The Office: Phyllis’ Wedding, 3.16

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The Office Phyllis' Wedding

Writer: Caroline Williams, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Phyllis regrets giving Michael an important job at her wedding after several embarrassing moments. Pam has flashbacks of her own wedding planning when she sees Phyllis’s decorations.

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Jim: Hey Dwight, do you want an Altoid?

Dwight: My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden.

Michael: Phyllis is getting married, and I am in the wedding party. She’s asked me to push her father’s wheelchair down the aisle. So basically, I am co-giving away the bride. Since I pay her salary, it is like, I am paying for the wedding. Which I’m happy to do. It’s a big day for Phyllis. But it’s an even bigger day for me. Employer of the Bride.

Pam: Phyllis ended up using the exact same invitations as Roy and me. So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding. And I was like, wait, I thought I called that off.

Dwight: Hello, Angela.
Angela: Hi, Dwight.
Dwight: You look as beautiful as the Queen of England.
Angela: Thank you. Don’t linger. Break left.

Dwight: The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. Makes the funerals very romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair.

Pam: Also ‘Pam and Roy.’

Michael: There she is! I swear, Phyllis, you are as beautiful as the first day you started work at Dunder Mifflin.
Phyllis: Thanks, Michael, that’s sweet. Same as when you said it outside.

Michael: If you need to vomit, that is okay. I did.

Michael: Phyllis, did you break wind?

Michael: Wow, that is … that is pungent.

Michael: You might be surprised to learn that I have only been to one other wedding.

Michael: … and the irony is that, after the ceremony, that dog peed on everything. And nobody said boo.

Dwight: Why are all these people here? There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague. Who are all these people?

Dwight: I saw Wedding Crashers accidentally. I bought a ticket for Grizzly Man and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. That’s the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it.

Kelly: I look really good in white.

Pam: That’s my dress!

Michael: This is b*llsh*t.

Michael: Me walking Phyllis down the aisle was supposed to be the highlight of the wedding. And now, the wedding has no highlight.

Michael: I got news for you, Albert. If that’s your real name. Show’s not over.

Angela: Congratulations, Phyllis. You look lovely. Your dress is very white. So white my eyes are burning.
Phyllis: Thanks, Angela.

Michael: If you ever lay a finger on Phyllis, I will kill you.
Bob Vance: If you ever lay a finger on Phyllis, I’ll kill you.
Michael: Agreed. No fingers will be laid on Phyllis.

Kelly: Are you all right? This must be so awful for you.
Pam: What do you mean?
Kelly: Well, this was supposed to be your wedding.
Pam: Oh, um, no, that’s um, it’s actually fine.
Kelly: There’s no way it’s fine, I’m sorry. If I was you, I would just like freak out, and get really drunk, and then tell someone I was pregnant.
Pam: Okay, that’s a lot of good ideas. Thanks.

Michael: What can I do to make it more perfecter?

Kevin: No, this is not our first wedding. This is the third wedding that Scrantonicity has played. We also played our bassist’s wedding, and our guitarist’s wedding.

Kevin: I’m supposed to ask if anyone has seen Uncle Al. He is old, and has brown eyes and dementia. His family is very concerned. It’s a very serious situation.

Randy: Phyllis, you’re a wonderful woman. And you’re a hell of a bowler!

Michael: My name is Michael Scott. Webster’s Dictionary defines wedding as “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.” Well you know something? I think you guys are two metals … gold metals. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Michael Scott, Phyllis’ boss. To quote from The Princess Bride, mare-widge!

Michael: Phyllis and Bob, their celebrity couple name would be … Phylob. You look at her, and she’s kind of matronly today. But back in high school, I swear, her nickname was “Easy Rider.”

Michael: I hate you!

Jim: Hey.
Pam: Hey!
Jim: When are we going to get to see some of those famous Beesly dance moves?
Pam (laughing): I’m pacing myself.
Jim: C’mon. Get out there! Give the people what they want!
Pam: Oh, I’m such a dorky dancer.
Jim: I know. It’s very cute.

Jim: Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested, then … no, it’s totally hypothetical.

Dwight: You’re a real-life wedding crasher, and I must bounce you. I’m sorry, it gives me no pleasure.

Jim: Here’s a non-hypothetical. I’m really happy I’m with Karen.

Toby: Toby. Yeah!

Uncle Al: The Celtics were a great team.

Michael: Dude, keep it together. I listened to you for a half an hour, even though most of that stuff went right over my head.

Phyllis: You found Uncle Al!
Michael: Yeah, yeah, he’s kind of a weirdo.

Michael: They say that your wedding day goes by in such a flash, that you’re lucky if you even get a piece of your own cake. I say that’s crazy. I say, let them eat cake. Margaret Thatcher said that. About marriage. Smart broad.

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  1. ivan pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment LOL best cold open ever.

    The “webster’s dictionary” thing was copied in steve’s SAG awards speech.


  2. NNOOOOO!!! but in the mean long karen.

    “heres a glad im with karen.”

  3. weak moment for pam. jim needs to step up (again).


  4. I hurled a tirade expletives at the screen, the likes of which my TV has never seen.

    Roy and Pam?! Jim and Karen happy!?


  5. do pam and roy hook up? my boyfriend says no way. he says pam wants to but roy won’t let her. any thoughts??

  6. went by fast. it probably didn’t help that i watched every single spoiler. and that was a major setback for the Jam situation. michael’s a retard. that’s all.

  7. wtf is up with pam?!
    she sucks!!!!
    i cannot beleieve she went with roy.
    freaking idiot girl!

    i am really upset.

  8. Hey wait, did Jim say here’s a hypothetical, or here’s a non-hypothetical? GAHHHHHH I don’t know!

  9. I thought this episode was fairly weak other than the awesome cold open and a few other gems (i.e. Dwight’s smirk after throwing Michael out). Michael was just terribly annoying and childish…even MORE than usual!

  10. OMG! W H Y must they do this to me?! Are you kidding?! And could Karen look any more foolish?!

  11. I knew they had to get back together, but it’s sad that Jim saw Pam watching him and didn’t do anything. He still thinks she doesn’t like him… aghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I don’t care about that. I’d rather just see Michael acting less stupid, thank you.

  12. LOVE the prank. The rest was a trainwreck. That was pretty low of Phyllis to take all Pam’s ideas. Michael was a mess (as usual-not surprised), and DON’T EVEN get me started on Roy.

  13. I don’t think Jim is happy with Karen. I think he just got sucker punched and was trying hard yet again to actually move ON and attempt to be happy.

    His enthusiasm at Karen’s singing was so fake and forced. It was painful to watch.

    In his 2nd talking head, he looked disheveled and pissed, like he’d just ran his hand through his hair about a dozen times asking himself WTF?

    I knew Pam was going to have a weak moment coming up, but it still hurt to watch her leave with Roy.

  14. So Jim and Karen are happy???? NOOOOOOO! I swear to God, if I could climb into that TV I would. I would have this Jim and Pam thing cleared up in 3 seconds, not 3 seasons.

  15. I wish I hadn’t watched so many spoilers. I thought the whole thing was funny and at times sweet and at other times sad (Michael). I’m not totally surprised that Pam and Roy are together. Jim did have his chance in this episode but it passed him by.
    I love that when Michael talked about the definition of wedding, it was the definition of welding. :) Also I’m so glad Toby is happy!

  16. Jim, Jim, Jim. I’ve been a Team JAMmer forever, and you’re ruining it now. The moment Jim caught Pam looking at him out dancing with Karen. I was hoping he would ask her to dance, although Karen I don’t think would ever allow it, and Pam would share her feelings for Jim and they would run off and live happily ever after. They need some a flower wreath with P & J on it.

  17. Fancy new beesly is still quite the coward

    I guess when Jim told her he loves her its nothing
    But when Roy screws up about complimenting phylly’s wedding then spends 20 bucks on a song thats all Pam needs :P

  18. Wow… I’ve never wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Michael as much as I did tonight.

    As far as Pam and Roy… seriously – who didn’t see that coming?

  19. I thought this episode was one of the best yet! My dad and I were laughing pretty much nonstop throughout the whole thing.

    *Michael can apparently cure the lame.
    *Go Toby!!!
    *Dwight and Angela are absolutely adorable in this ep.
    *Pam is a stinking loser, but I feel bad for her. Not so much for Jim.
    *Kevin’s band is pretty darn awesome!!!

  20. Great Episode…after last week I was little worried.

    Ryan pushing the bouquet away from Kelly. Hilarious.

    Pam leaving with Roy…oh well…he was very sweet tonight and she’s vulnerable. She’ll end up breaking his heart again.

    Michael’s a nut.

  21. 22 gorfy….

    the boyfriend says roy wants to do something but he’s gonna ACT like a friend at this point. it’ll make pam go goo-goo for him and as my honey says, “roy will be in like flynn.” oy vey….

  22. michael was hilarious.

    i loved the toby moment!! YES TOBY YES!!

    and NOOOOOOOO to JAM situation.

  23. Why are people angry at Pam ??? I want her to be with Roy now !! Jim had enough chances !!

  24. 44 | tricia yeah thta makes more sense roy being nice is definitly a long term plan to get hook up with Pam again, he is still a tool though which I dont know how Pam cant see that fact lol

  25. ‘do you want to get out of here’ NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! roy and pam should not be together!!!!!!!!! i don’t think pam knows that jim is still interested in him but he is and she was totally bummed when he and karen were dancing and she left because of it. damn it!!!! the more i watch this show the less i think jim and pam are ever going to get together. i am totally starting to believe that this isn’t going to go anywhere and it makes me so sad!!!! pam should have never left with roy…

  26. Why must life go on like this????

    I cannot believe it….Jim and Pam are both blind..whats the deal??

    Anywho, I guess we will see what happens next week!

  27. BigTuna: Agreed! What if Jim paid the band to play the song that he and Pim listened to on the iPod and swayed to?

  28. 47 | Aram Jim was finally honest with her Casino night, she said no which was reasonable at the time seeing as she was enganged. but since then she has done nothing but play the poor me card. She likes Jim but hasnt had the balls to do anything about it, not even let Jim know she broke off the wedding, Pam deserves any pain she gets until she gets the balls to step up to the plate.. just my opinion

  29. Websters Dictionary defines wedding as fusing two peices of metal together with a torch.

  30. ok i saw the roy/pam thing coming back, but it still bugs me.
    How could Jim not notice that she liked him when he saw her disapointment?

  31. How hilarious/cheap/ingenious was Creed tonight? Ripping off and tossing someone else’s card in the trash and sticking his own card to a HUGE gift? LOL!

  32. The more i think about it the more i get pissed at Pam.
    Shes all poor her poor her, hello jim told you he loved you and you kissed then rejected, now he practically is flirting w/ you again, and you feel so sorry for yourself you run back with the dumby who wasnt involved in your wedding and you just realized this?

    I used to like Jam.

    Now its just Jim :D

  33. who are this pam and jim everyone is talking about?? i dont remember either of them in Ugly Betty…
    JK….come on now pam and jim open your eyes….

  34. I figured it would take more than $20 & “think it sucks for you” line from Roy for Pam to leave with him…seriously, what the blazes is wrong with her!!

  35. Gorfy i know wut u mean … but u cant say this is one of their faults more than the other !!

    They both dont have the balls to move on with their relationship … believe me i hate roy too but im sick of the one of them has a boy/girlfriend and the other one being awakward around them moments !!

    id rather see them happy with other people than the other way … if they ever get together (which they will) ill be cheering aswell but for now i like her being someone aswell

  36. yay toby!!! pam really needs to tell jim that she loves him, but she is too afraid because she thinks he’s over him and jim thinks that pam doesn’t like him…blech. can i say that it was really sweet when dwight and angela were dancing outside though? michael was more idiotic then usual tonight. not the best episode. better than last weeks, but i hope that next week’s is better

  37. In response to 59…I think Jim DID get that Pam likes him…but instead of making a move she runs back to lousy ol’ Roy!! I think that’s what pissed him off. He was def. mad when he said “non-hypothetical”…


  39. I don’t hate Pam, and I don’t hate Jim. Of course they’re going to drag it out. The episode gave a little hope and then took it all away, but I still enjoyed it. I mean if Jim and Pam had gotten together in this episode it would’ve wrapped everything up kind of soon considering its only Feb. Also why was everyone so annoyed with Michael.? If anything I felt more pity for him once again.

  40. This episode was a huge step up from the episode before it.

    Creed got his moment to shine (that was funny). And I don’t see Michael as more childish or annoying as he is in the previous episodes. It’s just him, you know?

    As for Pam and Jim, I personally enjoy it. I think that it makes the show more interesting with the tension as opposed to if they were together.

    And good job Toby!

  41. Sweetest moment of the night was definetly Dwight and Angela who are becoming my favorite couple !!

    Funniest moment was the bouque throw … i couldnt tell if Ryan blocked it from Kelly or she she blocked it from him

  42. I think that you could kind of tell that Jim is a little annoyed with Karen now. When she was singing on stage, there was a brief “Jim look” that he showed. It was a blink of the eye type thing though. URgggghhhh…. They were so close tonoght, but I really did see the whole roy pam thing coming again, they’ll break up soon though.

  43. Come on, ladies. Give Pam a bit of a break. She’s teetering on desperation, and even if only for a moment, Roy makes her feel wanted.

    I know I’ve gotten back together with an ex before, even ones I knew were bad for me. Sometimes it’s just easier not to resist.

  44. 67 | Aram oh I agree its definitly both there faults, its just Pam keeps trying to play the Role Jim did last year, the poor me rutine he doesnt love me but I love him and with her it dosnt work because she does nothing about it but continueinly look wounded.

    Im almost over the entire Jam thing and im getting to the point where they either make it 100% happen or make it 100% not happen, just move on with that story already its getting way played out

  45. I think the reason Pam went off with Roy was because of the whole “Phyllis stole my wedding” thing. It was a really harsh reminder of what she threw away, and it seemed like Jim only had eyes for Karen, and I think she just needed some companionship. I feel bad for Pam, and she’s still getting over everything, but eventually (soon) she will need to grow a pair.

  46. Wallflower: Agreed. As much as I don’t like it, 20 bucks and some direct proclamation of feelings is more than Pam’s been getting from Jim lately… can’t say I blame her…. MUCH.

  47. Im just waiting for karen to make some huge mistake that makes jim not like her. She seems to perfect for him…and im beginning to like her.

  48. Jim just keeps getting kicked around.

    He’s almost looking like he wont be able to take much more. So sad.

  49. The Travis song that they played was the same some from “The Client”, that Pam And Jim listened to on the ipod.

  50. I want to be mad at both Pam AND Jim, but I just can’t. I understand both of them perfectly, even though its maddening. Infuriating. Annoying. Frustrating. Etc, etc, etc

    Pam’s lonely, she’s sad and she’s once again faced with the fact that Jim has moved on. She’s sitting at basically her OWN wedding *alone*. Roy is talking about their flowers, he’s playing their song, he’s being attentive and sweet and romantic. He’s being the guy she always hoped he would be. Even though she isn’t in love with him anymore, I understand why she would leave with him, if not for any other reason than to just get the hell out of there.

    And Jim…*sigh* He’s pissed and trying once again to overcompensate and be happy!happy with Karen when his heart just isn’t into it. Pam still affects him and as long as she does, he won’t be able to move on. And I’m sure that pisses him off even more, since Pam is now seemingly back with Roy.

    They just hurt me :(

  51. I have no sympathy for Pam anymore, she had 7 or more months to say something to Jim, he’s not a mind reader.

  52. Totally agree with the people who are saying Pam needs to get over herself and do something about the Jim situation. Yes, Jim is with Karen now but how long has he been dating her? Two months? And Pam and Jim were friends for what, 3 years? Not to mention, Jim told Pam he was in love with her. Unless she just thinks Jim exaggerated his feelings, she obviously doesn’t get casually dating someone for 2 months isn’t going to just erase all that.

    So yes, Pam, stop feeling sorry for yourself and say something! I predict the season will end with a reversal of last season’s finale… Pam confessing to Jim and kissing him… or at least that’s my ideal ending. :)

    Oh, and Michael was super annoying in this episode. And not in a funny way. I’m reminded of Neil’s line to David Brent from the BBC version: “You’re acting like a petulant child.” Yep.

  53. A piece of my Jam heart has died…and I think a part of Jim’s Jam heart is gone too. & now I’m rambling.

  54. Come on people get over the JAM stuff already. This was a great episode tonight and Michael was in rare form.

  55. Does anyone else feel like they have been misled by today’s wedding previews? They need to make something happen with Pam and Jim soon or I will start forgetting to watch the show.

  56. I’m on the west coast and didn’t get to watch it yet….but i’m already really mad…..

  57. Arughchagh. I was so happy when jim did his little shpeil (did i make up that spelling? yes.) about “hypothetically.. if pam was into me blah, blah, blah.” Why would pam go back to roy! haha.. i keep commenting on that.

