‘Company Picnic’ Scranton T-shirt Giveaway

The Office Company Picnic

Here’s your chance to win a Scranton t-shirt from The Office Season 5 finale, ‘Company Picnic’!

This is the exact same shirt that was worn by the cast during the episode, shown here!

The t-shirt is size XL, and shows “Scranton” on the front, and “Company Picnic ’09” on the back with the Dunder Mifflin logo.

To enter the giveaway: after the jump, you’ll see a photo from an actual scene of ‘Company Picnic,’ and you’ll be required to answer a question about the photo. There’s nothing really spoilerish about the photo, but I’m putting it behind a jump in case.

Link: Enter the giveaway here! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

UPDATE 5/6: sadly, the original winner didn’t claim their prize in time. I have now contacted a NEW winner. The email title is “Congratulations! You’ve won The Office’s ‘Company Picnic’ shirt from OfficeTally!” Check your inbox, Tallyheads!


  1. They’re looking at Michael talking with Holly, hoping he’s not making a fool of himself.

  2. Heated game of badminton – team Halpert (Jim & Andy) vs. team Scott(Michael & Ryan)…mid volley. Game continues to get interrupted anytime someone says the word “shuttlecock” and Michael starts to laugh uncontrollably.

  3. They are all looking at Michael doing something he probably shouldn’t be doing.

  4. Although they knew better, they wanted to see how Michael’s three-legged man race with A.J. from Nashua would end.

  5. These Dunder Mifflinites are probably looking at Michael as he is approaching Holly and wondering as we are what’s going to happen.

  6. They are watching Michael Scott make a speech about his return to the company while Creed uses the distraction to steal anything from the picnic he can. It’s just something he does.

  7. Michael’s trying to get the picnicgoers to sing his newest appropriately titled song parody to him, “Stay (I Missed You)” .

  8. Ryan, running in terror from his former corporate colleagues… and Kelly.

  9. They’re watching Michael as he thinks about going up to Holly to talk to her.

  10. They are all looking at the rest of the office finish up an egg toss competition.

  11. They are watching Michael, as he sadly watches Holly and A.J. having a seemingly good time.

  12. They’re watching Andy and Michael in a wheelbarrow race (Andy is the wheelbarrow, of course!).

  13. Michael Scott, drunk and streaking naked across the field! That would be funny…

  14. They’re looking at Michael desperately trying to look cool by playing volleyball but failing miserably and hitting people in the head when he tries to spike it.

  15. They’re looking at Creed, who has yet to discover that he’s not playing strip ‘minton.

  16. Michael “getting his Fris on” at the expense of innocent picnic-goers, namely Toby.

  17. They are looking at Michael trying to win a hula hoop contest against Andy and Jim.

  18. They’re looking at Michael tackle Charles to the ground in a game of FLAG football…and they are nowhere near the ball.

  19. They are looking at Michael trying to impress the new secretary Kelly, and playing volleyball with Jim and Andy.

  20. Michael is giving a speech about the importance of wet t-shirt contests. He asks Ryan to be the first contestant.

  21. Andy taking the football game too seriously and running after Michael, who intercepted the ball.

  22. Michael bringing back Diwali in ’09 by proposing to Holly in the middle of the volleyball pit, after knocking AJ out with a strategically aimed spike.

  23. Kelly and Angela each tugging one of Charles Miner’s arms, yelling, “He’s mine!” at one another

  24. Michael is challenging Charles to some pointless, stupid game to show who is the better boss.

  25. They’re looking at the sumo wrestling competition. Michael and AJ are sumo-ing for Holly’s affection.

  26. perhaps they see some inappropriate PDA on the part of Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) and his wife, Phyllis.

  27. Michael fighting Charles. After all, he learned his skills from a ton of 14-year-old girls.

  28. They are watching both Michael and Jim catch up with their ex’s, Karen and Holly. Jim thankfully is doing pretty well while Michael pores his soul out to Hollly in the most ackward manner.

