1. Oh man, Dwight’s chart is great. Oscar gets two male symbols, Dwight ranked himself higher than Jim as ORIGINAL Assistant Regional Manager. There are so many subtle things. I can’t figure out the yellow line from Ryan to Stanley though…

  2. LOLOLOL at Dwight’s org chart!! Love his footnote at the bottom: “Intellectual Property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years.”

  3. I love Dwight’s chart and tanster, the first thing I noticed was the Menstruation Legend! I even liked the inclusion of “Post Menopausal” as a category. I also love all the lines to the Party Planning Committee. I think this chart is my new favorite Dwight creation, “intellectual property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years.” LOL.

  4. i think the yellow line from stanley to ryan has to do with the conflict that stanley and michael have in the next episode. maybe it means that stanley goes to ryan for help? is stanley replacing ryan?

  5. What is Meredith’s job? I must have missed this through the years! And I can’t quite make it out on Dwight’s chart. PS, the Menstruation Legend is BRILLIANT.

  6. What do Darryl, Lonnie & Stanley have on their bubbles there on Dwight’s chart? I can’t figure out what it is. Something to signify their black apparently. Oh Dwight.

  7. Did anyone else notice that Phyllis is listed as “Phyllis Lapin” and not “Phyllis Vance” or “Phyllis Lapin-Vance”? I wonder why? Hmm…

  8. is it just me or does Ryan look hot in that picture? What would Michael think of the picture of Ryan?

  9. I can’t wait to see what chain of events leads to the creation of that chart.

  10. Dwight’s chart is so packed with greatness it’s hard to even know where to begin. In addition to what people mentioned right off the bat, it looks like Kevin’s little space has an accompanying clover, and Toby’s has a Star of David. Perfect.

  11. LOL at Creed Bratton’s name in quotes, as if they don’t know if it’s his real name!

    It’s cool how Tom and Devon were included, too. I wonder why they included them, but not Roy, Karen, and the other Stamford employees.

  12. Dwight’s chart – priceless! Menstruation Legend! LOL! I think I could do with making one for our very own Michael Scott in my office, so he knows when to wear his hard hat round us ladies in the office. And what the hell is that in Michael’s hair and all over his suit? Looks disgusting. Can’t wait to see what he’s been doing!

  13. Michael has like bird poo or something in his hair, which then drips to his jacket.

  14. I LOVE how Creed’s name is in quotes on Dwight’s chart. But where is Roy? He has Devon (fired season 2) and Tom (who wasn’t ever even on the show) on there with big x’s through their names, but how about the guy that was most recently fired? Fired for attacking another employee for that matter?? I’m just sayin…

  15. Haha!
    I love how Dwight put everyone’s sexual orientations by their name on the organization chart.


    I can’t wait!

  16. Funny! Dwight’s ORG chart. Original Assistant Regional Manager. And might I say that Ryan was looking pretty hot.

  17. Devon’s last name was “White” and he worked beneath Meredith in Supplier Relations.

    Tom’s last name was Peels or Peekes in Accounting(Mentioned in Performance Review)

    Lonnie Collins (That’s right, not Lonny!)
    Madge Madsen
    Jerry DiCanio

  18. Oh my goodness. That chart is amazing!! Love the menstruation legend. What’s beside Andy and Kevin’s names? And I love that Creed’s name is in quotation marks.

  19. Didn’t someone say one of the main officemates was leaving at the end of the season? Maybe it’s Stanley.

  20. haha dwight is original assistant regional manager, therefore he is placed above jim!!

  21. Question: Will they mass produce that “ORG (Ha!) Chart” poster for NBC.com’s online store?

    Answer: They absolutely should.

  22. Did anyone else notice that smoke like substance in the top left hand corner of the picture where Dwight and Michael are in the conference room with the chart? That’s weird. I can hardly wait to find out what circumstances arise to warrant that flow chart.

  23. I love how Oscar has the two male symbols next to his name just rubbing in the fact he’s gay. Classic.

  24. #7 – If you zoom in a little, it seems to say that Meredith’s job is Supplier Relations.