  58. i totally understand the whole jam thing. i mean dang i screamed at the tv and threw the remote. but its only a matter of time. :) and i totally am digging that ending with role reversal..:)

  59. I have west coast feed and will watch the episode again defintely … i always laugh more the second time and the more i see an episode the more jokes i get

  60. I am going to make a guarantee. PAM AND JIM WILL GET TOGETHER AT THE END OF COCKTAILS! At least they better. Otherwise, scary and hilarious episode tonight.

  61. I don’t think my little Jam heart could take another summer of cliffhanging. I am just going to transfer my emotions to Dwight and Angela for now… love them so much.

    By the way, Toby picked himself up a young little dish, if I do say so myself.

  62. they didn’t play travis. it was from “the client”. pam and jim listened to it on jim’s IPOD. very sweet moment.

  63. They didn’t play Travis, Big Tuna. I was just saying, if Jim was a thinking man and wanted to play Roy’s game, he would have.

  64. well with ram together i will be watching the message boards until they are done so i can watch the show again

  65. Pretty good episode, but it was so painful to see Jim admit that he didn’t Pam was interested in him. I thought he had at least some clue…. Do not even get me started on Pam leaving with Roy. If they end up a full on couple again I will destroy my TV

  66. So much for Valentine’s comedy night…I feel like my heart was ripped out and dragged…slowly…down the aisle…ugh! Why Pam?! WHY!? Jim was ALMOST ‘there’ again, and then..of course..he catches her leaving (hand -in-hand no less) with Roy! The writers are killing me with this ‘almost-love’ of Jim and Pam.

    Kudos to Toby on the babe though. Great episode, as painful as it was emotionally, and for being completely off-location except for the opening.

  67. I don’t think Pam feels she has any *right* to say anything to Jim at this point.

    I think that’s why she’s keeping quiet AND helping out Jim/Karen’s relationship, even at her own expense.

    She essentially blew her chance with Jim and all Pam wants now is for him to be happy, even if it makes her miserable.

    It was easy to say Jim made the right choice by making a move because we all knew Roy wasn’t right for Pam. But Karen really is perfect (on paper) for Jim. Why would Pam want to mess that up for Jim, especially considering SHE’S the one who broke his heart to begin with AND considering what’s gone down since Jim’s return?

    He was cold to her during the Merger. He turned her down for coffee, he was fine taking a desk that didn’t face her, he told her he was seeing someone else. They’re friendship really hasn’t been the same and even when they DID find their footing again, the next thing Pam hears is that Jim has not only told Karen about them, but also deemed their kiss “just a kiss”

    I don’t blame Pam for keeping quiet. I wish she wouldn’t, because Jim would dump Karen in a second, as per tonight’s first talking head. But I get why she doesn’t.

    And I get why Jim hasn’t taken any of their moments to mean more than they did. After all, he “misinterpreted” everything last time.

    Its a sticky situation for all involved, and Pam’s friendship with Karen and Roy’s sudden change of personality is only confusing it more.

    Its frustrating, but I’m still on board for when we finally get that payoff. Because its gonna be sweet.

  68. I really am starting to think that the only way Jim will find any solace is by leaving again. He’s gotta leave the company completely though. This is just getting crazy.

  69. Tonight’s ep did seem really short. The commercial breaks are getting loonger, & I’d seen so many spoilers.

  70. Ryan knocking the bouquet away from Kelly was one of the funniest moments of the season

  71. In interviews earlier this season John Krasinski had said that the show was written realistically, but how is Pam and Jim still not together or at least been something a little more by now, realistic? I worry that this will drag out too long. We need something with a little more substance to pin our hopes on. Even an ONS (One Night Stand) between the two I would find acceptable (bad idea i know , but at least it’d be something)

  72. i have given up watching spoilers.(it was so hard this week.(that’s what she said!) it makes watching the aired episode so much better.

  73. Dorky Dancer: You’ve got it! That was everything I was trying to find a way to say.

    And, even though it disappointed a lot of people, I really liked the episode. Dwight/Angela and Ryan/Kelly were great! I’ve totally got to stop watching the previews, though.

    And someone FINALLY stood up to Michael! It came in the form of Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.

  74. I don’t think Pam is an aggressive enough person to just go and tell Jim that she loves him, especially if she thinks he is happy with Karen. She seems too nice of a person to hurt someone else’s feelings if it is not necessary. And although I am mad at her for leaving with Roy, it is understandable. This was supposed to be her wedding and now she is all alone. And finally, Roy is being sweet and considerate and Jim is occupied with Karen, so she probably thought, “Hey, why not leave with Roy? It’s not like I have anything or anyone else–it’s better than being alone.”
    As for Jim, he saw her face when he was dancing with Karen. It was pretty obvious that she left because she was upset–Jim should have gone after her.
    And also, YAY FOR TOBY! :)

  75. tricia: I made that same vow around episode 4 of this season. Trust me: it pays off in the end. I am now 100% spoiler+preview free.

  76. Hahha there sould be a support group for people who can’t help but watch the spoilers. Like AA but OA

  77. I totally agree with Dorky Dancer in post 110. This is my first post, but I love this site and I love the show.
    I always think the show is so real, but yet very funny. It makes complete sense that things would be a confusing mess right now.
    Plus it made complete sense to me that Michael behaved like a child because he was reverting back to his childhood memories. I thought it was awesome. Kind of a tie in to the Pavlov opening thing. In fact Pam reverts back to trained and past behavior too by leaving with Roy. Maybe that was the theme of the evening. I am sure she will smarten up and figure it out eventually. Plus I thought Roy was sweet tonight. I kind of liked him.

  78. today was the LONGEST DAY of my life! i had to start drinking martinis really early to keep away from the spoilers. “stupid corpotate wet blankets….like alcohol ever hurt anyone!!” am i addicted to the office? nah…

  79. When Roy paid the band to play their song, that was a pretty big gesture for him and at the table, despite the fact that she didn’t want him there, you could see that Pam forgives him for being such a baffoon while they were together. She’s upset and lonely and she’s made a lot of changes this year. But eventually you just get tired and what something warm and comforting. For Pam that’s Roy. While she may have been giving Jim signals at the wedding he wasn’t giving her anything so how could she possibly know how he feels, especially after his comment to her in the break room in front of Kelly and Ryan in the last episode?

  80. Oh wow the heat is on Pam from everyone. I understand everyone is upset at her…”why doesn’t she tell her feelings for Jim?” I think it’s because she doesn’t want to feel rejected. She probaly knows Jim is her knight so to speak and she doesn’t want to ruin it. She needs the right moment to say somthing to him. For one i don’t think when Jim was working at the stamford branch it was good timing to tell him…and when he came back from stamford he was dating karen. She can’t just tell Jim while he’s dating Karen…he looks to happy….KEYWORD LOOKS!!!!

  81. too many spoiler vids for this weeks episode, made it a lot less funny.

    and why would jim think pam likes him, especially after her comment last week about setting her up with one of ryan’s business school friends right in front of him.

  82. Yeah, I really need to have self-control with the spoilers (and this show in general).

  83. “Plus it made complete sense to me that Michael behaved like a child because he was reverting back to his childhood memories. I thought it was awesome. Kind of a tie in to the Pavlov opening thing. In fact Pam reverts back to trained and past behavior too by leaving with Roy.”

    That’s a GREAT catch! I completely am in love with this theory now and will pass it off as my own in the future :-P

    Seriously, I love it. I think you’re onto something there.

  84. What was the name of the song that Roy and Pam (also Dwight and Angela omg does it get any cuter?) danced to? Apparently it was “Their song”

  85. I think they could have added more of the Jim/Pam storyline and not concentrated on Michael so much…I kept forgetting I could not fastforward through his scenes and I really wanted to (Sorry Steve)

  86. One thing I didnt like was the priest saying ‘Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.’
    But now Im thinking Bob asked him to say it as an in-joke between Vance and his friends.

  87. I agree- I think the episodes this season have gone really downhill. I didn’t like Ben Franklin or Phyllis’ wedding. they’re back to making Michael too over the top crazy! I like it better when he’s more real and sympathetic.

    Also, I love Jim, but I’m starting to root for Roy! He’s trying so hard to win her back.

  88. you guys know that the “bob vance, vance refrigeration” came from a friend of greg daniels who introduced himself as “hayes macarthur. chicago, illinois.” that’s on the narrative of the the christmas episode on the DVD from season 2.

  89. -Phyllis’s uncle attempting to cross the street
    -Michael dragging the wheelchair down the aisle
    -Ryan preventing Kelly from catching the bouquet of flowers
    -Toby’s talking head; and his date
    -younger/older Michael yelling “I hate you.”
    -Kevin singing
    -Karen singing, and Jim waving his cellphone in the air
    -Jim seeing Roy and Pam leave

    awesome moments…

  90. Steve Carell’s SAG acceptance speech must have been inspired by Michael’s speech in this episode. I enjoyed that connection.

  91. To be perfectly honest with you tricia, Office Commentaries is enough of a hobby. Thats all I do too.

  92. Well at least Jim somewhat admitted he would jump on the Pam train if she is willing

    …to bad Roy is apparently in there right now though

  93. why would they do that?! pam canNOT be with roy. he’s not as bad as he used to be, but that doesnt mean she can be with him. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  94. Ok quick question: WHO invited Roy?!
    I must speak with this individual and teach them a lesson.

  95. Is it bad that i’m already hoping to see previews of Business School? I don’t think I can fully appreciate the remainder of the hilarity of another episode until the JAM situation is at least somewhat resolved? I am so impatient!

  96. the only reason pam went with roy is to fill a temporary void.she and roy were the only single ones and she was just lonely. What else was she supposed to do in that situation?!

  97. big tuna…

    promise me that if there is an office rehab, a la betty ford, that you’ll notify me. thanks.

  98. I *loved* Michael’s definition of “wedding.” – “The fusing of two metals…” Looks like someone made YET ANOTHER typo!

    (reminds me of “Get out of my offive!”)

  99. theres got to be more darryl, he is one of the funniest characters and has been in maybe 4 episodes

  100. HamburgerHalpurt, I didn’t piece that together ’til you mentioned it, but ITA. There was only one episode between that and The Secret, right? Perhaps we will find Pam declaring her love in Cocktails? (Wishful thinking? Please let this not just be wishful thinking?)

  101. Tricia, I certainly will. In fact, with all of these people saying how addicted they are to the spoilers, I think I might have to start a rehab center of my own. Maybe I’ll call it the Margaret Thatcher Office Rehabilitation Center for Fans.

  102. The (drunken) dancing of Karen at the end, not all that flattering to her.

    Pam was a way cuter drunk in The Dundies.

  103. speaking of season 2 dvd commentaries…did any one else notice how in this episode, the way jim said “it’s VERY cute” that is an allusion back to the alliance episode where jim tells kevin that the bread he’s eating is “VERY good” (saying “VERY” in the same way)

    god, i’m such a loser…

  104. Yeah Karen does not have a good ‘wasted’ personality. I base this 100% on her crazy singing.

  105. I didnt notice that altoid, but I will look out for that when I watch the ep. again. Thank you, iTunes music/tv store

  106. i thought how it was interesting that the documentarians took a more active role in the JAM drama by asking Jim what he would do if he knew Pam was interested in him. they’re certainly not being neutral obersvers. it seems the documentarians are Jammers too. :)

  107. Has no one mentioned Pam’s awful choice in wedding dress?

    It was good for Phyllis, but that dress was NOT Pam at all. I wonder if she just stopped caring by that point, must like in the deleted scene from Conflict Resolution where she wanted the photographer for the office pictures to do the wedding.

  108. Speaking of the documentary guys, I found it very unrealistic that they would let the elderly Uncle Al wander in traffic and just stand there and film it

    Small nitpick I know

  109. I noticed the more active role of the documentary people too. Is that the first time Jim would really know they know the whole scoop about Pam? Interesting.

  110. Well I only saw the last 5 minutes, but it was enough for me to be even MORE frustrated with JAM than I was after seeing the spoilers.

    I just keep telling myself it can only get better from here.

  111. well Jim did admit to Michael why he really left Scranton when he knew the cameras were there during The Convention so, no, that is not the first time Jim would know they are aware of his relationship–or lack there of–with Pam

  112. Good point about the documentarians. When you think back on it, Jim’s talking heads about Pam have always been illusive and he has no way of knowing they caught the kiss and his confession to Karen.

  113. Was the confession to Michael at the convention just caught by the cameras though?

  114. Unless the DM people have viewing parties of their documentary footage when it airs…?

  115. You know, I’ve been wondering about when they’ll actually start watching the documentary, too.

    In the original version, they were watching much earlier on.

    And yes.. Creed rocked!

  116. Sometimes it is hard to know when the characters are totally aware of being filmed. When I really think about it, it would seem like just Michael and Jim in a hotel room would be pretty hard to capture without their knowledge.

  117. As annoyed as i am with the delay with “Jam” as everyone calls it. It’s kind of realistic. I mean, i can understand why pam would go back to roy. Also, hardly anyone would have the guts to admit to someone that has apparently “moved on” that they were in love with them. It’s frustrating, but everyone knows that they still have feelings for each other.
    Maybe everyone (myself included)should stop wishing for it to happen and just enjoy the show. It’s created a great tention these past 3 years. Do we realy want it to end?

  118. That’s it! I can’t take it anymore. No, I’m not talking about seeing Roy and Pam walk out, hand-in-hand. I’m talking about you whiners who are about to jump out of a building. Come on! Have you never gone out with someone for no other reason than to catch the attention of someone else?

    You people are looking at this all wrong. Pam knows EXACTLY what she is doing. She wasn’t being weak, or frustrated, or giving up. “JAM” is a chess match, and it won’t be other until they checkmate each other. This was Pam’s move, albeit a daring one.

    And I, for one, can’t wait to see where it goes next.

  119. For those of you who are totally peeing all over pam’s cornflakes…

    And about how “Jim” said in interviews that this episode was realistic…

    Have you ever been to a wedding – alone? To make matters worse, have everything in that wedding pretty much identical to what you were hoping YOUR OWN would be like.. and then see the man you wish you had with someone else? I have been to weddings in my single days and I was pretty much desperate for any dance partner!!!! I can totally relate to Pam! It’s so realistic – who wants to be getting tipsy at a wedding and having no one to dance with?

    Jim commented about how cute she was when she dances… well yes, perhaps Pam could have asked him to dance at that point. But could she really? The situation with Karen is awkward as it is – could she let it possibly cause a scene at Phyllis’ wedding? Michael did enough!!! ALSO! Jim is in a bad spot. The last time he had a girlfriend and there was a big-to-do with Pam was on the BOOZE CRUISE and he broke it off with her right then and there – and it went nowhere for him. So of course he’s gun shy.

    Sometimes I wish I could write a show – how about you all?

    Jammers I AM with you, but I do feel for Miss Beesly.

  120. Question..
    If this whole Pam, Jim, Karen, Roy mess gets cleaned up by the season finale, and perhaps there is a major Jim and Pam reunion, what do you think next season will be like?
    I just hope they dont make the rest of this season miserable for us to watch (pam and jim i mean)
    They’re dragging it out and its killing me.

  121. Watching the episode the first time I laughed a bunch but when it was over I was left with a really bad taste in my mouth, mainly because I thought Michael was way too over the top. After watching it a second time though, the over the top Michael stuff didn’t bother me that much. There was so much hilarious stuff in this episode: Jim using classical conditioning on Dwight, Kelly’s advice to Pam at the reception, and Dwight throughout the episode. Plus, I noticed a lot of things the second time I didn’t notice the first time, such as uncle Al putting the buttered roll in his pocket, Scrantonicity playing Every Breath You Take as Jim watched Pam & Roy leave the reception (although maybe it would have been more appropriate for them to play that while Toby was watching Pam), and Ryan batting the bouquet away.

  122. I kind of expected the pam/roy thing, but I think what really got to me was that jim said he was happy he was with karen, and how cute he was with his cell phone.

  123. dont worry guys JAM WILL get together eventually. I love what the writers are doing…they’re keeping the characters realistic! I mean have you ever been MORE on the edge of your seat?? It’s smart. I think JAM will go through a few more minor setbacks before they actually get together…it’ll take time. Be patient people!!

  124. This may be crazy but…regarding the documentary feel, aren’t they all miked up? If you recall when Dwight and Michael were at the ER and Michael took off his microphone pack to enter the MRI room, the sound went off and there was silence. Does this mean that the Office mates are miked both in and out of the office? Or is there a boom guy that follows them around?

  125. ok, for anyone who thinks Karen is right for Jim . . . go watch those Jim/Pam moments compilations on YouTube . . . you know what I’m talking about . . . neither of them smiles at anyone else in the whole world the way they smile at each other. Nothing else ever makes their faces light up than the times they’re together. Jim tolerates Karen. She’s a lovely person, but she’s not the warm, funny, fun-loving kind of person he needs.