  29. They are watching a confrontation between Michael & Charles, the latter wearing a NY branch t-shirt.

  30. Andy flew in Here Comes Treble and they’re performing “Sunshine Days” from The Brady Bunch.

  31. They’re all watching Creed try to steal stuff from a competing branch’s picnic table.

  32. Jim’s convincing Michael not to beat up Holly’s current boyfriend, and instead suggesting a volleyball match.

  33. Michael making the hardest decision he’s ever had to make: choosing between Holly and Ryan for his badminton team. Poor Michael. Sophie’s choice all over again…

  34. Pam, Dwight, Meredith, and Oscar are watching Michael making a fool of himself in front of Holly’s boyfriend again.

  35. Oscar: Michael, are you feeling okay?

    Pam: I think that’s a yoga pose called the Downward Dog.

    Meredith: He’s trying to impress Holly with his yoga skills.

    Dwight: He looks like Mose with a stomach problem.

  36. Watching Kevin play for the ‘skins’ team in volleyball. the jiggling is…almost hypnotic.

  37. DANCE CONTEST. Right after my presentation. No DANCE CONTEST. Or Limbo. Who Watns to hold my stick?

  38. It’s a long wait to be re-entered into a game of dodgeball. I mean, just catch it!

  39. Andy is making an improptu speech, thanking his parents for attending the company picnic and proposing to the new receptionist.

  40. They’re watching the rest of the office play a volleyball game against another branch.

  41. They’re looking at Michael trying to put some smooth moves on Holly, of course.

  42. They’re watching Michael trying to impress Holly by chugging as many Lion Head’s beers as he can in one minute.

  43. They are watching Jim and Keving beat Michael and Charles in a three-legged race.

  44. Michael, Andy, and Ryan are having a hot dog eating contest, which Jim is officiating. Dwight is not participating because he has boycotted all pork and pork products due to the inherant dangers of Swine Flu.

  45. Michael throwing a fit at not being allowed to compete in the sack race. “There was no age limit listed!”

  46. Michael and Kevin running a three-legged race and them trying to get up after they have fallen down just after the start.

  47. Jan’s belly. She is pregnant again, and somehow Michael (again) thinks he’s the father.

  48. They’re naturally looking at the shocking display that is Mose being overwhelmed by all of the Dunder Mifflin female workers.

  49. They are watching Michael “Maverick” Scott and Jim “Goose” Halpert compete in the office volleyball tournament.

  50. A bear attack! That’s the thing about bear attacks – they come when you least expect it.

  51. Dunder-Mifflin Scranton vs. Coporate.


    Michael: “Oh Charles, you missed the ball” (shows a sad face).
    Charles: ” The ball would have hit me in the face”.
    Jim: “That’s what she said!”

  52. Michael moves in to plant one on Holly and Jim is running to perform damage control on Holly’s boyfriend, who is horrified watching this go on—and then it clicks ‘Does she ever talk about me?’

  53. Michael and Phyllis competing against Ryan and Kevin and a three legged race. Michael is losing and getting mad at Phyllis.

  54. They are watching Ryan, Michael, Kevin, Stanley, Creed, Andy, Kelly, Angela and Jim form a human pyramid.

  55. Andy and “Here Comes Treble”, as the hired entertainment, performing a rousing rendition of Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” which segues into the old Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” theme song, much to Michael’s delight. He, of course, attempts to join them leading to a moment of awkward silence.

  56. They are watching Phyllis and Bob get hot and heavy right in the middle of a ball game.

  57. They are watching Creed tell Kelly about the latest diet craze. It involves grasshoppers.

  58. Kevin and Creed are having a hot dog eating contest – Creed is using actual dauschaunds.

  59. They’re watching Michael, Kevin, and Creed compete in a hot dog eating contest. They know it will end badly.

  60. They are watching Andy and Creed playing a medley of “Dueling Banjos” and “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.

