Dumb but deep

The Arizona Republic has an interesting story about how “stupid is the new smart” where TV comedy protagonists are concerned.

The Office’s Michael Scott, of course, is the poster boy for this phenomena.

“I don’t consider Michael as the stupid guy,” [Greg] Daniels said of his lead character. “He makes some very bad choices … I think in certain circumstances he’s very competent. There are just certain circumstances he’s not suited for.”

Indeed, The Office takes care to point out on occasion that, while Michael is a train wreck as a manager, he was an excellent salesman. And that’s crucial to being able to stomach the guy.

Link: Dumb but deep


  1. I live in Phoenix too and hadn’t seen it yet either. Thanks, tanster, for finding stuff we don’t find even when it’s right under our noses!

  2. Fantastic article – it sums up why I love this show, and The Simpsons and 30 Rock. They are honest and that’s why they’re funny, and can make us laugh at life a little bit more. It makes me sad, though, that more people are watching American Idol than The Office. But I feel smart for liking it. Thanks Tanster!

  3. Wow! We are devoted AND sophisticated (fans). I love this show and all the people involved.

    But back on topic: I’ve always loved the fact that a lot of humor is so funny because there is an underlying truth to it. The Office really embodies that.

    Great Article!

  4. Michael Scott is the embodiment of promoting to the level of incompetence. EVERYONE knows someone who was a scientist, computer programmer, salesperson, or engineer who was GREAT at being a scientist, computer programmer, salesperson, or engineer. So they were rewarded with a promotion to management… and they do NOT make great managers. It’s a terribly common phenomenon in business.

    But I love him anyway. :D

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