The Office: Employee Transfer, 5.06

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The Office: Employee Transfer

Writer: Anthony Farrell, Director: Dave Rogers

Summary (NBC): Pam is embarrassed when she is the only person at corporate wearing a costume on Halloween. Holly and Michael take the long trip to Nashua after they get some shocking news from corporate.

The Office Employee Transfer rating

In a poll conducted Oct. 30-Nov 3, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.20/10

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The Office Employee Transfer quotes

Kelly: Who are you, Larry King?

Kelly: Oh, from the insurance commercials.

Creed: Let’s put a smile on that face.

Kevin: Damn it, Creed! I’ve been up since four.

Andy: Sweet ‘stume, dude.

Andy: We were looking for ‘kitten.’

Jim: Hey New York. Happy Halloween.

Pam: And I can’t even take off my hat … because then I’m Hitler.

Darryl: Do not. Touch. My radio.

Dwight: Thought I’d go casual today.

Andy: Take that sweatshirt off!

Dwight: If someone who barely outsells Phyllis can get in, I should be fine.

Dwight: I meant that as a compliment to you, Phyllis, as well as a slight to Andy.

Dwight: If it makes Andy angry, so be it.

Michael/Holly: Life is a highway … I want to ride it all night long.

Dwight: So … how do you think we’re going to do against Penn this year?

Dwight: Without its agricultural program, we probably wouldn’t have cabbage. At least not modern cabbage.

Andy: My blood runs Big Red.

Pam: They’re probably thinking, “That Pam Beesly, she’s the coolest sister-in-law on the planet. She’s the best!” The absolute best.

Jim’s brother: She basically has a hobby for a job.

Holly: You were sleeping? You were talking before.

Michael: Little breakfast place … with really good bacon.

Michael: Here we go. Fourth time’s the charm.

Michael: Are you crying? Allergies?

Michael: Did Darryl touch you?

Michael: I’ve dated almost four women. And you are so far above them, it is stupid.

Holly: Don’t make it harder than it has to be.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Michael: I am not gonna give up that easy. I’m going to make this way harder than it needs to be.

Andy: I seriously doubt that anyone from Cornell dated you.

Creed: It’s pronounced “Colonel.” It’s the highest rank in the military.

Andy: That’s a bobble Big Red Bear!

Michael: Maybe I’ll see an accident one weekend.

Holly: Years of just a few hours every weekend?

Darryl: Clever, Mike.

Michael: We’re like peanut butter and jelly.

Darryl: Please call me back. Please.

Michael: I’m not strong. I’ll go back to Jan, and I hate Jan!

Dwight: The Harmoniacs or the Do-Re-Migos?

Andy: When the hourglass strikes three, then in the room whence employees confer.

Andy: I would say he has none-percent chance.

Andy: Dane Cook, Jack Bauer, and Eli Whitney. You’re doing great.

Andy: Nobody wants that … to happen.

Andy: Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid.

Jim: “Pam cool. Welcome to the family.”

Pam: Hey, how ’bout at Thanksgiving, we prank Tom about being bald?

Michael: I’ll just ride back with you.

Darryl: Breakups hurt.

Darryl: Sometimes when I’m down like this, it helps to sing the blues.

Andy: Bernard Farms. Best beets in the state.

Andy: You’re supposed to cook these, aren’t you.

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  1. Being a Cornell student makes this episode so much better! (And those a capella groups don’t exist, by the way).

  2. A lot going on in this episode (maybe too much). This is one that you kind of have to re-watch.

    Andy and Dwight were very funny, and so was the cold open but after that I don’t know. It just seemed all a mess and the Pam and Jim storyline in this ep really wasn’t all that great.

    I do think the writers did a good job in “ending” Holly and Michael’s relationship. It was sad, but it wasn’t over-done in a way that would make it a HUGE deal and that fans would be extremely upset about.

  3. Did anyone else wonder why Dwight wasn’t suspicious of Andy when he told Dwight that he (Andy) would conduct the interview?

  4. Loved the whole Dwight/Andy/Cornell feud. We haven’t seen a whole lot of interaction between those 2 so that was cool. The interview part with Dwight evaluating Andy as the interviewer had me laughing pretty good. Also Creed as Heath Ledger’s Joker was actually kinda scary!

  5. This episode was hilarious! There were too many funny moments to name, Dwight pulling the desk away from Andy, Michael, Holly & Darryl singing Life is a Highway, Michael randomly screaming. Oh man what an awesome episode.
    Michael and Holly broke my heart though! I’m going to miss Amy Ryan. Her and Michael were perfect for each other! She brought out such an endearing side of Michael.

  6. This was a good (yet sad) episode for plot development.

    I loved the crazy antics of the cold open, but I thought it would last longer.

  7. When Pam showed up on the restaurant did Jim kiss her on the cheek? Come on, if he hasn’t seen her in a while I would expect more. Not sure about these 2.

  8. “ridit-dit-didoo”

    Hahah, awesome handle. I love this episode. Did anyone notice how Jim’s brother (I forget the name) makes the same face that Jim does to the camera? Good stuff!

