Friday Office goodies

Oh heck. Only got halfway through ‘Fun Run’ quotes and it’s already 1:30am. I will do the rest after a little late night nap. :)

In the meantime, check out these tidbits:

  • ‘Fun Run’ merchandise — support the rabid with bracelets and t-shirts! And remember, you’ll automatically get 5% off as an OfficeTally reader by clicking the link! (Discount applied after you enter a shipping address)
  • Check out the hilarious premiere night blog headed by Executive Producer Greg Daniels (warning: does include info on future episodes)
  • New blogs from Dwight and Creed

Okay. Need sleep. Back later.


  1. I am in france with a mac. Does anyone know if I can do anything to be able to watch the full episode at

  2. #2, I have the same problem. I’m from Israel and it says the clips aren’t available from my location.
    That’s totally unfair!

  3. It says the clip i have selected is not available from my location.
    I’m sobbing!!!
    I want to watch season 4

  4. I think it is not possible to view them outside the United States, bc Im in Switzerland and are not able to watch them…

  5. lilibelle: I am in Germany and am having a similar problem. I have a PC, though, and IE is the only browser that will load the player. It then will ask me to pick an episode to play, but there are none listed. I’m wondering if NBC is limiting the player to the US… :(

  6. I am in Kosovo with a Mac. I also want to know if there is anything to be done to watch the full episode at

  7. Hi Lilibelle (or should I say Salut?) – I can access with my Mac but I don’t know if it would be different in France. I always watch the videos just fine, but then when I close the window, Safari shuts down. The problem seems to have stopped but that’s here in the U.S. Bon chance!

    I am SO excited about the Support the Rabid bracelets. I was thinking how so many quotes from last night are going to show up on items at, and that was one of them. Yippee!

  8. This season not being able to watch the deleted scenes won’t bother me! It was exciting to watch them all from last year when I got my season three DVD’s.

  9. And guess what? The episode won’t work outside the US. I’m going to go cry in the corner now. I’m hungry – I want my Jam!

  10. im in italy abroad right now and i have the same problem! help! when does the episode become available on itunes? is it posted on any site online yet?

  11. lilibelle, I’m on a Mac and I was able to watch the full episode on the NBC website … which is a treat considering I thought they’d only be PC-friendly online episodes. I hope it works for you, too. Bonne chance!

  12. it says that because of my location, I can’t watch the episode online or the deleted scene, however I can watch every other office video on the same site. how does that work out? By the way I’m in Ontario, Canada. I’m really not that far. :/

  13. I thought we’d actually be able to download the episode on NBC, and be able to watch it for a week until the download expired. But I guess I misunderstood because you can watch it, but it buffers horribly. Anyone have any luck with it?

  14. Call me crazy but I set my alarm for 2am to rewatch…only to relize that it posts at 5am (EST)! So I watched it at 5am…Okay, I’m crazy…

  15. Want my ITUNES back!!!! the player on NBC.COM is terrible, would think one of the biggest companies in the world would be able to develop something that works better.

  16. As always, Ed Helms was hilarious on Conan. But I get the feeling he’s auditioning for Broadway every time he goes on a talk show!

  17. Thank you for working so hard! I’m very excited about the new season. Last nights episode just set a great tone.

  18. Thank you for staying up so late, Tanster! As for me, I crashed around 11:30, but I’m weak. Very weak.

    So, I watched the episode over at NBC. Pretty decent quality. Not as high quality as iTunes, but not bad considering that it’s streamed. I’m not as tech savvy as I wish I were, so does anybody know if the Amazon Unbox episodes can be downloaded and put on a video mp3 player (not an iPod)?

    Live blog was great. Does anybody besides me think the alternate Jim-Pam ending seemed cool?

  19. I can’t watch it either, since I’m in Canada. However, once I was able to see some office clips through a link posted on Mindy’s blog. Some strange loop hole. So I was wondering if any kind Americans would post the exact address of the episode’s video (and maybe also the one for My Name is Earl, since apparently Ben Foster was on it last night). If it’s not asking too much…I’d really appreciate it!

