Craig Robinson review

As mentioned here at OfficeTally, Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) performed at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago earlier this month.

Here’s a review from OT reader Matthew:

Just wanted to pass along the note that I caught Craig Robinson on Saturday, the early 7 pm show at Zanies in Chicago. It was fabulous! He did about 20 min of jokes and riffing with the audience, some seemed rehearsed bits, but many were reacting to the audience and commenting about what was going on in the news lately. Real current comedy and the crowd really ate it up.

He then did another 30 minutes of comedy/singing/story telling on the keyboard. Really unique and he has a great voice and must have played part of over a dozen songs. He sang, had crowd participation and was just a joy to see. A really good time and I highly recommend seeing him. The show was rated R, but there was nothing too vulgar or profane.

After he finished, he made sure he got a chance to talk with everyone that wanted some time and seemed real genuine and appreciative of all of his fans from stand up, The Office, and other appearances. He mentioned to me he would be in about 6-8 episodes so far, and is always ready and willing when the writers have scenes for him. He also made a couple of jokes about Steve Carell and said it is hard to keep a straight face when he improvises, but those are the best scenes because they are so real.

I sent him a message thanking him again for chatting and putting on such a great performance, and he wrote me back today. A real class act!

Thanks for the review, Matthew! Further proof that the cast of The Office is one of the most talented (and nicest) casts around …


  1. Oh, I wish I could see him. I think he’s great. Yes, thanks for the review, Matthew.

  2. It’s so weird seeing these people do stand-up or anything else away from their characters, B.J. and Craig in particular. And while no one should get extra points for treating people decently, I do think people this successful deserve kudos for taking the extra time to talk to everyone or to send off personal notes.

    Must be a good-guy/good-gal clause in their NBC contracts.

  3. Man I wish these people would come do shows in Arizona! That last semi-recognizable comedian in townt that I can remember was Biff from Back to the Future!!

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