  25. In the picture where Dwight is showing Michael the org chart which is hilarious by the way, I noticed that Jim & Pam aren’t at their desks. I wonder where they are? Also how does Dwight know all the women’s menstrual cycles? He’s so crazy!

  26. Oh, that chart is going to be a classic, soon. There are so many things to mention:

    Dwight put himself above Jim
    Michael somehow relates to Lonnie
    Tom and Deavon are on here
    Oscar has to male symbols next to each other
    Toby has the star of David
    Ryan is disastrously(?) related to Stanley (must have to do with his blow up with Michael)
    Dwight knows all the ladies’ menstrual cycles *shudder*

    I love this show.

  27. Looks like something is happening with Stanley in this one.. His name is connected to Ryan’s in the chart and Michael is also holding his file in the other picture..

  28. “Creed Bratton”! That chart just made my day. I love the “Original Assistant Regional Manager” next to Dwights name and how he put Andy way down on the chart!

  29. I think that chart is a little much. He crossed the line with the star of David next to Toby’s name…

  30. Dwight’s chart made my morning! I thought it was pretty funny, until I noticed one thing. It’s quite an insight into Dwight’s mind, as disturbing as that is. It appears to me that everyone except the white males in the office have some sort of symbol next to their name. As if white male is the “norm”, and he has to notate those who are different (ie, not “normal”). Sounds like Dwight to me (don’t forget, his grandfather was/is a Nazi). Disturbing.

  31. Considering Dwight was so concerned about the women spending too much time together and getting on the same cycle and wreaking havoc on the plumbing in The Dundies, the 4 women who are not post-menopausal are all on different weeks in their cycles!

  32. Could the “intellectual property of Dwight K Schrute for 1000 years” be a subtle reference to the writer’s strike or am I reading too much into it?

  33. Oh my god. So much to comment on. Ryan looks really hot in that picture. The menstruation legend. Dwight putting himself slightly higher than Jim because he was the “original” ARM.

    I just want to know what that yellow line from Stanley to Ryan means.

  34. Also, anybody else notice that Michael has a file open with Stanley’s name on it in one picture, and then the line leading from Ryan to Stanley on Dwight’s chart?

    I think Stanley is the one leaving.

  35. ha Phyllis’s menstruation cycle is crossed out! i really wonder how he found out all of that information….

  36. The double male symbol next to Oscar’s name made me laugh. ^^ Really, the whole chart is brilliant! I’m already eagerly awaiting this episode.

  37. Gosh, what a great chart!
    Something tells me Dwight has been keeping and updating this chart for a long time. Now he’s finally gotten a chance to use it.
    I want to know what picture is next to Andy’s name. Something regarding his heritage, like Kevin’s clover, I just can’t tell what.
    Apparently Oscar’s being gay is more prominent than his “mexicanity” to Dwight.

  38. omg the symbols next to stanley, lonnie, and darryl are fists. and i think the one next to andy is a graduate. hilarious!

  39. To me, the symbol next to Andy’s name looks like a cap and gown silhouette, as in, “I went to Cornell. Ever heard of it?” That is Andy’s cultural heritage.

  40. #62 – Looks like a head with a graduation cap.

    “I went to Cornell…you ever heard of it?”

  41. I wonder if Dwight actually knows the ladies’ cycles, or if he’s basing this on some crazy old wives’ tale. Either way, it’s creepy and hilarious.

    LittleTuna, I think NBC selling replicas of this chart would be brilliant. :)

  42. Well we now know which episode Meredith’s next alcohol related injury occurs in.


  43. SPOILER:TITLE: I have been reading a lot of info and I think at one point Pam accidently confesses that the night before she was at Jim’s house, and the entire office teases her about it. I think that is what the title means, but I am not sure.

  44. Why doesn’t it surprise me that Dwight would know and have a chart of the female worker’s menstruation cycles?

  45. I think Stanley replaces Ryan! Remember back in Beach Games when he initially competed to get Michael’s job? I think Ryan gets the boot and Stanley gets so peeved off at Michael that he contacts corporate (and remember he contacted Karen at the Utica branch!). I’d love the new dynamics if he became Michael’s boss!

