1. Ooooh… those glasses on Pam!! I bet that’s the unexpected inconvenience from spending the night at Jim’s. She must wear contacts…

  2. no joke- i have been laughing for like, 5 minutes straight after watching that look from pam

  3. And the inconvenience – she wears contacts and she has those really ugly glasses for when she takes them out.

  4. Oh my god! My computer is messed up! I can’t hear anything! What are they saying? Pam with glasses? I can’t put this stuff together without words! Someone give me a mini script of this!

  5. It was such a simple quirk… I can’t believe I never thought of glasses! Huh… she really looks like a receptionist now!

  6. I also bet that Michael fake fires Stanley for his “attitude adjustment”!

  7. Question: How did you guys know that Pam had “a secret thing” ? It seems you were expecting something…did Jenna Fischer say anything like that ?

  8. #17- Jenna said in an interview that one of her quirks would be revealed in “Did I Stutter?”.

  9. Awwww….I think Pam looks adorable in her glasses. Let the teasing begin. Michael is going to have a field day with this.

  10. HAHAHA
    i need those glasses. and yeah, my guess is she wears contacts and doesn’t have any solution so she can’t put them back in.

  11. Love Pam in those glasses. I can’t wait to see the office’s reaction to them.

  12. toby!! i bet michael is going to try to fire toby after what happened last episode or something. he’d come up with any excuse to get rid of him lmao.

    i’m sure he’s not leaving, at least i hope he isn’t (by getting fired or moving to costa rica). he’s my favorite secondary character.

  13. OssoBucco, I was wondering the same thing. Was something mentioned in a previous episode about a “secret thing” that I missed?

  14. Glasses. It’s funny how no one really thought of that. Neither did I. So simple.

  15. So now we know. I’m guessing she didn’t have any solution so she couldn’t put them back in?

  16. I like them! They remind me of glasses I had when I was little – big, thick round ones- though mine were brown. I looked like a bug. Pam must have really terrible vision.

  17. Pam is so adorable in her dorky glasses–Love ’em! Oh no, I don’t want anyone to get fired!

  18. Big relief…I can sleep tonight knowing that the “inconvenience” is only glasses!

  19. I’m pretty sure everyone’s guessed.. the inconvenience being she forgot contact lenses cleaner or whatever people who wear contacts use..?

  20. So, it’s glasses, I never guessed that was her quirk. Wow, I actually think they’re kind of cute. And could Michael screaming, you’re fired be from him finding out about the Toby leg massage incident?

  21. Do you think Pam’s wearing the glasses to make herself less attractive to Toby after what happened in ‘Night Out’? (my apologies to anyone who wears glasses)

  22. Hmm. Pam with glasses. It seems so simple and easy. I was half hoping it was a “girl thing” that she forgot and she asked Jim to go to the store to get some “products”. I think that that would have been hilarious to see on TV. Although its been done before, but it still would be funny. But Pam with glasses is cute too.

  23. To everyone who thinks Michael is firing Toby:

    Aduuuuh! He can’t fire him! He is directly under corporate. Not Michael!

  24. well, it can’t be toby because he works for corporate. I really hope it is not jim!!

  25. Michael’s probably saying “you’re fired” to Stanley, as a result of Stanley snapping at him during the episode. Or possibly, the quote is used totally out of context.

    I have a good feeling about this one in my bones. Is that weird? Probably.

  26. Did anyone notice that Pam’s “please” at the end of the promo is from The Deposition where she’s pleading with Jim to beat Darryl at ping pong?

  27. To those who say Michael couldn’t fire Toby, and I will admit that this is an extreme possibility. If a complaint was lodged against him by someone, not necessarily by Pam, everybody seemed to be grossed out by it. And I don’t know what the law/company policy is but wouldn’t Michael have the right to fire him?

  28. If Toby were being fired in “Did I Stutter?”, the office wouldn’t be throwing a goodbye party for him in the finale episode. I think it’s safe to say that Michael won’t be firing Toby in the upcoming episode (if he’s even firing anyone and not actually doing a bootleg impression of Donald Trump).

  29. It has to be Stanley. Look at where Michael’s standing in relation to the rest of the office. He’s over by Phyllis, Andy and Stanley’s area…and his eyes/comment are directed to where Stanley sits. It has to be Stanley. But I’m thinking it’s a meaningless statement because he doesn’t seem so worked up about it – as compared to when he thought Stanley was leaving them and he was extremely upset about it. He’s probably giving him a “do this or you’re fired” type thing and probably expecting Stanley to comply with what he’s asking. I wouldn’t be too worried.

