Countdown to the Emmys!

The Emmys air this Sunday, August 27th, on NBC. Conan O’Brien hosts.

To recap, our beloved Office has garnered five nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series (Steve Carell), and Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series (Michael Schur, Christmas Party).

Here’s a list of recent Office Emmy tidbits, and I will update it throughout the week (newest stuff listed first):

Aug. 27, “NBC’s ‘The Office,’ which enjoyed a fabulous second season, was shown a lot of love — including nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and a nod for star Steve Carell. Newton native John Krasinski, who plays lovable Jim on the series, was thrilled. ‘Having Steve nominated is, of course, just the best because he deserves it. He really is such an amazing guy to be around and he deserves everything. Then the show getting nominated, I’m so proud of the whole production,’ Krasinski said. ‘Now we get to thank the writers and the producer and all these people who, to be honest, really make the show what it is. They put in more hours than we do, more blood, sweat and tears. And I really hope that they get rewarded for it.'” Read the full article here.

Aug. 25, NBC Studio Pass Newsletter: “Watch the LIVE webcast only at! Plus, check out the live blog from backstage during the event, exclusive video featuring Angela Kinsey from “The Office” and the chance to win during the red carpet special and the awards show!”

Aug. 24, Ausiello Report, TV Guide: “Who should win: Carell. I’d pay money to see Sheen dis Denise at the dais, but even a fair-weather Office fan like myself can’t deny that Carell has done Ricky Gervais proud. Who will win: Carell.” Read Michael Ausiello’s full Emmys prediction list here.

Aug. 24, New York Daily News: “HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and NBC’s ‘Scrubs’ did the season’s best work, and one of them should win. But NBC’s improved ‘The Office’ has momentum, and probably will … Steve Carell will win for ‘The Office’.”

Aug. 23, WireImage and Getty Images: Here are some photos of John Krasinski and Michael Schur at the Emmy Award Nominees for Outstanding Writing Reception. See WireImage photos here and GettyImages photos here. Thanks to Laura and Jill for the tips!

Aug. 23, MSNBC: “Workers are excited, says executive producer Greg Daniels, but the schedule is so unforgiving that the women on the staff are shopping for dresses online … ‘It’s likely that we will show up without any good speeches written because we were working,’ he says … ‘I’m personally trying to look at it as just the employee motivational awards…’ Read more at Scrubs cast doesn’t expect to win Emmy.

Aug. 22, PRWeb: Get a load of this extravagant party being thrown for Emmy nominees, with a $73,000 gift bag of goodies! What’s the Office connection? — Kate Flannery is scheduled to attend. (Wonder if she’ll give away stuff she doesn’t keep, like Jenna did awhile back?) Read the full press release here.

Aug. 21, Angela’s MySpace blog: “I will be doing a little thing for Getting ready for the Emmy’s type of deal with some of the other cast members. I think it will air on Saturday but will get the details.”

Aug. 21, Oddsmaker “The Office has come up big as the 1-1 front runner to win the Outstanding Comedy Series category … Steve Carell from The Office is on top at 1-2 for the Leading Actor in a Comedy Series.” Read the full press release here.

Aug. 21-27 TV Guide printed edition, pg. 26: TVG Critic Matt Roush picks both The Office and Steve Carell to win: “The Office was the most improved comedy. It’s this year’s slam dunk … make that two, with The Office’s Steve Carell a shoo-in.”

Aug. 19, Creative Arts Emmys: The Office was defeated in the “Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series” category (for which it garnered two nominations) by “My Name is Earl.” Download the complete list of Creative Arts Emmy winners here.

Aug. 18 L.A. Times: Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil states: “… Emmy voters are snobs who want their winners to have esoteric appeal. Thus ‘The Office’ will win, which is good news because it also happens to be the best comedy on TV.” Read the full article “Grey and The Office will win the top Emmys” here.


  1. Not to be the wet blanket, but I think they lost two Emmys last weekend at the technical awards. :( Oh well. I’m just more excited about the entire cast and crew collectively getting the recognition they deserve.

  2. I know i will be hated for saying this but i think and Hope Arrested Development will win Best Comedy. I hope Steve wins.

  3. Becky, if you find out where you heard that from, I’ll add it to the list. That reminds me, though, Angela mentioned something in her blog …

  4. I think I heard, I believe it was here, that The Office is going to be on Late Night w/ Conan during a little comedy sketch for the Emmy’s. Does anyone know when this episode will occur? (If at all; It may just be some fantasy I dreamed up a few nights ago.)

  5. Becky, you may be remembering Paul Lieberstein’s interview on

    “DRE: What are you shooting today? Paul Lieberstein: Conan O’Brien was shooting a bit for the Emmys where he visits all the shows so we did that today. DRE:Did you produce and help write the bit? Paul:We did help write the bit so he had his writers there and our writers there. I had fun working with the other writers. DRE:But you’re not in it? Paul:No, I wasn’t.”

    As Conan is hosting the Emmy’s, I’m thinking it’s a bit they filmed for that telecast, not for Late Night.

  6. I have a feeling that Scrubs might win bc its long overdue and they are the underdog and everyone loves when the underdog wins and since they are at the end of their run, it might happen. And even though I say that, I still want the office to win, baby!

  7. I think I saw one episode of Scrubs about five years ago and I didn’t think it was that funny at the time. So I never got into the show.

  8. I think The Office’s only real competition for Best Comedy Series is Arrested Development. It’s the only previous winner in the category, and a win in the category would be like one last “F you!” to the bastards that cancelled it. (Oh, did I mention I was a fan, lol?)

    But AD also had a few missteps quality-wise this season, and the Daily News is definitely correct in that “The Office” definitely has momentum. I think it’s a close race.

  9. In all fairness, “the bastards” that cancelled AD really was the American viewing public. The ratings for this past season were absolutely atrocious, and they weren’t going to improve no matter how good of a series it was.

  10. I can’t argue, Plain White Jim. But it’s much easier to be angry at a network than an entire country. ;-)

  11. Be angry at me. I never saw AD either. I think I’ll put it in my NetFlix cue with Scrubs.

  12. I do enjoy Scrubs. It makes me laugh and occassionally it has moments that are quite touching. But not in the way the Office is. Not even close. In addition to being the funniest show on TV, the Office is the only show that I actually feel adds value to my life somehow. Like, you can always say “Well, I really enjoy this show, but there are probably more constructive things I could be doing with my time, like going for a walk or helping old ladies cross the street.” But with The Office, there really is nothing better I could be doing with that 30 minutes. So it should probably win a Humanitarian award, too. Maybe a Nobel Peace Prize?

  13. lindsay: ditto, ditto, ditto. I loved your post. I think The Office should be prescribed. Sure cures whatever’s ailing me.

  14. great sentiment lindsay, I award you a tiny dundie for humanitarian service. It’s almost as good as the one for bushi– I mean busiest beaver.

  15. So will Angela appear as Angela Martin in an Emmy skit? Being head of accounting, perhaps she’s the one who presents the locked briefcase containing the list of winners? What’s your guess?

  16. OK. No one’s answering me at, so I’m asking here. I really want to know if people will tune in for the ceremony only, or for the red carpet coverage as well.

  17. I wish there was a live chat set up for Office fans watching the Emmys. We could dish about dresses and laugh at Conan, and of course collectively root for the best show on tv. Besides, the Emmys is not usually a great watch (this year hopefully being an exception) and we could entertain ourselves online before & after the comedy category.

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