    This episode completely broke my heart. They had better make it up to me next week or . . . or . . . oh hell, I’ve got nothing. It’s not like I can stop watching.

  126. I almost thought Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) was gonna take Michael out back and beat the, well you know.

    Toby’s date was HOT

    Dwangla, ahhh!

    Jam, sad

    Creed, ha ha ha ha ha

    Ryan’s pass interception, ha ha ha ha ha

    Best cold open so far this season and the episodes do seem shorter for some reason

    Thats all… folks

  127. I also found the JAM action in this one very painful (but still fun to watch), but I think JK deserves a lot of applause for his acting tonight. The looks he gave the camera after his talk with Pam, during hte dance, and when Pam left were priceless and said more than half the dialogue in the show.
    In non-JAM related news, I loved seeing Scrantonicity again (though Phyllis clearly didn’t watch the demo tape to see what she was getting into!), and Michael’s chat with Uncle Al was hilarious. I liked this episode a lot better than last week’s, and i just know that those angsty shared/semi-lustful glances Jim and Pam exchanged will culminate in something awesome by the end of the month. I agree with another poster that something big will go down in “Cocktails;” Pam + liquor = fun

  128. i think ryan batting away the bouquet was one of the most subtle yet funniest things i’ve ever seen!

  129. I response to comment 185, the poster took the words out of my mouth. Despite this evening’s proceedings, I’m not going to be proclaiming the end of Jam. Just wait and see. In the meantime, we have Dwight kicking a demented old relative out the door, Michael jumping up and down to get a glimpse of the wedding and Toby finally looking happy to keep us wanting more.

  130. 187 I also like how you think lol I’d like to think pam has an evil side – but she’s been out of the game so long!!! She was with Roy for wayyy too long. Another reason it is easy for her to fall back to that bum.

  131. I can relate to Pam as far as being mopey and lonely and hooking up with an ex (a sort of security blanket if you will) So i wil be optimistic that RAM has not been permanently reunited, because Pam will eventually come to her senses. right, Pam?

  132. Wow! One of if not the funniest episode yet. I hope people understand how brilliant these writers are. Jim + Pam together = End of show…don’t wish too hard everyone. The supporting cast was so great in this ep. Creed-Hilarious, Kelly-Psycho, Roy-I’m coming around. Funniest moment for me was when Ryan murdered that bouquet.

  133. tricia,

    Thanks for your substantive response # 191 to my post. I will be sure to have well-thought out, respectful things to say about everything you post from now on.

    Really, spot on.

  134. #187 Well said. I tried to say it better myself but alas, I came up short. People need to remember that this is what probably would happen in real life, (minus Dwight)and that just because Pam left with Roy, doesn’t mean they are back together. They just got “out of there.”

  135. Wow Michael was a little nuts tonight!
    The whole wedding crashers thing was pretty hilarious. I loveeeeeeee Dwight. (I do not miss Andy)

    Ohhh Pam. Poor girl spends months planning her wedding and then calls it off and THEN Phyllis steals all her plans! hahah it’s awful!
    And Keith (#187) I’m totally with ya on your take on Jim and Pam.

  136. I know it’s probably naive, but I’m feebly clinging to the hope that Roy just bought Pam a cup of coffee and left her safely on her doorstep. I also don’t think Jim was unaware of Pam’s look when he was dancing with Karen; I think that is part of what shook him up (so obviously) at the end of the episode when she saw him leave holding Roy’s hand.

  137. Maybe THAT’S why Phyllis was trying to get Jim and Pam together- so she could steal all of Pam’s wedding plans!

  138. Also, (sorry, last time) I think they gave us a very sweet Roy, with just a tad of dofus (the flower thing)to show us that although he really wants her back, he’s not the right one for Pam. Make him appealing, but not too much.

  139. the episodes go up on itunes as quickly as noon tomorrow or as late as a day or so later

  140. Yeah…why was Roy even at the wedding? None of the other warehouse guys were there. Why does Roy always get invited to these things…the wedding, Diwali?

    And I thought Michael was waaaaaay over the top tonight. Not within the scope of his character…which is saying something. Even though Michael’s totally disfunctional socially that was way beyond disfunction.

    Otherwise…a ton of funny moments. Loved the cold open. Loved Ryan batting down the bouquet.

  141. I felt like this episode zipped along very quickly. All of the scenes flowed and contributed appropriately.

    When Pam started getting cozy with Roy, I was screaming, “Nooooooooo!” in my head.

  142. I think maybe Pam had JUST enough to drink to want to hold hands with Roy… but NOT enough to want to go home with him. And if Keith is right – then JUST enough to drink to want Jim to see them walk out together… however, if Pam really wanted to make Jim notice – why didn’t they dance inside? Weren’t they dancing outside :-

  143. I’m sure Phyllis was invited to Pam & Roy’s wedding – so I’m sure she felt obligated to invite Roy to hers?

  144. keith (#187)

    i was going to rage about the misleading NBC promo (“is this when Pam decides to fight for what she wants”), but after reading your comment, i think i’ve reconsidered. yea, i think Pam leaving with Roy may just have been her way of fighting, FINALLY. a bold move, indeed. i’m much more hopeful now.

  145. Hey, no one has mentioned Uncle Al ,he was kinda funny.

    C’mon lost in traffic, ha ha ha ha.

  146. ok no 1 is a bigger fan of the office than i am….but really come on people…this episode was pretty bad. as was last weeks. The writing was so scattered and inconsistant. The whole episode was choppy….and honestly aside from the open…. it wasnt funny….things need to change

  147. I’m pretty sure they danced outside because earlier Jim mentioned to Pam that he wanted to see her dorky dance moves and in no way did she defend her dorkiness. Anyway I’m thinking that Roy knew that about her and thats why he led her outside so they could dance and she’d be comfortable. Not to mention it was kind of a sweet moment.

  148. Is anyone else confused about Jim’s whole, “Here’s a hypothetical statement: I’m really glad I’m with Karen” ???
    Or was it here’s a NON-hypothetical?

    I think I’m analyzing this too much….

  149. My fave: Creed stealing the present for his present. I knew it was coming the moment I saw him. Whose card got tossed? Was it the toaster?

  150. No way Deeeeeeeee lol I thought tonight’s episode was a lot better than last week’s. I always send the episode to my husband in Iraq after I get it on iTunes… but I usually tell him everything that happened before the episode gets to him. Last week I didn’t even want to talk about it. This week I will have gossip :)

  151. this is probably my sixth post…
    I enjoy pretty much all office episodes. But I’m wondering if maybe its not really the writing that has changed, maybe its the editing.

  152. 228 – he definitely said NON. I mean, I can’t watch the episode over again *yet* but I’d put money on it.

  153. Ah ok so that totally makes sense if it’s a NON-hypothetical situation.
    Thanks for that.

    Grrrrrrr love triangles
    (or squares maybe?…lets hope not)

  154. He definitely seemed mad when he said it, didn’t he? Poor Jim. Non-hypothetically happy – and yet lying.

  155. I just don’t think you’d invite a friend’s ex-fiancee to your wedding if he wasn’t also a friend…and I can’t remember Phyllis ever saying two words to Roy. The warehouse guys know Bob Vance…but then why wasn’t Daryl or any of the other guys/gal invited?

    I’m just in Pam/Roy denial right now.

  156. I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow. Usually like 5 times til next episode. MUST watch the office when I eat pizza. Required. Anyone else do that?

  157. Yeah, so I’m supposed to be typing up a proposal for my senior thesis, but instead I’m hitting refresh all night on this message board….

    Jim and Pam beat the chemical industry’s effect on the Chinese economy anyday!

  158. Why the heck WAS Roy there? I agree…Staged by the writers to piss us off…

  159. Callan, you’ll be up late tonite, but who cares? It’s The Office we’re talking about here!

  160. [quote] Caroline Williams wrote it, her first ever. It showed.[/quote]

    Don’t blame her for Pam hooking up with Roy. I’m sure that a big decision like this one was made by the team of writers.

    And if you mean that the dialog was poor, I disagree. Michael was more over the top than usual, but that may just be his “normal” behavior taken out of the office context and implanted in the new setting.

    This was a painful but necessary step along their route together. I’m actually glad that the writers at least made this inevitable hookup believable. Pam is sad, and Roy has (seemingly) changed. I really can’t blame her as much as I want to be mad at her.

    Roy getting the band to play the song was very sweet. He played his cards right this time, but we’ve now reached the climax of the Roy makeover that’s been slowly building all season. It’s all gonna get better from here.

  161. Man, you know, people complain about every episode! I mean seriously you have a few who don’t but a lot of people just seem to come on here to do nothing but complain…

  162. I don’t know I didn’t think it was that ODD for Roy to be at the wedding. Maybe Phyllis and Bob invited him to even out the tables- haha.

  163. Ooo and about Roy being there, first Phyllis could have invited him because of the invite to his/Pam’s wedding or just because she invited most of packaging(who dont know everyone who was there, Oscar could have been there, we just didn’t see him) Or maybe Bob Vance is friend with Roy?? It’s like you have to fish for something to complain. Like weird dialogue(didn’t notice that) or bad writing(again didn’t notice that)

  164. Sam- your so right. Roy HAS changed. I’m as big a Jammer as the next guy, but Roy is not the same Roy we knew and loathed last year. It would be hard for anyone to blow him off, especially when he was being so sweet. And whether you all want to admit it or not, he WAS being sweet!!!

  165. Does anyone else glad that wasn’t actually Pam’s wedding? She definitely could pull off a hotter dress. Also, I don’t think peach and teal are the most flattering wedding colors, but that’s just me…

  166. Much better episode tonight than last week’s. The ending stung a little, yes. But, can’t really blame Pam. She was at a wedding with all of HER wedding choices around every corner, including the man she was going to marry. I have hope that something will eventually happen with Jim. Good things come to those who wait.

  167. I meant to write this last week. I just never got around to it. When Karen confronted Pam about Jim, it was painfully ackward to watch at the time. After thinking about it (because I have nothing better to think about, obviously), I think Pam was kind of in shock that something so personal was known by an outside party. Karen mentioned the kiss so casually, like it wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, and to Pam it was a big deal. I very big deal between two people and Karen wasn’t one of them. I’m sure Pam was shocked and hurt that someone else knew what had happened between her and Jim.

  168. Here’s where I could see this all going – Roy makes a big time comeback. He and Pam get verrrry friendly over the next few episodes.

    Near the very end of the season there’s some kind of falling out between Jim and Karen that creates an opening for Pam.

    Season finale – Roy makes a Jim-like pitch to Pam, professing his love for her, etc. and Pam is left to essentially make the same decision a second time…..which of course we’ll have to wait until season 4 to have answered.

  169. What an episode — Opinions on Roy and Pam? Like, where did they go when they left or more importantly what happened once they left. It’s questions like these questions will keep me up at night. I once again feel bad for Jim, though. For the longest time, I thought Jim was the one in the drivers seat of what happens to the Pam/Jim relationship, but I did not know that he didn’t know Pam was into him. Poor Jim.

  170. Interesting-I need more time to digest this episode. It wasn’t really what I thought it would be.

  171. OK so I just watched it again. I’m a huge Jammer and I loved this episode…My heart hurts a little but I loved the eppy. Loved Ryan knocking away the bouquet from Kelly and loved seeing Toby happy for a change. Oh and I thought Michael calling Phyllis’dad a lazy ass was hilarious!

  172. Please, please please give us some super-sized episodes. These seem SO SHORT lately.

  173. Hi! First time poster, long time lurker here.

    I completely agree with posts 112 and 125. After watching I was this close to being in tears over the whole JAM thing, but what Dorky Dancer said in 112 makes everything seem a little clearer and more hopeful to me. I also liked what Gymgirl said in 125 about Michael’s childlike behavior and Pam’s leaving with Roy after Phyllis stole all of her wedding ideas being a tie in with the Pavlov opening thing. That was a great insight, and now I’m curious about whether any of the other cold-opens tie in that way. Of course tonight’s episode didn’t seem to have that nice little tie everything together ending that a lot of the other episodes have, so maybe that’s why it was done this way…. I agree with everything these two said, except of cours in post number 145 where Gym girl told Dorky Dancer to pass away. That was kind of mean. :)

    Overall, Now that I’m feeling a bit better about the future of JAM, I really enjoyed the episode, although Michael’s behavior was just painful to watch. (I did love right after Phyllis’ Dad got up to walk down the aisle when Michael turned to the camera and gave his opinion on the situation. Beep! Lol.) I also enjoyed watching him jump up and down trying to see what was happening, and all of Dwight’s lines were classic. I especially loved the look he gave to the camera right after he kept Michael from crashing the wedding. I agree that even if Roy and Pam do hook up tonight, it will be nothing more than that. I can’t see them getting back together permenently at all, and I have high hopes that they won’t even actually do anything tonight. There were a bunch of great little moments, too. Gotta love that Scrantonicity, and after reading a bunch of fanfics about what a great voice Karen is bound to have as she sings with them, it was kind of a relief to see that she kinda sucked. :) Loved the thing with Creed, and the throw back to the two toasters with Stanley, and everything Angela.

    Did anyone else wonder what to make of Jim’s telling Pam that her dorky dancing was cute? I don’t think Pam really knew what to make of it, anyway… She may have appreciated Jim calling her cute, or she may have felt patronized by it. Either way, I think it would have made her feel more self consious about dancing. Sigh. Next week cannot come quickly enough.

    And where was Oscar, yet again???

  174. Here’s my fantasy for the next episode: When everyone comes to Pam’s art show, everyone notices that her work is undoubtedly inspired by Jim in some way, that her subconscious (and her conscious, too) come through in the art. Jim realizes Pam does love him. The end.

    A girl can dream, right?

  175. well dosnt a spoiler for next weeks episode say that Pam goes home with Roy…. again? :P

  176. Oscar was a wedding guest. Saw him at the buffet.

    Good episode in my opinion but I agree that Michael was over the top.

  177. Right on Callan. I feel like Pam’s artwork will be much more telling than anything she’s actually said in the last couple episodes.

    I also wonder if that internship from Boys and Girls in Season 2 might come back into the picture and figure into the JAM storyline.

  178. Kelly’s bouquet said: Oscar was a wedding guest. Saw him at the buffet.

    Huh. I guess I jut missed him. That’s good, because I like Oscar, and I was worried about him last week. :) (He probably just decided to leave quietly rather than sit through a stripper.)

  179. I would love if the internship came up again. I mean she is going to art school, but it’s probably a class here or two at a community college. With Pam, it’s always baby steps. I would love for her to do something for herself… and trust me, if she really changed her life, Jim would undoubtedly be attracted to that.

    I just really hope Pam’s art is more telling than she is. Maybe she’ll draw a house with a terrace.

  180. Did anyone notice Pam turning around and looking back when Roy led her outside to dance?

    I kind of took that to mean she was hoping Jim was watching. She kind of had a smile on her face, like she was getting away with something. I don’t know.

    If this is going to start Pam playing games with Jim, I hope they cut it out. I don’t want her to be *that* girl.

  181. I agree, Tide. It would like a leap for Pam to go from not standing up for herself to suddenly trying to play mind games with Jim, so I don’t think she’s headed in that direction.
    But hey, weddings can make nomally sane single people turn a little crazy.

  182. The writers are brilliant,but right now I HATE them!I knew something like this would happen,but it was still painful to watch.I hate seeing Roy and Pam together.This is rebound though.She was very upset seeing Jim and Karen dance.I believe it’s the only reason she left w/Roy.The scenes w/Michael were very embarassing to watch.I’m so happy for Toby.I don’t know if I ever saw him smile that much before.Jim and Dwight’s scene was my favorite.

  183. DAMN YOU ROY!! DAMN YOU!! (Shaking fist in air and facing the sky)

    Sorry about that. I agree with the thoughts about next weeks episode. I think there will be one painting that will have something to do with Jim. I also think Pam is gonna play it off as nothing. I think this whole foursome thing is gonna drag on through the rest of the season. We must be patient.

    (An idea for a future episode.)

    I would like to see Jim and Pam (out of fraustration with each others relationships) turn on each other and start an epic prank off! Only to realize at the end of the episode that they are still madly in love with each other.

  184. For all of the two and a half years of psychological profiling and pity for her, isn’t it becoming clear that the answer is that Pam’s just kind of a loser? I know that sounds harsh, but she’s a totally unsympathetic character at this point. Someone way above wrote coward, and that’s about right, too.

  185. we should try to remain calm. maybe it will be a one time thing and a night Pam just regrets.

