1. Ahaha, this was great.

    Was I the only one that thought of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” when Michael talked about having Stanley on a pedestal?

  2. “looking can be as bad a touching”
    kelly kapoor is so underrated.
    and even just hearing about creed cracks me up.

  3. Probably should have been kept in, instead of the final long talking head.

    Great little clip.

  4. Okay, new lesson for the Office editing staff. If you think you should take it out, leave it in. If you think it’s too long, it is. If it’s a Michael talking head and it lasts over a minute, take it out. If it involves Kelly, leave it in.

    By far better than a good 1/3 of the scenes left in tonight.

  5. I am loving whenever the camera crew is recognized :) Wish this one made it into the final cut!

  6. I very much liked how the faux doc crew worked cameras into the story. Felt true to the original format again, like season 2.

    Way to go Stanley for his performance of attitude. Did it seem to others in the cold open and 1st scene that the smiles/laughs in Phyllis and Steve and Jenna were them actually cracking up?

  7. Gracie in all fairness to the editing staff they have great material to sort through, the hours of deleted scenes on the season 3 DVD show that, so sometimes it must be hard for them(editors and producers) to decide what stays.

  8. I agree that this should have been left in, probably instead of Michael’s final talking head. They’ve cut out some great Michael/Pam/Jim break room scenes the last couple of weeks. What gives?

    And of course, Kelly is great!

  9. it must be a generational thing. i loved michael’s talking head at the end.

  10. Everything Kelly says is gold.

    “Why would he say that?”

    Laugh out loud.

  11. AHH! That was hilarious. Especially when Michael was commenting about Jim’s chin size. That shouldn’t have been cut

  12. They cut out big marble jerk stand?!?! That is classic :) Thanks for posting!

  13. Great deleted scene. I loved Kelly’s comment about Creed and Jim’s chin comment. LOL.

    Loved last night’s episode. Old school Office with the cameras. Nice job!

  14. Would anyone like to go into a little side business with me? I like this Big Marble Jerk Stand idea a lot…

    Kelly – on point as always. SO funny. I love how they always leave us wanting more of the “rest” of the cast. I think both Mindy and Andy are getting funnier and funnier every time I see them.

  15. “Looking can be as bad as touching” haha.
    And Jim, I think you’re chin is perfect :)

  16. I agree with everyone…that deleted scene should have stayed..loved it….the chin thing and Pam looking at the chin through her glasses…priceless!
    love Jim handling his coffee mug…. We need hour shows! thanks for scene, more pah-leaze :)

  17. Love it love it love it! I look forward to the deleted scenes now as much as I do the episodes. Such great stuff in this one.

  18. I’m not going to lie, I really wish they had found a way to work this into the episode. Maybe It would have been possible to cut out Michael the Dangoratfeld guy(Dangerfield, Borat, Seinfeld, Larry the Cable guy) comedic impression at the end, and ended the episode with the handshake and then the Phyllis thing.

    To me this clip was very reminiscent of the Office Season 2.

  19. I liked the final talking head, I think the point of it was to be long-winded and awkward, Michael was trying to qualify Stanley’s non-respect, and he was flailing. That being said, this clip is pretty awesome. A marble jerk stand! Ha!

  20. Re: #11 | Gracie:

    “Okay, new lesson for the Office editing staff. If you think you should take it out, leave it in. If you think it’s too long, it is.”


  21. I agree, I thought the final scene with Michael was awesome. I love it when he has comedic panic!

  22. Another terrific deleted scene that would have worked well within the context of the episode. I loved how Michael made the motion to leave the break room, but had to pause because the cameraman was in the way. I’ve always wondered if a staff of people who are constantly being filmed would actually get pissed at the cameras being in their face during sensitive moments. Here was a great example of how, in one quick gesture, Michael looked a bit annoyed that the camera guy was blocking the door. Perfection. One of the most important characters on this show are the ones we never hear or see – the camera crew. I think Randall Einhorn was on camera in this one. If so, bravo.

  23. Great deleted scene, and I too wish it were in the actual episode. I used to manage about 20 people, each of them… special in their own way :) I don’t envy what Michael was going through last night, but I can absolutely empathize.

    Great episode!

