1. @george

    It’s 5 seconds of footage of awful quality.
    You can’t even make the smallest judgment based on what you saw.

  2. #2 & #3 George: Your sarcasm is appreciated.

    And…just seeing the link saying “Dinner Party” clip put the world back on its axis. My routine is slowly returning: days of preview links and reckless speculation building up to a new show on Thursday nights…yeah, this feels right.

  3. I’m super juiced off of this new episode. I’m here in San Francisco and was considering flying out to the east coast on the morning of April 10th just so I could watch the new episode as soon as humanly possible. Would that be doing too much?

  4. Even if it is only 5 seconds, new Office footage makes my day. 2 more weeks and they cannot go fast enough. I think it’s time to start a DVD marathon. Who am I kidding, I watch them all the time anyway, just not in order.

  5. I had my work schedule arranged so I can watch, but I think flying might be a bit much :)

  6. #8 – Hey, if you can get cheap…. less expensive tickets, I’ll even go with you! I’m up here in Oregon. Does that make me obsessed? Maybe.

  7. This isn’t really a clip, it looks like something that won’t even be in the episode.

  8. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can …
    Oh, who am I kidding? I’m all excitement and impatience. I need to see “Dinner Party” NOW.
    It’s going to be a looong two weeks.

  9. this is awesome! i totally flipped out when i saw this !!

    i love that both michael and jan are hugging jim at once. hah!!

  10. #5, I thought that was funny too! As Pam just gets left out to stand awkwardly to the side. *Reading too much into it* I wonder if that means something….

  11. Oh thank you so much to whoever recorded and posted this! I saw it last night and initially thought it had something to do with JK showing up at the Leno show, until I realized it was a real clip — and immediately wished I could see it again! Sad that I’m so excited to see even a three second glimpse of a new episode!

  12. Jim goes in for a handshake and then Michael and Jan give him a hug at the same time. Hilarious.

  13. I can’t believe I just watched a 3 second clip 7 times in a row. Obviously, The Office can’t return soon enough.

  14. Something seemed weird to me in this clip and I just figured out what it is – Pam is wearing a dark colored coat! I’m so used to seeing her in that pink coat or that white sleeping-bag-looking one! I can’t wait for this ep!

  15. Thank you so much for posting this clip, Tanster! I’ll take whatever new footage I can get. So excited to see them all back! That was awesome, and of course requires multiple viewings.

  16. the security on this episode has been so tight and the hype so intense that it’s killing me not to have spoilers!

  17. I like that Pam is looking hotter now. Not that she wasn’t hot before but now she’s really showing it!

  18. #32- I agree! I NEED spoilers! Gosh, I REALLY want to know more about his eppy!

  19. ‘snip snap snip snap’


    Had me laughing my butt off.

    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  20. Ok, I lasted approximately 3.5 seconds before I gave in and watched this clip.


  21. Did anyone else watch for the hiding of Angela’s belly? Like when she is sitting on the couch with her purse in front of her. :)

  22. The clip was just replayed (during Local Ad).
    I cannot wait for next week!

  23. HAHAHA! God I’ve missed Dwight…I was laughing my ass off when he ran off camera!

  24. Poor Dwight! I feel so badly for him. “Snip Snap! Snip Snap! Snip Snap!” made me laugh so much. Ahhh one week!!!!

  25. Awesomeness! I’m so stoked for next week . . .

    I was hoping for another glimpse of ‘mystery woman’, but she’s not in those clips. I’m still stoked, it looks great!

  26. i am wayyyy too excited. i know that most of us are. how are we going to get through the next 7 days sanely?

  27. “awesome” indeed. Awesome indeed.

    I’m not sure if that was in reference to the conversation they were watching or to Andy’s sweater ’round the shoulder look.

  28. KH,
    Actually it is possible to have more than 1 vasectomy. Sometimes the first one won’t take! (My cousin was the result of a faulty one…) Anywhoozle, my problem with this is that Michael always talked about how much he wanted kids! If he wants kids so bad then why would he get THREE vasectomies?! Other than that, this episode looks completely fantastic!!! 6 DAYS!!! WOOOHOOO!