  186. Does anyone know if there’s anywhere online I can watch this? My DVR screwed up!!! I don’t know if I can wait for itunes to put it up…

  187. No Pablo, you are right. Yes, we all love the characters, but they are all kind of losers, including Pam and Jim. They work at a failing paper supply firm with an obnoxious boss who constantly finds new ways of being politically incorrect. Yet, these people still cling to these jobs out of fear of the unknown. Pam and Jim are both people who stay in unsatisfying relationships, again out of fear of the unknown.

    Yes, they are losers, but they are OUR losers.

  188. This episode was kind of a trainwreck.
    Here’s what i need from this show:

    More Jokes, Less Jam. ™

  189. KittyKat – I completely agree with you. I knew that Pam and Roy were going to happen again…but not quite like that. They went from Pam thinking that Roy was a tool who didn’t care about the wedding to going home together????? What??!?!?!?

    I mean, I understand it though – I’ve been that single girl at a wedding where everyone else has someone…and you are literally willing to be with anyone that even sneezes at you. So, I’m trying to understand the Pam/Roy situation…I guess I’m just hoping that they went to grab a drink or a milkshake somewhere and NOTHING ELSE.

    Other than that whole thing making me want to throw my TV out the front door – I really liked this episode. Classic Jim/Dwight pranks, classic Michael self-centeredness, classic Creed, and class Dwight investigation.

    My only other complaint is that Phyllis copies Pam’s wedding ideas. I really like Phyllis and that made her seem so dorky.

    And, lastly, re: why Roy was at the wedding…I’m betting that all of the people from the warehouse got invited but Roy is the only one who came. He, of course, came to see Pam (like in Diwali). Typically I don’t expect guys to get excited about weddings, period. They don’t know Phyllis (or Bob) as well as the people from the upstairs office…so why would the other warehouse guys go? If this was last year, I’m betting that Roy would not have gone with Pam.

  190. This episode was definitely rushed. If you were watching the show for the first time you would probably have no idea what was going on. The episode seemed like we were missing so much. Michael was very weird. (weirder than usual)I love this show but this episode is probably my least favorite ever.

  191. Sorry if the last post was unduly harsh. I’m still working on my senior thesis proposal, looking up recipes for Valentine’s Day desserts, staying abreast of Anna Nicole Smith news, and obsessively refreshing this page.

    Thank god for tabbed browsing.

  192. Nothing happened in this episode. It had its moments of laughter, but it went by way to fast. Get rid of Scrubs and make this show an hr NBC.

  193. Leaving with someone doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as going home with someone. Let’s not jump to conclusions. And going home with someone doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to sleep together.

  194. I’ve been quietly rooting for Roy all season. He has matured a lot and has been a real gentleman (just look at how he handled the stripper situation last week!) and I think he deserves a second chance from Pam. You can tell he really regrets taking her for granted. Pam needs to forget about Jim, Jim needs to decide one way or the other and not go back. Karen and him are great together. Roy and Pam have SO MUCH history (they’ve been dating since like 9th grade) and would be great together.

    Just felt like I needed to say that.

  195. I liked how when Jim was dancing with Karen and Pam gets up watches her go, but he kind of turns Karen that way so he can. I don’t know why I found that funny, he just kind of turned her so he could see Pam :D

  196. JAM was very dissapointing tonight, so I’m not going to even discuss it…

    …Ryan pushing the bouquet out of Kelly’s reach and Michael outside jumping to try and peek through the windows..HAHAHA

  197. can someone tell me who the old actor is that played the uncle with dementia? His voice was very recognizable and I thnk he is a veteran of many 60s sitcoms….

  198. I agree, Earl is really weak. The Office would be more complete and that much more hilarious with that extra half hour. And I don’t think Earl would be missed too terribly.

  199. Well I figured Scrubs is going away anyway, but Earl can go too. 1hr 30min Office is okay with me :)

    They had the full theme song again

  200. I like Earl. There’s an absurdness to it I can appreciate. I used to like Scrubs, but it has become such a huge exaggeration of itself. It just has to be ridiculous for no apparent reason like plot or character development.

  201. OMG – I never noticed this before (forgive me if someone has already pointed it out).

    On the nbc website, there is a picture of Phyllis and Bob (and Michael) standing at the cake table…and the groom’s cake is a refrigerator. ha, ha, ha!!! :)

  202. I think everyone just needs to give Pam a break. I want her with Jim just as much as the next gal, but this show is so good about writing stories that reflect on what people would do in real life. I mean the girl was at a wedding watching the guy she loves with someone else. I can’t think of anything that would be worst espically around Valentines Day. I mean if I were her I don’t know if I could of even stayed and put myself through that. And let’s face it, Roy has changed alot and he is a goog guy at this point. He obviously loves Pam and is not letting her rejection of him stop him from pursuing her. I think Pam leaving with Roy was out of her lonelines in an extreme situation. It something realistically that a lot of girls would do. I can not count how many times my friends have went back with a guy because they were tired of being lonley. And I appaluad the writers and the show for not throwing Jim and Pam together just because it is what everyone wants to see. As soon as they get together you know they are going to break up anyway. They will eventually get together but for now I am enjoying the drama of the whole Pam, Roy, Jim, Karen thing. I am really excited to see Jam get together but I am almost more excited to see what breaks up Jim and Karen. Anyway it will all happen in time and everyone should give Pam a break. She is not a loser. A loser would of married the Roy who treated her like crap. At least the Roy tonight was a decent guy. So get off Pam’s back. She is just a girl trying to make it in life!

  203. My favorite episode from this season is still Pretzel Day, that was a classic with so many things going on in just twenty minutes of air-time.

    It’s a fine edge that writers and producers dance on when they’re heavily using an unreleased romantic tension couple as a basis although I think that Jim and Pam have been through enough seperation and misunderstandings and they should be together. It’s not like the show is going to become boring at all with so many interesting characters to draw from (that and the fact that seeing Jim broken hearted and Pam confused just takes the “funny” out of it). I enjoyed the scene where they were wearing their somberos and laughing over Andy’s joke just as much as the heavy emmotional love scenes of last year’s finally.

    Creed was classic tonight too, I wish they hadn’t omitted his story about the bird funeral a few weeks ago. That was great and it reminded viewers that Jim and Oscar weren’t around for that event.

    I hope that the writers have some clever and fun ideas for the episodes to come but please, enough with disappointments where Jim and Pam are concerned, either bring them together or get off the subject already. Lets have some laughs.

  204. Sorry I know this is all about The Office but I just have to say that Scubs is still awesome show. The musical episode was the most creative thing I’ve see on TV in a long time. Even if Buffy did it first they did it better. And the episode tonight just got me even more excited about the upcoming episodes. Give it another chance.

  205. Well, I wasn’t happy with this one. I loved the scene with Jim and Pam talking about her dancing, and Dwight and Angela dancing, but other than that, it wasn’t too exciting. I can’t believe Pam left with Roy! Totally lame.

  206. I don’t consider myself a shipper exactly, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Greg Daniels and his cabal of writers have decided that they’re not able to write this show with Jim & Pam in anything but a clichéd kind of relationship — ie, will-they-or-won’t-they — so they’ve sent the storyline in unrealistic directions in order to maintain the status quo. I’ve said it before, but if I wanted to watch characters acting like pod people to further a lame-ass romantic plotline, I’d watch “Gilmore Girls”.

    In other words, I’m losing patience.

  207. Worst part of this episode (aside from anything between Pam and Roy): the Jim Pavlovian experiment.

    Best part of this episode (aside from the Jim and Pam “dorky dancer” conversation and Pam’s furtive glances): Toby’s date catching the bouquet and Toby being all excited. I actually liked Toby this episode!

    “If you lay a hand on Phyllis, *I’ll* kill you.” Go Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration!

  208. “I don’t think Pam feels she has any *right* to say anything to Jim at this point.

    I think that’s why she’s keeping quiet AND helping out Jim/Karen’s relationship, even at her own expense.”

    Dorky Dancer is completely right.

    Remember last week when Karen confronted her and she ended up blurting out “I’m sorry”? She clearly likes and gets along with Karen. She probably feels pretty guilty for wanting Jim and Karen to break up.

  209. Oh boo hoo, this episode sucks because there’s no Jam, and now Roy is back in the picture! Please. Tonight’s episode was GREAT. People seem to forget that Roy’s been a pretty nice guy all season. He’s tried to be more aware of what’s going on in Pam’s life, he got her out of the conference room for a while in “Grief Counseling,” he apparently got her a nice Christmas present based on their little moment in the Christmas episode…he hasn’t done anything that would make me say, “wow, he’s a jerk” like the last two seasons. I’m pretty sure Pam noticed that too. Add to the fact that they were together for years…that’s not something you just get over in a matter of months. So there’s a bit of familiarity and comfort that Roy brings to the table as well. Does that necessarily mean that Roy has really changed and he’s now become the perfect guy for Pam? Of course not…he could easily fall back into being a jerk, and maybe he’s only acting the way he is now because Pam is no longer in his life. But Pam doesn’t know that, and Roy probably doesn’t even know that either. So why wouldn’t Pam consider getting back with Roy? Not to mention that as far as she knows, Jim has moved on and she knows she blew her chance way back on Casino Night. Take off your Jim-colored glasses for a second…remember that Pam doesn’t see everything that we the viewer sees. Pam isn’t being an idiot and she isn’t being stubborn or pathetic…she’s being a human being.

    I thought that Michael tonight was very comparable to the way he acted on the Booze Cruise. At Phyllis’ wedding he tried way too hard to do something good and memorable (not to mention make up for his screw up as a kid at his mom’s wedding)just like he tried too hard to motivate someone on the cruise. In both episodes he got “punished” for his behavior (banned from the reception hall tonight, being put “in irons” on the cruise) and at the end he’s able to accomplish his goal (his speech to Jim on the cruise and finding Uncle Al tonight). Come to think of it, with all the focus on Jim and Pam and the fact this episode marked a turning point in the storyline (Roy setting the date on the cruise, Pam and Roy leaving together tonight), tonight’s episode was pretty much the Season 3 “Booze Cruise.”

    Ryan blocking Kelly from catching the bouquet, Creed “stealing” a present, Angela complimenting and insulting Phyllis at the same time, the open, and just about every single Michael moment were all hilarious. Once again the only complaint I have is that the episode was too short! Tonight was the perfect blend of comedy, romantic and dramatic moments that make the Office the great show that it is. One of the best episodes of the season.

  210. can someone PLEASE tell me where we can watch this online? i don’t like purchasing any movies/tv eps thru itunes…but reassured, i will buy season 3 on dvd when it’s out, just like i did the previous two seasons. please help!!! i have been obsessively refreshing this page for the past 3.5 hrs!!

  211. Although this episode seemed really disoriented and lacked a completeness, I am guessing we will get plenty of deleted scenes over the next week; maybe even up towards 10 like for Benihana Christmas.

  212. For all the hype, the episode was just average. Think more time could have been spent with other story lines. Too much focus on machael

  213. Kelley – I agree with you. I like that the writers aren’t giving us the Jim/Pam reunion we want right *now* just because we want it right *now*. They are taking their time and giving the payoff the patience it deserves.

    From episode 1 of S3, we knew Roy was going to try and win Pam back. He’s been making overtures all season and finally he got his chance. This isn’t a lame plot point to keep them seperated, its a culmination in many many things that have been building ALL season.

    And Jim was isolated with Karen for 7 episodes this season, and about 6 months real time. He likes her, he enjoys her company and he’s chosen to make it work with her.

    Yes, all it would take would be Pam telling him how she feels, but it isn’t that simple. It isn’t that simple in real life so its not going to be that simple on the show.

    They aren’t giving us typical soap opera-ish cliches here to keep them separated. Karen isn’t going to end up pregnant. Pam isn’t going to elope with Roy. The writers are just resolving storylines that they have been writing and building ALL season and I appreciate that they aren’t copping out and making it cheap and wrapped up in a tidy bow.

    Its frustrating, absolutely – but so is real life.

  214. Definitely way too much time on Michael this episode. More Stanley! Even Creed and his present-stealing ways!

    I still don’t get why Roy has to come back into the picture. That whole thing is really lame. That being said, they do look much more comfortable together than Jim and Karen, who looked really weird and stiff while dancing.

  215. Sorry to say it, but Michael’s antics were a bit overboard, bordering on not credible. Kind of got in the way of everything else during the show. I give this ep a 6.5 at best.

  216. Ok – I’m trying really hard to not to revert back to my high school aged emotions and be an angsty teenager….

    but, I just heard a song that I think describes Pam/Jim really well. You can listen to it (if you are interested) at It is called “Movin On” (and is by Elliot Yamin, from last year’s American Idol). It is all about not waiting around for too long after putting your heart on the line….

    I know this post is supposed to be all about the office, but I just heard the song and thought it was perfect for Jam. I’m not saavy enough (nor do I care enough, I guess) to make one of those youtube music videos…so this is the best way for me to tell others.

  217. Who played Toby’s girl? Recognized her from when they won an emmy in the fall.

    pam? Roy? This is bull-(pixeledmouth)!

  218. Kelly- Post 291 was perfectly put. Couldn’t put it any better.

    In a futile attempt to change the discussion somewhat, I found that the wedding portrayed in the ep was somewhat realistic. Whenever I see a wedding in the movies or on TV, I always pay attention to the minor details since for a while I was an amateur wedding videographer. I’ve done so many weddings that I kind of know what to expect at every single one of them by way of detail. And in this ep, they did somewhat of a good job at portraying a realistic wedding. There was only 1.5 details that I thought were off.

    In every wedding I see in the movies or on TV, there’s always a live band. But at every single wedding I’ve been to, it has always been a DJ. I have never once seen a live band perform at a wedding. I’m guessing the reason you never see a DJ at a wedding in the movies or on TV is because of all the music rights that the producers have to get in order for the DJ to play various tunes, and that would cut into the budget. So it’s kind of a “never in real life” thing that bugs me.

    But I will make an exception in this case because it is in fact Scrantonicity live and that Kevin surprisingly enough can carry a tune.

    But the thing of Ryan batting away the bouquet (which is something I have to watch to see it since I missed it first time around) is too much. Guys don’t try to catch the bouquet. Guys try to catch the garder belt that Bob would snap into the crowd of guys. I know that it would be a good joke, but it’s not realistic. That’s just something that shatters the illusion.

    Pam leaving with Roy I’ll buy. Kevin and Scrantonicity I normally wouldn’t, but I’ll let pass. But Ryan being with the girls in trying to catch the bouquet, I’m sorry. That’s just unreal.

  219. “They aren’t giving us typical soap opera-ish cliches here to keep them separated.”

    I believe that this is actually the opposite of the case, and that’s what I object to.

    I also didn’t like the episode because I didn’t find it particularly funny. Michael being an ass isn’t funny just because he’s Michael.

  220. stanley gave a toaster. i don’t remember exactly why, but i do remember he had two toasters and he was upset about it. ha.

    what make the office the best show is that it has jokes that refer to episodes long past. best part of the whole episode.

    kinda mad that pam’s back w/ roy…

  221. What romantic cliches are you seeing, Future Dwight? It could be me just trying to give the writers the benefit of the doubt.

  222. What has been cliqued about keeping Jim/Pam separated?

    Pam leaving with Roy? How so? Its been building all season long that Roy was never out of the picture. He hasn’t been in all the episodes, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been around. He proclaimed he had to get her back, he snuck her out of a grief counseling session (much like Jim would do), he bought her a meaningful Christmas present, they bonded over their aborted honeymoon plans, and now they are together at what is virtually THEIR wedding reception. She’s lonely, he’s being attentive, romantic and sweet and she has a weak moment where she leaves with him. We don’t even know where they went or what transpired.

    I don’t think there is anything that occured tonight that they hasn’t been heading for all season long. Granted, it still hurt to see play out, but in my heart of hearts, I knew something like this was coming.

  223. Wow, I just don’t get all the Pam hate here. Jim told an engaged woman he loved her and she didn’t run off with him? Well whoop-de-do. Pam did the honorable thing at that time – she kept a commitment she had made. It took a lot of courage for her later to call off the wedding with only a few weeks to go.

    Now, a few months later, Jim is with another woman. Pam’s reaction is perfectly natural. Did he really love me? If so, how could he be over me so soon?

    If Pam takes aggressive action against Karen as many have posted, she will never know Jim’s true feelings. That’s why she encourages the Jim/Karen thing, painful as it is to her. She wants it to either blossom or wither and die on its own.

    I have little sympathy for Jim. It is a man’s role to be the aggressor in relationships. Being rejected is part of the territory. Every man has been rejected for a dance, a date, even sometimes a marriage proposal. That’s a man’s life, you suck it up and plan the next move.

    If Jim really felt the magic with Pam the way WE did, he would not have abandonded it so quickly. That kind of love is extremely rare and worth fighting for.

    Pam gave up her wedding for Jim. Jim has sacrificed nothing for Pam. He want’s his Karen and his Pam, too? It’s time for him to grow a pair, not Pam.