  9. I loved this episode for many reasons:

    1)Jim being defensive of Pam’s art dreams-adorable!!!
    2)Andy dressing up as a cat from ‘Cats’
    3)Andy’s line, “that’s a bobble Big Red Bear!”
    4)Pretty much all of the costumes, and the continuity with Angela wearing the same cat costume she did in season 2
    5)”Don’t make it harder than it has to be.” “Fine. That’s what she said.”
    6)”I seriously doubt that anyone from Cornell dated you.”

  10. I don’t get it why… why do shows get us so hooked like that. I really wanted to see something well to happen with Michael and Holly. It just blows now to see that she is probably gone. In reality Michael would have not let her leave no matter what. Finding someone with such a compatible personality… rare and once you find it never let it go.

    Oh well lose to win. I guess since we lose Holly we can now look for forward seeing Jim and Pam.

  11. This episode reminded me a lot of Product Recall. The Dwight-Andy interaction was a lot like Jim and Dwight in Product recall, especially the role reversal in the tag. Other parallels include Michael and Darryl on a road trip and the singing in the car.

  12. My only real problem with this episode is that it seemed like Dwight was totally out of character. I mean without Michael or Jim there, he was in charge of the office. He didn’t act that way at all, which is what you’d expect.

    This is the first ep of the season that I’m going to rate lower than an 8.

  13. Anytime we get a “TWSS” it is all worth it.

    I loved the ending where Angela gave Andy the look that said, “what a loser”. Dwight rocked this episode.

  14. Sorry. The Michael-Darryl road trip was The Negotiation. Still had a season 3 feel though.

  15. #12 Penn Stater
    Perhaps he is not a big fan of PDA? (He did kiss her twice at the office while others were there.) Or perhaps it was because his brothers were there. IMO there would be nothing wrong with a quick kiss. Just a couple of possibilities.

  16. A pretty good episode. My fave part was when Darryl and Michael were driving back and “singing” the blues. Michael just didn’t get it – but that part when he really tried to belt out the NA NA NA NA’s and his voice cracked was HYSTERICAL!

    Amy Ryan – we will miss you! When she started crying in the truck – WOW!

  17. I agree completely, shut it (#10). This episode had me laughing consistently while also delivering some tear-evoking moments with Holly and Michael.

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the season so far. Great job, writers!

  18. “So sad, so sad,
    Sometimes he feels so sad,
    Alone in an apartment he dwells,
    ‘Til the girl of his dreams comes and breaks the spell,
    Ahhh, stay,
    Don’t stand him up,
    And she comes, and she stays,
    But she leaves the next day,
    So sad,
    Sometimes he feels so sad.”

    Stay strong, Michael, stay strong.

  19. So so episode.

    Thought Halloween scene was funny. Kelly kills me.
    JAM was okay.
    Great to see Dwight and Andy spar – always fun.
    Michael and Holly had some moments but could have been handled better.

  20. I’m not going to do a fanboy rant. I’m not going to make outlandish statements about how the show is ruined forever. I’m not going to insult the writers. I think it’s the funniest show on TV and I think the staff is fantastic.

    But I say this out of love: if the showrunners happen to be reading this, please, never do an episode like this again. Learn from its mistakes. And since you guys know a lot more than I do, I’ll let you decide what those mistakes were.

  21. When I saw that Creed was the Joker in the first promo, I told my boyfriend, “If the writers were really in touch with pop culture, there would be at least three people dressing up as Joker, because that’s what is really going to happen this Halloween – that will be everyone’s costume.” I TOTALLY called it.

  22. Like I expected, their relationship didn’t end on the Michael-Carol note, thank God. But seriously, Michael should have stayed. I felt really sad for Holly. I was praying for Michael to ask Darryl to turn around.

    Anyway, on the brighter side, the one brother giving the standard Jim Halpert look to the camera was priceless. It runs in the family, I guess.

  23. I liked the episode, too, but it did seem like Dwight was way out of character. Usually he is the one saying something really dorky like what Andy said about the hourglass and meeting in the conference room. Also, during Crime Aid, you’d think that Dwight would do more since when Phyllis got flashed he went all out trying to find who it was. I know they’re focusing on the Angela/Dwight storyline, but they can balance it out and make him true to himself. His prank reminded me of something Jim might do to get under Dwight’s skin. Maybe he’s learning?

  24. This was the worst episode ever.

    The Dwight/Andy scenes were the only passable parts, and that whole storyline was just recycled from season 3. Everything else was garbage. The stuff with Pam, Jim, and his brothers was just painful to watch.

  25. I nearly died of laughter when Andy said “Sweet ‘stume dude.” It was the perfect line for him.

  26. I don’t know if there are any 30 Rock fans out there, but in Season 1 there was a rival story line EXACTLY like this. The two characters dressed alike and fought over Harvard, which just happens to be in the ivy league.

    This is just an observation, but as a fan of both shows, I feel like this some shady business…

  27. Okay, Am I the only one who thinks there is still a possibility of Amy Ryan coming back? Or am I just having false hope?

    Anyway…I really liked this episode, I didn’t love it, but I liked it.