  29. Hee hee, i have to admit, Dwight kinda annoys me. But that clip of him in the talking head is possibly the funniest thing the office has ever done!!

  30. My favorite clip? One they aired a little later with clips from other shows in it too–Michael screaming the line ‘That’s what she said’ in what looks like a total breakdown.

  31. I used to work at NBC, and back then, all the prime time shows went out on a closed circuit feed to all affiliates in the afternoon. You could essentially see that night’s line up in the middle of the day on your office TV before anyone else. I wonder if they still do this, and if they do – how do hundreds of employees who love The Office (and there has to be many) keep quiet about it between the feed time and the east coast broadcast? I don’t remember signing any confidentiality agreements about not spoiling the outcome of Seinfeld. Sometimes I wish I was back there, despite Zucker and Silverman’s reign.

  32. I guess I care about a fictional character too deeply (a testimony to Carell’s superb talent), because when I heard him talk about his three vasectomies in this promo, I didn’t laugh, I felt really bad for him. What is Jan doing to him? This is a man who wants the picket fence, and the kids and the ketchup fights. We’re back to last year when he was crying in the food court with the girls. He’s got to get out of that relationship, and from the sound of some spoilers, that may hopefully be the case.

  33. This clip almost started a fight at my house – my boyfriend was talking to me when it came on and I held up my hand to stop him – “They’re showing an Office preview!” Apparently he thinks I’m supposed to love him more than The Office. Silly man.

  34. How about this? Michael has told Jan he has had a vasectomy and by talking about having had three, he is revealing that he hasn’t had one!

  35. I took the “three vasectomies” comment (with snip-snap hand motion) to mean that he’d had three vasectomies that had then been reversed. Of course, in the real world I don’t think any doctor would do that, but it just seems like a perfect example of Jan’s control over Michael, which is subject to her crazy mood swings. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
    My favorite part of this little clip though was the reaction shot of Jim, Pam, Angela, and Andy in that scene. So awkward!
    A week is too long to wait!

  36. #61 I feel you. My husband is under the same notion. All I ask for is 30 minutes (22 if I’m watching the DVD) of uninterrupted time and to be able to see the commercial. You’d think I was asking for the moon by his reaction.

  37. #62 mbl may have a point there. Knowing how clueless Michael could be sometimes he might have gotten vasectomy confused with some other medical procedure.

  38. I don’t think its any of those things. I really think that its probably linked with the game they were playing or whatever. Even though Jan HAS been, well, NOT herself, I think that’d be a very low blow (thats what she said) and they wouldn’t have her do that! Lets hope not, anyways. That’d be worse than having her video tape them having sex and showing it to her therapist. Making Michael get a vasectomy is the lowest it can get. I’m sure its probably somethng with the ‘Celebrity Game’ They’re playing!

  39. Michael’s been known to do cartwheels with the english language in the past, is anyone really sure he knows exactly what a vasectomy is?

  40. #28 – Good call. I hope we have seen the last of the “sleeping bag coat” (or as I thought of it, the “Michelin man coat”).

    I’m so excited! I’m going to see Leatherheads tonight, and then just 6 more days!

  41. “Do I care that I wasn’t invited to Michael’s dinner party??”

    LOL … Dwight cracks me up here! Gosh how I’ve missed him (well all of them) … and yes … of course he cares!

  42. hahahahah “it’s so big the word big isn’t big enough. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!” greatness.

  43. In the clip of Jim and Pam coming through the door and Jim receiving the double-hug, the coat Pam is wearing almost looks like it could be one of Jim’s. It’s pretty big and not at all feminine, which the pink and big white ones both are. Just speculating.

  44. I have seen these clips so many times and they seem to all have dwight in them and he looks like he’s gunna barf at the end. Drives me crazy. wonder if he actually does?