  224. Here’s the crux of my problem: People have to behave out of character in order to keep them apart. Karen goes from being self-posessed to clingy in order to keep her with Jim. Pam goes from being spiteful about Roy’s inattentiveness to going home with him with little but an acknowledgement from him that he wasn’t the nicest guy before. The cliché is the storyline; that always has been a cliché, and it didn’t bother me as long as people’s behavior made sense. But it no longer does. I don’t believe it anymore.

    Will-they-or-won’t they has been done a zillion times before. Part of why I liked this one is because I believed that these writers would be capable of sustaining the show once “will-they-or-won’t-they” became “they have and do”. Daniels & co. clearly have less faith in themselves than I do.

  225. “Its been building all season long that Roy was never out of the picture.”

    Oh, I saw it coming a million miles away. That doesn’t make it any less of a stupid and totally contrived plotting move.

  226. Having watched the episode again, this was a very funny episode. I watched with commercials the first time and it just seemed so chopped up and very short. Watching it again without commercials made it much better.

    By far the best thing this episode is when Ryan pushed away the bouquet so Kelly couldn’t catch it. Little details like that make The Office the best comedy on TV.

  227. Dwight was absolutely hilarious tonight, and it is great to see him come so far from where he was a few months ago. Almost makes me not miss Andy.

    Yeah, JAM got taken down a notch but so what, we still got the glimpses and we know they still love each other. Until they finally get together, enjoy the rollercoaster.

    And I remember someone predicting this awhile back: “Phyllis, do you take Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration…”

  228. Steamtown buff: Pam left Roy about 3 weeks after Casino Night. All she had to do was pick up the phone, but instead she let Jim suffer in misery for months. She’s had about 7 or more months now to open her mouth. The writers have had to make Pam virtually retarded in order to keep these two apart.

  229. awww, people are talking so much trash about the pam/roy thing… people, this is reality!! pam is sad… it’s been, what? six months and she’s gone on ONE blind date? she’s at a wedding that is the carbon copy of what hers was supposed to be, she thinks jim is really into karen now, and she’s probably wondering whether this whole ‘fancy new beasley’ wasn’t such a great idea after all. roy has the band play ‘their’ song… she’s in the moment. OF COURSE she went home with him, and OF COURSE they hooked up. you can’t really be mad at her for it.

    wow, i’m talking about all this like it’s real life… i let myself get waaaay too invested in this show, lol… =)

  230. You know, I’ll rarely comment on plot points, but this Pam bashing is getting a little ridiculous.

    I have to agree that I want Pam and Jim to get together, but the writers are not idiots or stupid for playing this out how they are…they are mimicking life! If I were in Pam’s shoes, I’d probably go home with Roy too (and not only because of his great facial hair!)

    I don’t think huge fans of the show should be incredibly disappointed at this “setback,” but rather take it for face value and appreciate what kinds of things this will do for Jim and Pam’s relationship when they finally do get together. Think of how it relates to the other characters. Whatever you do, try not to hate it just because things don’t happen exactly the way you expected them to. :)

  231. I wish JAM would just happen so we could move on to other story lines. It is painful to watch Michael. Not even funny just pathetic. I would like to see more of Ryan & Kelly and Dwight and Angela.

  232. Wow. It makes perfect sense to me. I’m not disappointed in the show. If anything, I’m disappointed in Pam. Jim is disappointed in her. I’m sure the writers are, too.

    Everyone goes through self-doubt and moments of weakness. Pam never went to hold Roy’s hand. He reached out to her. She has never been a strong leader. She’s a character who needs someone to push her in a direction. Pam went with Roy because he pushed her in his direction. She never went up to him. Jim didn’t.

    She hasn’t dated anyone in nine years. She obviously feels she’ll never motivate herself to find someone after Roy and since Jim isn’t going to do anything, she thinks maybe Roy has changed his ways. Maybe he’s a different guy. He’s not, of course. His sensitivity may last a few months, but this is merely temporary and she’ll realize that when Roy starts slipping into his old ways. Jim will also have to grow a pair.

    There were really great moments in tonight’s episode (“Toby!”, Michael most-real moment in the show’s history with “You’re welcome.”) and I want these moments to last for years. If we want this show to last, we’re going to have to expect to be disappointed in our beloved characters.

    Only then can we look forward to them behaving more like how we know they should. :)

  233. Have to say, wonderful episode.

    Also, I feel like Fields of Gold is the ultimate heart-jerker song. First in Studio 60 with Matt and Harriet, now with JAM while Jim’s dancing with Pam. I like when they end episodes with medleys of songs – like Benihana Christmas with the karaoke, they always choose the perfect song to go with the character/situation.

    I think the JAM situation has been handled perfectly the past couple of weeks, it’s been given a chance to breathe rather than being suffocated through weeks of separation and awkwardness.

  234. I didn’t catch it if they did, but that’s really funny if it happened.

    Also, these last two episodes have been really funny, I think two of the top 5 funniest episode so far. Creed putting his card on someone elses present was hilarious.

  235. Really? Because my other problem with this episode is that I didn’t find it particularly funny. And last week’s felt like filler to me.

  236. Okay, I admit that “Phyllis’ Wedding” isn’t my favorite of the season. Great laugh-worthy moments that I’ll enjoy the next fifty times I re-watch the episode, but still not among the best of Season 3. I truly do love every episode of The Office, though. There’s not a single episode that I wouldn’t watch again.

    One thing I found noteworthy: Dwight is finding his secret relationship with Angela tiresome. When he complimented her in the parking lot for being “as pretty as the Queen of England” (which sounds more like an insult from where I’m sitting – eww), she smiled briefly and then told him to leave. His face fell a little as he walked off in the wrong direction. I think we can expect either some pressure for Dwight to reveal the romance or an accidental release of information.

    As far as Pam goes – I’ve been there. Any girl with a serious relationship under her belt has, too. Jim’s hurting, Pam’s hurting, and they’re finding solace in other people.

    What can we expect in the upcoming episodes? Well, I can imagine Pam in a talking head saying that nothing happened that night between her and Roy and that she’s taking everything very slowly. Flash to a talking head of Jim saying something like, “So, I guess Roy and Pam are back together.” Then he’ll add something positive about Karen, that she’s fun, nice, whatever. I’m sure there’ll be an awkward confrontation between Jim and Pam that vaguely references the re-appearance of Roy. I don’t know if Jim will play it off in a “good for you” sort of way, like he did in “Ben Franklin,” or if he’s going to get bitter.

    Pretty good episode. Liked it a lot – will be watching it again.


    What’s the name of the song they played on the JAM preview? I Googled it, Yahooed it, even asked Jeve’s but nothing!

    “I loved you once, I can love you twice
    My heart keeps telling me this is good advice

    We had it all then started to stall
    But we can fall in love again

    Love is a feeling that you can’t explain

    My heart has a mind of its own
    My heart has a mind of its own”

  238. pressure from* Dwight

    I want to add that I think Phyllis should have warned Pam that her wedding to Bob Vance was going to be almost identical to Pam’s plans. Was her copycatness subconscious or what?

    Oh, and great moment:

    Meredith: You’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding.
    Kelly: I know, but it was an emergency.
    [Kelly’s Talking Head]: I look really good in white.

    So Kelly. And she does look good in white.

  239. Creed was absolutely brilliant – short vignette, but he knows how to wring everything out of it, and so unassumingly, too. This is the opposite of scenery chewing, yet he steals the show nonetheless. When effort looks effortless — that’s genius.

    The demented uncle – brilliantly played. He did look familiar..who was he?

    Dwight was in his element – “it gives me no pleasure” to throw Michael out he said with a wicked smile.

    Absolutely sappy: Jim slobbering over the normally comatose Karen as she tries really hard to suck the air out of the room on stage. That smile he gave while waving the cell-phone camera was so affected. I guess that’s good acting too.

    We knew Roy had to rear his ugly head again eventually (he was not in good looks last night) as he’s been waiting in the wings for a while….and he struck at a moment of vulnerability for poor Pam.

    Michael bordered on the psychotic — it got a bit ugly when Bob Vance of Bob Vance Refrigeration threw him out.

    Kevin – looks amazingly cool in a fedora and vest.

    Remember the NBC promo come-on, “Will Pam fight for love?” So much for raising expectations. Exasperating!

  240. Did anyone catch the HORRIBLE voiceover work when Kevin asked Toby where he found his date? In the previews, it was Toby’s typical hard-to-understand mumble. In the episode, it was as bad as a Donald Trump voiceover. It was louder than Toby talks and it was VERY CLEAR. It totally bugged me. I went back to watch it to see if I was wrong.

    I did not love this episode. Pretty much everything with Dwight and Jim and Pam were good. The Michael stuff was just sort of irritating, really. I DID love him hopping up and down outside and trying to regain entry, though… maybe because I hadn’t seen them yet.

    I think I spoiled it by watching all of the preview clips. They have GOT to cut that out! I mean, I like a little preview, but this week was RIDICULOUS. Also, if these deleted scenes that we’re getting from NBC is what’s going to be on the DVD, then what’s the point of buying a DVD you’ve already seen?

    The minister DID ask Phyllis if she took “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration” during the ceremony, and that was funny.

    Neil #325, and Megan #323, you said everything I was thinking.

    I don’t like the new sensitive Roy. He’s mopey and hangdog and there isn’t anything fun about him anymore. Sure, he’s sweet, but I don’t believe it for a minute. I guess we have to wait until he starts taking Pam for granted again. Will he dump her? If Jim sees them together again, he’s going to back WAYYYY off, I think. He’ll just stick with Karen, because I know that he knows he still loves Pam.

    Okay, I have to give this up!! Fin.

  241. Rachel(2) #332

    I hated Jim’s big smile at Karen, too. He’s not all eager and goofy like that. He’s much more dry and refined and sly, so that did not fit his character at all… especially when he was the only one doing it in a room full of his co-workers. UGH.

  242. ahhhhhhhhhh! Stupid roy!
    i mean he was really nice to her at the wedding but c’mon everyone can see her and jim love each other. Now Jim is mad and i dont really feel too bad for him. hate to say it but its true. After he told Pam he loved her, she called of her wedding and it’s cause of him and all he did was hook up with the rebound girl.

  243. I love how Ryan slapped the bouquet out of the air and away from Kelly. At least someone deserving like Toby’s gal got it.

  244. My husband said it best….the JAM storyline is going soap opera (remember this is from a “typical” Office fan) and it is dragging down the rest of the show.

    At this point, I think the Pam character is totally blah, the whole Roy thing was totally contrived, and now we will have to sit through what, like all the episodes until the finale watching Jim and Pam be mad at each other acting like they are in junior high. Blah.

    Either break them up and have them be pals (a la The Return) or get them together. It is sucking the life out of the show.

    Give me Creed, give me Michael/Toby, give me Ryan/kelly, give me Dwight/Jim….anything but “tortured junior high JAM.”

  245. expectations run veryyy high for this show, i do believe. i think we all need to watch it twice because the first time, we realize our expectations aren’t met, and the second time, we’re like ‘oh this was pretty darned funny!’

    michael was pathetic last night, probably because he was out of his element (the office) and very much NOT the star of the show. it’s very true to michael! my sister was like, “I CANT WATCH!” during the walk down the aisle.

    pam did an oh-so-typical thing. i mean, she’s been waiting for jim to come along, and i guess she’s realized it’s not going to just happen. she doesn’t know about those confessions he’s made to karen! roy is there, and he’s comfortable. can’t blame the gal.

    creed, kelly, toby — all great.

  246. 320: How did you manage to watch the episode without commercials? it isn’t on itunes yet, is it? My time zone’s 7 hours ahead, which has proved to be problematic…and extremely annoying

  247. ARRGGGHH… Pam broke my heart, we knew she would go back to Roy one more time before getting with Jim but it still hurt to watch. I’m pretty upset with her right now. Jim is too, as he should be… I mean just when he’s starting to realize that she might have feeligns for him, she gives in and goes back to Roy without even making a play…

  248. I *think* it was 310 who asks “WHY WAS RYAN AT THE TOSSING OF THE BOUQUET” … and I can only say – have you ever really seen Kelly alone? When they are out, Kelly is on TOP of Ryan at ALL times. I think for them – that is normal. I have seen similar couples at weddings.

    And as for a live band – they are usually more expensive – a good reason for most couples to opt for the DJ. In the case of Phyllis and Bob, I’m sure Kevin cut them a break – especially considering the band doesn’t get to play ALL that often and they are friends.

    just my 35 cents.

  249. I am really tired of hearing how great these writers are. They took a great show(season 2) and turned it into a soap opera. This JimPam storyline is so old. End it already!!! It is taking so much away from the rest of the show. Give me back the show I fell in love with.

  250. Not the greatest episode of the season but it did have some solid laughs.

    Dementia AL was fricking hilarious and the Creed switcheroo was brilliant as well; its good to know that the writers can see how little goes a long way with his character as he is the most consistantly funny character.

    And C’mon people give Roy a break. Sure he was an idiot in the first 2 seasons but he had grown complacent and was taking advantage of the woman he loved without truly realizing what he had. Then she was gone and now he is working on himself in hopes of winning her back and he is doing it in grand style, plus they have a lot of history “high school sweethearts” and they probably deserve to be together. Jim has become too self absorbed and now that he is with Karen he isnt alone and desperate for companionship which is why he can repress his feelings for Pam. And JAM works better as friend anyway…

    Michael was way out of his element and it was truly cringworthy as he made a boob out of himself at every turn. I felt embarassed and humiliated for him and it was the first time I didnt laugh at his idiocy.

    Still solid episode but not in the top echelon of the season.

  251. I thought the episode seemed a little cramped, too. The talking heads usually allow for a second or two of an awkward silence, a smile, or some other nonverbal gesture, but all the THs last night seemed sliced to the every last breath of a sentence before cutting to the last shot. I think this episode would have been better (though it was very good to begin with!) if it had been an hour-long.
    I also agree that Jim is probably somewhat disappointed in Pam. I just hope that doesn’t culminate in some overly dramatic “Grey’s Anatomy”-esque scene of him confronting her about it. I know that would never happen, but it popped up in the back of my mind when I saw how Jim watched Pam and roy leave together (did they have to hold hands!? Say it ain’t so!)

  252. I usually find something to love about every episode… But this episode was boring. And Michael just came across as mean to me, unlike usual.

  253. Good, but not great episode. It seemed like a wedding had so much potential. I think it was unfortunate that they spent so much of their precious time on Michael’s antics – funny, yes, but how about more Ryan/Kelly at the wedding…or even Meredith, her whole “thing” is that she drinks, why wasn’t she tearing up that open bar? My favorite part of the episode…Toby’s “Toby, yea!” I about fell out of my chair.

    I read a couple of comments that JAM has become a bit of a “soap opera” and that the writers should end this. I disagree with this for two reason. First, I don’t think JAM has become a “soap opera.” Nobody has amnesia and evil twins are not involved. Probably more to the point, Jim and Pam do not continually break up and get back together – that is soap operatic. Having the central plotline of a show involve unresolved romance does not transform it into a soap opera. This leads to my second point, JAM is the central plotline of the show. It’s the engine that drives the car. The Office needs the sentimentality of JAM in order for it to be engaging, not just funny. The writers of the show know this, which is why they will work to keep JAM unresolved for as long as reasonably possible. It might be possible to build a new “engine” for the show other than JAM; however, I believe it is more likely that the end of JAM would result in the decline and end of the show. I think JAM is going to recede a bit for the foreseeable future, but continue to bubble just under the surface – except for the season ender when we will undoubtedly get jerked around again.

  254. This week there were –
    1. too many preview clips. essentially i saw the show before i saw the show (the best parts anyway). less long preview clips please!

    2. too many moments that felt forced/contrived. I felt like for instance Michael seemed way over the top and not the way he’s been the past several episodes.

    3. it seemed kind of “choppy” – that’s the best way I can describe it. I have to admit I was hoping for more on the Jim/Pam thing, but I didn’t really “believe” she was getting back with Roy. The best scene was the pavlovian thing, but even that seemed a little bit fakish.

    All that said, i do love the show

  255. I guess I fail to see how any of what happened last night was contrived in terms of the dreaded quad. How can something be contrived if the writers were building towards it all season and gave it time and character motivation for it to play out?

    Roy’s been trying to win back Pam for months. He finally got his chance and Pam’s sadness and vulnerability (also building for months) finally let him. That’s not contrived, that’s just one more step along the way of the *storyline*

    And I don’t really know how to respond to the idea that Karen is acting “out of character” – because no one really *knows* Karen or how she acts in relationships when they are failing.

    But I gotta say – a woman that gives up everything and moves to a small, sleepy town for a guy that “may not be into her” – isn’t really above being ‘desperate’ to hold onto said guy.

