1. He’s on now on the East Coast and he’s giving a lot of the same anecdotes as on other shows lately, but I just CAN’T get tired of it haha.

  2. SO adorable. I can’t believe Rachael Ray made Ham & Cheese Waffles on the day that John came. I wonder if she thought about the connection to the famous Ham & Cheese of Jim, or if it was just a coincidence.

  3. Oh, I can’t wait! I set my VCR (yes, that’s right, my VCR) to tape it. By the way Tanster-a while ago, I started a Facebook group dedicated to The Office, and I put Officetally as a helpful link. Just spreading the love! Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. I just caught it. Even though I heard the George Clooney Basketball anecdote for the 5th time now, it’s still too funny.
    He made me laugh about 10 times… John is *hilarious*.

  5. Okay maybe I’m just completely dumb but what network does she appear on and what time? I’d like to catch this if I can

  6. I watched part of the interview before I came to work, and even though he tells a lot of the same stories he’s been telling throughout his press junket, he still manages to be oh so charming and funny. LOVE him!

    And it was so cute when Rachael told him that she could tell the women in the audience were excited that he was there because they had sat up in their seats and applied lip gloss! If I had been there I would’ve been on the edge of my seat fumbling for my lip gloss because God forbid I tear my eyes away for a few seconds to actually look for it! :-)

    7 hours!!

  7. I can never get sick of anything he says. His delivery is hilarious everytime.

    He never ceases to amaze me.

  8. I never get tired of John. He’s hilarious. Am I the only one who laughs at EVERYTHING he says? I notice that on talkshows the audience doesn’t always get the joke, but I crack up everytime.

    Gosh, I’m hoping somebody puts up the new episode as fast as humanly possible once it’s aired, because I live in Holland and I’m just dying to see it! ;)

    Also, this Rachael Ray person is pretty nice and funny! I knew her name, but didn’t really know her. I think I like her. Although no one can do wrong in the presence of John, but still.

    Okay, enough rambling!

  9. Haha. John scared Rachael! And he looked adorable… I’d watch his cooking show, for sure.

  10. I can definitely tell most of his Leatherheads stories by heart now…but I love them every time I hear them!

  11. From all the interviews that he’s done for Leatherheads/The Office, this is my second favorite one (First one being Conan O’Brien). He is just too funny. Like it’s been said, he repeats a lot of the same stories but I laugh every time he says them. And this one was no exception. On a side note, I found that I really like Rachael Ray as a talk show host. Who knew?

  12. Did you see Rachael’s face when he said “I’m leaving the show”? LMAO! I would have reacted the exact same way if he’d said that to me…even just hearing him joke about it was kinda scary!

  13. god i hate rachael ray.. that was excruciating but it was worth it to see JOHN!
    he must get sooo sick of answering the same questions over and over and over again.

  14. The only time I can watch rachel ray and not get clinically depressed:
    “I can’t believe I’m employed.”
    “Me either”
    ME either!!!

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