  45. For like ever, I thought Pam was wearing Jim’s sweatshirt. Until this clip where i just found out it’s Michael’s! That makes me sad :(

  46. poor dwight!
    but we all know he’ll crash the party. :) or try to sneak in…or watch from a window, or something.

  47. I am super proud of myself, as I did not watch the clip, and have no huge desire to. Only one more day!

  48. Poor Dwight. That was a great clip though. I can’t believe Jim fell for that.


    I really just want to watch this episode completely fresh. It’s been too long, and I want to laugh hard tomorrow night. :)

  50. I almost can’t believe that it is actually going to happen! I am so excited!

  51. So I do this thing where I pretty much just press play on any video that tanster posts on the site, because I know it’s all gonna be good.

    But if I had noticed that it was the ENTIRE cold open… I probably would have been able to wait one day.

    All that aside: that was awesomely conniving, even for Michael.

  52. i feel like i have committed a sin by watching the cold open. ugh i wish i hadnt!! oh well, i am super excited though!!!

    and how did jim fall for that?

  53. The lengths Michael Scott will go through for friends!!! Kinda sad, but, so funny.

  54. I have no self discipline. I press every play button I see on this site… and I am so excited! One more day!

  55. OMG. I have zero self-discipline. I watched it without hesitation. And I gotta say, I am loving JKras’s new look. Very season 1-ish, if you ask me.

  56. I’m refusing to watch this, but that’s really cool they released this. I’m waiting for tomorrow for my Office fix all at once. ;)

  57. I have NO self control in MORE ways than one! (twss? lol) Why must I watch every clip out there! I mean, I AM more excited than ever! Its not like the whole episode is ruined for me, but STILL! I wish I could be like some of my friends who want it to be an absolute surprise! I hate them. Lol. Anyways, this. looks. fantastical!

  58. I feel like I could have written comment #115
    I’m so weak.

    I would just like to add:
    Thank you, TV gods for giving us back the reason that Thursday exists.

    and Tanster, you rock. Please don’t moderate my comment whilst driving ;)

  59. thank you thank you…I needed that…it’s been too long…(that’s what she said) Tomorrow can’t come fast enough…I need my Jim fix……..he’s as hot as ever…………

  60. That was pure genius. I don’t even have a word to describe how amazing that 1:45 was. Just…. mmm…

    Counting the seconds until tomorrow @ 9:00/8:00c

    Living in Chicago never seemed better. Thank God for central time!

  61. Can’t… hold… back… must… wait!… Can’t… resist… Aaagh!

    These spoilers are like a Krispy Kreme donut while you’re on a diet. You know you shouldn’t but it’s just so darn tempting! I’m gonna hold off and splurge on my donut tomorrow.

  62. Watched it. I have absolutely no discipline. I also look for my presents before Christmas.

  63. The look on Jim’s face when he realised that Michael had tricked him said it all, didn’t it? Hilarious! Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode.

  64. I am not watching this. And that’s for one reason only…. because I CAN’T! I’m at work and for some insane reason it won’t let me play the clip. From the comments, I really want to know how Michael gets Jim and Pam to go. Must be really good.
    I’ve waited months for this episode, I think that I can wait one more day. Maybe.

  65. AAAAAH!!
    Totally made my day.

    And um…pretty sure Jim’s not wearing a wig anymore! Woohoo!

  66. That looks AWESOME! The writing feels really natural. I love it. Can’t wait!!!

  67. The internet connection at my college is so crappy that it took me 10 minutes to watch a 1:45 clip… And I’m okay with that haha because it was awesome!

  68. OMG i cannot wait!! I love Jim’s face when he’s trapped. Notice Angela behind the copier! haha. 25 hours!! lol.

  69. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, this doesn’t seem real to me. I think that The Office isn’t coming back tomorrow, and that these past four months haven’t affected me.

    Ah, in almost 48 hours I will be going bonkers. It’s unreal!