  24. I like the making fun of Jim’s chin and Pam’s glasses and the way Kelly immediately picked up on the slutty thing, but I’m actually glad this one wasn’t in there. I like the idea that Michael came to the decision to be frank with Stanley on his own.

  25. I completely love the twin look of fascination on Jim & Pam’s faces at the 1:17 countdown. PERFECT! They are so awesome together when interacting with Michael.

  26. Bravo Dwight’s Beard. Bravo. That comment had me laughing as hard as marble…jerk stand.

  27. This should have stayed in the episode. I love The Office, but lately I feel like they keep editing out the wrong scenes.

  28. lol. NOT a pedestal, but a big marble jerk-stand. I need the dvds for season 4. I hope they don’t make us wait too long.

  29. Marble jerkstand, hahaha. I really liked this deleted scene! Along with the rest of the ep. Everyone did a fantastic job across the board.

  30. I really wish they’d had time to keep the second deleted scene – the best part was when she was talking about not being able to see things that would normally bother her, and Dwight and Creed were clearly doing disgusting things in the (blurry) background! And coked out Ryan with the bagel.

  31. I LOVED that deleted scene with Pam!! That should have made it into the show instead of Michael’s TH.

  32. Those Pam scenes in the second deleted scene(s) were seriously some of my favorites EVER. I really wish those had been included…I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time.

  33. Both of these deleted scenes are so funny! It must have been so hard to let them go.

  34. I like the second one (minus Ryan and his toolish ways and that he is so chummy with DM’s now resident creeper, Toby). When Kelly said she was the cutest girl in office it really made me laugh. It reminded me of Andy’s talking head in the 2nd episode when he said he was now the best looking guy in the office because Jim was off the market.

  35. I’m sad this one didn’t make it in either…but I’m happy to know I get to see them here :)

  36. Honestly, those two deleted scenes were better than the entire episode. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the episode. But those were WAY better.

  37. wow the deleted scenes are so good! i wish they would have kept them!

  38. Oh, man! I can see why they cut the first one, but the second batch should’ve definitely stayed in! I hope there’s a longer cut for this on the DVD.

  39. I love Meredith’s automatic “Hi, Pam” response. Nice callback to “Boys and Girls.”

  40. LOL!!! The Second one is great. Not having your glasses on stinks. Also, people from New York really do rip apart the bagel only leaving the shell.

  41. The 2nd deleted scene leads me further to believe that Ryan’s only purpose for coming was to give Jim his formal warning in the prescence of HR (creepy Toby)

  42. Blind Pam is the cutest thing ever.

    Also, how come all the Kelly scenes get cut? They are always great!

  43. Second deleted scene… Genius!!!!

    I know it’s gross but I wanted to see what Creed and Dwight were doing. LOL.

    And Pam… is blind as a bat! Great clip!

  44. I would have put more of the deleted scenes in the episode, there are a lot of good ones this week.

  45. I wish this had been left in, I loved Pam’s reaction to Ryan. It looks like Ryan was a little coked out in that scene.

  46. Honestly, I’ve hated Ryan since his first day. He just gave off that obnoxious vibe. It makes sense to me that he and Toby are becoming good buddies. They are each so inadequate. Now they are finding ways to use each other to better themselves. I hope that if Toby does indeed leave the office, Ryan will soon follow, or at least be reduced in his estimation of himself.

  47. Really Phyllis? Boys don’t make passes…? What part of “Jim and Pam are dating” don’t you get? Still, awesome deleted scene.

  48. Pam is so awesome. I just love the way she reacts to all of the nuttery that goes on in that office. This clip should have made the final cut.

  49. Both deleted scenes were great! Pam getting hit in the face with the bagel was priceless!

  50. They totally should have left this in and reduced Michael’s ridiculously long (and unfunny) Rodney Dangerfield impression.

  51. I’m in Canada and can’t watch! Could someone describe the second deleted scene?

  52. That second deleted scene made me think of Pam’s line from “Basketball.”

    “Please don’t throw garbage at me.”

  53. I think Ryan was on drugs when he came in. Why would he throw a bagel in Pam’s face? He might be a jerk sometimes, but he would not usually do that haha.

