Watercooler Poll: Phyllis’ Wedding

To the horror of JAM fans everywhere, Pam left Phyllis’ wedding with Roy last night.

Tori of the OT Mod Squad wrote me this morning and said, “It seems like people are really divided over ‘Did she or didn’t she?'”

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  1. oh come on, I haven’t completely given up on Pam, and I seriously don’t believe that she did.

    …or should I stop shielding myself from what may be????? haha

  2. I think they talked, maybe made out a little, but I don’t think they had sex.

    I’m more interested in why people think they’re gotten back together. Everyone was convinced Jim and Karen were over when he told her he had feelings for Pam, but they’re not. So who’s to say Roy and Pam are back together?

  3. I don’t think they did anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    If they did, I think she’ll regret it whole heartedly

  4. Pam has invested too much time and energy on being FNB, she wouldn’t fall into old habits. EWWW…just the thought of it….probably makes Jesus cry.

  5. She seemed so vulnerable that night and didn’t even hesitate to leave with Roy.

    I say yes because Roy did an amazing job taking advantage of her

  6. Roy TOTALLY rocked that! And why not? It’s not like Jim didn’t take Karen’s drunk karaoke singing tail home and make the beast with two backs!

    Now tragedy would have been if she went home with some strange… like Creed.

  7. I DON”T think they did.
    It took Pam a lot to get out of that relationship & end the engagement – we’ve gotta believe she wouldn’t be THAT dumb to get involved again.

    It could just be my wishful thinking, except I don’t think the writers would do that to Pam. It’s just not a very creative way to go. We’ve already been there!

  8. they were engaged and dating for ages. she most likely only knows roy on that level so in a moment of weakness, at a wedding, and seeing jim and karen together at that wedding too, nevermind the fact that roy showed three examples that he really does love her (1) the flower comment (2) mentioning that it was funny he was the only one that wanted to get married (3) paying scrantonicity to play their song…it just seemed like the next step, plus i just assumed they did, it wasn’t even an issue until i read all of the commentary

  9. She wouldn’t hop into bed with him just like that. He’d had driven her home and they would have sat in the car for a few minutes with Roy being all fake sweet and Pam trying not to be akward and then she would have gone inside alone and then probably cried, fun.
    Damnit Jim.

  10. Alright Pam, don’t make me bring out my ‘Dump Roy’ shirt again!

    I don’t believe she did anything. As much as Roy may have ‘changed’, I still think he had a bad motive here and just wanted to take advantage of Pam. She’s too smart for that. She was sad, not desperate.

  11. nope. she thanked him for the ride and squeezed his hand and looked sadly into his eyes and hopped out of the car. roy watched her up to her apartment and waited until the light in the living room came on and drove off, listening to jewel’s you were meant for me on the tape player in his truck.

  12. Not a chance. They obviously drove separately to the wedding, so they would have to drive separate cars. I think the farthest she got was his driveway (if that far) and then she told him she couldn’t do it.

    Or, they went to his car and made-out a little bit, but I don’t think she stepped one foot near his house.

  13. OMG! SHE TOTALLY DID NOT!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps, but she didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t! Pam is so much stronger than that, and even though Roy was (I hate to admit it) kinda sweet and really hott in his tux, does no one have faith in our little Fancy New Beesly? I mean, think about it, she wasn’t drunk (I don’t think), her and Jim had a cute little talk, and Jim said she was cute. I know that it was almost like her exact wedding, and Jim was with Karen, but c’mon. She totally didn’t. And if she did, I will kick her @55! Now, time to tell myself that it is a fictional, scripted show, and get on with my life (until next Thursday:P). LOL!

  14. she def did – think about it. How long has it been since she has, plus she was feeling vunerable from the wedding + Roy is someone she has already done it with, which prob made her feel more comfortable about doing it.

    my friend, we’ll call him Booty, did it with his ex, and he had no feelings for her at all. it was just cause he had history with her

  15. She did not, and here’s why. He’s been nice to her the whole season (“the new Roy”) and that hasn’t gotten him anywhere with her. I think Roy is encouraged by the fact that they left together, and we’ll see more of him on the offensive in the next ep or two, but I really think once she was out of the building and on the way home, Pam just wanted to be alone, and probably cry. JAM will resurface in some way, shape, form, or fashion during the sweeps for sure.

    Plus, Jim’s been known to go out w/ Pam-substitutes before. He likes Karen and she’s the next best thing, but she’ll never Pam’s place while they all still work together.

  16. one last thing – Jim knew she was going to do it too..

    that’s why he got so pissed!

  17. “Well valentines day isn’t over. Let’s get you home, and you are gonna get the best sex of your life.” -Ram

  18. No. Pam was looking for comfort – nothing more. She guards her emotions a lot and I really don’t think she’d “go home” with Roy. That would be rushing things with them even, I mean, they don’t talk much and to just jump right back in the sack…no way. I think Jim may thinks so but no she did’t…no way.

