1. They added the scene with Toby and his girlfriend to Dunder Mifflin Infinity and the tag of Ryan telling Jim NY was awesome

  2. yeah! extra dose of “the office” for my birthday…
    which is May 11th!

  3. The last rerun with new stuff was DMI, I think. Didn’t they add the part where Toby brings in his girlfriend and makes out with her in front of reception?

  4. Last time they had new material it seemed to me it was because they had taken a part of one of the hour longs, so in order to fit the half-hour, they had new cold opens for the second parts and tags for the first parts because the two eps were together before… I’m sure there is a more coherent way to say this, but I’m all fuzzy from allergies. Anyway, my theory is that there will not be any new material because they are showing the hour-longs in their entirety. Theoretically. Fuzzy.

  5. YIPPEE!!! I was just recently expressing my frustration at not having “Fun Run” and “Infinity” on my Tivo. “Fun Run” is at the top of my list for this season. LOVE IT. Now I can record them and have the whole season. Thanks for the news- I’m super psyched!!!

  6. 2, Tania-

    No, you don’t get it. New York is more than just awesome…

    Gotta echo the sentiment that these probably don’t have anything new cos they’re being run in full. Here’s hoping, though.

  7. I’m not so certain this means that there will be new material. This was announced with NBC’s decision to pull Monk and Psych episodes from the same time slot immediately after the poor ratings for the latest Monk and Psych airings. This isn’t to say there won’t be new cuts, but I just wanted to point out that the “special” time wasn’t very special. Click on my name for the source of this info.

  8. This just proves that The Office is NBC biggest scripted show after Law & Order spin-offs. More Office is always a good thing!

  9. yay! my tivo erased fun run and dmi (i forgot to change them to “save until i erase”, i have not made that error with any other episodes since!) and now i can have them back again! woohoo!

  10. Ooh! I’d love to see some new stuff. Deleted scenes are the only thing keeping my office fix in control, so this would be great, IMO.

  11. thanks for the update Tanster! :) I’ll source you on the messageboards! :)

  12. Awesome! thanks for the update. i hope they show more scenes. that’d be pretty cool. I wonder why they are doing this?

  13. Is this delayed on the East Coast? I just switched over at 8:20 and my DVR was recording some show with Donnie and Marie Osmond singing.

  14. To follow up on my own post. It’s 8:57 and Fun Run has just begun, it can’t be more than 10 minutes in. I think golf ran long and it’s all pushed back.

  15. They totally skipped the second part of Fun Run because of the extended golf coverage. What gives??

  16. the golf coverage ran late, so they skipped the second fun run and 20 minutes of dunder mifflin infinity part 1? i’m really pissed at you, nbc. that is NOT okay. how about you try to stick to your own damn programming instead of skipping crap because you can’t keep track of time? or maybe cutting short the mother’s day award presentation instead of the office? oh, i’m just SO annoyed.

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