  20. *headdesk* I forgot to put in the officetally discount when I bought my bracelets last night!! Doh!

  21. Darn my office for blocking most videos. Aarrrgggg. I’m definitely jumping on this when I get home. (TWSS).

  22. Tanster, you rock.

    Yesterday was such a great day!

    From watching the videos and reading the articles you linked, to last night’s episode (PB&J? … Love it!), to chatting after the show in the chat room ….. best season premiere day ever. :-)

  23. The deleted scene with Toby smiling about Kelly being unable to talk–priceless! ALso the shot with Kelly underneath her desk was perfect. I can totally see her doing that!

  24. Just a heads up:

    The download for the office is by far the best bet for watching the show. It not only is available for download right around midnight PST, but it also only costs 1.99 an episode of 1.89 if you buy the entire season! The episodes look very clear and there is an option to download a file for an mp3 player (ipod). So just search for the office season 4 on amazon.

    P.S. what’s the code we enter for the discount on

  25. I am so amused that they have Dwight’s Shrute Farms Beets shirt. They should make Angela’s Sprinkles t-shirt too!

  26. Ooh I was so hoping for the blue race t-shirts! :D This really makes my day! I wonder if those are accurate to what the cast wore. The text on the back doesn’t look as large and maybe the colour’s different. (I’m at work and can’t check the ep!) But bracelets too! And the Schrute Farms Beets shirt!! I am way too overly excited right now! (Better grab these before the stock disappears folks…)

  27. Just into work and I can’t wait to check out the deleted scene! Oh and I really-really want some of the new Office stuff they have for sale!! How exciting!!

  28. And AndrewV, looks like you got through to NBC. The bracelets are a much more reasonable $5 now.. not sure when they updated the price. And yeah, yeah, I was too excited- didn’t realize a lot was already on backorder.

  29. A one-hour edition of NBC’s The Office finished third in the 9 p.m. hour, with 9.67 million viewers and a series-high 5.1/12 among adults 18-49. Comparably, that built by a hefty 31 percent in adults 18-49 from the second half of lead-in My Name is Earl (3.9/11), with growth 19 percent in the demo from its year-ago season opener (4.3/11 on Sept. 21, 2006).

  30. Candied Pams-

    I found the episode on Amazon’s site to download fast, and it looks great! But im unsure if it will work in Italy. The file also opens with winamp so if you have that program it should work with it too.

  31. I haven’t read all comments so this may have been mentioned already, but severe lack in continuity with Karen’s storyline. In the Summer Vacation promos she said that she went to restaurants, movies, got dumped by Jim, etc. DURING HER SUMMER VACATION then in this episode Jim says she left the next day (after they got back from New York) which was like in May. Am I missing anything???? Also, why were those interviews (summer vacation) not shown during last night’s episode? Maybe it was strictly a promo and not meant to be aired in the episode… still doesn’t explain the discrepancy in Karen’s storyline.

  32. Help, I’m in the USA and have a mac. On NBC’s website, every time I click: watch full-length episodes for free” it gives me this:
    “We’re sorry. The file you have requested is no longer available.
    If this page does not automatically take you back to the NBC.COM homepage, please click here.”

    I’m going to cry. Please help me.

  33. I agree with #37… I spent a couple hours last night and this morning reading all the posts and new info, none of which would be possible without all your amazing work, Tanster. Thanks so much, and keep it coming!!!

  34. #44-The Jim/Karen breakup still technically happened on her summer vacation since the summer vacation is in reference to the break the “documentary crew” takes from taping at the office. But yes, after going back and rewatching, she does talk about her WHOLE summer, which obviously wouldn’t have happened in one day following the breakup. As for why they didn’t show the clips, I don’t think they were ever intended for episode use, just as a promo.

  35. There is now a second deleted scene up. It is from the visit to the hospital to see Meredith.

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