  256. I love this episode. At this time, i’m totally from Team Karen (or Team Roy maybe). I like the Pam/Jim storyline, as friends they’re extremly cute. But now they’re taking a lot of time from the episodes just to ‘restore’ the friendship. I know there is a lot of “Jam Lovers”, but that is not the escense of the show. By the way, I feel sorry for Michael, he has a lot of childhood traumas and he’s not mean, just stupid.

  257. Toby-Yea! I agree. Also, I think that a lot of people constantly compare Season 3 to Season 2 like Season 2 was some untouchable, perfect thing. They point out that there’s too much Jam and that it’s too soap opera like. Did they not watch the Booze Cruise? Casino Night? The Dundies when Pam drunkenly kissed Jim? Christmas Party when a lot of the action revolved around who had the teapot? Every single episode in that season had some Jim/Pam action, but people weren’t complaining then.

    I think the reason that a lot of people are sensitive to the Jam “soap opera” is because of what happeneded in the last season finale. Before that, their romance was kind of harmless, and there were really no consequences. But, their relationship couldn’t stay on that level after the kiss and the stakes were raised. People say this season is overly Jam-dramatic, but in my opinion, it’s not any more so than last season. Remember, we had quite a few episodes in the first part of this season with practically no Jam at all.

  258. Wow. I did not expect that.

    Pam has been strong all season. She made the decision to leave Roy and we haven’t seen her waver until now.

    I just think she was already so sad and lonely that a wedding (especially one that resembled what she would have had) was the last straw.

    I hope Roy enjoyed his freebie night because I am sure Pam will get her strength back to say no again.

    Favorite joke: wedding = welding

  259. I don’t really remember it specifically being said that Karen moved to Scranton *just for Jim*. Could she not like her job, and moved for the job? I’d bet that her relationship with Jim was a factor, but why is that bad and how does it make her “desperate”?

    If they bring Jim and Pam together, there goes a solid storyline. I’d stand alone if need be, but I am rooting for Roy V2. He woke up and saw the light. Cue up the Barry White….people can change.

  260. OMG. Some of these comments are so pathetic. Who care is Sam and Diane get together or not. This isn’t Friends people.

  261. OMG. Some of these comments are so pathetic. Who cares if Sam and Diane get together or not. This isn’t Friends people.

  262. I never said it made her desperate. But how does it put her above becoming desperate in order to hold onto Jim when its obvious his heart is elsewhere?

    We don’t know anything about Karen. All these adjectives thrown around about her being confident and ballsy and kick ass…I guess I’ve just never seen them so out on display, that her being clingy was suddenly ‘out of character’ for her.

  263. So, I liked last night’s episode. Dwight taking Uncle Al out and then realize his mistake…”Webster’s dictionary describes ‘wedding’ as…that was funny.

    Ofcourse, just like everyone else, I didn’t really like to see Pam leave with Roy BUT I LOVED the look on her face when Jim said her dancing was very cute and when she was watching Jim dance with Karen and he saw Pam – there was a moment there.

    Anyways, I know that Jim and Pam will end up together. I was annoyed with Karen and Jim’s relationship until I remembered the UK version and Tim & Rachael. So, I will wait, cringe, be frustrated because Jim and Pam can’t ever seem to spit out their true feelings for each other…I am willing to go the distance because I know they will eventually end up together. I decided to let this Karen thing ride out.

  264. So, apparently Pam isn’t the only one fooled by Roy’s “transformation.” It seems as though he’s got many other viewers fooled as well. Please, people. He doesn’t like strippers, either. Right.

    That being said, did anyone else want to slap Jim until your hand went numb for his “hypothetical” statements?

    JAMARENOY: causing frustration since “Gay Witch Hunt.”

  265. i dont really know about this episode, i mean, it was funny…but i guess i had already seen more than half of it through previews before it aired, right?

  266. Karen was the one that made it sound like she moved for Jim more than her job. When she was questioning Jim about his past with Pam, she said “I moved…” which completely sounded like “I moved for you don’t you dare tell me you still like Pam”

  267. Pam and Roy will be short lived… I predict meltdown by next week. It won’t take long for Roy’s true colors to show.

    Hello??? People??? The writers are frustrating us on purpose… Can you say Booze Cruise?

  268. Totally agree-we need more supporting cast involvment
    in the story. They did win for best Cast Ensemble!
    These characters are great and really need to
    be more incorporated into story lines that make it
    into the show; not deleted scenes!

  269. I agree with comments 112 and 188.

    The Michael stuff was hard to watch, but isn’t it supposed to be? Isn’t it supposed to make us cringe? I love it when we get those little insights into Michael’s past. Did anyone else think he looked like Pee Wee Herman in his mom and Jeff’s wedding video?

    Also, someone asked about Stanley and the toaster: he was annoyed because he had given Pam and Roy a toaster for their wedding. They gave back all the gifts when the wedding was called off. He tried to return the toaster to the store, but they wouldn’t take it back because they no longer sold that kind of toaster. So now his house has two toasters. It was one of his talking heads. I thought it was pretty funny. Classic Stanley! Now I’m just wondering if he bought a new toaster for Phyllis and Bob (because that’s just his standard wedding gift), or if he gave them the one he bought for Pam and Roy?

  270. Hi Office fans. This is a first for me. I’ve never written any comments on any sort of website. In fact, I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the internet, period. But I heard Jenna Fischer mention Officetally during a commentary on some early episode and now I’m hooked. Why do I feel compelled to write something now? Because I think there is something wrong with me! Why am I so obsessed with this show? Do other television shows have this sort of following or is this unique to The Office? Anyway, I’m glad to know that there are others “out there” who seem as obsessed as me. Safety in numbers, I guess.

  271. Wow – I agree with so many things that have been said already. I won’t watch previews anymore because it spoils the actual show. I would have loved to have seen the Pavlov bit fresh, but – that was my choice to watch the spoiler.

    The Michael moment’s were sooo uncomfortable and really beyond where he’s been lately. It reminded me of season 1 or the BBC version. But – I guess he was reliving one of his severe childhood memories which may explain his regression.

    JAM = Lost. Enough already! Let’s settle it and move on to something else (like Dwight/Angela, Kelly/Ryan or Jan/Michael). I don’t want to start to dislike these characters because it drags on too long.

    Kelly was annoying tonight, sheesh! But LOL at Ryan!!! Go Toby! Go Scrantonicity!

    Favorite Moments:
    Uncle Al
    Dwangela Dancing

    Painful Moments:
    Michael/Phyllis dressing room
    Michael’s Speech
    Michael pulling the wheelchair up the aisle
    Jim looking upset when Roy/Pam leave

  272. Am I the only person who thinks Dwight is completely over the top? He’s so unrealistic that I can’t possibly find him funny. He’s also too “evil”. Quirky is hilarious, but evil isn’t. Are we really supposed to buy the fact that his family holds weddings in their graves? Even so, his delivery is too uptight and mean. He should soften up, just as Michael should take a chill pill. The funny characters are the ones who don’t try so hard – Jim, Pam, Phyllis, Stanley, Toby — they’re dead on.

  273. Pam and Jim give the show marketabilty to bring in people who wouldn’t usually watch… But then those same people get frustrated by the whole “will they or won’t they”… I don’t have a problem with this as long as the overall quality of the show doesn’t decline… Which I know some people feel like is already has but I disagree. It takes a lot of talent from both writers and actors to keep a show funny for an extended period of time, and every show is going to have good and bad episodes. Obviously every episode is not going to be everyone’s favorite.

    I still disagree with those who say that season 2 was superior to 3. I think that they have done a really good job keeping the show fresh this year.

    I think that we have had a JAM overload this month because of sweeps- and things will settle down again in March…

  274. I loved it when Ryan knocked the bouquet out of the way so Kelly wouldn’t be able to catch it. That was an awesome move!

  275. The thing that surprises me most is the amount of people who seem surprised that the writers are milking the Jim/Pam romance still hasn’t been reconciled. I mean, really, how could that surprise you? Do you watch TV? Put yourself in the writers’ shoes: you need people to watch your show. The biggest draw you have is the now standard sappy, unrequited romance bit that nearly every sitcom has pulled ever since Ross and Rachel. If you get the two together, you lose a major part of why people watch the show, so naturally you lengthen it out. I had hoped the writers of The Office would be more creative and gutsy than this and defy convention, but apparently they’re the same corporate sell outs as the rest of industry. Here’s my prediction: each remaining episode in season 3 will have a small JAM teaser in it; nothing big, but enough to make us say, “wow, I think they’re going to get together!” and come back. Then, at the season finale, something big will happen that will change everything and end, conveniently, in a cliff-hanger, thus fostering discussion about the show for the next 4 months. It will most likely involve Pam showing her true feelings to Jim. Then, in season 4, the cycle will start all over, complete with idiot fans like us complaining about how JAM hasn’t happened yet.
    How can you be surprised about this?

  276. 367 I would guess he gave them the same toaster because he did mention that he couldn’t take the one he got for Pam and Roy back.
    Good ol’ Stanley

  277. I wonder what happen to Andy?

    Also Phyllis said shes getting 6 week vacation, what does a Bob Vance honeymoon consist of?

  278. Hey, I have a few questions. One, is there anywhere on the internet I can see the episode, I missed it last night and nbc isnt showing it on the website, and the other question, what does the term “jam” mean in the context of the show. Thanks

  279. John, I agree with you. Lots of people do. Be aware that you’re about to be flooded with comments like, “If you don’t like it, tune out – we don’t miss you,” and “Season 3 is the best; if you don’t like it you’re stupid because you don’t want to see the character evolve,” and lots else. The show’s dropped A LOT in quality, and I think a lot of people who have noticed are mad about it. That said, you get shouted down here and reminded this is a forum available only to people who think each episode is better than the one preceding it.


  281. The wedding/welding joke reminded me of a similar joke from “The Simpsons”:

    HOMER: What is a wedding? The dictionary defines it as “the process of removing weeds from one’s garden.”

  282. James,

    You can purchase it on itunes for $1.99. JAM refers to the relationship of Jim and PAM, welcome to world of ‘The Office’

  283. ElaineChick,

    You are entitled to your opinion, and even though I don’t agree with you, I think that it’s great that you speak your mind on this forum. It would be really boring if we all just said the same thing all the time.

    Having said that, I’ll reiterate what I said last week… I fail to see the tons of people who think that the show’s quality has gone down. You seem to be in the minority. Does that make me a robot who is being manipulated by the network? I don’t think so. I think that it just makes me a person who likes different things about this show than you do. Does that mean that we can’t be friends? haha

  284. I agree with post 340 (Rita); stop dragging down the show with Jim and Pam. It’s hurting the comedy a lot, and in an episode that’s already a little flat and off because of some other factor (too much over-the-top Michael), it really shows and the show really drags.

    (To the earlier poster who asked with “jam” meant, it just means the Jim and Pam relationship – like TomKat for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Some people like the shorthand, some people hate it, but that’s what it means. Your call on whether to use it yourself.)

  285. I agree with post 340 (Rita); stop dragging down the show with Jim and Pam. It’s hurting the comedy a lot, and in an episode that’s already a little flat and off because of some other factor (too much over-the-top Michael), it really shows and the show really drags. Break them up and have them be friends or get them together and have them be a couple, but stop wasting valuable screen time on the beginning-to-be-too-contrived soap opera already!

    (To the earlier poster who asked with “jam” meant, it just means the Jim and Pam relationship – like TomKat for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Some people like the shorthand, some people hate it, but that’s what it means. Your call on whether to use it yourself.)

  286. I agree with what Kismet said in post 373. More so than dramas, it’s very difficult for comedies to consistently sustain a high level of quality from season to season. What seems funny on paper does not always translate well on screen. I didn’t like this episode as much as I would like, but I think this is more due to the fact that they had to cut out a lot of material in order to fit the running time, thereby sacrificing a bit of the coherence and flow of the episode. However, I personally have thought that season 3 has been excellent thus far, and have enjoyed watching it very much. Sure, a few of the episodes have not been as good as the others, but that’s true for all other shows too, and I think “The Office” has done an extremely commendable job this season in maintaining the high standards that the previous season has set.

  287. John (379), Michael has always been very mean to Phyllis. Remember the oven mitt in Season 2 Christmas?

    It is in character for him to be jealous of her happiness and act like a total idiot at the wedding, especially since his own love life is a disaster.

    That being said the “passing wind” segment was below the usual standards for this show. That’s digging pretty low for “humor”.

    I thought Michael dragging the wheel chair down the isle and trying to horn in with the groomsmen was hilarious.

  288. I received the email from iTunes. I usually don’t get the email until the evening, so I am very happy. Unfortunately, work gets in the way of enjoying this rare occasion.


    Oh, I hope they don’t bring that character back. He was great and had the perfect run: he sucked up, weaseled in, was exposed, and then expelled. Nice clean break.

    Loved the actor, but shoe-horning Andy back in would just be going backwards for the series, IMO.

    Like others have said, let’s see more development of the original characters: Meredith (but not just more boozing), Toby, Dwangela… Let’s see Ryan get a little nicer (what’s happened to him lately?).

  290. they could TOTALLY get Jim and Pam together and their chemistry would still be worth watching. Can’t we just see them as a happy couple, living their lives? Grey’s Anatomy is doing that with Mer/Der — they didn’t draw out the will they / won’t they. They’re together now, and there’s still tension and conflict AND a fun relationship, but they’re GROWING as people and learning how to be in a relationship. That could work just fine for JAM and can still be funny and interesting. But drawing it out over the long run is just going to make us lose respect for all involved (the characters, AND the writers.)

  291. KARIM, yes it is officially announced here folks! Lets bury PAM and get on with our lives;


    There has been too much emotional strain between Jim and Pam, in our lives we would have moved on, and Karen is hot, am I right. Sign up now for the movement now sweeping the office, Declare it loud and Proud


  292. John, I think they made Ed Helms (Andy) a permanent cast member. There’s a post about it on this website.

  293. I still enjoy the show and I don’t know if anyone has read a previous post of mine, but I wonder if maybe its not the writing that has changed so much, maybe its the editing. They’ve always said they purposely film more footage than needed. Perhaps they’re picking the wrong clips to air in the episodes sometime?

  294. Unfortunately I think this was one of the worst episodes, on par with “Diwali”. But it still is 20 golden minutes that passes way too quick.

  295. Why has no one commented on Kelly’s PREGNANT line? No one else found that interesting?

  296. I’m torn. After last night, do I really need Pam to end up with Jim for me to be happy? I might be ok if she ends up with Roy (as long as Roy continues to appreciate her)…

  297. Adriana, thanks for the heads-up. Well, the writers have their work cut out for them.

    Ya’ know, thinking more about it, if they insist on bringing Andy back, I think I’d like to see him and Meredith briefly hook up. :)

  298. I’m going to jump on board and say that I agree with some of the comments and the questioning of Season 3. Don’t get me wrong – I definitely LOVE the Office and I think it is a far cry better than any other sitcom on TV…but I do feel like Season 3 is different. Not bad…just different than Season 2.

    I remember that somewhere in the commentary on the Season 2 DVDs they were talking about how Season 2 was supposed to show a sort of happy-go-lucky Michael, and thus, a happy-go-lucky Office. So, I’m choosing to think that this season we are supposed to see a sort-of “searching” Michael (maybe there is a better word to describe it) and thus we are seeing similar things from the rest of the office.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I do trust the writers and do expect that this will all lead somewhere. But, regardless of the Jam thing, I do sometimes feel like the characters are starting to be more extreme. I completely do not buy the whole line about Dwight’s family having their weddings in graves. I would, however, have believed if he had said something about his family’s weird wedding night traditions (or something else weird that implies semi-ownership of the wife). (not that I think Angela would ever let that happen, but you know what I mean….)

  299. I thought I’d never say this, but I’m getting bored. I am so fed up with the love triangle or should I say square between Jim, Karen, Roy, and Pam. I’m over it…Pam and Jim aren’t the loveable characters they once were.

    Good thigs about last nights episode:
    The band
    Toby got a kiss
    And Ryan knocking the boquet out of Kelly’s hands (although this is just some of the same ol’ interaction we’ve been seeing between those two for 2 seasons as well.)

    The opening scene was pretty funny actually so I’ll add that to my list too. Other then that I thought Michael was way over the top and I’m also tired of the same lets pretend that no one realizes we’re dating routine between Dwight and Angela. Ugh, It’s just the same episode over and over just with a different location.

  300. again, i thought it was an amazing episode.
    so many gutwrenching moments between jim and pam and roy and karen (and michael on his own) i wanted to either laugh out loud or cry like a baby.

    the narrative is keeping on as i thought, pam is still feeling a little bit for jim but is settling for roy, partly because it’s easy to go back to someone you’ve already been with, and partly because he’s appearing to change for the better

    office FOR LIFE.