  54. Another great scene! I was disappointed last night when we didn’t see more of Pam and her troubles, but I’m so glad we get to see deleted scenes here. :)

  55. I love everything about this deleted scene. Wish it could’ve been kept in. :\

  56. #60, WORD! It’s great that all the “I hated Ryan always and forever” fans are coming out now. I feel the same way.

  57. Wish this had been in instead of Michael’s Dangerfield TH! Pam is *almost* as blind as I am without glasses. She’s the best!

  58. The end talking head with Michael was one of the best. Had to say it after everyone was picking on it. That was awesome, one of the best jokes, if not the best, in the episode.

  59. HAHAHA! That was fun. :o) Wish at least some of that had made it in. I love Kelly BTW. Very funny with the blurred lens and all. I think Dwight was picking his nose. And just for the record, so far poor Pam has had the following thrown at her:

    1. Garbage
    2. Michael’s Coat
    3. And now a bagel.

    Sitting at reception, she really gets the most abuse! :o(

  60. Yeah the synopsis of this episode made me think there’d be a lot more Pam in the episode. Guess not!
    Also, Pam’s specs make her eyes big, which means she’s near-sighted right? So wouldn’t she be able to see people doing gross things, but not be able to read?

  61. Second one is so funny!
    They’ve really been showcasing Pam..
    a lot.

  62. #76- i’m near sighted like pam so i can tell you that her being able to read really close to the paper & not seeing bigger things happening away from her is correct- i don’t really know how my glasses make my eyes look though, haha

  63. #76– if Pam is near-sighted (which she is because she couldn’t see anyone) she would be able to see close up, but not far away– thus the blurry-ness of everything around her (the camera’s lens unfocused was pretty much what I see on a daily basis without glasses). I think the lenses were just made to look ridiculous on her.

    The only time glasses would magnify your eyes would be for reading, I suppose (since magnifying words would be the purpose if you’re far-sighted and need them to read) I think they just made the glasses make Pam look uber ugly, which included the magnifying. In reality, near-sighted glasses don’t actually make your eyes appear larger behind the lens.

  64. That talking head was brilliant and was anything but wasted air time.

  65. haha i absolutely loved both of them. but the second one had me laughing the hardest. pam was great. and ryan is something else.

  66. “I’m in Canada and can’t watch! Could someone describe the second deleted scene?”

    Description of Deleted Scene #2:

    Michael asks Pam to stand up in the conference room meeting.

    She says “Hi, I’m Pam and I wear glasses.”

    Meredith “Hi Pam.” How I didn’t catch this the 1st time, I don’t want to know. :)

    Cut to break room where Pam and Kelly are eating lunch and Phyllis is looking in the fridge.

    Phyllis: “Pam, I like your frames.”
    Pam: “I like yours too.”
    Phyllis. “I’m already married.”
    Pam has a incredulous look on her face.
    Phyllis: “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

    After Phyllis leaves, Kelly talks to Pam.

    Kelly: “Ignore her. Those glasses are so cool. You look like Lisa Loeb, Tina Fey or somebody.”
    Pam: “Huh. Maybe I will.”

    Kelly TH: “Guess who just became the cutest girl in the offfice?” Sorry Kelly. Even with the glasses, Pam beats you. :)

    Pam TH: “What’s it like without my glasses?”

    She instructs the cameraman to take the lens out of focus. Things become very, very blurry. Pam says her vision is 20/400!

    Pam: “I’m going to spend the rest of the day like this.”

    A sequence of blurry shots as Pam does a VO:

    “Things that would bother me on a normal day (Kevin is eating cereal), disgusting (Dwight picking his nose or using nasal spray), ugly (Creed scratching his armpits) or Michael.” Ha!

    Cut to the front door where Ryan comes in hopped up.

    Ryan: “Yo!”
    Pam: “Hi, How can I help you?”
    Ryan: “Ha. Nice. I guess I have been a stranger lately.”
    Pam: “Ryan!”
    Ryan: “Pam, want a bagel? Think fast!”

    He hits her square in the face and it bounces to the floor.

    As Pam bends over to get it, Ryan keeps talking.