  46. I forgot to add: I love that Creed’s name is in quotes “Creed Bratton” — like he’s allegedly “Creed Bratton”!

  47. I wonder why Roy was never put on Dwight’s chart? Devon got fired, so his name is crossed out. But Roy isn’t even mentioned. Maybe it’s just a mistake…*shrug*

  48. #73…i actually think you’re right. i never thought about the significance of the title until now

  49. My take on this is that “Did I Stutter?” is what Stanley says to Michael- The show description says, “When Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting…” So I am guessing he calls Michael on some typical-Michaelness and when Michael asks him to repeat himself, he says “Did I stutter?” I think Stanley probably goes straight to Ryan with a complaint, and that’s what the yellow line is about. The envelope Michael is putting into Stanley’s folder is some kind of “permanent record” nonsense that Michael thinks will intimidate Stanley.

    Thus ends my wild theorizing that I have SO missed since last fall! Woohoo!

  50. HAHA Creed’s name is in quotation marks. I don’t know what the significance of it is but I still laughed.

  51. The menstruation thing makes sense if you think back to “Women’s Appreciation”…

    Dwight: If I could menstruate, I wouldn’t have to deal with idiotic calendars anymore. I’d just be able to count down from my previous cycle. Plus, I’d be more in tune with the moon and the tides.

    Hilarious chart!

    [P.S.: first post! Love the site Tanster]

  52. “Intellectual property of Dwight K. Shrute for 1,000 years.”

    I love it!

  53. did anyone read all of dwight’s poster?? hahahah its so funny. the menstruation key is hilarious i can imagine on of the lines being like “how are you even supposed to tell between 3/4 of a circle for 3rd week and the 1st week with half of it full?” also, just reading the titles for each person is really funny. oh, and is the line from Lonnie to Michael scott supposed to mean something?? did he work in the warehouse?

    hahahah. “intellectual property of dwight k. schrute for 1000 years.”

  54. I am excited that this episode appears to be about everything that we LOVE…workers, in the office, dealing with their crazy boss and each other. I LOVE DWIGHT’S CHART! By all appearances this is exactly the type of episode that made me crazy in love with this show to begin with. I can’t wait!

  55. I’m so curious about this episode just because the title is so different from all the other titles. Who is the “I”?! And who were they talking to when they stuttered?! The suspense is killing me.

  56. I am almost scared of this episode. What is the problem when Pam spends the night at Jim’s? Eeek! I hope it’s nothing bad. I can’t wait until this thursday!

  57. So, Todd Packer and Roy are not listed on the page. I don’t think that it was a mistake, i mean, that tom from accounting who was mentioned during Performance Review is on there, so i think maybe Dwight left them off on purpose? I mean, Roy, in Dwight’s mind violated the law and whatnot and well, Todd Packer, Dwight never liked either. What do you all think?

  58. that chart just made my day……. i loved the symbols next to everyone’s names. oscar’s has two male symbols… and stanley’s got what i can only assume is a black power fist in the air? ohhhhh Office prop department… how I love thee.

  59. yeah my vote goes to: Stanley and Ryan switching jobs because Ryan can’t cut it at corporate anymore and Stanley wants to get the heck out of Scranton.

  60. I wonder if the whole Ryan/Stanley’s daughter thing might pop up again. “Did I Stutter?” sounds like something Stanley might ask Ryan during a rant.

  61. i totally agree with little brown dog, that sounds like the most likely scenario and the most plausible explanation for all those pieces of the puzzle

  62. todd packer is a traveling salesman, he does not, nor has he ever, actually worked for the scranton branch. that is why he is not listed.
    as for the stamford people and roy, who knows why they aren’t there. at least karen…hmmmmm…maybe it only includes people that michael fired? technically corporate let roy go and the other people either quit or transfered to utica.

  63. On Dwight’s chart, why are there two symbols for post-menopausal? Phyllis has one and Meredith has the other.

    Every little detail on this chart is so much in character for Dwight. Love it!

  64. I love how it says Intellectual Property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years. :]
    The people in 3008 are going to jump at the chance to use this once it’s no longer Dwight’s property.

  65. So i think the problem Pam runs into might be like…getting her period at Jim’s. It would make sense with the whole menstration thing. Although, i really hope she doesn’t…it would be quite embarrassing. Poor thing.