  19. Whatever ladies… don’t act like you never scrumped an ex when you were feeling ‘vulnerable.’ Or a total stranger for that matter. Roy’s the one actually being sincere for a change.. it’s Jim and Pam that can’t figure out what the hell is going on.

    I bet Roy hit it froggie style back in his pad. Afterwards Pam might have felt guilty.. but oddly satiated as well.

  20. They went to dinner… they went to their separate homes, and had a good long “think”. I bet they talked. Poor Pam for being thrown in this volleyball court of a situation. She has no choice but to do what feels right at the moment. Putting herself through the pain of seeing Jim and Karen together is more than she can handle at this point. I think Roy is a relief more than anything else. They were together for 10 years. I know she feels somewhat comfortable enough with Roy to just talk, and he must know that sleeping together isn’t a good step to try if he really wants her back.

  21. Have a little faith in Pam. She was sad and he was sweet. They might have gone back to his place, but she did not do anything with him.

  22. “I DON”T think they did.
    It took Pam a lot to get out of that relationship & end the engagement – we’ve gotta believe she wouldn’t be THAT dumb to get involved again.”

    As much as I hate Pam and Roy together, I think she did. And when it comes to love, Pam IS that dumb. Just look at the whole thing with her and Jim, she’s too shy and too stupid to make a move. So what if he has a girlfriend, she was engaged and he still told her how he feels. And from Jim’s talking head, you know that if she did finally admit that she had feelings, he wouldn’t say no. And even if Pam thinks he would, she should risk it anyway, because Jim risked it all before, got rejected, and still survived.
    Anyway, Pam was really vulnerable and I definitely think that to make herself feel better, she would go back to Roy, hopefully just for this one night. They have a history, and no matter how messed up their relationship was, you can’t erase 10 years. Plus, she hasn’t been with a guy since Roy and her broke up (end of May/beginning of June). It’s now February and that’s an awfully long time to be alone, so I can definitely see why she’d be tempted. Anyway, I don’t doubt in my mind that they did.

  23. It’s been what, six months since she got any, OMG!!!

    I don’t think Pam is begging for it.

    Nor does it seem she was wanting it when they where together.


  24. women are more likely to hook up at weddings. they even made a movie about it. I’m sure Pam was no different. She def hooked up with Roy. she’s a human being

  25. new poll…
    how many people have hooked up with a girlfriend/boyfriend after breaking up with them?

    yeah – that’s what I thought.
    it just happens

  26. In my mind, I’d like to believe they went to get something to eat, talk things over, and MAYBE kissed or something.

  27. Insiders also tell me that Roy is not out of the picture—and will be making another play for Pam.

    If he had her would he really have to make “another play”? He’d more likely just have to keep up with his act…

  28. on the contrary Greg, when you have been having sex with someone for ten years straight… six months is a very long time

  29. Anyone who thinks that they didn’t do anything is completely naive or is seriously deluding themselves.

    Of course they had sex! I didn’t even realize there was another way of interpreting it. When a guy says, “You wanna get out of here,” or “You wanna go back to my place,” or anything like that and the woman goes without hesitation holding his hand–do you really think they’re leaving to go have a nice conversation?!?

  30. if you think about it – you can’t really blame Pam.

    when you can’t be with the one you love (Jim) – you settle for the next best thing (Roy). its like the Notebook, when Noah couldn’t be with Rachel McAdams, he settled for that look alike chick

  31. They came in seperate cars, not that it has anything to do with it. I’m just pointing that out.

  32. You keep talking about movies, which are in no way real, especially love movies/chick flix.

  33. I think the question is:

    Did Roy impregnate Pam?

    And if so, will Pam visit le’ clinic, or decide to have the little mistake?

  34. Yeah she did. Didn’t she? They were dancing, he asked if she wanted to get out of there, she said yes. I think she was said she ended up without Roy or Jim after having mixed feelings about both so she sought out comfort in the one she was comfortable with (and who has been really sweet to her lately, btw). I don’t think they’re back together for good now, but I think its definitely going to give Roy some more confidence with it all and make Jim miss her more.

  35. 48-thatswhatshesaid

    if pam and roy could go like.. 10 years without getting pregnant, i hope they can last a night. would the writers really do that to us? have pam have the baby of another person?

  36. My view is that she did. Because if she did, it makes the story more real. Who wouldn’t after that kind of night? Her Wedding-ish, their song, Kelly.

    And, this draws it out longer. We have many episodes until the finale.

  37. I wonder how many naive little JAM fans here think that Roy and Pam never had sex during the 10 years they dated.

    They just made out and talked a lot.