  301. anyone catch the part where michael talks about his knowledge for fine food and drink, sniffs the wine, and says its a “white?” classic michael scott

  302. Rachel M – I completely agree with you.

    I’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning, and I’ve had enough of this will they won’t they. Either put JAM together or keep them apart. its dragging on so long, that its almost unrealistic. Even Jenna has said in interviews that the difference between Pam and Jenna is that she would already be with Jim.

    that said – the show is still funny =)

  303. I will admit I am one of those people pulling for Jim and Pam- it’s probably 50 percent of the reason I watch the show. While often compared to Ross and Rachael and Sam and Diane, I think Jim and Pam (acted perfectly by John and Jenna) have exceptional chemistry because it feels so genuine and familiar. When I watch an episode like last night’s, at first I feel let down. But the next day, when I re-watch it, sometimes with comments like the posts here in my mind, I usually get a lot more out it. Jim and Pam are the heart of the show and, sappy as that sounds, it’s depressing that they are estranged right now. But there is so much more to the show and other moments can shine even if the JAM storyline is frustrating.
    I believe The Office is still very worth watching.

  304. TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh man, that made my day

    wow that Creed… just wrong, BUT GENIUS i admit.

    and ryan swatting the flowers… just great.

    and karen just looked like the cutest girl ever


    come on NBC, take out one of ur sh*tty shows, so the office can have more space! damn it

  305. I agree with most of the comments about Jam…getting so old.

    My favorite part of last night’s episode..”TOBY! YEAH!”

  306. Season 1- Only six episodes, pretty much a cut and paste of the British version.

    Season 2- Meet the characters, develop relationships.

    Season 3- Meet a few new characters, watch the characters that we already know proceed with their lives.

    See!!! They are all different!

    I love this show because it is a window into a flawed world. Every single character is messed up in some way. They make really bad choices.

    Michael has always been an ass (Diversity Day), Dwight has always been weird (Health Care), Jim and Pam can’t communicate to save their lives (Hot Girl).

    People, no one has changed. We just know these characters now… And it’s hard for them to surprise us. This is probably why the British version was only two seasons long. Just enjoy the ride, I am!

  307. I like closer to fine’s comment in 407. He or she is really thinking the show through. Each episode people wait in suspense for JAM to get together, but the show is more than that. Each episode is part of a season, a larger story arc, like a novel. The plot has twists and turns– wait for it. The characters are developing into deeper personalities with more complexities. Just enjoy it. Also, Dwight’s graves line wasn’t believable. The writers obviously don’t know anything about the Amish. They should research it because it could provide a wealth of nuances to incorporate into Dwight’s character. Also, if Dwight’s family is Amish, then he could’ve talked about how his family refuses to wear wedding rings and so forth.

  308. I know “Office” cast members have mentioned OT on DVD commentaries and MySpace; I wonder if they ever read our critques of episodes? If so, do you think the Powers that Be might pick up on all this anti-soap-operatizing-JAM talk going on this week?
    I personally don’t have a problem with the added drama of waiting for JAM to materialize, but then I was a huge Niles/Daphne fan for “Frasier” (we waited nearly 8 years for that one!) and Ross/Rachel on “Friends.” I think “Office” is a bit new at bringing the love story to the forefront of the episodes, since in the past it has been a backstory or peripheral plotline, so I’m willing to give them a bit more time to strike a balance between angsty will-they-or-won’t-they and the subtle romance of previous seasons. That being said, don’t give up on the writers or the show yet! I think they’ve got ideas up their sleeves.

  309. can someone please explain why Phyllis would copy every detail of Pam’s wedding. Isn’t that something you would do if you didn’t like someone. I though Pam & Phyllis were good friends… I’m confused

  310. I didn’t like this episode as much as the others this season. I thought the writing was a little flat, no idea who Caroline Williams is, so don’t know if that’s the problem. Anyone know her work? I love these characters, but they weren’t given much in this story.

  311. HANG ON!! rewatched episode.. did anyone else spot RYAN next to kelly TRYING to tip it her way? or was it tip it farther away from her? all i know is, he was definitely smiling..

  312. ok, self-correction.. ryan’s behind kelly, and she almost catches it, except he knocks it away from her and then has this fake disappointed look on his face. hehe..

  313. I disagree that season 3 is about giving the characters more complexity and depth. I think, if anything, they’re removed a lot of the subtle complexities the characters had that made them so endearing. It used to be you couldn’t sum them up in one word so easily. It seems like they are less complex than they were and that season 3’s real difference is that it is plot-driven. I don’t care about the plot, I care about the characters, which is why I enjoyed the freedom season 2 had to put the characters in an otherwise boring story and let their personalities provide the humor and interest. Now, it’s like they put them in big situations and there isn’t enough room for complexity. That’s what I don’t like about the direction season 3 has taken.

  314. This episode seemed so edited; they crammed several quality scenes together and then cut accordingly. It appeared to me that the JAM scenes were shoved in the end…

    This episode should have been supersized or had a director’s cut online.

  315. Wow, LyndaDay, That was really well put. You put something into words that I didn’t even realize I was thinking! I can totally see your point. And I really like season 3, so that’s saying a lot!

    I think that thusfar season 3 has been all about changes… relationships, the merger, etc… Maybe now that we’ve lost many of the extra characters we can see those subtleties that you mention.

    I do trust the writers and I think that when this season is over everything will fall into place, and we will all say, “OH! So THAT’s what they were getting at!”

  316. Thanks, Kismet. I hope I can trust the writers, too. I trust them enough not to completely stop watching; I love these character too much not to watch. I just hope the writers really do have something up their sleeves with this. My fear is that NBC looked at it and said, “Hey, a lot of mainstream America won’t get this; make it less subtle and make more happen. And, let’s milk that relationship for all it’s worth.” That’s what scares me; I trust the writers, but I don’t trust that they’re fully in control of the direction of the show.

  317. Sometimes I wish that this show wasn’t on network tv. So much ratings pressure. Look at “My Name is Earl”, that show has become so ridiculous that I wouldn’t even watch it anymore if it wasn’n on right before The Office…

  318. Pam continues to lose points with me. As far as I’m concerned, unless something really special happens, JAM is dead. Let’s get back to the comedy.

    And no, she doesn’t deserve Jim. Tough luck, Pammy. Go Karen!

  319. I think this season they are trying to alternate the episodes that move the story forward (Booze Cruise, The Merger, etc) with the more ridiculous/funny episodes (like The Injury, The Return). It looks like Phyllis’ Wedding was moving the story forward with the characters, like between Jim, Karen, Pam, and Roy, and next week Business School will be more of the ridiculous/funny situations. Which I appreciate, it’s nice to mix it up a bit.

  320. I just have to say that there’s no way in hell that I could go through and read all of these comments. It’s barely been 14 hours… and almost 500 comments already? What could you people possibly be talking about?

    All I have to say is that I personally loved this episode. While they are dragging out JAM, it’s still close to real-life, and you can’t deny that stuff like that happens EVERY DAY. It’s not always cut and dry, and there are so many relationships that fail because of communication problems – Jim and Pam show this clearly.

    However, this episode didn’t let me down with comedy. It still has it’s cringe-worthy moments that make it what it’s become. The writers DO have a plan, and eventually (I think someone said this in an earlier comment) we’ll go “ah… now, I see” when it’s all said and done.

    I just thought this episode wrapped everything up in a neat little package. It’s disappointing that they put so many previews out – it seemed as though you only got maybe 5 new scenes. But everything still flowed, the lines were perfect, and it contained everything that you could ask for out of a 30 minute episode… that being: the element of surprise, a tear-jerking moment, cringe-worthy moments, saddening moments, anger, realization moments, character developments, storyline development and last but not least comedy. What more can you really ask for?…

  321. I’m confused on what people actually wanted Pam to DO at the wedding. She told Karen last week that she didn’t have feelings for Jim. She and Karen are friends. Jim is seemingly *happy* with this woman.

    Was Pam supposed to bare her soul in the middle of a wedding reception and stab Karen in the back and put Jim in an impossible situation of possibly ditching his date/girlfriend at a wedding where she didn’t have any friends OR ride?

    I’m just not sure what people wanted her to do that would deem her good enough for Jim, because from where I sit, Pam sees that he’s happy and doesn’t want to mess that up. Pam is not selfish or self absorbed. She’s not going to put her feelings or desires above Jim’s happiness. She blew her chance with him (she thinks). She’s not going to ruin this for him after breaking his heart in the first place.

  322. Does this mean no Phyllis for 6 weeks or will they fastforward (like they did after “The Return”)? I can see pros and cons for both directions…

  323. Thank you Dorky Dancer!!! I agree.

    While I think that Pam does need to put herself out there and let Jim know how she feels, I agree that the opportunity certainly didn’t present itself at the wedding.

    As far as I am concerned, Jim is the one in the wrong for this round. He is sending a insane amount of mixed signals to Pam… Flirting one minute, Slow dancing with Karen the next. He obviously knew Pam was upset yet he made no effort to make sure she was okay… then got pissed when he saw her leave with Roy.

    Roy was sweet to her and she really needed that last night. I don’t blame her one bit for (temporarily) seeking comfort with him.

    Having said that… I suspect that Pam will be regretting her actions very soon!

  324. LyndaDay – “My fear is that NBC looked at it and said, “Hey, a lot of mainstream America won’t get this; make it less subtle and make more happen. And, let’s milk that relationship for all it’s worth.”

    I don’t get this thought. First of all, let’s stop hopping on the “dumbing down for mainstream America” bandwagon. The show got picked up for the first and second seasons, after all. I don’t think NBC has as much control as you think.

    Secondly, who are you people and how fast do your relationships move? I’ve lived in my own “will they/won’t they” situation for 11 years!! 11 years after I met a guy was when we finally kissed. And we had mutual feelings for each other the ENTIRE time! People in and out of relationships, and still liking someone else consistently through those other relationships, HAPPENS!!!

    Jim and Pam isn’t any more like a soap opera than real life is like a soap opera! This relationship is more true to my life that the whole Grey’s Anatomy stuff. Maybe that’s sad on my part, but it’s still true to life, people!

    Dragging it out is realistic. Period.

  325. Agreed Big Turkey – I think its just the mentality of wanting what we want when we want it.

    Look at the S2 and how many back and forth moments Jim/Pam had. Hell, they didn’t even SPEAK on Valentine’s Day and it crushed me. But it was all HEADED somewhere.

    I’m willing to be patient and wait for the payoff. Its frustrating, absolutely. But its going to be worth it. I just hope I can somehow manage to stay spoiler free for it, because watching Casino Night unfold without any warning was just…wow

  326. Big Turkey – 11 years to kiss a guy?!
    no offense, but I’m glad we aren’t watching a show about you.

  327. seriously… it’s ridiculous … but, you know, life gets in the way. people move away and never really move on. Then they move back and are dating other people, but it’s all still there.

    Relationships are complicated, and are rarely as cut and dry as most would like. My point is just that it happens. JAM is not a soap opera at all. While it’s more dramatized in ways, the writers are still writing reality.

  328. Regarding the “Dumbing down of America”… I think reality TV does this better than any other type of programming.

    In NBC’s defense, I think that they have actually recognized that comedy needed a new formula. None of their current “Comedy Night done right” programming is the typical laugh-track sitcoms that I personally can’t stand.

    While I am sure that all network television is subject to a certain amount of selling out, I don’t necessarily think that this is the explanation for the differences in this season… I really believe it is just a progression of the story. Of course it’s not going to be believeable… What documentary film crew would hang aroung a Paper Company for 3+ years?

  329. I second whoeveer said they wouldn’t want to watch a TV show about a relatioship that took 11 years to develop. I’ve never experienced something like the Jim/Pam relationship is playing out. I’ve seen friends be in those relationships, but they were always really immature people or high school relationships. I can’t imagine not acting on a relationship you feel strongly about at least eventually. I certainly think it’s dirty to stay in a relationship with one person and pine for another. Just my two cents, though.

  330. I never said America or Americans were dumb. I said TV executives expect them to be, and they often try to “give the people” what the executives perceive them as wanting. I think, given a lot of TV plot lines from history, TV execs think people want a long drawn out will they-won’t they romance and broad humor (scatalogical humor, people hurting themselves jokes, or silly things). I think TV executives often think they’re smarter and superior to their audiences and think, “If I get this, Joe Football won’t, so let’s make it stupid.” I think it’s an elitist attitude, and I just want to go on record as saying I’m not espousing that attitude. I’m just saying it exists very strongly in Hollywood. (I have a good friend who works for CAA and deals with these people all the time.)

  331. I wish they had made this into a special 1 hour episode … does anyone here even watch Earl or Scrubs or 30 Rock ? lol

  332. Kismet – have you ever seen the movie HOOP DREAMS. a documentary crew followed two kids from grade school all the way to college.

  333. Elainechick, it may be dirty, but life is dirty and confusing. I’m sure it’d be nice to be mature and communicative with people, but things can be paralyzing when you’re unsure.

    It took Jim a long time b/c Pam was engaged. It took Pam a long time b/c Pam was engaged. Now, post engagement, Pam’s trying to decipher and so is Jim. If this were real life, I’d tell Pam that she should be single for a while since she just got of a long relationship, so her not immediately getting together with Jim is very realistic as she sorts out her feelings.

    You don’t leave a guy you’ve been with for 10 years w/o spending time digesting what it all meant. And you don’t get rejected (twice) like Jim did and get over. Nor do you allow yourself to hope (despite the break-up) that the person who rejected you has changed your mind.

    Most people don’t like to set themselves up for failure, and that’s probably what Jim thinks he’d be doing if he allowed himself to hope that Pam feels differently. She acts differently than she did in season two, granted. Why doesn’t he see it? Well, he thought all through Season 2 that the way she was acting meant more.

    But it didn’t. So, now we’re dealing with rejected Jim, who is a little bit different than the Jim we used to know.

  334. There have been several comments about Dwight’s talking head being ridiculous writing — but it may have been an improvisation by Rainn from something more tame and less amusing. ‘Till death do us part.

  335. Perhaps the best Office moment ever: Toby. Yeah!

    Clear redemption for the man with the “sad eyes.”

    Pam needs to know how much she hurts Jim.

    And Roy needs to stop being someone he is not.

  336. Did ANYONE read my comment? I said EXACTLY what Big Turkey said… that relationships like the one Pam and Jim are… kinda… in, are NOT cut and dry at all! They take years to develop, and the way the story is going is exactly how it should be – it’s close to real life, AND it’s satisfying viewers.

    Besides, the show isn’t ALL about Jim and Pam, it’s about the entirety of The Office… Jim and Pam are just one more complication that keeps it going, and keeps us watching. While everyone “thinks” they want Jim and Pam together, in reality once it happens, you’re probably gonna regret the “edge-of-your-seat” anticipation that we endure every week while eagerly awaiting Thursdays. Personally – I love it! :)

  337. I think it’s kind of bizarre the number of people who are so pissed at Pam about this. I don’t blame her. She’s spent the day at a wedding which reminded her constantly of her own wedding, and her ex-fiance, who throughout the entire season has been kinder and more in tune with her than Jim, did something incredibly nice for her. He obviously wants her back, and I don’t blame her for responding postively, which I think she would have done no matter what, but it doesn’t hurt that she’s so confused by Jim.

    I agree with Dorky Dancer, I don’t see what she could have done in this situation which would have been in line with her character. Plus I really don’t see Pam as a negative character in this situation. I think that judging by Jim’s return Pam would have put herself out there if he hadn’t come back with a girlfriend. Seriously, who out there is going to respond to that with “Oh, but I want you?”, especially Pam.

    I don’t think Pam not trying to break up Jim and Karen’s relationship is any worse than Jim not breaking up Pam and Roy until he’s about to leave. That’s not exactly brave either. If Jim says no (because for all Pam knows he really is over her) then Pam doesn’t get to run off to Stamford, instead she has to work with Karen and Jim still. If anything, I think she’s doing a pretty good job.

    Pam is the one who made in effort at getting Jim to act like a friend again, and I think she’s been pretty good at sending signals to him without compromising her work relationship with Karen. Plus, it’s not really dragged out that long. It happened last may, and it’s only been six months since the seaon started, and Jim wasn’t even in the first few episodes.

    If people can’t handle this “dragging out” than I don’t know how they watch any other shows (seriously). First two seasons: Pam engaged to long term boyfriend. First few weeks of season three: Pam and Jim in two different states. The past few months: Jim’s got a new girlfriend. I really don’t think it’s melodramatic or unrealistic. What I would find unrealistic would be some sudden declaration from Pam–which would be much braver and bolder than she usually is, as well as pretty unrealistic because when is this taking place? At work with Karen? It would be stupid. I think planting the seeds of doubt in Karen’s head is a very realistic way to go about this.

    I don’t think that Pam and Roy necessarily did anything, I could see having coffee or maybe him even kissing her but Pam breaking it off. I mean, she didn’t just break up with Roy because of Jim. But she was vulnerable, and Roy has treated her consistently better this season than Jim has. I don’t blame her. The same way I don’t blame Jim for being with Karen.

