1. Thanks for the reminder! I literally turned it on right as he was walking on stage. Good interview!

  2. Terrific interview! Love the echelons of nerd-dom! Conan really connects with the Office cast when he interviews them, and the great interaction and the spontaneous hilarious stories that come up are wonderful. Hope, hope, hope Rainn gets that Emmy! He so deserves it.

    (PS I usually hate the intro commercials and ignore/suffer through them, but the Shredded Wheat ad was darn funny!)

  3. oh my god, when i was a kid i was OBSESSED with chitty chitty bang bang. my godbrother and i would watch it every time they came over! walter has good taste!

  4. Oh Rainn,

    You’re mistaken… I was in Model UN during high school (also for the girls) and there are very attractive ones. The ratio was probably 55:45 (guys:girls).

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