  61. They’re looking at Cousin Mose streaking and wreaking havoc on the volleyball court.

  62. Instead of bringing family, Angela brought Princess Lady and Bandit, whom she is pushing around in a pet stroller.

    If you need a visual… the stroller would be something like this: link

  63. Andy and Creed competing in the hot dog eating contest and Michael is their cheerleader.

  64. Ryan invited the guy from the Flea Market Montgomery YouTube video to sing and dance at the picnic.

  65. Michael dragging Angela behind him during the annual Dunder Mifflin three-legged race.

  66. They are watching Dwight participate overzealously in a team game, making a fool of himself in the process.

  67. They are watching Charles hitting the bullseye and knocking Michael into the dunk tank yet again.

  68. They are watching Kelly and Ryan making out, while Michael shows off his new “sun-bleached” blond locks.

  69. Michael just pulled up in a beautiful new convertible that scrapes the curb, crunching the front fender. Jim shouts directions that don’t help Michael at all while eating a hot dog. Oscar, Pam, Meredith and Dwight look on. Dwight is ambivalent about his relationship to Michael again, so he stays seated. Returns to shot of Jim smiling into camera while Michael is yelling for help, continuing to destroy the car.

  70. They are check out how good I look in my Dunder Mifflin-Scranton Branch company picnic shirt that I Won.

  71. They are watching Michael giving a lavish presentation of his new award show The Mifflins on top of another picnic table that ends up falling beneath his crazy dance moves.

  72. Andy and Michael doing a shirtless limbo under the volleyball net…while other people are trying play.

  73. Of course they are watching Michael & Jim race against Dwight & Charles in one of those potato sack races!

  74. Obviously they’re looking at Andy hitting on a woman.. subliminally Oscar is not approving, and Dwight is all for it. Pam..

  75. They are watching an impromptu concert performed by Michael and his accompanist, Andy Bernard on the banjo.

  76. They are watching Todd Packer hit on the new receptionist Erin. Packy likey!!!

  77. Ryan and Kelly have gotten back together, and Kelly has casually mentioned that she is pregnant(for real this time)to Ryan. They are staring at the ensuing conversation…

  78. Michael is emotionally professing his love to Holly, and Holly is looking around nervously at the people staring at them.

    (On a side note, I love Jay’s #105! I think Charles would be Iceman)

  79. Michael Scott is trying his best to woo Holly. Scranton’s finest look on.

  80. They are looking at Michael dunk Charles in the dunk tank and then hold him under the water.

  81. They’re watching a full on Michael and Charles slap fight. And Charles loses.

  82. They are watching a fight between members of the Buffalo branch and Utica branch.

  83. Katherine Zeta-Jones is being attacked by beet crazed bears as Michael Skarn helicopters in to rescue her.

  84. Cops are called when Michael and Charles fight, then Charles is taken downtown when the cops see his record.

  85. They are looking at Michael being…Michael. Or watching a game of frisbee. Go Scranton!!!

  86. They are watching Kelly and blonde Ryan’s first encounter since “Tailand”.

  87. They are watching Michael make a fool of himself after seeing somebody he hasn’t seen in a really, really long time.

  88. They are looking at Michael awkwardly talk and joke to Holly and her boyfriend from the Nashua branch.

  89. They’re checking out Elizabeth the stripper, who not only moonlights as a nurse but also caters picnics.

  90. They are watching Michael Scott throw up alfredo pasta after running the bases in their softball game – he carb-loaded again!

  91. Company-wide freeze tag. Michael instituting “body-tagging” to the opposite sex in order to get closer to Holly/Ryan.

  92. They are watching the other players in a frisbee golf match! Or watching Charles and Jim in the ultimate soccer rematch.

  93. They are watching a game from the side because none of them got picked to play.

  94. Michael is playing kickball and has knocked over Angela due to her small stature. Michael thinks this means he won.

  95. Michael trying to recreate his own life version of Entourage with Todd Packer, Andy and Kevin.

  96. They are looking at Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration trying to secretly get away with doing “the nasty” in the woods.

  97. Kevin and Angela in a three-leg race. Kevin picks up Angela and runs to the finish line.

  98. They are watching Jim and Michael taking on David and Charles in a heated burlap sack race.

  99. They are watching Michael’s reaction to the fact that Charles and Holly are dating now.

  100. These Scranton Dundermifflinites are the resersve players waiting to be called onto the field for the soccer play-off between Scranton and Corporate. Go Scranton!

