Congratulations, John and Emily!

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were married this weekend in Italy, according to Us Magazine:

“It was an outdoor ceremony and absolutely beautiful,” says an insider. George Clooney and Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis were in attendance.

Congratulations, John and Emily!


  1. Congratulations to them! I love that he and Jenna got married within a week of each other!

    I wonder which one of the couples will become parents first, if John and Emily even want kids, though. (I’m betting on Jenna and Lee there, however.)

  2. hooray! congrats to them! i hope we’ll somehow be able to see pictures at some point.

  3. They got married! In Italy! I have to admit I was a little heartbroken when I first heard they were engaged, but I really like Emily Blunt and I’m actually thrilled for them! Congrats John & Emily! What a beautiful place to be married and start your married life together.

  4. Young hearts all over the world are breaking today. (Including my young already married one!) Congratulations, John and Emily!

  5. Ah, to get married in Italy… I hope we get to see some pics (although they seem pretty private, so probably not). Congrats to John and Emily!

  6. I wonder who will get married next Saturday?

    In all serious though, congrats to them. Such a lovely couple.

  7. Congratulations to my absolute favorite couple in Hollywood, they are so beautiful and adorable together!!!

  8. Congrats to another beautiful couple! How cool that Jenna and John had close engagements and married within a week of each other. Can’t wait for pictures!

  9. Apparently this was the week to get married it you’re a cast member of The Office.

  10. They are so adorable together, but I’m still devastated that now he won’t marry me! :(

  11. Jordan – even the middle aged already married hearts are a bit sad too today :) But, of course, VERY happy for John & Emily too!

  12. congrats john and emily!! even though i can’t help but long to be in em’s position, i’m really happy for the both of them <3

  13. I am in the best relationship of my life and I am crazy in love…. yet my heart still died a little bit when I read this. Congratulations to the celebrity crush that occupied my searching and single years.

  14. wow… last week, jenna broke a bunch of hearts, and now john… sadists!

  15. First Steve resigns after next season. Then LeBron leaves Cleveland, now John Krasinski is married..this is just not my month. Hehe but congrats to them!! :)

  16. My feelings can best be described by YouTube

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go explain to my cat that John Krasinski won’t be coming to live with us.

  17. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

    Onscreen marriage to Jenna Fischer and real-life marriage to Emily Blunt. John has got to be the luckiest man ever

  18. Thud!

    That was the sound of the heart plopping out of my chest and onto the bitter floor.

    Good-bye world.

  19. So technically we can tell ourselves that Jenna and John got married this week. Even if only to make us feel better inside.

  20. And thus, millions of hearts are breaking around the world…sigh…

    Happy for them, nonetheless!


  21. *sigh*
    I believe I speak for many when I give them an unenthusiastic congratulations. ;)

  22. Though I’ve been expecting this, my heart also suffered a tiny fracture.

    Congrats John and Emily!

  23. Sigh…so happy for you John and Emily, a beautiful couple….

    On an unrelated note, I’m going back to bed with a tub of cake frosting!

  24. John, really? Did you forget that you were married to me?

    Well, John getting married didn’t hurt as much as when I found out he was engaged (I didn’t know he was dating Emily until then… sad, I know). I was mourning for days. At least he’s happy. #19 @Randy, you are so right, as are you, #25 @teampammy.

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