  28. I really loved this episode! I couldn’t stop laughing! The only part I didn’t like was the Jim/Pam stuff…

  29. I thought this was a great episode and I have loved the whole season. I loved that Michael finally said he hated Jan, but I am sad that Holly is gone. Also, I am ready for Pam to come back to Scranton!!!!!!

  30. Loved the Andy/Dwight interaction. But come on, JAM in a long distance relationship, and all we get is a kiss on the cheek and “Hey, how are ya, good to see you” from Jim to Pam. How unrealistic. Can’t believe his brothers were such lame pranksters.

    I really liked the Holly character, but that plotline ate up so much time in this season‘s episodes. Can’t wait for things to get back to normal-or at least for all regular characters to be back in the same town !

  31. I think the Halpert bros displayed the worst guest star acting on The Office ever…not sure what was the point of introducing them to us, made you wish Jim was an only child.

    Cold open was hysterical on so many levels.

  32. I haven’t watched the episode yet (I search for spoilers, so reading all the other comments don’t bother me at all), but based off of y’all, I think that the writers had Holly around for a little to show Michael that there is someone out there for him besides people like Jan and Carol. I don’t think we have seen the end of Holly, but for now, we will get back the crazy boss we love.

  33. Come on guys, this was the best episode of the season! So much better than last week.

  34. Do you remember when you were a kid, and Christmas Day was sooooooo awesome, but a couple of days later there was this kind of depressed, let-down feeling because it was all over?

    Amy Ryan/Holly Flax = Christmas Day

    No Amy Ryan/Holly Flax = A couple of days later

  35. From what it seems I will have to disagree with most people here.. I loved the Jim/Pam story line this week.. Jim’s brothers were probably the second funniest story line tonight!! With Jim being such a great prankster, you would have thought that they would be too, but I loved that the writers made them bad at it, Great Irony! Great Stuff guys!

  36. also, it may have been part of the end of Goodbye Toby. Without Toby leaving, the elaborate party wouldn’t happen, and the events that transpired wouldn’t have necessarily happened. Plus Amy Ryan was awesome, who’s to blame the Office staff for writing her character in a few more episodes than just the season finale and changing out the character for the season opener? The Office staff have done a brilliant job! (Now, if NBC can post the video sooner …)

  37. I am so bummed about Michael and Holly. I almost cried. How to we get her back???

    Also, Jim’s brother is a Mets fan. That was the exact moment I knew he was bad news.

  38. This is my least favorite episode of the season. Aside from the cold open which was hilarious, the rest of the episode fell flat. The Halpert brothers were horrific.

  39. I think that Sir Lemming #26 may have summed this episode up for me.

    The cold open was wonderful. It was classic “Office”, but the rest fell flat for me. It’s sad to see Michael lose Holly, but not seeing more connection with Jim and Pam is disappointing. Also, there is too much second tier character action here. I adore Phyllis and Angela, Oscar and Kevin, but they’ve dominated. Enough with Dwight and Andy for a while. I’d love to see the writers turn up the gas on the Jim and Pam story now. And I agree with some here. I saw some rehash from various other episodes. However, I will say, Michael broke my heart.

  40. Great episode, totally loved Ryan as Gordon Gekko. Darryl and Michael singing the blues was probably amongst my all time favorite moments (however, is it just me or did that scene look digitally altered to look like it was darker outside?). I could have lived without the additional Halpert brothers, too obnoxious to be related to Jim…

  41. Wow… I was totally disappointed by the Jim/Pam storyline. That’s a first for me in Office-land. What was the point of any it? Why were Jim’s brothers such jerks?

  42. I don’t know if it’s the storylines or that every episode of this season, besides the premiere, was written by new writers, but the feel of the show has changed, a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show, but I don’t think it will ever have that Season 1 & 2 magic again. Pam having dreams has kind of screwed with the brilliance of the Jim/Pam prank dynamic that was pure comedy gold. Although, I suppose that she could always end up returning to the receptionist gig if, as Jim’s brother’s pointed out, the whole ‘art’ thing doesn’t work out.

    The Joker opening was great, Dwight/Andy Cornell gag was great, but it was a take off of a 30 Rock episode, the rest of the episode was ho-hum.

  43. I think I laughed more than necessary at Andy’s line: “Applicant’s head is shaped like a trapezoid.”

  44. So sad! I think this episode shows why Steve Carell is one of the best actors on TV or anywhere else. It was so sad when that tear rolled down his cheek. Wow.
    I also loved the part when Michael, Holly and Darryl were bopping to “Life is a Highway”. Awesome. Also when Stanley was wearing that lizard mask. Loved it. Show some LOVE for the Office! Don’t be a hater.

  45. I really don’t understand the negative reactions to this episode. Dwight vs Andy was GOLD, Michael/Holly was heartbreaking, and Jim/Pam were completely and utterly adorable. Andy getting ready to yell at Dwight coming out of the bathroom, only for Stanley to be the Manley and back Boner Champ down was HILARIOUS. Dwight and Andy tussling over who controls the table was HILARIOUS. Michael and Holly singing together, and Darryl actually joining in, was GENIUS. This was a fantastic episode!!! “Not enough Jim/Pam connection?” What about Jim instinctually JUMPING TO PAM’S DEFENSE? What about Pam’s wisecrack about the bald brother? The chemistry is undeniable.