    Ryan: “The bagels in N.Y. are the best in the world.
    Pam: “Okay.”
    Ryan: “You just can’t get bagels anywhere.”
    Pam: “I’ve heard that.”
    Ryan: “Same with coffee and women.”
    Pam: (with a look of disgust on her face) “Okay.”
    Ryan: “I gotta go find Toby.”

    Ryan walks away, but comes right back. He grabs a bagel and proceeds to molest it like Tommy and his roll in Tommy Boy!

    Ryan: “Here’s what you do.”

    He takes the bagel and starts scooping it out.

    Ryan: “You scoop out the middle (don’t they already have a hole?) and the sides. You eat the shell. Keeps the Carbs low.”

    Scene finishes with a Pam TH.

    Pam: “Yea, if I could’ve seen what he did, I would’ve gotten angry.”

  67. I wish they had kept the part with Kelly encouraging Pam to always wear the glasses. Fantastic.

  68. In the second clip, you can see the cameraman’s arm off to the left when Ryan pats his stomach and says “less carbs.”

    Loved the bagel to the face…lol!

  69. I love the subtle shout-outs to Meredith’s AA experience. Maybe someday Michael will go to an AA meeting by mistake and see her. Something similar happened on Will & Grace, but it would still be funny. Actually, Jan might be a candidate, and Ryan too for that matter.

  70. Love it Love it Love it! Why in the world did they cut this? Brilliant! Loved everything about it. So funny! Pam making the camera guy change the focus was awesome. That’s exactly how my vision is without my glasses/contacts. So i know how she feels. Loved this clip so much! Best deleted scene all season!

  71. I wish they would have kept some of this in. I’ve always had a thing for Pam, and those glasses just make it even better! I’ve always had a thing for girls with glasses – not specifically librarians, though…

  72. I love the second deleted scene. I should try that taking off my glasses thing when I get tired of my coworkers.

    I also love how “bad” eyesight = 20/400. That would definitely NOT make you have coke bottle glasses. My vision is at least 20/1000 (probably closer to 20/1500) and even my glasses aren’t coke bottles. They can make them really thin now!

  73. The deleted scenes are awesome. One problem… Kelly would have always thought that she was the cutest in the Office and she wouldn’t have admitted to the camera that she was number 2 before.

  74. Bless you Zac for describing the deleted scene! It’s killing me not being able to see the deleted scenes here in Canada!! Arrrgghhh!!!

  75. zac, thank you for the synopsis! I’m also in Canada and it frustrates me no end that I can’t see the deleted scenes. Whenever I go to the states the first thing I do is catch up on hours of deleted scenes!

  76. I loved the second deleted scene. Ryan threw a bagel in Pam’s face! I loved that whole exchange. Only if that was in the ep, it would have been grand. And Pam’s view without her glasses? Double, nay, triple that and that’s me! :)

  77. Those deleted scenes are hilarious! Michael talking about how mean Stanley is! I wished they left the part in about Pam showing the cameraman how terrible her vision was & then Ryan and the bagel bit. Hilarious!

  78. i think they should’ve kept the pam, phyllis, kelly, ryan one INSTEAD of that excessively long talking head Michael had at the end!!! blurgh

  79. (I’m in Canada) 84: thanks for the discription! I can’t wait until I can see it, it sounds hilarious!!

  80. 63 – I totally agree. The 2nd deleted scene was brilliant and the Dangerfield bit (which was almost 1 whole minute) got boring after the first 15 seconds. When the episode is only 22 minutes and you’ve got so much good material, I’m sure it gets difficult to decide what to cut and what to keep. I’m glad we get to see it hear!

  81. Is Toby wearing glasses in the first conference room scene?

  82. How many things have been thrown at Pam at this point in the series? The girl deserves a pay raise for that alone.

  83. They should have kept the second one in! It was hilarious! I love how they put up deleted scenes :)

  84. Don’t forget every guy has sprayed on Pam. That counts as throwing.

  85. The whole Pam deleted scene is hysterical. I love Ryan on drugs. Good stuff!

  86. I am at work watching that second deleted scene and it is so hard to muffle my laughter. Kelly is hilarious with her manipulations!

  87. After Pam stands up in the conference room, Meredith says “Hi Pam”, but it looks like Jim is saying something too. What’s he saying?

