1. Wow, that is creepy. I cannot wait. Also, it’s a shame we lose Holly in this episode.

  2. i think that’s andy, and to me, it seems that he’s the cowardly lion…which makes sense: “i’m a really good screamer…”

    and i was wondering if the office was gonna throw in a dark knight reference…i’m just surprised that it’s not dwight in the joker costume. haha

  3. LOVE Creed’s costume! Dwight as a Thundercat ROCKS! Oscar as Uncle Sam, Meredith as a Cheerleader and I noticed Kelly in the background with a blonde wig…and of course, we can’t forget DAVE! :D

  4. Hahaha I love Jim incredibly understated “costumes.” Three hole punch version of himself and now a “Hello my name is” sticker. Awesome. =)

  5. Not sure why my first comment didn’t get posted but WHOMever is right! I totally thought that was Dwight as the Thundercat, but now that I listen to it, it is definitely Andy. Cat costume = major points in Angela’s book. I can’t wait!

  6. Costumes seen in the commercial:
    Creed as the Joker.
    Oscar as Uncle Sam.
    Meredith as a cheerleader.
    Jim as Dave (I don’t get the reference; 2001:ASO comes to mind for some reason.).
    Andy as a ThunderCat (Lion-O?).

    I don’t think we have to guess who the employee being transferred is; but it wouldn’t surprise me if a switcheroo is pulled.

  7. Wow, wow, wow!!!! The Dark Knight was creepy enough, and now I’m going to have nightmares of Creed… So disturbing, and yet so absolutely perfect!!! Creed is the perfect Joker! Brilliant!!!

  8. Yeah I think Andy a cat from the musical, not a Thundercat. His costume looks exactly like the ones we used at our high school production of Cats!

    And Creed as Joker … wow. I can already tell the episode’s going to rock just from that! :D

  9. okay…

    dwight as a thundercat = awesome.

    ANDY as a cat = unexplainable levels of awesomeness

    andy as a cat because angela told him to = I just died of happiness.

  10. Zac, I don’t think there’s a reference…I think Jim’s just going as a guy named Dave. Another minimalist costume, like Three-Hole Punch Jim.

  11. oh my god! creed is so creepy!
    and that’s funny, ’cause i told my brother to be the joker yesterday. :B

  12. What a fitting costume for Creed! And I’m pretty sure that’s Andy in the cat costume. I can’t wait for a dreadful rendition of “Memory” or the like.

  13. I think Caroline at #16 is right, Andy is a cat from the Cats musical– in your Office, singing teh show toonz.

  14. No, I gotta go with Dave over three-hole-punch Jm.
    I’m sorry. That got to me.
    I’m still laughing. :]

  15. If Andy is the “Rum Tum Tugger” from Cats, I’m squeeing like a JAM fan. Just because I’m dorky that way.

  16. I STILL don’t get what “three hole punch” Jim is but that is what I’m going to be for halloween. Who was that as the Joker?

  17. The Office + costumes = I can’t wait for Thursday! This is going to be hysterical! The Joker for Creed couldn’t be more perfect, Jim as “Dave”, Andy as a character from “Cats”… This is going to be amazing!

  18. I also spied Kelly & Ryan in the back there… Kelly is wearing a bright blonde wig. Maybe she’s Britney? ;)

  19. OOOO! I love Office Halloween episodes! Andy looked hysterical. He would dress up as a cat for Angela.

  20. If you look in the background of one scene, you can see Kelly wearing a pale blond messy looking wig.

  21. I had to replay that four times! I’m still laughing!
    You can tell the budget for the show has increased by those costumes FO SHO!


    omg Creed is by far one of the best Joker’s I’ve seen, no joke.

    and was Dwight a thundercat? Homg, that brings back so many memories– please please please writers, make him do the Thunder Cats war cry PLEEEEEEEASE I’ll love yall forever.

    LOL DAVE? Jim’s so lazy, it’s awesome. I’d hate to invite him to my costume parties, just cause I put all this work into a costume that won’t be half as clever as that dude’s X3


    I seriously can’t wait for this Thursday (:

  23. #31 from Randy

    Oh my gosh yes! Oz wore one that said he was God to Willow’s Joan of Arc. LOL

    WOW Creed as the Joker? I’m seriously freaked out by that. *Shivers*

  24. Is Andy dressing like Mr. Mr. Mistoffelees or another character from Cats????

    I bet Angela finds that very erotic.

  25. Anybody who thought that the costume from Cats was a Thundercat costume better not be an 80’s kid…if so, you should be ashamed of yourself.  That looked only very slightly like Lion-O.  Go watch some Thundercats clips on YouTube.  Or watch an episode on DVD. Or get out your action figures.