  46. Did I miss something with this episode? I enjoyed it, but I didn’t understand the transition from Halloween in the cold opening to the rest of the show. It seemed completely separate to me and a bit out of place.

  47. Re: comment 60
    I totally agree! I loved tonight’s episode. People are being way too critical of it. Pam and Jim can’t be all over each other all the time and I don’t think Dwight was out of character either. He’s always been obsessed with power, especially over Andy.

  48. Okay, wow. This was pretty bad. Did anything even happen besides horrible guest star acting and stupid drama?

    The only funny part of this whole episode: “It’s pronounced colonel; it’s the highest rank in the military.”

  49. didn’t like the brothers at all, but loved that one of them did the “jim” camera look just before jim did…lol. apparently it runs in the family.

    btw, loved the andy/dwight stuff. dwight’s head may be shaped like a trapezoid, but he is awesome!

  50. I miss Holly already… :( That was seriously SO sad when they had to “break-up”! Poor Michael! I am really hoping the writers find a way to bring them back together…and I love that Michael admitted that he’s not strong enough to not go back to Jan. It’s always good to see that he’s somewhat self-aware.

  51. This episode wasn’t my favorite, but I did like it a lot. The line “Did Darryl touch you?” made me die laughing. And when Jim’s obnoxious bro gave the patented Halpert look, I cracked up, even if they were acting like complete jerks.

  52. Honestly? Ryan and Kelly were my favorite part of the episode. :-P Hah. I LOVE how he swooped in and wrapped his arms around her and took her to the fax machine. The Halloween bit was cute – I was glad they included that without making it the whole episode. M/H was so dang sad and sweet. The rest was so-so. Loved Jim’s bro giving the “look” to the camera.

  53. It seemed like the theme of this episode was cruelty, the worst of it being the writers for bringing in the Holly character–only to break the hearts of the audience a few weeks later. Amy is obviously fantastic, but they should have had someone who could have stayed. It was nice to see Michael in a healthy relationship and it ended far too soon.
    All that aside–I still love The Office writers!

  54. This episode didn’t really do it for me. Not the worst, but not that great either. Too much going on at once and it’s a little too fast paced. The show is better when the pace is slower and the humor is more subtle. I just watched the prime time preview excerpt from the season 3 dvd and it was hilarious, it wasn’t really about anything and it was great, I suggest watching it if you haven’t already. Just in the office random things and it all worked

  55. 2nd ep in a row I did not find very funny. I thought it was more sad than anything. But I guess that was what they were aiming for, sort of an awkward sad feeling, so in that sense the ep was a success.

    A few things I didn’t understand and will probably get when I watch again, but in any case if you can answer would help,

    -Why was Daryl driving them? Did he get paid for it or something.

    -Was Holly originally from New Hampshire? If so why did it seem like she had no idea how far she was going away?

    -Why didn’t Michael fight more for Holly? It doesn’t seem to fit his character. I don’t know I kept expecting Michael to do something else and he just sort of stayed in the car, kind of in shellshock.

    -Is it me or is Dwight getting fat? If so what’s that about, are they trying to say he’s depressed or something.

  56. While not my favorite episode, I personally think this episode was as good as Michael’s breath..”Good, not great” :)

  57. I have to say, it was nice hearing Michael say that he hated Jan out loud. I don’t know why but that totally made my day. But then my heart got crushed when Holly and Michael gave each other a goodbye hug at the end.

    *cries* I’m going to miss Holly. In fact I miss her already.

  58. I’m pretty much convinced that the prank that was pulled in New York was by Jim’s brothers on Pam, and they’d planned it with each other before they met to plan a prank with Pam. The whole text message congratulating her at the end and all was their way of showing that she passed the test.

    Pam: “They came up with that idea really fast.”

  59. Maybe Michael and Holly will hook up for good in the series finale. I know that’s a cliched sitcom ending, but still.

  60. 3 story lines (boring ones at that) at once was too much. Jim’s brother looked like he could be his father. Why did they have to ruin Jim and Pam? Season 2 now playing on TBS. It’s like two different shows.

  61. Yeah the funniest things were Pam’s costume and Michael saying “what’s wrong did Daryl touch you when holly was crying.” lol, has me laughing right now actually, other than that, not a funny episode. But now that it is sinking in more and more I’m getting the feeling it was meant to not be so funny, more awkward and sad than funny.

  62. Fact: The ending of Michael and Holly was probably my least favorite moment in the history of this show.
    Fact: I will forever mourn the end of my beloved MOLLY.
    Fact: I am crying right now.
    Fact: If they don’t bring her back a lot of people will be very unhappy.

  63. Wow! Am I the only one who really enjoyed – as in, abso-freakin-lutely LOVED – the Dwight/Andy storyline? The episode could’ve been 22 minutes of them and I would’ve loved it. Rainn and Ed were superb.

