1. Whoa I thought they were just flashing a picture of the cast at first… and then they started talking. It was weird.

  2. Yeah, just like Season 1. I was confused at first. Too bad October 6th wasn’t on a Thursday. I like to see Michael in his Levi’s rocking casual “Friday”

  3. I’ve always really wanted to see a casual friday. Seriously. Because they are mentioned once, but never actually displayed, and I just think it might be fun. To be completely honest, theres only one episode that is quite clearly a certain day of the week. Performance Review takes place on a Thursday, because they spend the day convincing Dwight its Friday. (The end of the episode shows Friday morning. They are dressed in their normal clothes. Interestingly enough, this is the episode after casual friday was mentioned.)
    Come to think of it, Email Survaillence is on a Friday also. Not casual. Two episodes after the mention.
    These are the only episodes i can think of that mention what day of the week it is.

  4. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like 50% of the episodes seem like they’re on a Friday. It at leastfeels like that.

  5. Yeah, um, aren’t all the episodes set on like thursadys, so how are they gonna do that. my friend said they could do it so like michael wants a jean party on the thursday, but its confusing, and so am i! LOL! if anyone has an answer, let me know! :P

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