Classy Christmas Q&A with Mindy Kaling

JMJ: How did you guys come up with the nicknames Pickles and Swiss Cheese for Jim and Pam?

Mindy: Pickles and Swiss Cheese needed to fill the requirement of “Would I actually say this to my boyfriend?” and “Is it nauseating enough to an outside person?” and it did.

ChrisK: How did it feel having Amy Ryan back? And how was Rainn as a first time director on the show?

Mindy: Amy was excellent, everyone loves her. This was actually Rainn’s second (and third) episode. He was a tyrannical monster.

Mari: Are Kelly and Ryan still dating?

Mindy: Oh man, I have no idea. Yes-ish?

jmsteeley: Jim finally lost it and yelled “Dammit Dwight!”. Was this written in the script as a call back to all the times Dwight yelled “Dammit Jim!”? And whose idea was this?

Mindy: This wasn’t a conscious call back! Another brilliant subconscious writing coup for old Mindy Kaling. Nice work, Mindy!

Jackie: Being from NH, I found it hysterical how you basically summed us up with the hating fake Christmas trees, and the maple candy! Did you have to dig back to your New England roots to come up with those little details? :)

Mindy: I went to college in Hanover, New Hampshire so this stuff was everywhere. It’s one of the only truly good regional candies, not like that BS saltwater taffy they try to foist on you when you’re in Cape Cod.

Maple candy is my third favorite candy, after licorice and Sour Patch Kids. Just another opportunity for me to acknowledge my favorite foods.

tanster: What’s an F Train to Brooklyn?

Mindy: I have no idea, but doesn’t it sound like an infuriating drink? I wrote the drink name but B.J. came up with “extra bitters,” which is a detail I loved.

tanster: Does that Hello Kitty laptop sleeve actually exist and where can I get one?

Mindy: Here you are, my friends. The pink one we had on the show is sold out but there are many, many more. I actually really loved these, surprise surprise.

tanster: I have heard from many fans, who have searched in vain for Pam’s reindeer sweater. Where can they buy it?

Alysia (wardrobe): As far as Pam’s sweater goes, it is a rental from Universal Costumes. I’m afraid it’s a one of a kind!


  1. I wasn’t expecting to have my Q answered, let alone so thoroughly!! Keep up the awesome work =)

  2. Awesome. Thanks Mindy & Team! Great to have a question answered.

    “I like streaks of blood on the young good-looking actors.” Hilarious as always!

  3. ‘The stage direction was “he whips around like a dramatic hamster.”‘

    I was actually hearing the music in my head when Dwight did that montage! Mindy Kaling is so funny, it’s actually ridiculous.

  4. She’s right. Natural snow does have a much better sense of humor.

    Look forward to the rest!

  5. This was great! Thanks Mindy! Really hoping that this is not your last season. Love your acting and Kelly, but your writing is superb.

  6. Thanks so much for the Q & A, Mindy and peeps! And thanks, Tanster, for asking about the reindeer sweater, which I forgot to do. So sad it can’t be mine! :(

    [from tanster: i know, i was so bummed to hear that answer, too. :( ]

  7. Of course she’s right Jim and Dwight aren’t friends, and i would never want them to become friends. But there has been many subtle hints of something, maybe not friendship, just a strange kind of bond that’s developed over time between them, throughout the show.

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