1. (Spoiler alert:) The clip they showed on Lopez Tonight was of an episode where Kelly & Ryan are talking about how they were walking past a church and Ryan “regrets getting married.” Phyllis says they aren’t married and they tell her they got married “a week ago” — I thought I had seen every episode at least five times. How did I miss this? Can someone please clarify? Or is this from an upcoming episode?

  2. WHOA! I had no idea that Mindy was leaving the show…was she just putting it out there about her contract being up, making us think she won’t renew, or has this been known for a while?

  3. Don’t go Mindy! You’re one of the best characters on the show, and probably the best writer.

  4. Pam-That’s either from a future episode or from a deleted scene we’ve not seen yet (but I can’t think of any previous episode this season where that would have fit in either).

    Anyway, Mindy wrote on her Twitter that she’s not leaving the show, just that her contract is up. I’m not sure why she would bring it up if she’s not leaving, but there you go.

  5. The Office + Lakers = my 2 most favorite things in the entire world.

    I absolutely can’t stand the Celtics, but I wonder what Celtics name her parents would’ve given her had she been born a boy.

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