  64. Meh, it was just all right. But I can’t dislike an episode of The Office. I’ve never not watched an episode more than at least a dozen times. I just can’t help it. Even the so-so ones are still better than anything I ever could have come up with. Or most of other television for that matter. :D

  65. One of my favorite episodes, hands down. The Dwight/Andy interaction was great, the cold open (especially Pam) was hilarious, Darrel and the truck ride, Creed, Kelly….Just awesome. I will miss Holly but the writers did an excellent job with the relationship. And Jim and Pam are going to be just fine. :)

  66. I now have “Life is a Highway” stuck in my head!!

    That was a really good episode!! My fav of the season is still baby shower :)

  67. Not funny?? I thought quite the opposite! I really feel like they’re coming back to the “classic” feel of Season 2, while still moving plot along. I was sad to see Holly go :( but I was dying of laughter from the very begining with Creed being…. Creed… all the way until the end when Andy came in dressed like a “Beet Farmer”. Classic! :)

  68. I realized I want to make one qualifying statement about my earlier comments: I loved the cold open. That was classic Office stuff. The rest… I’m not saying out-of-office can’t be good, because Dinner Party was great, but I think either the wrong characters were put together or they were just not in situations that allowed funny stuff to happen… something like that. Again, I don’t know exactly what was wrong, I just know I wasn’t laughing, or even caring about most of it. It was far from unwatchable, but it wasn’t entertaining or satisfying.

  69. I for one really loved this episode. From Stanley’s mask to “modern cabbage” to poor, poor Darryl, I laughed my face off. I can see how some people might not be too big a fan of the three story lines at once, but all the hilarious Andy/Dwight interaction made up for it. Writers, keep it coming!

  70. I thought this was a good episode…why so much hate towards it???
    Also Creed scared the freak outta me…

  71. If this was an hour episode, all these story lines would’ve worked. I was all excited about seeing a Halloween episode and it was over in a minute. There were too many storylines in this show. It could’ve worked much better had each been extended.

    Not a fan of the family meeting with Pam. This did not reflect true “Office” style and really didn’t add to the Pam and Jim relationship.

  72. I feel like this episode was just sad. It’s as if every storyline had a sad ending (even Dwight still not being with Angela).

    And being a JAM fan, I felt that the whole exchange was just strange.. and his brothers didn’t even look like him!

  73. #58 farmgirl:

    Great observation! I had not thought about where Jim had to be travelling to watch his nephew play. When it was mentioned in “Weight Loss” I naturally assumed it had to be close for Jim to be able to go to the game after work. Perhaps Boston and New Jersey were chosen as homes for his brother since one of John Krasinski’s brothers lives in Boston and his other brother lived in NYC at one point.

  74. I loved this ep…steve singing/crying at the end is for sure one of the best parts!! and I LOVED the Dwight/Andy storyline!! I know that it might have seemed too busy for some people with the 3 storylines, but I really liked it, it seems more realistic in the way that lots can happen at once. I know, it’s just a TV show, but it is The Office, and I’m commenting on OfficeTally…read: we’re allowed to over-analyze here! haha
    anyways, loved it to bits! “When the hour glass strikes three, then in the room wince employees confer.” HAHA

  75. I don’t know if it’s just because I love this show, but I loved the episode. This episode did what it was supposed to: exit Holly, and did it in a great way that was gut wrenching to the highly invested viewers. This episode had its drama effect, which is important in any TV show (because it can’t be all funny, otherwise it runs dry … fast.). The comedy was comedic relief that did its job tenfold (i.e. the Creed colonel moment and Michael’s accusation of Darryl). (Synopsis continued in next post)

  76. Continued: The episode struck a great balance and at the end, I laughed, sighed, I felt exhausted as a viewer at the end. The most emotionally exhausting point in the episode on the way back was when Steve Carell does an amazing job conveying his grief about Holly. As a guy, I didn’t cry, but I felt very sad for him at that moment. I personally tried not to grow attached to the great pairing of Michael and Holly because I knew Amy Ryan had shot her 6 or so episodes… but I ended up enjoying something going well for Michael.

  77. I loved this episode! My favorite of the season. I agree, everyone is being too critical. I just wish there was more Halloween. The transition was very unclear.

  78. Surprised no one noticed this: The bald brother gave a Jim look too when he hugged Pam when the four were together. Re-watch it and enjoy! Although they were atrocious actors.

  79. This was my least favorite episode of the Season. It was too scattered and too fast-paced. I love Holly, but I don’t like the way they’ve treated the Michael-Holly relationship. First Michael asks her at the end of 1 episode, then they are dating/having sex in the next and then they are breaking up in the one after that. I’ve been waiting a long time for Michael to have a genuine love interest…they sort of messed this one up. Drag it out a little more.

  80. It was okay. Nothing incredibly special, but it was okay. I laughed a lot, but that’s not saying much because I laugh at everything.

    I thought Jim’s brothers were awful, and I wish we had gotten to see a different side of them, or just none at all. Michael and Holly were the new JAM for me, and now Holly is gone which is really disappointing. And there doesn’t seem to be much hope for a reuniting of Dwight and Angela in the near future. Plus there weren’t any other characters featured except for Andy and Daryl. More Phyllis, Kelly, Creed, and Ryan plz.

