Ellie Kemper is a comic to watch

Variety has named The Office’s Ellie Kemper (“Erin”) a comic to watch. Here’s an excerpt from her profile:

Ellie Kemper isn’t quite used to the idea that, as of this fall, she’ll be a series regular on one of her favorite shows, “The Office.”

“Being on set is surreal because it’s so familiar to you from TV, and now you’re in it,” muses Kemper, who plays Dunder Mifflin’s naive new receptionist, Erin. “The Internet is actually hooked up, so I sent an email to my mom that said, ‘I’m at Pam’s desk right now!’ It’s unbelievable.”

Link: Ellie Kemper


  1. I love Erin and her bubbly personality!! I am really looking forward to season 6!! :)

  2. She was at her very best on the wonderful “Cafe Disco” episode, and her character looks like it could have some very promising development on the upcoming season!

  3. I’m excited for her! I feel like she’s a really good fit. And I love her and Kelly and the possibility of them being BFFs. Comedy gold.

  4. She is *such* a fan, still calling it Pam’s desk :) Congrats to her on the recognition!

  5. add me to the list of people who love erin. much like andy, i would have never thought the office ensemble needed a new character but as soon as she joined it was like exactly what the show was missing!

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