  88. Pick out the middle. It has fewer carbs. Just like Michael not eating the biscuit on his breakfast sandwich.

  89. This was hilarious! I totally know how Pam feels without her glasses…I am like 20/945!!

    Also in the conference room scene, when Meredith says hello, Jim is talking at the same time. Has anyone figured out was he’s saying?

  90. i like the idea that toby put on his reading glasses or something to make some sort of connection with pam “oh you wear glasses, i wear glasses too” i can just hear his mumbling voice cracking and trailing off at the end!

  91. everything about this episode was so amazing. Pam and her glasses is hilarious and I love, love, love the new Ryan more every day.

  92. I still think Ryan was supposed to be coked up in that scene, the fast talking, the jittery body movements, he is behaving like he was in the night club.

  93. I loved that deleted scene w/ Pam’s glasses! They should have kept it!

  94. I think Jim is saying, “Hi, Pam,” playing along with the AA meeting-like way she said it, whereas Meredith said “Hi, Pam,” out of habit. Three guesses why.

  95. LOL! That’s my world when I don’t have my glasses/contacts too!

    Pam is my role model now, because we both see the same thing; nothing.

    The camera dude got it right.

  96. The 2nd scene was awesome.. I wish that had been put in.. Pam was awesome.

  97. Continuity alert. Pam has 20/400 vision w/o her contacts/glasses. Yet when her and Jim spend the night at Schrute Farms, she spots Cousin Mose in the outhouse from the 2nd floor window…at night.

  98. 119-she could totally have the contacts that you can wear overnight. She just forgot her contact solution that night…but had it when she went to schrute farms

  99. I love that Pam put Michael after, “things that bother me, or are disgusting, or ugly.” Toby did have on glasses in that conference room scene, that makes him more creepy and pathetic.

  100. 20/400 is legally blind isn’t it? I used to be 20/800 in one eye at one time. Funny thing though, my other eye compensated for it so I didn’t even notice the problem until I took my driving test.

  101. I think Jim is saying “So Brave” in the beginning, no?It’s just a thought….

  102. i saw one post say that the camera dude got it right…i am guessing in reference for what it’s like when people need glasses and don’t wear them.

    i have always had good eyesight and i have always wondered what it would be like to need glasses. is that really what it’s like??? total bummer town.

  103. 20/200 with glasses *on* is the threshold for legal blindness. Pam’s 20/400 is approximately diopter -4, which is bad but not awful. Her vision problems were exaggerated for humor. I’m a -7.5 and I can grab a phone with ease, for example. The blurry world is pretty accurate, though.

    BTW, Ryan in the TH in delete scenes #3 = beyond jerk.

  104. I SO wish this one had made it into the epi. I love seeing Ryan taken down a notch, even if by his own car!

  105. Well, that makes me hate Toby a LITTLE less. And Ryan even more. Wish it had made the episode!

  106. Ryan has been annoying and I loved seeing the car not behave for him….It was great….And I am glad that jim did not just take the verbal warning from ryan and toby….

  107. GAH. RYAN.

    and I think this was the scene meant to keep us from believing that Toby had initiated Jim’s “warning”, like one of the writers had mentioned on the Q&A.

    so yeah…I guess i DO hate Toby a liiiiiittle bit less. Just a bit.

  108. Is it really a good idea to try to get a salesman fired who has good numbers and is liked by the CFO?

  109. Ryan is such an idiotic little tool. How the heck does he know what good productivity numbers are when he has never sold a darn thing and his website is made of fail? Can’t wait for him to crash and burn and maybe his character can learn a little humility.

  110. Deleted scene #3 brings up Wallace again, and now I am curious if in the planned Christmas episode we would have seen Jim and Wallace interact.

    This probably was already asked (and I wish I would have asked Brent and Justin before it was too late,) but I am still wondering if this was planned long ago, or thrown in to speed up Jim’s journey.

  111. I don’t know if its just me, but I am beginning to hate new Ryan, coked out or not.

  112. I’m going to go against the tide of opinion and say, much as I enjoyed the clip, that I am glad it was not included. It tips too much of Ryan’s hand, weak though it is, as soon as he mentions that Wallace likes Jim. Speculating about characters’ motives and who initiated what gets me through the week.