    I don’t know. It was just a disappointing week. Hopefully next Thursday will be better.

  81. Is it just me or was the funniest part in this episode was when Kevin saw Creed’s costume and pushed Angela out of the way?? LOL.

  82. I thought the episode was very sad. I think people need to stop hating because if every episode was the same, critics would say that The Office has no depth. Sometimes a little change is good. Very cool episode. Love Darryl in this episode. Nice to see more of him. Let’s sing the blues. Dah na na na na.

  83. #58 & #91

    I’m not from the area, so I’m not exactly sure on the geography, but i was thinking new jersey would kinda be in between Scranton and NYC, so Jim going to see his nephew wouldn’t be that unbelievable, right?

  84. As an graphic design student in art school .. I know exactly how Pam felt. I’ve heard really similar things when some of my friends “joke around.”

    This episode was not the worst but it wasn’t that great either. We’ll see how I feel after a second watching. I think my number one issue was the entire Michael/Holly thing was handled strangely. Especially because at first when she started crying I thought she was laughing. It just seems very disconnected from the last episode. Also again there were a lot of characters lost in the background – the whole focus was on Michael/Holly, Jim/Pam, and Dwight/Andy.

  85. I enjoyed Dwight’s strategy to try to break Andy. It’s nice how Jim & Pam continue to navigate situations together — I hope Pam is back in The Office soon. And as for Michael & Holly — sort of a quick end to what seemed to be a love connection. Oh well, it’s probably back to out-of-control Michael. Game on!

  86. Creed, that was creepier than Heath Ledger’s Joker. And that’s saying a lot.

    You gotta admit, although there are still some duds so far like maybe this episode, Season 5 is shaping out to be much better than 4.

  87. My only issue with this episode was that there was way too much that happened over a longer period. I would have far preferred if it had all taken place in the same day, like the Season 2 Halloween episode.

  88. I seriously spent the whole day excitedly waiting for The Office (like I usually do on Thursdays) but also not wanting 9PM to come, if that makes sense. Because the writers have given us such a wonderful character in Holly, & knowing that this was her last episode. Her goodbye hug w/Michael & Michael crying on the way home made me want to cry along w/them. I am happy though, that Michael got a healthy relationship for once.

    Enough sadness, on to other favorite moments:
    1) Everyone’s Halloween costume, esp. Ryan’s Gordon Gekko, Pam’s Charlie Chaplin/Hitler & not 1, not 2, but 3 Jokers =)
    2) Michael, Holly & Darryl singing “Life Is a Highway”
    3) Michael: “Did Darryl touch you?” Darryl: “WHAT?!”
    4) Creed saying Colonel was the highest rank in the military
    5) Dwight vs. Andy
    6) Michael waking up from his nap in the car – heehee, for some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing at that.

  89. WOW, I really don’t like how negative so many people are being of this episode. It had some really great and endearing laugh out loud moments. I especially don’t understand the cruelty towards the guest actors who played the Halpert brothers. Their “Jim Face” to the camera made me actually stop and rewind just so I could see it again. It was wonderful! I really wish that everyone who is being so critical of the show tonight would stop and remember what it was like during the strike when we had NO new episodes of The Office to talk about, and be thankful for what we have now. I loved it, and I think the entire episode was wonderful!

  90. I don’t know how anyone could say this was worse than “Baby Shower”. Any episode without Jan is a great episode.

    That being said, I’ve watched it twice now, and laughed harder the second time around. I really enjoyed the cold open and both the Dwight/Andy and Michael/Darryl story lines. Darryl calling his friend from the car was the funniest thing in the episode (I have so been there).

    As for the comments about Jim and Pam not acting affectionate enough, I know that if I were going out to dinner with my boyfriend’s family, it would be uncomfortable for me to be all over him in front of them. I think their lack of affection is more of a courtesy, because obviously, we have seen them become increasingly more touchy in front of the cameras.

  91. This was pretty disappointing. The cold opening was good and I liked the Life Is A Highway bits. But the Andy/Dwight scenes were so-so and I really disliked Jim’s brothers. Michael and Holly broke my heart. I knew it was coming but it was so sad. If the writers don’t get them back together I’ll be seriously pissed. Also, Steve Carell’s acting in this episode was excellent. That scene at the end with Darryl and Michael was really touching too.

  92. I forgot Andy mentioning Jack Bauer. That put a big smile on my face…The Office & 24, my 2 favorite shows =)

  93. Such a great episode! So heartfelt with Michael and Holly, and Dwight and Andy…There are no words!!

  94. So when are they going to address the fact that Pam has been gone for over 3 months now? Just one line would do it. Either mention when she is coming back or say that she decided to stay longer. For some reason, this is bothering me.

  95. Lots of funny moments, but together a mess. As much as I was looking forward to seeing the Halpert brothers, the story line just seemed out of place in this episode . Did you notice the similarities to past seasons, 3 Jokers (3 cats, Season 2) and Dwight imitating Andy (Jim imitating Dwight, season 3)? I absolutely can’t wait for the Dwight/Andy showdown. Now that, will be epic.

