1. well… now i’m curious. dwight choking kevin? and then falling into a dumpster?


  2. Did I just see Daryl and Andy throwing down? I am both excited and a little nervous now.

  3. Oh…my slapstick tolerance is pretty low; hopefully that split second wasn’t representative of the episode.

  4. I love the way Jim says “…but she’s wearing a onesie!” and Kelly and Oscar lean forward all eager.

  5. “she’s wearing a onesie”

    i don’t know why, but that made me laugh so hard

  6. For some reason, I love Oscar’s reaction when Jim tries to show them baby pictures. He’s so eager to see Cecelia. I love how Jim tried to distract them with pictures. so great.

  7. Erin, I agree with you. I would love for Oscar to find somebody (not the evil ‘motel art critic’ Gil) and adopt a little baby. He would be adorable, and I think he could make a great dad, even though that’s not the side of him that you usually see on the show.

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