  26. Oh my God, I haven’t even seen the full episode yet, but I’m ready to declare Creed’s Joker as the funniest moment of the season so far!!!

  27. I hope we get to hear Andy sing something from CATS. I hate the musical, but I love the ‘Nard dog…he is a curious cat.

  28. Looking through the comments, it seems it’s either Dwight as a Thundercat or Andy as Rum Tum Tugger or some other musical cat. I say it’s Andy as Rum Tum Tugger, but that’s not say there isn’t a little Mikado in Dwight or a robot in disguise in Andy.

  29. I just saw another preview on NBC and the only thing that was different was that it showed Kevin also dressing like the Joker and swearing after he saw Creed’s costume (which was much better)

  30. Creepy Creed! I love it! I also love the way Oscar and Meredith were looking at him after he said “Let’s put a smile on that face”. That has got to be the best moment of the season so far.

  31. This looks awesome! I am so happy to see a holiday episode again! Creed is just too realistic as the creepy Joker!

  32. Aww! Kevin looks so cute as the Joker. Like a little kid who got food all over his face. ;)

  33. Sorry guys – don’t get the Jim reference to Dave? Is it an American thing?? Could someone please explain.

    Also who is that talking to Jim – Andy, looks quite different (!).

  34. Tremendous that Angela and Andy are both dressed as cats, in their different ways…(lest we forget that the Angela/Dwight breakup was over a cat!) Now if Dwight would just dress up as Sprinkles…?

  35. I don’t believe ‘Dave’ refers to any particular person. Through any of the halloween office episodes that there have ever been, Jim has never shown as much interest in dressing up as everyone else, so he often just comes up with small things to change about himself so he can say he has a costume. For instance, he once just taped 3 big black circles to his shirt and called himself 3 hole punch Jim. In this, ‘Dave’ is basically him just saying that he is dressing up as a different person, when he is actually just being facetious.

  36. I’m guessing that Creed has never seen the Dark Knight before and his costume is just someone he met in his past.

  37. Man… I don’t know whether to be a ninja or ‘Dave’ for Halloween…

    and I already commented but OMGAWSH I CAN’T WAIT ;O;

    And I think I’m gonna go with whoever said Creed hasn’t watched The Dark Knight– that would be really like The Office writers to have an awkward moment of Creed saying, “What’s the Dark Knight? I wanted to be a clown. *honkhonk*” XD

  38. I am so excited for this episode! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s costumes. And Creed as the joker = hillarious! I loved it when Kevin was upset when he saw that Creed was being the same thing as him! :D

  39. I almost rolled on the floor last night when that promo came on. But it’s funny because I see that Heath Ledger Joker mask everywhere this year and I knew it would be “the costume” this year.

    “Dave” might be a Cheech & Chong reference? As in the routine “Dave’s not here”.

  40. Great Joker!

    My best guess for Jim’s “Dave” is the Kevin Kline film where an “average Joe” masqueraded as the President of the US after the president had a stroke. So he’s an “average Jim” masquerading as an “average Joe”? That’s my best shot.

  41. I think I just found my costume for halloween in Jim’s one….
    BUT Creed’s costume is classic. and so is the “let’s put a smile on that face” quote!

  42. hmm, oscar as uncle sam…I wonder if he is making a political commentary…Anyone catch Meredith’s costume? cheerleader, classic…

  43. Jesus.

    Halpert is supposed to be Dave from the movie “Meet Dave” with the guy from thank you for smoking and D.A. in the dark knight.

  44. That movie was actually called “Meet Bill”. It wasn’t very good. I think Jim is just supposed to be Dave.

  45. Just a possibility, Dave MIGHT be in reference to editor Dave Rogers directing this episode.

  46. Best guess is Jim just made up Dave to screw with Dwight and Andy so they could get mad about how it’s not a real costume, just like he did to Dwight with three hole punch Jim. I don’t think we need to go really deep into analyzing what “Dave” means.

  47. I cannot wait to see Creed as the Joker, he looks so amazing, and poor Kevin his Joker just isn’t good enough!

  48. Creed is amazing. Who wants to place bets on what Michael’s or Dwight’s costume will be?

  49. Um, he’s dressed up as Rum-Tum Tigger from CATS. Once again, proving my theory that Andy will come out of the closet this season.

  50. “Kath & Kim.” Scariest thing I’ve seen concerning Halloween. I wonder how crap like that disguises itself as an entertaining program…

    Creed is the best thing about “The Office,” hands down.

  51. Mike #89- LOL.

    I LOVE Jim’s costume! I wonder what Pam’s will be? A cat again?

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