  101. They are watching Michael, Dwight, Andy, Jim & Phyllis take on the Buffalo team in Volleyball.

  102. They are watching Michael, Kevin, Andy, Jim & Phyllis take on the Buffalo team in Volleyball.

  103. They are watching Andy, banjo in hand, propose to receptionist Kelly! What a quick rebound for the Nard-Dog!

  104. they are all watching Michael and Holly make up for the first time since she left.

  105. They are watching Michael challenge Holly’s boyfriend to a duel.

  106. They’re watching Michael and Holly, wearing inflatable sumo suits, floating down the river of love.

  107. They’re watching Michael and Jim in the egg race and Michael just got egg in his crocs

  108. They are watching Michael attempt to chase Charles off the field while Jim keys his car.

  109. Michael challenged David Wallace to a hula hoop contest, Andy and Kevin joined, and Kevin is winning…

  110. They are watching you, Tanster, get in a fight with JK’s body guard over how close you can get to him.

  111. They are watching as, for the 7th time, Michael challenges Angela to an arm wrestling match–and, for the 7th time, loses.

  112. They are watching Kelly and Angela play tug-o-war for Charles’ heart. (Literally.)

  113. They are watching Michael challenge Holly’s boyfriend to a contest. The winner gets Holly.

  114. They’re watching Michael demonstrate how to throw a ball (to Jim)? (I’m bad at this).

  115. They are watching Michael vomit, since he is too nervous to talk to Holly.

  116. The group is watching Michael and Charles arm wrestle for the last “C” shaped bagel.

  117. They are looking at Michael trying to be cool but making a complete fool of himself, of course!

  118. They’re watching Hilary Swank make out with Kevin Malone. He’s decided that she is indeed hot.

  119. They are watching Kelly and Angela have a death match for Charles in the grass and food.

  120. Meredith is checking out Andy.
    Pam is checking out Andy.
    Oscar is checking out Andy.
    And lastly, Dwight is checking out Andy.

  121. They are watching Stanley taking down the other branches one by one in the sumo wrestling competition.

  122. They are watching Michael and Holly making out awkwardly while everyone is watching.

  123. They’re watching the rest of Team Scranton being picked off one by one during a vicious game of Dodgeball.

  124. They are looking as Michael attempts to win in a soccer match with Charles.

  125. They are watching Michael get completely over-competitive while trying to get the attention of Holly, which ends with him hurting himself.

  126. They are watching Michael make a fool out of himself in front of Holly and her boyfriend. Or Michael picking a fight with Holly’s boyfriend.

  127. They are watching Michael floating away holding onto the rest of the balloons that were blown up for the picnic tables as Jim calmly stands beneath him with his phone open, presumably calling 911 for rescue, although knowing Jim , he may be calling 911 or may not …

  128. They’re watching the rest of the group playing volleyball and Phyllis giving a falcon-punch to Ryan.

  129. Watching Michael swing and miss the softball as he exclaims “I think I have a chance in the MBL.”

  130. They are watching Michael and Jim in the wheelbarrow race (Michael is holding Jim’s legs).

  131. Michael challenging Holly’s boyfriend to a playground obstacle course, winner takes Holly.

  132. It’s like a car crash that’s so bad you can’t look away. You want to, but you can’t.

  133. They are all looking at Kevin and his band performing their amazing hits, yo.

  134. They are watching Michael do stretches in order to prepare for playing catch with Jim

  135. These members of Team Scranton are watching Andy and Michael’s enthusiastic but painfully lame attempts at trash-talking other branches.

  136. They are in bored awe of Michael’s entanglement of kite string and popsicle stick bridge relay race/obstacle course.

  137. They are actually looking away from Michael, who is changing “behind” a tree to hide from the Buffalo branch.

  138. Michael and Kevin are teaming up for the potato-sack race versus Creed and Stanley. Anticipated outcome is not good.

