1. I think he looks more like Andy Buckley than Ed. I think that Seth Meyers (SNL) and Ed should play brothers in a movie — they look SO alike.

  2. No way! Ed Helms looks nothing like Lee Unkrich. I agree with Mr Dude, Jason Sudeikis looks more like Ed, although Jason also looks a lot like John..

  3. I think Ed Helms also looks like Jason Sudeikis AND Seth Meyers? Which is weird because Seth looks like BJ Novak, and Jason looks like John Krasinski. It’s a spiderweb of dopplegangers!

  4. Ah! Whenever I saw Lee Unkrich on Toy Story promos, I always thought he looked like Ed! This is amazing.

  5. They don’t look that much alike. Maybe in the nose? Ed is way cuter. Though Lee is pretty cute.

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