1. Looks like a great episode!
    “Thank you Mr. Schnoot” and the license plate “NEW MGR”! It looks like a great episode!

  2. I don’t know if it has been mentioned before, but does anyone think all these guest stars could be red herrings to give one of the current cast the job? Rainn, Ed, and Craig are all on the rise in their careers and with the most recent ep with Dwight as manager panning out so well…I don’t know, I could see it.

  3. It’s gotta be Will Arnett! I can’t see any of those other people as the new boss…

  4. This is going to be a great finale.

    I have a feeling that one of the current cast members is going to ultimately take the promotion, but I would enjoy seeing either Will Arnett or James Spader in the position if they are indeed taking on a new character. I love Ray Romano, but can’t see him as a permanent fixture in the series.

  5. So will we really know who the new manager is at the end of the episode? Or will they leave us hanging for the summer (as they like to do)?

    Tanster, do you know?

  6. If it’s any of the current cast members it will probably be Darryl since Dwight as manager could only work for 2 maybe 3 episodes, Andy is busy with that weird Gabe-Erin-Andy triangle, and Jim wouldn’t want it although I could see Jim as the manager.

  7. It’s gonna be andy. You see him screaming and getting amped up in a silver car…and the license plate with the NEW Manager is on a silver car… Plus, Michael gave him his biggest clients saying don’t doubt your abilities. It all adds up to him being it.

    There’s no chance one of the outside people are doing it.

  8. At this point I think one of the cast taking the position works best for sure. One thing I hope though is that whoever is manager doesn’t become the ‘star’ of the show or the one everything is centered around. Last episode proved that with Steve gone, the Office works best as an ensemble comedy.

  9. Pam! The car with the NEW MGR plate is silver like Pam and Jim’s!She could get the job and then announce that she is pregnant and end up losing the job, lol

  10. in other news. I’m kinda worried about the deleted clip nbc put up from last episode.

    Apparently Jim helped prank Dwight with Jordan and she seems to have a crush on him…or the start of one.

    I hope they don’t RUIN pam and jim’s relationship. I wouldn’t mind if pam gets jealous but jim makes it clear he’s in love with pam…or something but..PLEASE don’t ruin their relationship.

  11. Here’s my take:

    1) This NBC promo is deliberately designed to hype the show AND hide the truth. Don’t look for ANY clues in this promo!

    2) Some producers have hinted that a big-name outsider may not get Michael’s job. Consider these hints as false leads.

    3) I believe that even the producers didn’t know Steve’s replacement until last month.

    4) Ratings require that Steve’s replacement must attract NEW fans and retain old fans. That’s why the new mgr. won’t be Jim, Andy, Dwight, Pam, Darryl, Gabe-or anyone else on staff.

    5) If the Search Committee fails to decide on a mgr, and Jo steps in, she will select from the NEW applicants.

    6) NBC won’t leave the choice of mgr. as a cliffhanger. Bad for ratings.

    7) Jenna said recently that she and The Office might be around for “another 3 or 4 years”. Only Will Arnett or James Spader can make that happen.

    8) Conclusion: Jo will select ONE of the big-name applicants- probably Will Arnett or James Spader. Both fit with The Office’s off-kilter zaniness. Either would bring millions of additional fans, plus bring out the best comedy in staff.

  12. Given that Will Arnett is in a new show with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph that was picked up by NBC for next season, it’s not him. Honestly though, I would want it to be Will Arnett if it is not Andy.

    I think the new manager will be one of the current cast; the celebrity guest-stars are just red-herrings used to get ratings for the season finale. Of the three current Dunder Mifflin employees interviewing for the position, Dwight already screwed up his shot and uses too many draconian tactics in his managing style; Darryl is too responsible and level-headed to be the boss for a comedy show (if it was real life he might be the one you would hire); so I think Andy has the best shot because he isn’t the smartest, so it opens the door to potential comedy for manager screw-ups, and silly management decisions. Also Ed Helms is a rising star and could be considered just as much a celebrity as the actors guest-staring. He is one of the stars of the number one R-rated comedy of all-time and he is hosting SNL tonight so he is getting his name and face out there.

    However, even if Andy gets to be the boss, I’m sure the show will be more ensemble-centered than it was when Michael was the boss, at least that is what many of the writers have been saying in past interviews.

  13. So! I was just watching SNL (with Ed Helms!) and the preview of The Office showed Ricky Gervais talking he said his name was “David Brent.” Sound familiar from any other versions of The Office? I am sure the preview will be up soon!

  14. Wow! Looks like it’s gonna be an incredible episode!!

    I have a feeling that the new boss is gonna be completely off the radar, whether it is a new person or an existing cast member.

    I must say though, I never watched Arrested Development. But after watching some clips on YouTube, I kinda hope it is Will Arnett. COME ON!!

  15. As much as I would have liked Jim Carrey to take over, the character he seems to be portraying doesn’t look like one that will last beyond this episode. The goofy voice killed it :/

  16. It’s funny how everyone assumes the new boss will be one of the candidates interviewed by the search committee. It’s possible to me that the season is gonna end on a little twist, and that we will have another character ultimately replacing Michael.

    And why wouldn’t it be someone who is ON the search committee, and who already refused the position. Yes, I’m betting it will be Jim.

