‘Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager’ deleted scenes

Clip 4: Gabe turns on the charm to try to win Erin’s heart back.
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Clip 3: The staff resigns themselves to being mindless drones working under a machine.
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Clip 2: Jim takes time out of his busy day for Dwight’s new assistant.
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Uh-oh. What is this second clip implying…

Clip 1: Dwight celebrates the glory of his office and his desk modeled after Uday Hussein’s.
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  1. If she just has a crush on Jim, that could be funny, but I really hope it doesn’t turn into something that comes between Jim and Pam. They have a baby…it just wouldn’t be funny. And my JAM heart would break.

  2. Honestly, there hasn’t been a big source of tension in the Pam/Jim storyline since season 4. It’d be interesting to see a little conflict added to the storyline.

  3. I really hope she backs off. Don’t want anything to come between Jim and Pam!

  4. And there is the trouble for JAM that I’ve been predicting for a while now. NOT happy

  5. She’s just seeing what the rest of us are seeing…she probably can’t help it like we can’t! I’d LOVE to see the tension…then see JAM (both of them) fight for the other! YES!

  6. I’m an absolute JAM fan…. But I’d love to see some tension!! BRING IT ON WRITERS!

  7. Loved the end of the first clip.

    Don’t love the end of the 2nd clip.

    But based on the real life pregnancy, maybe JAM will be expanding the family and that’s why they didn’t show Jordan’s potential crush.

  8. These deleted scenes were great. They were funnier than last week’s episode altogether! JAM forever, btw…

  9. Um, Isn’t it obvious that Jim and Pam are the One-True-Couple of this show? Why are people acting like Jordan is going to come between them. If anything, a young girl’s crush becoming an issue will only make their relationship stronger.

    So yeah, Jordan is gonna be an awesome character. Hopefully more subtle than how Erin developed (over-the-top, but still good).

  10. I never thought I’d ever live to hear John Krasinski say my name! I can die a happy woman now.

    I burn! I pine! I perish!

    (But seriously, if the writers run with that implied storyline, I will burn Nashua AND Scranton to the ground.)

  11. To be honest, we need something thrown into the Jim and Pam machine, their characters haven’t had anything happen to them in forever

  12. I believe that it won’t get in between Jim and Pam, but Pam will get annoyed and it will lead to something like a fight, but Jim wouldn’t cheat if anybody is thinking that

  13. Hahaha, nice. Finally! Some real scenes with Jordan…
    Too bad they were cut from the episode.
    And I would really like to see that “crush” develop a little more. It doesn’t have to end in Jordan splittin’ Jim and Pam! Come on!!
    I imagine it to be more like Stanley’s daughter having a crush on Ryan. I mean, it didn’t end in Ryan getting with her, right? But it did bring some awesome and funny scenes. It could be like that ;-)

  14. I loved the first clip. I really liked Dwight’s desk. I didn’t really care for the second one. I hope Jordan doesn’t come between Jim and Pam. That would be lame! Didn’t she notice his wedding ring?

  15. I’d welcome it because I can tell what they’d do. Jim will be honest with Pam, and it will only make them stronger. Then they can be paranoid about Jordan together. Jim is not the problem. see ‘stress relief’

  16. When I watched that I was like “Back off B***H” But then I realized that IF she tries to make a move she will find how strong their love is :)

  17. first thought while watching clip #2, where’s pam? where is she? I don’t really know what to feel by watching the clip,they just can’t break JAM.

  18. It can’t be that important of a scene if they deleted it. Or, they’ll just introduce it slowly. There may have been ‘too much going on’ to open that can of worms in this episode. I don’t see why a lot of you think this will potentially harm their relationship. Jim is 100% loyal to Pam. He probably has no idea she likes him (at this point). Her having a crush on him is harmless. If this DOES go anywhere, I envision Pam becoming suspicious that she has a crush on her husband, Jim insisting she doesn’t… Pam getting increasingly annoyed/angry over it… And then Jim will say something beautiful and heartwarming that will make her feel better.

    I agree with people who say there hasn’t been enough Jim+Pam tension lately. They’ve really been put in the lowlight since they ‘finally’ got together, got married, and had a baby. It’d be nice to see some STRONG emotions fly for once even if they ARE harmless. I hope people don’t instinctively hate Jordan over it. She has the potential of being an awesome character.

