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The Office Angela Kinsey

I had a lovely dinner with Ms. Angela Kinsey tonight in San Francisco. We talked about ‘Fun Run,’ home renovation, and The Office’s dedicated fanbase. (Of course.)

A few little ‘Fun Run’ tidbits:

“She’s been sick for some time … thank you for asking” was said directly to Greg Daniels, and was improvised.

Angela’s little conversation ender with Pam (“Did Roy ever kill one of your cats?”) was also improvised.

Did Angela break at some point during ‘Fun Run’, and did it make it on air? YES. (Watch the episode again and tell me if you see it.)

A special thank you to our waiter, who took extra good care of us!

I get to spend the day with Angela tomorrow, and I’m not sure where we will be or when. But if one of us comes up to you on the street and asks, “Do you know what ‘Dwangela’ means?”, you better be ready with an answer. ;)

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  1. That is so super cool. I glad that you had an amazing time, Tanster… I want to thank you for all your hard work!!! :)


  2. first comment! tanster you’re the coolest!

    I wish office people would hang out with me! I’d probly want to hang with ed helms or john krasinski, they seem like guys you could just hang out with.

  3. Was it in the hospital when everyone was visiting Meredith? Otherwise i cant find it :(

    I hope you have fun tomorrow Tanster! :)

  4. I just got finished watching fun run over again & felt like coming on to your site. God! You are so lucky to have dinner with Angela!! I’ve watched the episode 2 times, but I still don’t know what part Angela breaks :(

  5. I think i found the part?? When Michael is trying to hug Merideth in the hospital, she looks like she’s about to break.

  6. I just booked a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. It cost me both arms and both legs, so if you see an armless/legless man rolling around, please ask if he knows what “Dwangela” means.

    I can always tell where Angela breaks. And it always makes the scene more funny…

    Give her a hug for me. I feel so badly about Pringles :(

  7. That’s awesome, tanster. Have fun beatin’ the street with Miss Kinsey. I can’t wait to get the full report/see it all on NBC.com. Exciting stuff!

  8. You girls look so beautiful together!

    Tanster, you deserve such an awesome experience–I wish I was in San Francisco to be man-on-the-street stopped by you.

    Can’t wait for the next update :)

  9. Ladies – Have a blast taking over San Fran. Office fans in that area are in for a real treat if the two of you are just walking around talking to people!

  10. How jealous am I? I love Angela, and that is awesome. She always seems so fun and friendly and nice.
    And if you come up to me on the streets (pretty hard since you are in SF and I am 3,000 miles away), I totally know what Dwangela means!

  11. Tanster that is so cool! I wish I was roaming the streets of Santa Monica so you asked me I could answer “Jim and Pam. DUH.” haha justtt kidding(: Dwight & Angela foreverr!

  12. Yes! I saw her break on air! It was when Michael was climbing on top of Meredith on her hospital bed and it was ever-so-slightly but it was definitely noticeable. Absolutely hilarious.

  13. The only time I think it might be is when Michael goes to straddle/hug Meredith in the bed and everyone is saying “Michael!”, Angela looks like her serious face turns into a slight smile.. maybe I’m hallucinating.

  14. Sounds lovely, and I love the “did Roy ever kill one of your cats?” haha, “I am more of a dog person…”

  15. Oh my! What a lucky duck you are to get to have dinner with someone so talented and beautiful. Make sure that you tell her next time that we will buy her a new cat! :)

  16. I couldn’t see the break. I need a bigger hint. Enjoy your day with Miss Angela. Sidenote: I just cut bangs like Angela and you, so maybe you could start bangtally.com … Wait, could that be misconstrued?

  17. How awesome! Enjoy your day today, ladies!

    (oh! and I KNEW it! I KNEW that Angela improvised that “thank you for asking” line! I had to rewind and watch it multiple times, because that + her facial expression were just pure genius! Thanks for bringing us that particular little tidbit, Jennie!)

  18. Awesome-ness!!! I love that the cast and you maintained such great relationships!!
    I love that the beginning of her sick cat TH was improvised. It was gold. Hope you guys have fun tomorrow. Tell her we are excited to see where Dwangela goes from here.

  19. I thought the time she cracked is when Dwight told Angela the place that her cat is in, is the freezer. I thought I saw a smile, but she covered well because of the crying.

  20. Hmmm…Did Angela crack when she was giving Dwight instructions for Sprinkles? Right after Dwight says that Meredith jumped in front of the car to collect workman’s comp. Angela says, “I wouldn’t put it passed her”…

  21. Of course nothing gets past you guys! :)

    Yes, Angela breaks in Meredith’s hospital room — with the tiniest of smiles.