  139. They are watching Michael’s victory dacne after scoring a touchdown for the opposing team.

  140. They are watching a hot guy strech. Meredith is intrigued, Oscar is hiding his intrigue with his hands, and Dwight seems somewhat threatened.

  141. They can’t believe they are watching Michael try to walk across hot coals again.

  142. An ambulance is taking away Toby after Michael accidentally-on-purpose unleashed his George Foreman Grilling skills on his foot.

  143. These Scrantonites are watching Michael and Charles’ first awkward meeting after their last interaction.

  144. They’re watching Michael spin other employees’ kids around until they throw up.

  145. David Wallace just announced that there will be no more pretzel days. Stanley and Michael are crying off camera.

  146. They are watching volleyball game between branches, Michael is trying desperately to impress Holly.

  147. They’re watching an Angela-Kelly catfight over who gets to give Charles his next beer.

  148. Michael has just publicly announced his love for Holly, and she breaks his heart… again.

  149. They’re miserably observing Michael’s second horribly-timed-and-in-front-of-a-crowd proposal, to Holly.

  150. They’re watching the Kevin/Lynn and Bob/Phyliss Vance tug-of-war smackdown. It has been going on for over an hour.

  151. Right about now their thoughts are:

    “Oh god, there goes Jim trying to beat Charles Minor in soccer again…”

  152. They are watching Jim, Charles, Michael, Andy, and others playing some touch football.

  153. They are looking at Kevin dragging Michael in the hotly-contested three-legged-race with Angela and Kelly in second.

  154. Michael excitedly bending down to grab Jim’s legs for the human wheelbarrow race, his face inches from Jim’s ass.

  155. they are looking at michael because he just made a racially insensitive comment to charles.

  156. Michael tackling Charles and Charles just staring at him because he (Charles) hasn’t moved a foot.

  157. They are watching Holly and Michael instantly hit it off once again as they joke around with each other.

  158. Michael/Charles tug of war for David’s attention, but the real battle is the Kelly/Angela mud wrestling in between.

  159. They are all staring at Jim trying to break up the fisticuffs match between Charles and Michael.

  160. The four watch with perpetual malcontent as Jim conducts company-wide Flonkerton time trials, dreading their own impending turn.

  161. They are watching Michael confronting Holly about why she did not send the letter he found on her desk.

  162. They are watching as Michael tries to take on the Nashua Branch, led by A.J., in tug-of-war.

  163. They are looking at a face off between Charles Minor and Michael Scott via volleyball.

  164. They are watching Michael run away from swans because he is scared of the flu they might infect him with.

  165. As Meredith dances topless to Here Comes Treble Class of ’96 performing Cherry Pie by Warrant.

  166. They are watching Michael as he attempts to woo back Holly by serenading her with a song parody.

  167. They are watching Michael do a ‘Happy Dance’ after winning a game of lawn darts.

  168. They’re looking at Kelly and Angela’s awkward attempt to win Charles’s affection by playing his favorite sport, soccer.

  169. They are looking at Michael as he trying to save a baby duck in a lake at the picnic

  170. They are watching Michael try to bury Andy in the two foot deep volleyball pit.

  171. They are watching Michael “school” Andy in the “better” way to play a banjo.

  172. They are watching Creed and Andy do an acapella version of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariots”.

  173. They are watching Michael attempt to commandeer a barbeque grill, so he can make pancakes for everyone. Square pancakes.

  174. They are in awe watching Creed attempt to stuff an entire picnic buffet into his jacket.

  175. They’re watching Charles being picked last for the pickup football game, while Jim is picked first by David Wallace.

  176. They are watching everyone else stand in line for food being grilled on Michael’s Forman grill.

  177. They are watching as Michael and Kevin compete in a contest of the first person to finish a jug of Kool-Aid.

  178. They are watching Andy attempt to woo Erin by playing his banjo and singing “Take a Chance on Me”.

  179. The rest of the office is playing volleyball against Holly’s branch. They’re watching the game as, Michael, who doesn’t know how to play, but wants to look good in front of Holly, is running all over the court trying to hit every ball while yelling at his teammates.