  17. David Brent.
    Who else could really do it? We got a hint a few episodes back, and he interviews over the laptop in the preview. I’m really surprised no one else is betting on him…

  18. Jim Carrey is going to ruin this ep if he has too much screen time.

    I’m quite certain the new boss will be Darryl. After all he is the only one who can finish “Somehow I Manage” ;)

  19. They just BETTER not end the season on a cliffhanger. It would be horrible for the ratings.

  20. I’d agree with the notions that it’s either James Spader if it’s one of these guest stars (Carrey and Gervais don’t seem possible, Romano’s busy with “Men of a Certain Age,” Arnett has that pilot for a new show, etc.) or Ed Helms if it’s in-house.

    I’m a big Krasinski fan, but imho Jim is too decent and “normal” a character to serve as the boss long-term. Presumably, they want someone majorly dysfunctional for that role. :)

    Like others here though I really enjoyed this past week’s episode and I wouldn’t mind them just continuing the show as an ensemble (at least for part of next season). Like a rock group continuing on without a lost band member, rather than attempting to replace him/her.

  21. I’m also curious as to what the Invisible Man character (bandage wrapped person with glasses on) is about and why they focus on Kelly walking into the office while the rest of the video is about the interviews.

  22. mr. dude (#25), it looks like Dwight is under that mask, probably trying to sneak in a second interview.

  23. Rachel, #15, says that Will Arnett has another sitcom.
    That leaves James Spader as the new mgr. He’s a B-List movie actor, A-List TV actor, has millions of fans.

    Only other in-house choice is Andy. But, if it’s Andy, then it means that the Office gang is running things themselves. Andy is inept & has NO management or sales experience-plus NO one respects him.

    The Office needs a star with ratings power to sit in Michael’s chair. Spader’s got the star-power, can play sleazy, or funny. or charming, or functionally crazy-everything The Office needs for another 3-year run.

  24. David Brent as manager would be the smartest thing they could possibly do. Is there any reason Ricky Gervais couldn’t do it? It would seal him in the US markets that he has been trying to break into, and would tie the series together nicely…. making the US and UK versions of the office one long series.

  25. @Westin Yea you said how i feel about Andy becoming manager. I definitely agree there. Nobody respected Michael either, but he was great at sales. Andy is not. Not right now anyway. I love Andy but i don’t think i’d find him that funny anymore in that position.

    Spader would be cool. But i don’t think it’ll happen. I give the writers major props because they’ve got me completely stumped as to which direction they’re gonna go. I love that.

  26. Kelly taking over Gabe’s job with the help of her executive training?

    Can’t wait for the episode, the only one of the guest stars who I can imagine might conceivably get the job is Arnett, but I’m not sure. I thought months ago it was going to be Darryl and I’m going to stick with that.

  27. Westin (#14): I think it’s a huge leap to say that NBC won’t leave such a cliffie…they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

    Personally I don’t think it’ll be anybody we’ll see interviewed on Thursday…I think it’ll be a surprise.

  28. Of course, it could be none of the above. It could be someone completely different. Not one of the announced stars and not one of the series regulars. Maybe, just maybe, people can keep a secret… yeah, that’s just crazy talk, I know.

  29. Yep, after reading through these comments…I’m starting to bet it’s going to be Andy, he fits better than most of the series regulars, with Darryl right behind him. Helms is definitely up and coming and just recently hosted SNL for the first time, new hit sequel film coming out, etc. I agree with one of the other comments stating that all these guest stars are just red herrings in attempt to get high ratings. Gervais already stated he wasn’t in the run for the role anymore and Arnett will be busy with his new show.

  30. I think it will be nobody out of these people and if there was one person who has a chance it would be James Spader. He seems funny from just one line.

  31. This is going to be a great show. but none of these guys will become office manager. I see a Karen comeback or even David Wallace or Jan coming back. My hope is James Spader though

  32. Whoever the new boss is, they’ve got their new license plate, (end of second clip) on a new Porsche 911 Carrera S. Does that help any?

  33. Clip of the man all wrapped up interviewing for the manager job. Jim at the end is so funny!!

  34. Look at the first clip with Erin and Andy again. I think it’s significant when the camera zooms in on Phyllis yet keeps Erin in the picture. And at first I thought she had a look of disgust to what Erin said, but if you look again, it looks more like a face hiding a secret or one of concern. Is it possible Phyllis is really Erin’s mother?

  35. Could it be Oscar? they are bringing a new character to work in accounting, right? OH MAN! I can’t wait for this episode! only a few more hours…

  36. @Abe: Genius! That totally makes sense. I knew something was up when Phyllis randomly brought up the child she gave away, and then Erin talks about the mother she never knew in that episode. Hmmmmm… it would make a great plot twist.

  37. James Spader looks fab from just that one clip – different from michael & funny – please please please let him get the job!

  38. Since Jenna has announced she is pregnant in real life, I say she breaks the news to Jim in tonight’s episode that they’re having another baby. The news of another one on the way prompt’s Jim to take the job for himself.

  39. One of the applicants, like Michael Scott, is performed by a Daily Show alumni who has a bit of a higher profile thanks to his appearance in a popular R-rated comedy. Also, this character does possess the ability to both annoy you and be lovable enough to make you root for him, without being a carbon copy of Michael.

    Andrew Bernard is the name of him.

    If the new boss is one of the current cast members, Andy is the guy I’m hoping gets it. Andy going from “I’m not even a good salesman” to growing into a competent manager could be a good little arc for our favorite member of “Here Comes Treble.”

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