    And do you know why? Because Steve completely improvised the whole climbing into bed to give Meredith a hug scene!

  22. Awww such a cute picture. You girls have fun today! I hope you find lots of people who know “Dwangela”! Have a wonderful Saturday!! :)

  23. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Angela!

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes info :) I’ll be sure to rewatch those scenes to catch everything. Have fun tomorrow!

  24. Sounds like you had a blast, Tanster! What I wouldn’t give to see video of the two of you doing impromptu questioning of people’s knowledge of Dwangela! Have a great time (I know you will). :D

  25. I was in San Francisco last night. I’m glad I didn’t know about your dinner, otherwise I would have spent the entire evening looking out for you two everywhere!

  26. do you know if angela is making any promotional appearances or anything in SF? if so, i’m there! otherwise i’ll just have to hope you two stumble upon me in the street…

  27. i would be completely jealous, but you deserve it tanster!! (ehh…i’m still jealous)

  28. AAAAHHHH!!! Knowing that Angela is less than 20 miles from where I am at this very moment and not having any chance to meet her, is KILLING me. My heart is shrinking as I type. My lungs refuse to expand. Darkness is closing in all around. Life’s… just… not… worth… living……

    Too much? Okay. Have a wonderful time. It’s a beautiful day in the Bay Area.

  29. I hope you have a wonderful day. Angela Kinsey is kind of my idol. And wasn’t she just fantastic in Fun Run? Emmy worthy in my opinion.

  30. Can I ditto all the Jealous! and Lucky! comments?

    Angela is so great to her fans. And tanster, you are the best too! Thanks for all you do. Have an amazing time. Take lots of pics, and share them here!

  31. Yeah, I agree that she broke in the hospital scene, when Michael climbs on top of Meredith! I saw it the second time I watched (and, okay, I admit it, I watched it for the second time immediately after the show aired).

    I hope you had a great time with Angela (how could you not)! I’m sure days like this make up for all of those late nights moderating comments, huh? Congrats, and say “hey” to Angela for me!

  32. Oh my god, how nice! I’m so jealous. I love Angela, she’s so sweet and down to earth. And I love Texas, since I grew up there and all. :)

  33. How awesome, tanster! Have fun again today and let Ang know that the fans really do appreciate everything they do.

  34. This is so great, tanster – thank you for sharing this with us! Angela is so sweet, too – hope you’re having a fun day!

  35. There isn’t any chance that Angela’s going to be performing at comedy day in golden gate park tomorrow, is there? Because that would be FREAKING AWESOME.
    I may have to leave work early today and prowl the streets of SF in hopes of bumping into you guys! Have fun! Its such a beautiful day!

  36. Lucky!! After SF you should come over to Berkeley! =) Or… I should just go roam the streets of SF for a day…

  37. Like I wasnt jealous enough of you tanster. Now you’re hanging. Out with them all too?!
    I LOVED the “thank you for asking line”!! Was hoping it was improv ! Yay!

    Hope you ladies have a great day!!

  38. Ah, man, I’m on the other side of the Bay Bridge from Angela? So close, yet so far. Have a great time in the City!

  39. I hope you’re having a great day, you lucky duck! You deserve a day off, just be sure to document everything okay ;)

  40. What a fantastic time you must be having! I’m entirely jealous of you! I adore Angela. You gals have fun this weekend!

  41. My sister’s suitemate at UCLA met Angela on their flights from LAX to SF! I they chatted, too. :)

  42. I would like to state that before this comment, there were exactly 69 comments.

    [from tanster: i noticed that too, and it made me giggle.]

  43. Oh my gosh! So you guys were out roaming SF today?! I wish I would have known to be on the lookout; that would have been an awesome birthday gift to have run into you.

  44. You guys are in SF? I’m so psyched! The only thing is that I’ve had to lock myself in my house this weekend because I have so much studying to do.

    I hope you both enjoy the weekend activities though. It sucks that I’ve got to study otherwise I’d gladly spend the day roaming around SF looking for you.

  45. Oh, is there anyway you could hint where abouts in SF you might be so that if I get all my studying out of the way early, I could come down and see if I could find you?

  46. I thought I saw her smiling at the beginning of the conference room sequence where Steve asked everyone’s religious affiliation. :)

  47. You are a lucky lucky clucky -luck girl. Angela seems so cool! Have fun! What is 69?

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