  96. I could hardly pay attention to the episode, I was laughing so hard at the blood drive poster! AWESOME!

  97. I can’t deny there were funny parts, especially laughed at Dwight/Andy and there were some good awkward parts, but it just didn’t feel like an office episode (well it felt like a season 4/5 episode, which is to say not like The Office at all). The most redeeming thing about this episode was the lack of Jan. She has (like many characters on the show) become a caricature, not realistic, not relatable, only mildly amusing, and not in keeping with The Office tone.

  98. This episode felt really choppy to me. First it was Hallowe–Oops! now it’s the next day. Plus, I was really aggravated with the fact that the Cornell plot was done last year on 30 Rock, complete with dressing up as a student from another school, raving about the activities they participated in, and the actual student turning the tables by dressing up as the fake student. I think this was the first time I disliked an episode and it was the first time when I thought an episode was highly unoriginal (with the exception of the pilot, but that’s because it was intended to be strikingly similar to the original).

    It’s The Office, so I know it will be back to old form next week, but I was really frustrated today.

  99. ALSO- best cold open of the season thus far. IN fact, the only good one, IMO thus far this season.

    “I am going to make this pencil disappear.” Best movie of the summer and the best cold open of the season.

  100. I also think it should be made clear that the problem I have- and what I get the feeling a lot of people have- is not with this episode specifically, it’s with the whole turn of The Office really since season 3/4. The Office was great because of the little, real, relatable moments, and now they are few and far between. Last week’s episode restored my faith, and though this episode wasn’t quite as broad and ridiculous as sumo suits and a watermelon baby, it did squash my hope that we were headed back to the subtle and the mundane that made this SHOW SO EFFING GREAT!

  101. Anyone saying this show wasn’t funny. Run down the lists of hilarious moments people are citing and give me a good explanation why even one of those moments wasn’t funny.

    ? I will wait, naturally, and Im’ genuinely curious.

  102. I read that the Holly/Michael story felt disconnected, but didn’t feel that way myself. It felt very natural to me, like two people in love but not together long enough to say it (dang P.C. societal rules) would feel when they go from together to so completely removed in less than a week, and so willing to deny it.

    Dwight and Andy, with Dwight moving the table to maintain a position of control, highlighted the episode.

    And, the Jim/Pam/brothers dinner felt DOCUMENTED as opposed to perfectly scripted, which is how it SHOULD FEEL, so I loved it. This was the first episode in a while that felt like the mockumentary the show was in its prime of season two, though the whole season thus far has been STRONG.

  103. Horrendous. This should have been two episodes or an hour episode. The Halloween opening showed such potential but then it all fell apart. 1) Holly & Michael storyline was confusing and gut wrenching. 2) Andy is Dwight’s admissions guy? 3)Jim’s Brothers? On what level was that to be funny? The whole thing was a mess.

  104. I’m surprised by all of the negativity towards this episode… I quite liked it! Not as much as last week perhaps, but last week was pretty darn close to perfection.

    So who else thought Ryan was dressed as Lumbergh from Office Space before he said he was Gordon Gekko??

  105. My stupid DVR decided not to record last night, so I read all the comments and thought I was going to hate it when I finally got to watch it online. BUT, I thought it was actually pretty funny. The cold open was gold! Dwight and Andy were hilarious (reminded me of the interview from The Job) and anytime Creed opens his mouth, I die laughing. I will agree that I was totally put off by Jim’s brothers. How can he possibly be related to them? I loved watching him defend Pam. And my heart breaks for Michael. It was sad, but I do like how they left it, wondering if they really broke up or not. I guess I felt a little glimmer of hope that they left things that way in case she does come back. All I know is, I can be pretty crabby in the morning and I laughed my butt off.

  106. This was the worst episode of the season, IMO. Especially disappointing when last week’s Crime Aid was so excellent.

    I don’t understand why we didn’t see more Angela, with Dwight and Andy going at it.

    I completely don’t get why Jim’s brothers were introduced. What was the point of all that? Also, I have to agree that for the first time ever on this show, casting for the brothers was bad. There was absolutely no sense that those two had a connection to each other, or to Jim.

    On the plus side, I thought Steve was incredible in this episode.

    I’m not worried, next week will be awesome again!

  107. 3 plots are always too crowded on a 30 minute show. Having said that: 1-Loved Andy’s Cornell bit, maybe the best this season 2-M & H, we knew it was coming. I did like the end when Michael left with Darryl because that chapter is now put to bed. TWSS. 3-J & P, dull, just like all season (but I would still be stricken if they broke up.)

  108. This episode was very 50/50. On the negative side it felt a bit too busy and I really hated that the Halloween bit only lasted the opening. I remember the past Halloween episodes where it lasted the whole day and that made it really fun. Jim’s brothers were a bit odd no doubt, but something about the awkwardness made it perfect for the Office. As for the positives, the whole Cornell bit had me in stitches especially when they fought over the table. Three characters as the joker was hysterical. The Holly/Michael thing, I was actually genuinely sad for them, very well done scene. It was an alright episode, could have been much worse.