  30. 43- I just noticed that! I wonder why they did that! Wow. And Pam should find some more…attractive glasses and maybe she wouldn’t look so…strange. I really can’t wait!

  31. The firing is not to Toby. I bet Toby probably says “I’m leaving” and Michael’s like “No, you – You’re fired!” or whatever he says. Toby is obviously leaving.

  32. It would be a funny moment if Michael gets to say “you’re fired” to Toby, when in reality, Toby doesn’t report to him. But, just saying it makes Michael feel good.

    And the Pam-wears-glasses reveal: so many savvy Office fans called it. I’m one of those horribly nearsighted, secret eye glass wearing contact lense users, who will bring out the specks once is a blue moon when a lense hurts or I forgot to buy solution. Everyone, even the ones who’ve seen me with glasses months before, are surprised that I wear glasses. It gives one an entirely different look, and people see you differently. So, Pam sharing that one condition with us, and showing it, is like taking one for the team. The only problem is that those frames are, well, fugly.

  33. What I’m thinking is Michael fires Stanley for yelling at him and of course rethinks it.

    And Pam’s glasses… hideous… yet hilarious!

  34. It’s toby. the season finale episode is titled ‘toby’s goodbye party’. he gets fired in this episode and we see his replacement (kinda cool once you see who it is) take his spot as a new HR rep in the finale.

  35. Wow! Pam’s quirk is that she wears glasses! That’s so…completely unfunny. But it is realistic. Maybe the writers are going to pretend like this is a documentary again, like in S1, instead of writing a show that’s like every other sitcom (seriously, Dwight making out with that basketball player at a nightclub last ep?)

  36. Number 43: Thanks for pointing that out! I was afraid that Pam’s worried, “Please?” had something to do with a Jim/Pam story arc (continuation of the proposal conversation, maybe?) We’ve seen enough angst from these two.

  37. My guess is that Toby announces that he’s moving to Costa Rica, and Michael tries to fire him (although he hasn’t the authority to do so) because he doesn’t want to be deprived of the satisfaction of being the reason that Toby leaves Dunder Mifflin. I can see him yelling, “You’re fired!” before Toby can even finish his announcement, and then Michael (and Dwight) reminding everyone that he’s leaving because he’s been fired (“For being a creep” ?) and not because he chose to.

  38. Re #49:
    Yes. Yes.
    Re #40:
    Obviously Michael can’t fire Toby. And obviously that wasn’t a real “firing” that we saw on the promo. That doesn’t mean that Michael can’t be yelling it at Toby, though.

  39. Didn’t we learn that in “Did I Stutter” Michael has an altercation with Stanley? I’m pretty sure the “you are fired” line has something to do with that.

  40. The please that Pam says must go with the video and not the episode. After Michael says “You’re fired.” The voice over says “Come on you didn’t think we’d tell you who.” To which Pam replies “Please.”
    Plus the please was from The Deposition episode.

  41. Plus…listen to the way he says “You are fired.” It’s not serious…it sounds like it might have come after “You can’t quit…” “…because you are fired.”

  42. haha Pam forgot her contacts at home and has to wear her granny glasses…not as funny as I was hoping, but Michael is going to have tons of fun with that…

  43. Pam, ALWAYS bring solution with you whenever you go anywhere overnight. Take it from a fellow contact wearer. :P

  44. I bet Jim thinks Pam is cute with the dorky glasses just like he thinks she’s cute with her dorky dancing! I have big JAM hopes for this episode…

  45. The fact that she has glasses just makes me love her more. And that being a big issue to somebody is so realistic. I know I am always petrified of forgetting solution and having to put on my glasses in front of people. I’d rather run into walls than put them on. It seems stupid, but it really is a big deal to the person who has to handle it! I love this idea.

  46. Didn’t someone guess on the spoiler thread that Pam’s inconvenience would be dorky glasses? Good job to whoever that was. Such an easy gag, but so cute and funny!

  47. i thought of glasses but then again i have glasses. for me that is the first inconvenience that sprung to mind because i thought to myself “what would be really inconvenient?” and i was also convinced that it wasn’t anything major like being preggers.

  48. my guess is michael is firing angela from the party planning committee for not throwing a big celebration party because of toby’s leaving…

  49. I’m pretty sure the ‘please’ is older footage from
    The Deposition, when she asked Jim to beat Darryl…

  50. I mean, in the plot synopsis it says Stanley snaps at Michael, and that he tries to give him “an attitude adjustment” so my guess is the “you’re fired” is for Stanley. I don’t know if anyone pointed that out already…

  51. Michael cannot fire Toby since Toby works for HR. In Halloween’s deleted scene, he tells Toby that he would fire him if he could. Toby responds , “I know you would Michael.” He might be just saying it to Stanley but it probably will not mean anything like when Dwight tried telling Stanley he fired. Stanley will just laugh at Michael and tell him to go away as he continues to do a cross word puzzle or something.

