1. Awesome! I love Ed Helms! He’s so funny and seems like an amazingly nice, genuine person. I’m so glad they made him a permanent series regular back in Season 3 – I can’t imagine the Office without Andy.

  2. I second Anthony! My husband and I were thrilled when we aw him included in the opening credits as a regular cast member. The Office without Andy would be a sad place indeed…..

  3. Hahaha!! What an awesome talent. I can’t believe they didn’t give him stranger things to spin, like a coffee mug or some kind of food item. I would go crazy with Ed Helms at a party.

    @Anthony C–you’re absolutely right. As good as season 2 was, I miss Andy in those episodes! It’s like something was missing and we didn’t realize what it was until we had it!

  4. Ed Helms just keeps on surprising me! As all of you have said he’s so talented. What can’t he do?! The guy is amazing and I’m so glad he’s had so much success recently.

    I also found myself missing Andy in Season 2! Now I can’t picture “The Office” without him!

  5. i lovvve ed helms! he is such a perfect addition to the cast!

    i would love to see some of his spinning moves on the show!

  6. He is so talented, it’s getting a little ridiculous.
    I love that he dresses sorta Andy-ish in real life. so cute!

  7. dang, when i read the comments and saw “spinning skills”, i thought you meant like, dj-ing skills.

    holy moly, this is so much better. a couch cushion… i’m impressed.

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