  113. Is it just me is Ryan giving off a total Michael Scott vibe at in the third one? I would love, love to see Ryan ironically turn into his worst nightmare. I love this show.

  114. Nick1
    I think this season Ryan has become Michael version 2.0, meaner, better looking, and even more clueless. The scene in the convertible highlights that.

  115. Grating as he is, I do like it that the writers are still having Ryan spouting those dopey business aphorisms. He’s moved from “throwing out the playbook” and “takin’ it to the streets” to “gettin’ out on the open highway.”

    How many of us grit our teeth when we hear this guru-speak at meetings? Way to keep things relatable, writers!

  116. Wow, I have SO been in Jim’s shoes. After this episode, my intense dislike for Ryan became personal. The latest deleted scene is gold – it’s strangely cathartic to see this frustrating situation so perfectly portrayed. I dealt with it by finding another (better) job; I certainly hope Jim finds a different solution, for us fans’ sake!

  117. It’s funny that Ryan is picking up the worst of Michael’s qualities, but he doesn’t have the good intentions or even the sales capabilities to justify him having a job he’s not qualified for.

  118. Way to reference my favorite season 2 episode, Conflict Resolution! And I know I should hate Ryan, but with the half-grown beard I think he looks pretty cute! God help me, I’m worse than Kelly!

  119. Ryan Howard = cocky version of Michael Scott *poetic justice*

  120. Ryan so obviously feels threatened by Jim and so he is trying to get rid of him. Unfortunately Ryan needs a reason and Jim is the most likable person on earth and he is good at his job. Ryan needs to get demoted.

  121. David Brent + Michael Scott= A really annoying and cocky Ryan! Bleck! Thank god this didn’t make it in. Lol.

  122. Now I kind of feel bad for bad-mouthing Toby all week (well, not that bad). And I’ve always thought Ryan was a bit of a jerk ever since he didn’t give Jim his desk back in season 3. Jim said it best — I liked him better as the temp.

  123. ryan is like a good looking david brent. i got a total david brent vibe off him during those “how was your summer” talking heads (i’ve been reading a lot of ann rand!) and now again. it is great.

  124. I love how Ryan thinks he’s the sh*t but he’s really just a huge dork. That is so hot.

  125. Well, IMO This scene was extremely important to the plot of the episode because it showed that Ryan instigated Jim’s warning, NOT Toby. I disagree with cutting this scene.

  126. Damn, Ryan, headed for a fall much?

    Watching the car own him was HILARIOUS.

  127. I never turned on Toby–I wish this scene made it. And I agree Ryan totally pulls a Michael moment when the car gets the best of him–his look to the camera is so Steve C, very funny.

    The Office needs special treatment when it comes to episode minutes. They should get a range larger to work with than 21-22 or whatever it is. They should be allowed supersized ones at will. Those were not quite as long as “hour-long” ones, right? (twss). I’m not saying a range as large as hour eps, but the amazing writers and editors deserve to use their best judgement and should be able to take a little more time when they need it. (Easy for a non-TV-career person like me to say, I know.) Still, are you listening, NBC?

  128. This scene would have been very useful in the episode. I really love seeing Ryan having problems.

  129. Ok Ryan, how about a little one-on-one basketball game with JIM – Winner takes all !!! Your JOB, Your Car, and PAM :)

  130. At least we know Toby didn’t initiate anything, although I think the jealous side of him had to be a little glad. Ryan is so slimey. I just want him to fall off that high horse soon and deflate that huge head of his!

  131. I liked the scene and absolutely love how Jim is taking some shots this year, but I thught it was awkwardly acted/read.

  132. I said a big long “oh” after seeing this scene. I agree with Craig from Albany, they should have left the scene in. After reading the writer’s Q&A and seeing this scene I’m not so pissed at Toby anymore.

  133. That’s a big scene to cut. Don’t hate Toby as much. The convertible part was hilarious. What a tool.

  134. I am so glad to see this scene. It confirms my suspicion that Ryan is attempting–but must ultimately fail–to hurt Jim b/c he is so well-liked and more successful than Ryan (without even trying!)

    And I LOVED seeing Ryan struggle with the car–perfect, hilarious, and ironically Michael-esque! Brillant!