  19. a new baby on the way will be what happens next to jim and pam, considering that jenna fischer is pregnant. it could be interesting to see what happens to Jordan and Jim.

  20. um if I worked in the office I’d have a crush on jim too. Baby and wife or no, haha. I mean I do anyway and he’s a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

    anyway no one should be freaking about JAM. that will never die. As it should be.

  21. Does anybody really think that they’re gonna make Jordan actually come between Jim and Pam? Of course not.. She might have a crush on him, but that doesn’t mean anything for JAM.

  22. @ 25-Shaina – You couldn’t have said it better.

    I also think this would be cool to see played out. Jordan seems like a great addition.

    As Mr. Scott would say: “This is gonna be mental”.

  23. Just because it’s deleted doesn’t mean it isn’t part of the continuity. I agree that it is probably something that will come out slowly later.

    Pam and Jim are so stable that there is no threat imposed by this, but it is an interesting idea that I didn’t see coming. I actually hope they make more of it, as an opportunity to flesh out Jordan’s character and provide a new level to the office dynamic. I am one JAM fan who wouldn’t complain.

  24. This won’t become a serious issue, it can’t.. because JAM forever, everyone knows this.

    Her crush could be interesting though. I know i can’t blame her. And i’d love to see Pam put her in her place.

    And let me just make it clear i couldn’t continue watching the show if they ever broke Jim and Pam up.

  25. Jim and Pam would have to be pretty unstable for someone’s crush to ever be a problem. Is that how we feel now? They’re married and have a child. This is a comedy, they won’t break up. The writers know we’d bring out the pitch forks if they ever went there. So i look forward to seeing this play out.

    Deleted scenes are canon, so hopefully next season!

  26. @17 I completely agree, Jim and Pam haven’t had much lately, but Jim in particular has had less story or character moments in far too long.

    I don’t think that JAM’s relationship should just be left alone, with no problems whatsoever. I want the writers to keep us on our toes! Hopefully something interesting comes out of this!

  27. Regarding clip #1: Oscar must be pretty scared given the closing scene of the last ep where Creed sits in the Manager’s office!
    Regarding clip #2: If anything, the Jordan’s-crush-on-Jim thing will just be a character arc that takes her temporary character out of the series I would think.

  28. There are some fans who are crazy about Jim & Pam, and their relationship is the show for them. For me, I’ve always just loved The Office, the entire ensemble, Jim and Pam are one piece of that. So when I say I hate the thought of Jordan meddling in their relationship, it is not because I am a crazy JAM fanatic. I don’t like it for two additional reasons.

    1. They tore my heart out with Michael’s goodbye and I don’t think I could take them messing with another core element of the show.

    2. Why are all the women getting the shaft? Aw poor Jim has to suffer through flirting with the new hot girl? Pam has already watch Jim date cute girls, Danny pretty much called Pam a nerd to her face, she has failed at art school and being a sales person. Jeez cut the girl a break.

    Sure this Jordan thing may be a show arc and sure Jim and Pam’s relationship can’t always be perfect, but I don’t want it shaken up now and not like this.

  29. Erin’s facial expressions in clip 4 are pretty much how I react to Gabe now. I actually like his character, but I’m not buying this storyline. While I can see him being lonely and clingy, I’d prefer if someone just called him on it and the whole thing was over.

  30. I just want something new and interesting to happen for Jim and Pam, and Jim in particular. And if this is the way to do it, without *serious* drama, then i’m all for it. I have a feeling though it’ll be more of an arc for Jordan as a character than for Jam.

    I love the entire ensemble to no end, but Jim and Pam are what got me watching The Office, for that reason they always come first. Even still, i’m cool with some tension. I’d prefer it to be career or personal based than 3rd party. But no big deal. They could take the funny road and make this whole thing hilarious.

  31. The Toy Story analogy was far better than anything else Gabe did this week.

  32. The Scranton Strangler! Crazy Gabe is funnier than former Gabe.

    Jim & Pam do need a little tension, but they always have to be together. Dwight may need someone eventually though…

  33. Yes, pleaseee let them add some JAM tension. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan, but there needs to be something going on that makes their relationship interesting again. I don’t think anything will actually happen between J/J, EVER, HELL NO, but it’ll still be entertaining to watch her crush on him and see how they react…

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