the Jim/Pam relationship takes place within that, it would seem weird for them to ultimately end up with someone else. Not impossible, but it sorts of defeats the purpose of the show, since the “documentary” is focusing on what happens at work day in and day out and they’ve managed to capture this sweet friendship that could possibly turn into something else.

  17. Reading that article made me depressed. How can they not be right for each other?
    They have dragged the fans along for three years just to have them get together and then have them realize its not right. That would suck so bad.

  18. Bales #10 It was Victor Laszlo.

    I’d like to see a Toby/Pam connection. Even if it’s just a couple dates. They’re both too mellow to sustain anything but that could be a diversion and a bump in the road at least. And isn’t it strange that Toby’s all “I’d highly discourage dating your coworkers” yet he’s the one quietly pursuing Pam?

  19. “When I met my husband [Slither writer/director James Gunn], I fell in love with him for his sense of humor…. [My husband and I] hung out last night and we laughed for a half an hour. We had this one bit that we did for like half an hour. It was incredibly funny to me. He can still hold his own. He shouldn’t worry.”


  20. Oh, that Jenna. She’s all smiles whenever an interviewer asks about Jim and Pam and the end of the season, then she has to go and say this. I really hope she’s just throwing us off the scent.

    But I understand what she’s saying. The people of the Office are not static caricatures, they’re characters who are changing and evolving as time goes on. Jim and Pam are not the same people they were last May, so it’s natural their relationship with change and evolve as well. If they don’t end up together, I’ll be sad, but I’ll deal. I don’t want to see yet another tv couple that are kept apart for whatever reason for 5,7,9 seasons, then miraculously get together in the last episode (even the original Office fell prey to that cliche).

    Of course, if the season ends with a ring on Karen’s finger, I think I will break my TV.

  21. I agree that Jenna may be trying to throw us off the trail a bit. I would be so disappointed if they didn’t at least try to be together. I think the season finale will have a stresser in it that makes either Pam or Jim say something about their feelings. It is probably going to be Pam this time. I have a feeling that one of them may leave for another job offer. Remember Pam has been going to art classes that could lead to a new opportunity for her or Jim may get an offer from corporate.

    It is so obvious that Jim is just going along for the ride with Karen. His feelings are not genuine. You can tell the way a guy looks at a girl and he definitely doesn’t look at Karen the way he looked at Pam, especially during season 2. I believe that Karen will ask him for more commitment maybe move in together?

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the writers know what they’re doing.

  22. I think maybe she’s right, but hearing that statement it occurs to me that the person helping her along was probably Roy–her relationship with Roy has given her the assertiveness (Fancy New Beesly Style!) to pursue a relationship with Jim (in my own little Office world, he be-all-end-all of Pam relationships).

    And whether or not they get together (AHEM: they *will*), their relationship *is* a really beautiful thing.

  23. I agree with DunderSnob, I think we’ve been thrown several curves through cast members’ comments in the media just to keep us guessing. Though I’m not sure how it will all occur, in the end Karen will be gone and Jim and Pam will give this relationship thing a try. If not, they’d better to be able to convince us that Jim and Pam could be TRULY happy with other people that we can love as well.

  24. I guess if Pam confesses and Jim rejects her that means he’s gone from being “happy to be with Karen” to “REALLY happy to be with Karen.”

  25. The part where Jenna was talking about her scene with Will Ferrell was ROTFLMAO all the way.

  26. Thanks NoGould (#20)! Someone posted on Usenet a while back that if “My Name is Earl” ended with Earl not completing his list, it would be a mild disappointment, but if “The Office” ended with Jim and Pam not getting together, it would be a tragedy. My faux-stoicism in #10 aside, I really really hope Jim and Pam happens someday.

  27. “We’ve had all these hurdles and I feel like we’re going to break the mold on the relationship curse. I really do.” In this sentence, Jenna’s saying that “we are going to break the curse,” which leads me to believe that they’re definitely going to get together soon. So, putting that in the context of what she says about the upcoming episodes, I’m pretty optimistic. I think we’re going to be happy with what happens Jam-wise in the season finale.

  28. I agree with a couple previous posts—I’m not sure how well this summer would go for Jammers if Jim rejects Pam in the finale.
    I know it would be a long….long….long….long…LONG hiatus for me if that is the case!

  29. I just hope that JAM doesn’t turn out to be like Joey and Dawson in Dawson’s Creek… not that I watch the show or anything.


  30. “Of course, if the season ends with a ring on Karen’s finger, I think I will break my TV.” -Lauren, #22

    What she said.

    I do think it’s possible to have a fulfilling storyline that does not involve a Jim/Pam relationship, but it can’t involve a Jim/Karen relationship. I think I read somewhere that even though the deleted scenes are edited out, they are still a part of the storyline as far as Greg Daniels is concerned. If that’s the case, then Karen isn’t as laid back as she seems on the televised show. And I agree with someone else who said that the producers have gone to great lengths to show just how awkward that relationship is. I don’t pretend to know what will happen with PB&J, but I hope the writers will at least give us some sort of closure if they don’t end up together.

    And Karen can date Andy.

  31. pam and jim are SO going to get together. i don’t see why everyone acts as though a jam relationship would be a death sentence for the show. i think there is lots of room for cute and funny moments within the context of them dating and figuring out their thang. i have faith that the writers can handle it.


  32. I am at the point with this “will they or won’t they” that I really just want them to get together so the show can get back to being about the funny things that happen in an office. Now it is show wrapped up in Jim, Pam, and Karen that the show has gotten so DRAMATIC! I am a total jim and pam fan so I care when it looks like jim is really into karen or pam goes back with roy but enough, it is getting ridiculous with the suspense. Have them get together so we can enjoy another Dundie Awards or something. I guess my point being that unlike other shows where the chemistry IS the show, the office can stand on its own if there isn’t the main character romantic drama. Anyone agree?

  33. Even if the season ends with Jim rejecting Pam, I don’t think that spells the end for JAM. We’re SUPPOSED to feel agony if that happens – and it’ll only make a JAM victory that much sweeter if/when it happens.

  34. Jenna hit the nail on the head. I think everyone wants Jim and Pam to get together and stay together, but isn’t it a bit idealistic? It’s a better story if their relationship never quite comes to frutation, because it’s something I think a lot of people can relate to.

    I think the characters should date for a season or so, break up, be awkward for a while, and then come to realize that they’re much better as friends. It’d be a bit of a heartbreaking realization, but it’s far more real and better for the show, in my opinion.

  35. How can she be describing anyone other than Roy? I’m not saying Jim and Pam have to get married, but if it wasn’t for Roy, Pam would never have become Fancy New Beesley. If Pam and Jim had been together, it would have been Jim pushing her to become more independent, not Pam making the change to Fancy New Beesley all on her own.

  36. For everybody freaking out over Jennas comments in the interview…she said the exact same thing in an interview before Season 3 started. I think it’s just one of her standard responses to throw people off a little. The last thing an actor wants to be in is a show that’s completely predictable…she just doesn’t want everybody assuming that Pam and Jim will get together.

    P.S. – Duh, they are totally getting together.

  37. Jenna’s comments here worry me because it is contradictory to what she has expressed in the past. There have been other shows where comments like this have been made by the actors and it was to prepare the audience for the idea that the “It” couple wouldn’t end up together. i want to be clear, I am not saying that this is the case here. I’m a JAMmer all the way and I hope they end up together. I just hope people realize that there ain’t nothing wrong with a happy ending.

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