    YAY season 4 continuation!

  70. office tally you are the best! Will tomorrow ever come? I don’t want this feeling to end…….

  71. THANK YOU!!! That clip was amazing! I can not wait until tomorrow night!


  72. ohhhh myyy god! so excited! its unreal. oh, and that’s pleasant, 103, very pleasant.


    and honestly tanster, comment moderating while driving? we appreciate your work, but be safe please.

  73. I love Jim guessing wrong on purpose. So funny. Reminds me of The Negotiation when he was messing with Michael and said “Steve Martin. Sex. Teri Hatcher.” lol…and later Michael says “no more tricks, no more wikipedia…”

  74. Ugh, why did I watch that?! I just want to watch the rest of that episode NOW!

  75. Oh wow, looking at Jim’s hair makes it feel like we’re in season 1 again.

  76. oh man i REFUSE to watch that cold open now. i have learned my lesson from previous fandoms and viewing clips too early. i will wait for ALL of the magic to unfold in t minus 23 hrs and 52 min!

  77. I’m so giddy I can’t even sit still. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a new cold open or anything!! I am sooooooo excited for tomorrow. How am I supposed to focus at work????

  78. i didn’t read these comments and i’m not watching the clips. seriously, how much do we need to be spoiled for this ep? i’ve been so looking forward to it that i just want to watch it and be surprised!

  79. Ugh. Why does NBC keep leaking these clips? They know some of us have absolutely no will power. Now I feel like I’ve seen 1/4 of the episode already what with the other clips they’ve shown through promotions and talent appearances.

  80. Hey, #122 (jbklover): that’s what she said. Sorry, I just had to.

  81. I have never pretended that I have any semblence of self-control and it hasn’t disappointed me yet- that clip was awesome!!

    It’s really coming back! It’s really happening!!

  82. Anyone notice how Phyllis’s and Kelly’s dresses have similar prints?

    Can it really be tomorrow already? Yippee!

  83. Watching Michael scream “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!” completely made my night.

  84. I have got to stop watching these. Why do they test my will-power this way?

  85. When I first saw everyone in the office in the cold open, it felt as though The Deposition had just come out last week. So excited!

  86. I think even more exciting than these clips is the new (old) OfficeTally banner. It makes me smile :)

  87. What did Michael Scott say in the Cold Open after “Nobody likes to work late…” I couldn’t hear it clearly.

  88. I am on the verge of happy tears!! It’s the first clip in SO LONG (TWSS) to which I don’t have the dialogue memorized. How great was that!?

  89. THANK YOU!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling!!! Great God of America! Thank TV Gods for returning laughter to my household. We were lost without you!

  90. Is everyone as excited as I am?
    I’m almost positive everyone I know is irritated at the fact that I keep saying “The Office premieres tonight!OHMYGOSH” Most likely because I say it so fast they can’t understand me.

  91. Today is the day, peeps! … Too bad I have to teach a college journalism class tonight and won’t get to watch the episode until about 10 p.m. Central time (assuming my DVR functions properly).

  92. i never thought this day would arrive.
    they only thing that could make this day better is ice cream.
    11 hours and counting.

  93. Sooooo tempting, but I’m not going to let myself watch the cold open clip. Resist! Resist! 10 hours 40 minutes to go…

  94. Okay, so I totally promised myself I would not watch the cold open for anything, and I was really being good about it. But then I get to NBC’s Office page and the clip starts playing automatically, and I just couldn’t look away!!! I’m counting the hours!!!

  95. Did anyone else notice that we only see Pam in the cold open twice, for about about a half a second each time?

  96. I called in sick to work today in order to effectively blow off an overtime obligation that would run into “Office” time!

  97. I have child care from 7-10pm…It’s mommy time!

    It seemed like this day would never come. I’m as happy as a little girl

  98. my friend had a “serious problem” that needed immediate attention so she could leave work two hours early to come over and watch the Office with me. The Office is totally “truant worthy” t.v.

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