  52. Re # 76:
    Pam brought up engagement first two episodes ago, not Jim. A woman would not bring it up and joke about it, knowing full well that her boyfriend would probably propose to her soon, if she didn’t actually want it to happen. The worried look she gave Jim after he walked away in “Chair Model” was not, IMO, a look of “He’d better just be kidding around..,” I’m pretty sure it was more like, “Oh, please, please let him be serious, because I’m not kidding!”

  53. I humbly request poster Dorky Dancer to “Office-ially” change her handle to Dorky Glasses.

  54. I disagree because there is nothing in that promo that would suggest anything toward accepting or denying.

  55. 78 That’s how I interpreted it (mostly out of hope) because who takes Jim seriously?

  56. My guess is that Pam’s “unexpected inconvenience” is that she lost/left her contacts at Jim’s and can only see with her back-up nerd glasses. Pretty good guess no?

  57. Good guess, #85. If you look at the season finale photos, you will see that Pam is not wearing the glasses. So I’m guessing that’s it…

  58. 84 There are times when Pam has taken him seriously. Notably Casino Night when Jim did his thing. Plus more recently when Jim got down on one knee.

  59. I agree, 73 and 85. Stanley getting “fired” is very plausible… but of course he won’t really. Michael and his frustration, haha.

    And Pam is rocking those adorkable glasses (cause she left her contacts at Jim’s?)! It’s cute to know that she … needs vision correction? I don’t know. It’s a “fun fact.”

  60. Michael is probably firing Andy. Now that there will be an Office spin off, who better than Andy to take the lead?

  61. Re #82:
    I don’t think anyone is talking about that promo, or even this episode, in particular, just speculating in general about where the show is heading regarding Jim and Pam for the rest of this season.

  62. Can I just say how glad I am these promos haven’t been all “Will Pam fight for love?” of last season.

  63. Stanley won’t get fired; just a reaction to the snapping. I can’t believe Toby is leaving though. Darn. Now we know who the office spinoff will be about.

  64. I love that Pam’s big secret is glasses. It’s so endearing because it’s so simple and uncomplicated! And I love the frames!

  65. 91 I know that, it’s just that this is allegedly the episode where he is gonna propose. It was set in motion in Chair Model and is supposed to climax in this one.

  66. I’m actually excited about these glasses! It’s such a fun little thing to know.

    Also, 50 (Gigi), I’m with you. To all you horrible perfect-vision people, after your vision moves past a certain point, you 1) Cannot function in society without corrective lenses, and 2) Often cannot get cute glasses because your lenses won’t fit in the frames. I just had to get new ones and went through at least 25 pairs before I found one they could use for my lenses… even with that laser-thinning thing they do. I feel for you, Pam.

  67. So many of these situations that people are coming up with have already happened before.
    Tony Gardner being fired, Michael trying to fire Toby when he knows he can’t..

    It’s all been done and I don’t think the writers are THAT starved for ideas..

  68. #93, I’ll bet anything that the office spinoff is going to be about the warehouse. I mean, they haven’t had the warehouse characters in any of the recent episodes so that could only mean one thing! Coming 2009, The Warehouse.

  69. I think Stanley will get fired… think about it- it revolves around Michael “trying” to give him an attitude adjustment.

    AND- I think I know what the unexpected inconvenience is!!

    I bet Pam went to sleep with her contacts still in and lost one of them, so she has to wear those glasses we saw!

  70. itsstaceyl (formerly posted as Stacey ... before there was this other Stacey posting...) says:

    I agree that his “you’re fired” is probably not to be taken seriously.

  71. Have there been any interviews of Paul Lieberstein since the last episode? I really doubt the spin-off would be about him because I thought he has said that he doesn’t particularly like acting. I figured he was finally able to convince Greg Daniels that the character had run its course. Of course, it could turn out that Toby won’t end up being able to move to Costa Rica because of custody issues or something.

  72. Michael can’t fire Toby, because he’s corporate. He’s already tried to fire him before.

  73. Yes! Now I can dress up as Pam without having to take off my glasses!…That sounded creepy and weird.

  74. Poor Pam! I know what it’s like to be without your contacts and have to wear the “Back Ups”….

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