  66. I think that the Job Fair plot won’t be put up until we see a couple more episodes. Maybe Jim proposes in this episode! I would love that, but also I wish he would propose a little sooner. My friends think I am crazy! Oh, and kudos to Stanley for standing up to Michael. It’s about time someone does. (I still love you Michael, but you have some of the most awkward meetings!)

  67. Definitely agree with littlebrowndog’s take on things. Dwight’s business philosophy seems like he would run things like the 3rd Reich, and Stanley going directly to Ryan would be seen as, ‘circumventing the chain of command.’

    And I love how Dwight has no purpose in his org chart, he’s in charge of nothing and does nothing. Compare it to Jim who actually manages people. The chart says, I want to be important, but be in charge of nothing. It’s ironic that he’s such a great salesman but then he makes himself redundant in his own chart.

  68. I bet Pam lights Jim’s house on fire by accident or something like that. That would be soo funny! And then he would have to move in with her for a while at least.

  69. Hey guys, I thought someone might want the org chart as a wallpaper. I flattened it, did a 3d transform to make it even, and made the colors a bit nicer. I didn’t work much on the borders, someone with better color picking skills might want to make it a bit more appealing, but it’ll be much easier to work with this way. Here you go!

  70. Am i the only one that saw that above Dwight’s name on the chart it says “Original Assitant (sp?) Regional Manager”? I loved that.

  71. Unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at someone’s house? Usually for me that means my car got towed from what I thought was a visitor’s spot. =p

  72. #96: Maybe it’s because Meredith had a hysterectomy (that Dwight has always been suspicious of) and Phyllis is naturally post-menopausal? Just my thought.

  73. Didn’t anyone notice!?

    In “Chair Model” Pam said she wouldn’t move in with anyone unless she was engaged!
    Now, in this episode it says that Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience after “spending the night at Jim’s”!!!
    Now the question is; did Jim propose to her, or was she desperate to find a place to stay after her landlady (SUPPOSEDLY) kicked her out?

  74. Okay, I thought I was finally going to get my chance to find out but it’s blurry…What in the heck does Meredith do?

  75. i just hope that this episode will be more focused on the characters and less focused on plot. those episodes are always more funny and memorable in my opinion

  76. #110–Brookitty–I say “neither”. It says she spent the night at Jim’s, not that she moved in. I for one don’t believe we’re going to get a proposal this season. I think we’ll be right on the verge of it, then we’ll get the final credits of season 4. Cliffhanger, anyone?

  77. Well..that’s true…but still…
    Too many cliffhangers for one series…
    You might be right, but it would be a nice change.
    However, the way they set up Jim’s character might mean we’ll just have to wait and see^_^

  78. COME ONE GUYS!! It’s so easy what the inconvenience is!! Its her hair!! Come on ladies, hasn’t that ever happened, when you stay your boyfriends and have a bad hair day the next day, cause he doesn’t have a blow dryer or the right brush…?

  79. Anyone else notice that there are symbols on the chart next to all the employees of color?? I really want to know how long ago Dwight made this chart…

  80. There are some crossed-off/fired employees on the chart, like Devon, who was fired in the second season, right? Why isn’t Roy on the chart at all?

  81. On the chart, Creed’s name is in quotes.

    That just about made my day. Heehee.

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  82. I think Pam spends the night at Jim’s but forgets her contacts so she has to wear her glasses! Remember when Jenna said “you’ll learn something about Pam in the may 1st episode that you’ve never known before”??? I think this might be it! (Well, my friends and i have made this conclusion)

  83. in the chart in the photos that Dwight has, I love that next to Oscars name there are two male symbols … obviously indicating thats he’s gay. haha. ohhh Dwight!

  84. Oh my god… there’s a transparency that goes OVER Dwight’s organizational chart. Oh my god. This is going to be fantastic.

  85. Oh…what I would give to have that chart. I’d frame it and put it in my workspace.

  86. In response to Gina (msg 111)–

    Meredith’s position is Supplier Relations.

    (Blurry, yes. I squinted a lot. I think that’s correct, though.)

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