  338. I meant you’re gonna regret “not having” the edge-of-your-seat anticipation… sorry!

  339. I think that Jim is trying really hard to convince himself that Karen is the “right girl”, much in the same way Pam did with Roy. Jim is not exactly the most emotionally mature guy.

    JAMMERS will stick their fingers in their ears and scream, “NO!!!” but I could concievably see these two never getting together… And if they did it right I would probably be okay with it.

  340. yes meredith! I agree with everything you said.

    Surely we’re not the only two, right?

  341. No, Big Turkey, we can’t be the only ones… I think once it happens, everyone will start to realize that we had a point after all… and Jill put it quite nicely also. It’s not like there HASN’T been any melodramatic changes… Jim declared his love in the 2nd season, moved, got a girlfriend, came back… there’s tons of change, but it’s not the change everyone ‘thinks’ they want.

  342. I also agree with both of you Big Turkey and Meredith!!!

    I do think it’s kind of crappy the way that NBC gets people’s hopes up with the promos… They create more angst than anything that actually happens on the show! haha

  343. Yes, Kismet.

    “Will Pam fight for love?”

    What a bunch of crap! If that wasn’t leading us on, what is?!?!

  344. Alright, Meredith, we got Kismet, Jill, and Dorky Dancer!

    So there has to be more! :-)

  345. great ep!

    I dont care about JAM, Paren really took a stab last episode, but those crazy kids will come around!

  346. Andy is gone…what gives? It would be cool if Michael had him sent to an anger management course after his wall punching incident. What do you all think happened to him? Or is he just going to show up as if he never left?

  347. “I don’t see what she could have done in this situation which would have been in line with her character.”

    Well, when in doubt, do nothing, I say. So she could have started by NOT leaving the wedding with Roy. That would have been in line with her character, especially the “new” character she’s supposedly developed. There’s a line between anxious anticipation and dragged-out-for-the-sake-of-ratings, and this show is at that line, if it hasn’t already crossed it. It’s clearly not satisfying to all viewers, or there wouldn’t be any discussion of it here. I know that it is entirely possible that people dance around their almost-relationships for years and years. But I don’t want to see those relationships play out on TV, either.

  348. Hey there! Another great episode, but I was hoping someone could help me. I absolutely love the one song in this episode, but I don’t know the name of it, and can only remember the one lyric “and I, I am meant for you”. It was Pam and Roy’s song. What is it?!

    Thank you = )

  349. Andy’s in anger management. It was covered in a deleted scene. He’ll be back in May, and he’s be signed as a full-time cast member.

  350. Wow…I have not seen that deleted scene. But it just made sense that he would be there.

  351. The song is Jewel, not sure of the exact title… The chorus is:

    Dreams last for so long,
    Even after they’re gone,
    and I know that you love me and soon you will see,
    You were meant for me, and I was meant for you…

    Or something like that!

  352. Just my $0.02, I really liked this ep, despite the seemingly dire straits Jim and Pam’s potential for getting together are running in to. But I actually found Roy kind of endearing tonight. Uncle Al was hilarious though, as was Toby’s little moment of self-satisfaction at the wedding.

  353. “Jim and Pam getting together will ruin it…”
    “It’s building anticipation…”
    blah, blah, blah…

    I’m just plain bored. Let’s see Jim and Karen (or Pam and Roy) have some great moments together without the unspoken JAM thing always getting in the way. Enough already with the longing glances!
    !?%# or get off the pot!

  354. Callan, with comment #354 – wow, I couldn’t have said it any better.

    You are completely right.

    I’m a JAM fan and all, but I don’t think the “dragging out” of the JAM storyline is hurting the comedy in this season one iota.

    If I compare season 2 to season 3 from a pure comedic perspective, I’d have to say (IMO) that season 3 has been consistently smarter and funnier. I think people are just taking it personally when every other episode this season seems to be a step back in the JAM story, whereas every single episode last season was a step *forward*.

    By the way, what I don’t understand are the people who complain about the previews ruining the episodes…if you don’t want anything to be spoiled, then don’t watch the previews!

  355. the lyrics to the police song, sung by Karen, seems to sum up the JAM thing:

    “Though I’ve tried before to tell her
    Of the feelings I have for her in my heart
    Everytime that I come near her
    I just lose my nerve
    As I’ve done from the start

    Every little thing she does is magic
    Everything she do just turns me on
    Even though my life before was tragic
    Now I know my love for her goes on”

  356. Meredith: with regards to “will Pam fight for love?”

    Apparently, no she won’t. She will instead backslide to an idiot who paid a band twenty bucks to play a lame song for her.

  357. For me, it doesn’t make much sense that Pam and Roy’s song would be “You were meant for me” by Jewel. The whole song is about the two people breaking up and one of them wanting to get back together. Yes, it does say “You were meant for me and I was meant for you”, but throughout the song Jewel practically says she wished she would die because the pain is so severe. Maybe its just me, but it seemed a bit odd.

  358. I think Jim’s response to Pam leaving with Roy was simply his effort to overcompensate and escape his angst. Clearly there was some mixed feelings (and forced smiles) in his interaction with Karen towards the end of the episode.

  359. I really can’t help but feel bad for Pam after what happened last night-she is just so depressed and just needed to be comforted, and Roy knew that.

    In response to Cousin Mose’s (478) comment, I really can’t blame Pam for falling back on Roy. Ever since they called off the wedding, Roy has been there for her even though she broke his heart. The fact that he genuinely cares about her makes it ok in my mind (and I am a big JAMMER).

    Here’s to Roy for not giving up on his love.

  360. goldberry, 479, i think it makes perfect sense for that song to be Pam and Roy’s song-it’s the story of their relationshiP!

  361. The people who obsessively focus on the importance of the Jim/Pam relationship are the reason why Jim and Pam won’t get together for several episodes or seasons.

  362. RAM was bound to happen. I have given up on JAM. It’s not worth worrying about JAM and only JAM from week to week. I think we should all try to ignore them from week to week and move on, focus on the other aspects of the show.

    Only then, will the lovely JAM plot develop!

  363. um.. Pam and Jim are clearly not over. And I agree, people should stop obsessing over “JAM.”

  364. I missed this episode and I can’t seem to pull up the full on-line episodes on Is there any other place where I can watch the full episode on-line?

    Also, I agree with E and Adrianna. Focusing on Jam from a week-to-week scale only provokes the writers to simply torment the viewer further. The show depends on this. In a way, it’s kind of like we- the audience- are like Little Bo Peep. The only thing to do is leave it alone, and Jam’s happy ending will come home, wagging its tail behind it, if that doesn’t sound too cheesy.

    Which it does.

  365. Wow. Pam leaves with Roy and everyone goes around dissing her. Hasn’t anyone ever told you what they say about “assume”?

    where is your loyalty?

  366. electric city man, #482…. it is NOW… but when it became their song I’m sure it wasn’t the case.

  367. Yeah, this episode was way high on drama. I thought the RAM dancing in the hallway was very sweet, though. I think people should really stop dissing Roy, because it seems he’s willing to change for the better to win Pam back. He’s like a new man.

    It kills me that the JAM thing is up front and obvious, though. It really is tormenting (which is the point, but we as loving viewers can only take so much pain). I loved the music spotting where Scrantonicity played “Every Breath You Take” as Jim watched Roy and Pam leave together – that song also sums up Jim’s feelings for Pam (okay, pretty much any song about unrequited love can. But I love The Police. So there. And yes I know it is actually about a stalker.)

    But really, the best part? TOBY SCORES!

  368. help guys, during the preview of phyllis’s wedding they played another song when Jim was asking Pam to dance to increase the drama.

    It’s sung by a woman and goes “I loved you once, I can/can’t love you twice”. Anyone knows?

  369. Michael was hilarious – how about that Jam look they gave each other when Jim was dancing with Karen and then it skips to Michael jumping up and down at the window – hilarious! But yeh he was REALLY annoying as usual…
    I was disappointed the writers did wot we all expected them to do and get Pam and Roy back together – i was hoping for a surprise – something different to keep Jam apart… GRRR! My high hopes have been crushed – Im now not expecting anything major to happen between them for a long time. Talk about depressing.

  370. I loved the Pavlo opening, Ryan knocking the flowers out of Kellys hand, Dwight, Creed…mostly all of the episode.
    Michael was way over the top, but I realized why he was dragging the wheel chair. Phylis’s dad put the break on to stand up, so one wheel was locked!
    I to am a huge Jammer, but couldn’t help but really like Karen this episode. I like a women that is outgoing and gets on stage to have a little fun!
    NBC needs to just make the show an hour long already. Can’t wait till Thursday!

  371. Although Michael WAS pretty annoying in this episode, you can’t really blame him. The wedding was bringing back bad childhood memories. And he did ‘find’ Uncle Al in the end, which has to make up for some of it (but not the fart joke…unforgivable)
    The first few times I watched this i got really mad at Roy… there’s no way he’s changed for real…it’s all an act for Pam. But at least he managed to cheer her up when she was all depressed about Jim. Of course i want Jim and Pam to get together, but I’d rather Pam be resigned to Roy for a few episodes than continuing to watch Jim/Pam stare at each other longingly…I have high hopes for Cocktails.

    Agree 100% that the show should be an hour long

  372. i’m just happy michael is back to his crazy self because the past few episodes have been really dark for him, and i started missing his… boldness. is bold the right word? :D

  373. I have a question, I have not seen the Ben Franklin Episode yet because I was away on business, and then Watching Phyllis’ Wedding I didn’t see Andy. Did something happen to Andy?

  374. Yeah, Jim and Pam played a prank on Andy and he got pissed and punched a wall. After that in the deleted scenes on NBC it shows him going away to “management training, well actually Anger Management training” Hope I helped!

  375. How much do you want to bet next week’s episode will feature Jim getting to work in the morning just in time to see Roy dropping off Pam in his pickup, implying they spent the WHOLE weekend together!

    Then later Jim will spot Roy in the warehouse getting high-fives from his co-wrkrs after having told them about his weekend gymnastics…

    And Kevin smirking at Pam every chance he gets…

  376. Am I the only one who thinks Karen (at least, the original Karen) is WAY cooler than Pam? If I had to choose one to be friends with, I’d definitely pick Karen. Pam is this wimpy, boring character with bad hair. Karen at first was the independent one but they are making her a little clingey now… probably to make Pam look less bad. Obviously Jim is going to eventually get with Pam but I wish he would wise up to how great Karen is!

  377. Liked this episode. I wouldn’t say it was one of the best episodes this season, but it was comfortably in the middle.

    Some Thoughts and Observations:

    -Loved Scrantonicity. Kevin’s singing in the background had me cracking up.

    -Toby with a hot date. Nice!

    -I think Stanley’s wife was played by someone else in the dundees episode.

    -Loved Angela’s retro outfit.

    -I’m no Jammer like I’ve said before but I have at this point become frustrated with Pam and Jim not being together. It is just really frustrating to watch. Especially watching Jim, since as a guy I can identify with more than Pam per se. I just feel like he is totally screwing up. He’s totally using Karen to get over Pam and it is failing miserably. His emotions while Karen were singing were so faked and forced.

    -The scene where Pam was staring sadly at Jim and Karen dancing was basically a metaphor for the status of JAM. This was the type of scene this show excels at. Drama shows should be ashamed of a comedy show outdoing them in the drama department. Great scene. I felt so bad for Pam.

    -I absolutely hated Mike in this episode. He was obnoxious. I know Mike is supposed to be like that, but I prefer goofy, and unintentionally funny Mike to just plain obnoxious Mike. But I guess it wouldn’t be Michael Scott if he didn’t act like he acted during the wedding.

    -No Jan. I kinda though Jan would be there for some reason. It would have been interesting to see her interacting with Mike around everyone else now that they are sort of an item.

  378. What yall also need to remember is that this is a WEDDING. So there will also be alcohol involved…and no doubt this led to even more obnoxious behavior from Michael. Who doesn’t revert to their old ways when they’ve had a bit too much? So we probably saw Michael even worse than he usually is at the office.

    The whole first part during the actual ceremony we’ll just chalk up to his screwed-up childhood episode.

  379. If the new and improved Roy (BLECH!) was smart and wanted to continue to score points (SPIT, SPEW, YUCK), he would have continued his sensitive and thoughtful charade and kindly and gently put her in her car and recommended she go and do something she really enjoys that he used to think was stupid.

    UGH! It hurt just thinking about this scenario.

  380. This episode made me very angry. I laughed at Michael’s rude, obnoxious behavior… thanking God that I dont know anyone like that in real life. The Jim and Pam moments were touching but frustrating. And I know it’s cliche but I really don’t want Roy to be back in the picture. I don’t think he’s a ‘changed man’. I think he just wants Pam back because he’s lonely and knows she’s the best he’ll ever get.

  381. I don’t know if anyone has said this, but it just so happens that STING has a song entitled “You were meant for me,” even though the one that Roy paid Kevin to play was sung by Jewel.

  382. okay, i know this off the subject of this episode but:

    i remember watching a clip of Dwight talking about his father and how he would “take them down to the ol’ swimming hole” they would have so much fun. then they would go back to the farm and work… it was something like that.

    anyway, does anyone know where this is from? is a deleted scene? i’ve searched and searched to no avail… help it’s driving me crazy, im starting to think i dreamed it.. haha

  383. MaggieJoy, I think it’s from the bloopers on the season 2 DVD, Dwight says something like “we would splash away til 10am and then work the beet fields til well after midnight”

  384. k so what was the song that roy and pam danced to? that was “their” song. it sounds so familiar and omg, i love it. thanks.

  385. My favorite part? The altoids.

    I really think that they should carry out Pam and Roy a couple episodes longer, and then there should be a really cute JAM scene that brings our hopes up again.

  386. What was the name of the song that Karen was singing on stage? I’m completely blanking on the name of it. And just to confirm, Pam and Roys song is You Were Meant for Me by Jewel right?

  387. Okay, I know I’m stupid. Its Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police. I knew it was by the Police, so ya gotta give me credit there. LOL! Hey, I’m blonde, what do you expect?

  388. Question: Did I nudge my coffee table when the Dwight bobblehead promo popped up causing my own figure to nod alongside his video companion?

    Answer: You bet your Schrute Farm I did.

  389. That was a really good episode. I expected a little more Pam – Jim – Karen conflict. Pam has really got to sack it up and make a move. There is nothing more that Jim can do. On the other hand, I wish that Karen was more likable. Or at least more likable than she is fine. Roy is dork, but Pam is really too emotionally lazy to get what she wants. Therefore she has to settle taking the easy way out, even though you know she isn’t going to be satisfied with that in the morning.

    I think we can all assume that it will continue like this for some episodes to come. Jim will be jealous that Pam went home with Roy, and he’ll compensate with some office PDA with Karen. Pam will cut it off with Roy, Jim will see a glimmer of hope, back off of Karen, but then there will have to be another blockade. He’ll compensate…so on and so on… until Pam sacks it up and kisses him, and of course he’ll still want to be with her then.

    The bit with Ryan batting the bouquet from Kelly’s hands was brilliant! Michael was really embarassing. He was embarassing to the point that I couldn’t even watch it anymore. Really cringeworthy.

    I hope that Dwight/Angela get outted to the office soon, and that we see the Jim/Karen relationship get escalated before he dumps her for Pam.

    Servus aus München!

  390. I was surprised to see the Hotel desk clerk from the Convention was invited to the wedding. She is sitting behind Jim during Michael’s “Easy Rider” speech…

  391. I watched this ep again a few times. Each time I fast forwarded the parts with Mike. They make you cringe that much.

  392. I was so sad to see PB&J Missed another opportunity to connect.They were so close. Pam left with Roy but that doesn’t mean they are back together right? I mean seriously I don’t know if I can take much more of this!

  393. Thank you all for your compliments on my song “The Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” that was used as the promo song for Phyllis’ wedding. I am flattered that so many of “The Office” fans searched to find my song!! I have made it available as a free download at

  394. I dont know why people are complaining about Michael in this episode, I think he was great as usual. I mean what did you expect? If he is in the wedding, hes going to mess something up and he did. I like when hes sitting outside with the old guy those scenes were funny. Also, I like when Ryan hits the bouquet so Toby’s gf gets it instead of Kelly. “Yeah Toby” …great episode (my opinion)

  395. omg! i love this episode! might be my fav of the season! michael was soooooooo funny! i loved the part where he drags the wheelchair down the aisle!!! hahahaha

  396. Did anyone else feel extremely uncomfortable during 90 percent of this episode?? And I think my heart really broke right along with Pam’s when I watched Jim and Karen dance. I mean the eye contact….c’mon!

  397. I think that the deleted scenes (from the DVD) are some of the funniest ones in Office history.

  398. the best part of this episode, its phyllis throwing the bouquet, and Ryan simply hit the bouquet and toby’s girlfriend takes it instead of kelly

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