  135. #157 I agree totally. That third scene was too important to have been cut. Everyone was being pretty hard on Toby thinking he was the driving force behind Jim’s warning.

  136. Man, I wish they would have left this in!! I just keep watching it over and over… it’s just *perfect*.

  137. I just love (and I know many of you may have thought of this already cuz Tallyheads are amazing) that Ryan has gotten a convertible like Michael had but just a little nice of one. Ryan is becoming everything that he hated in Michael. And as Dwight said, “the convertible is a ridiculous choice for this climate.”

  138. What a tool! That still goes for Toby as well as Ryan.

    This was a great scene and it’s too bad it ended up getting cut. As much as I love Steve, this would have been better left in and the “no respect” talking head that went on forever would have been better cut out.

  139. This clears up SO much for me and possibly confirms my belief that Ryan will be fire by David Wallace (for his drug addiction and undermining Jim) since Wallace loves Jim. That would possibly make Ryan the castmember that is leaving (unless they end up demoting him back to Scranton). The Toby leaving thing is too obvious since the last episode is called “Goodbye, Toby.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the that episode ends with an abrupt firing just like Beach Games ending with Ryan’s abrupt hiring. I also think they might open it up for Jim to be at least offered Ryan’s job.

  140. Wow, it’s surprising this scene didn’t make the final cut — sooo important to see what’s really going on with Ryan/Jim/Toby and sooo interesting in light of Ryan’s crash last week.

    This one should be mandatory viewing for all Office fans!

    Oh, and Ryan needs to button up that shirt, too.

  141. Toby is still a skeevy perv and a tool. He is really enjoying Ryan’s harassment of Jim. Ryan, of course, is an ass and needs to be fired.

  142. i guess i am in the minority of fans who never thought that toby was behind the “formal warning”. i thought it was clear since ryan said “i know how little you care about your job and how much time you waste etc” which was along the same lines as what he said to michael earlier in the season. also, it wouldn’t have made sense for a complaint to come from toby about jim’s job performance, that isn’t the role of human resources. don’t get me wrong, i love the scene, its hilarious, i just didn’t get why everyone thought it was toby and not ryan behind the warning. maybe its just cause i work in an office and am familiar with the rank and file.

  143. Funny how Ryan is not impressed with Jim’s numbers … O yeh, what were Ryan’s numbers?!

  144. It had better be Ryan that gets fired. I will have an awful summer if Jim gets the ax!

  145. So, Ryan is trying to get rid of Jim because the drugs are making him paranoid, and he’s very aware of the fact that Wallace likes Jim. This all makes me wonder if Ryan knows that his job would have gone to Jim if Jim hadn’t withdrawn his name from consideration. Interesting. I do hate Toby less after seeing his scene with Jim. I’m not sure if he’s working with Ryan to get Jim fired…

  146. I agree with those that say the last one should have been left in. Makes Toby seem less to blame and Ryan more so. And that convertible roof bit was Ryan at his funniest. Hilarious.

  147. Tuna Tuna Tuna, I’m with you. To me it was clear that the warning was Ryan’s retaliation for Jim questioning the DMI website in front of Wallace. The way he called Jim in talking about the Sixers and then progressing straight to the formal warning was clearly designed to make it as uncomfortable as possible rather than playing it straight. I think Toby was glad to go along with it, but he’s not the one who initiated it.

  148. so my (oh who am I kidding, I probably lifted them from a comment on here!) suspicions about Ryan running into problems regarding Jim, the formal warning, and Jim’s relationship with Wallace are not unfounded. good to know!

  149. Wow, Ryan totally just acted like Michael in that scene. Creepy…

  150. I agree with those who think some of the deleted scenes would have provided better illumination of the story lines. Would it be too much to ask for an option on the season four DVD set that allows for each episode to be viewed as broadcast, or in a “super-sized” version with the deleted scenes re-cut into the episode? (Then maybe we could see the deleted scenes in the correct aspect ratio!)I know that the DVD format allows for this option, and it would allow fans to re-watch the entire season with a fresh perspective on the various story arcs. It would give the fans one more good reason to purchase the DVD set.

    Tanster, help us out on this one! – And a BIG thank you for creating OT – you’re awesome!

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