  180. They’re watching Charles Miner make an @ss out of himself, single-handedly destroying corporate’s chance at winning the Picnic Games.

  181. Michael Scott somehow convinced David Wallace to have a potato sack race to determine who is the Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager of the Year. Oscar, Pam, Meredith, and Dwight are watching Dunder Mifflin Regional Managers Michael Scott, Karen Fillipelli, and Mark Chisholm fight it out for the title in the potato sack race.

  182. They’re watching Michael and Charles awkwardly greet each other for the first time since Charles left the Scranton branch in “Broke.”

  183. Ok, they must be looking at Ryan fighting off Michael’s show of affectionate hugs to him. That has to be it.

  184. They’re watching Michael trying to explain to Holly why he dressed up as a traffic light for the company picnic.

  185. They’re watching as Michael fakes an injury to explain away the reason he sucks at volleyball.

  186. These people are looking at Michael and Holly as they tearfully, and embarrassingly, reunite.

  187. They are watching as Michael awkwardly confronts Holly with her new boyfriend. What a reunion!!

  188. A rousing or not so rousing game of Duck Duck Goose as Michael can’t seem to pick a goose.

  189. They are watching a wheel barrel race where the partners are Angela and Jim, Kelly and Kevin, and Phillis and Andy . The men are the wheel barrels and Michael is the judge.

  190. They are obviously looking at the mirror which is reflecting the sidebar at officetally.com.

  191. They’re watching Michael try to start a game of Frisbee by throwing a disk at random people.

  192. They watch as Karen and the Utica branch kick Scranton’s tails in the company volleyball game.

  193. They’re watching Michael do something he shouldn’t but like a car accident that can’t stop looking.

  194. They are watching as Michael lays in the grass in pain after hurting himself trying to prove how athletic he is.

  195. They’re watching the rest of the office staff play softball. They were benched for playing better than Michael. Even Meredith.

  196. They are watching Andy trying to impress the receptionist with his athleticism. However, his nipple chafing is interfering…a lot.

  197. They’re watching Michael and Holly make out in front of everyone, while Kelly is chasing after Charles.

  198. They are watching Michael at the BBQ grill screaming, “WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE TO TURN YOU ON?! (That’s what she said). DWIGHT! MATCHES & GASOLINE NOW!”

  199. They are watching Michael attempting to bbq food. He is not succeeding at all. There is fire, and it is bad.

  200. They are watching a water balloon toss game. The last 2 teams are Michael/Dwight and Tuna/Andy.

  201. Kevin, who has shoved 3 hotdogs, two brownies and a spoonful of potato salad into his mouth all at once.

  202. Oscar, Meredith, Pam, and Dwight are watching Buffalo Dunder Mifflin employee (guess) break up a fight between Angela and Kelly.

  203. They are watching Jim kick Charle’s butt at volleyball, and redeem himself from the soccer inccident.

  204. They are watching Michael, Andy, and Dwight trying to catch a greased watermelon in the park pond.

  205. They’re watching Michael attempt to engage the other branches in a mud wrestling match to be the top branch.

  206. Potato sack races are going on, and these for employees chose not to “get in the sack” with Michael.

  207. Michael talking to Holly while doing something stupid or Creed being incredibly athletic.

  208. Michael is bagging Holly’s head during a bat attack. Dwight’s mentally critiquing Michael’s technique, and you know why Meredith’s smiling.

  209. Kelly and Michael are fighting over who gets to do the three-legged race with Ryan. It gets ugly.

  210. Kelly and Angela are yelling at Michael for chasing Charles away while Andy finally outs himself to Jim.

  211. They are watching Jim and Stanley Sumo Wrestling Round 2! Will Jim stay in the ring this time?

  212. They’re not looking at anything very exciting, otherwise Dwight would be participating.

  213. Angela brought some of her cats with and is taking them for a walk.

  214. Jim and Charles are playing their rematch of soccer while Creed plays his version of European football, scoring a point by hitting Kelly in the nose.

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