  38. Roy totally went for the Donkey Punch… he might have even upgraded it to a Tony Danza, where after he smacked her, Roy asks: “Who’s the boss??”

  39. Pam prob stopped taking her birth control after they broke up, so she made Roy wear a condom, but he sabotged the condom so it wouldn’t work. Pam is now Prego and will be forced to work things out with Roy. Cut to Roy’s talking head where he laughs like Doctor Evil from Austin Powers HA HA HA HA HA

  40. They sooooo did it. But Roy is going to think they are back together and Pam will have have to tell him it was nothing…Poor Roy..Then she’ll have to explain it to Jim….Thats my prediction!! But in my happy little JAM world we wouldn’t have to be having this poll in the first place!!!

  41. I don’t feel like she’d have sex with him again so quickly. Seems very “un-Pam” to me. Maybe kissing and other fun activities, but sex after their rocky break-up and their awkwardness the past few months would seem out-of-character for Pam, IMO.

  42. how do u know they did? how do any of us know that they were doing it while they were together?? anyway. no they didnt.

  43. Nah, Pam wasn’t drunk. I think they may have kissed and talked, but, I don’ know. I didn’t get the impression anything big “chica bow wow” action happened.

  44. I don’t think ANYTHING happened. She was vulnerable but I don’t think she was that desperate. (no offense to David Denman though)

  45. dwigt – we know for a fact that they were having sex while together
    Don’t you remember the Valentine’s episode from last season
    Roy says “lets get you home, and I’ll give you the best sex of your life”
    Pam grins

  46. I think the real question everyone should be asking is did Toby get any that night.

    Yeah, Toby!

  47. heres the thing… girls do things like that. theyre girls… they go back to their ex because it’s ‘what they know’.

  48. She was upset at the wedding and seeing Jim and Karen being all gross together didn’t help – but she was also reminded that she made a good decision in not marrying Roy.
    She may have left with him – but I’m going with NO SHE DIDN’T

  49. Obviously, Pam did go and do it with Roy! What else would those two lovers go do? It’s not like they haven’t done it before. Hopefully, this will crush all of Jim’s hope and lead to a successful reunion of Pam and Roy, literally!

  50. disgust or not – she did not argue, which means that she went home to have sex with him

  51. Oh, what a thing to ponder – great poll!
    Someone pointed out they came in separate cars. My hope would be that, though Pam was tempted to give in to the new Suave & Sensitive Roy’s sedcutions out of sheer loneliness, not to mention a little frisson of spite, once she got in her own car, she’d sober up and call Roy on her cell phone to say she was tired after all and heading home – alone.
    Otherwise, how she would hate herself in the morning!

  52. Like I said earlier I don’t think anything happened, but what if he turned her down?…

  53. Speaking of which, there was some discussion recently elsewhere on officetally in which someone posited that Jim and Karen are not physically intimate.
    And others actually agreed.
    This may call for a poll as well.

  54. Oh my gosh, you guys, I like totally think that Pam and Roy have like totally never even kissed each other on the lips. That would just totally be way gross. ‘Cause like I totally don’t like Roy and stuff. She’s totally saving herself for Jim.

    JAM 4ever totally!

  55. Greg – more like 57 percent don’t want to believe that Pam did it with Roy, becuase the are romantics and are caught up in the JAM love story

    but 47% of people are realisitic

  56. Well, it’s been obvious that Roy’s been looking for a triple X throw down since Pam dumped him, so I think HE wanted to.

    But no! Remember? Roy has “changed,” he’s “sensitive” now! He prefers art to strippers now!

    Call me naieve, but I think Pam is better than that. And if she’s not; if she was suckered in by a twenty dollar tip to a band to play a Jewel song… oh, my head hurts just thinking about it…

  57. You know what? The posts on this thread are really pretty immature. I usually like the quality of posts on Officetally, but…you guys are being disgusting, crass and pretty offensive towards each other too. Seriously.

  58. Greg- what’s funny is the reason why I think Pam and Roy did it, is because of a real life experience..

    I was with a girl for 6 years and the same thing happened to me. it didn’t even matter how I felt for her. I was just lonely, and she made me feel comfortable … this is why I can totally picture Pam with Roy

  59. I just used movies cause I though you could relate to them

  60. Well, Roy’s a film major now after he taped the “triple X throwdown” as someone nicely said.

  61. well I know everything about films too
    I’ve seen over 240 of them

  62. Corporate Booty-

    hahah, good office through in.

    But really, I am a Film major.


    grow up.

  63. Oh yeah. Definitely.

    We’re talking about a 3+ year relationship. It hasn’t been that long since they broke up. They’re comfortable with each other. If she left with Roy, they did it. Simple.

  64. This is the most hysterical comments thread.


    And even though I voted “no,” I think Roy shoplifted the pooty.

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