  109. Not my favorite episode. For some reason, I didn’t laugh nearly as much as I normally do.

  110. This was right down there with Phyllis’ Wedding, in my mind.

    Jim’s brothers? What can I say that hasn’t been said? They shouldn’t have made them complete tools, that would have been a good start. I think it’s safe to say that plot line fell flat.

    Kelly as Carrie? Fantastic? This is the kind of stuff they need to be doing. I’m not sure why Mindy Kaling’s being so underutilized this season.

    Personaly, I’m glad Holly’s leaving, because the show works well with Steve Carrell in smaller doses. Where Holly is, Michael is, so, with Holly gone, Michael may get toned back down.

    This show really needs to go back to its roots and just mine humor out of subtle situations. Are the writers now so famous that they’re unable to imagine normal office life?

  111. I really liked this episode! I’m so sad Holly is gone. And everyone’s costumes were SO awesome! Kelly’s Carrie Bradshaw cracked me up…and I just adore Kevin. :)

    I feel bad for Michael, although it did make me laugh when he said he’d have to go back to Jan and he hates Jan haha. I hope he doesn’t get back together with her…eek.

    And PLEASE bring Pam back! I’m sick of this NYC crap. And what was with the kiss on the cheek for Jim?!?!?! She should be jumping for joy that she gets to see her fiance. I hope their relationship isn’t fizzling out.

  112. i was kinda upset with jim’s brothers. i thought that they would be seamlessly funny like jim is but they weren’t. and then they started to break at the end…that was just weird and kinda fake. but i did like that one of them looked at the camera like jim does. thought that was good.

  113. I was disappointed that we didn’t see more “Halloween” antics like we did in the Season 2 episode. The scenes with Jim’s brothers were not enjoyable to watch at ALL. I think all of that should’ve been cut! I loved the costumes, especially Creed as the joker!

  114. This was my favorite episode since The Injury. I thought it was more like how The Office started out originally–awkward, hilarious, awkward, heartfelt, awkward, angsty. The fact that Jim’s brothers were jerks is great–another of one of Jim’s (too few) flaws.

  115. I love love LOVE that Jim Halpert has just been confirmed as the Best Prankster in his Family.

    No question.

  116. # 104, and 106 I totally agree with you.

    They handled the break-up really horribly in my opinion and made it weird for them to be around each other.
    And they made it seem like Michael and Holly were gonna be the loves of each other’s lives, but then they ended it so quickly. I was very disappointed in the way that the break-up was handled last night.
    Like I get that they were only dating for a few weeks (in which we only got to see 2 days of), but I just think that there should have been more.
    As much of a major Michael/Holly shipper as I have been since “Goodbye, Toby”, I was really just overall left unsatisfied with the ending of MOLLY.
    All I can say is that they better not reunite Jan and Michael or else I will be really fuming.

  117. Good not great, Both me and my wife are really feeling let down this season. Not the same vibe from season 2 that got us hooked.

    And I though Ryan was dressed up like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.

  118. They should have never introduced Holly in the first place. What was all that about? Just to have another guest star. I loved her relationship with Michael, but it has all been happening much too fast. Their relationship had to last longer than those 6 episodes (well actually just 2 where they were actually dating). The last episode was great (relationship-wise), this episode we had to pay the price. I just hope Michael won’t be affected by this any longer. Keep Andy and Dwight going and JAM is developing great too.

  119. I think the writers were deliberately trying to show the Halpert brothers as jerks, to reveal why Jim is sensitive, isn’t ambitious and has a low tolerance for dumb behavior. It pains me to say that I felt the scene wasn’t executed well. I wanted more scenes at the restaurant, with some kind of talking head from Jim giving us the impression that either a) He’s not close to his brothers, or b)He dreads seeing them due to their behavior.

    As the 21 minute timer was ticking, they kept focusing on Michael/Holly and Dwight/Andy. So much wasted time. It doesn’t hurt to show us more Jim and Pam. I’d also like to see more Jim growth. There were wasted opportunities so far.

    But even when “The Office” isn’t at its top game, it’s still the best show around.

  120. I am a big fan of the show. However, something is going wrong in the writers room. The Halloween opening just dropped and we suddenly were in another day – I, at least, didn’t make the jump. Then fitting 3 separate plots into a 30 minute show is too much. Too disjointed. Not sure what’s going on, but wanted to throw in my opinion. I’m a faithful follower. . . still.

  121. It was an excellent episode overall, but the Michael and Holly storyline was simply heartbreaking…I want Amy Ryan back desperately. Her performance was too good, too attaching, for a mere guest star role. Michael deserves to be happy. Writers, please, please bring Holly back. Every office episode without her in it feels incomplete now.

  122. Creed’s “Let’s put a SMILE on that face!” and Dwight’s Joker costumes pretty much made it for me. My only disappointment with the episode was that Halloween was contained within the cold open, I would have loved to see Creed and Dwight spit out lines from The Dark Knight all day.

  123. I don’t normally post, but I just have to throw out my support for this episode. I loved it! I laughed, my family laughed….I was just so happy we had some scenes with Jim and Pam! And, in regards to Jim’s brothers punking Pam…when my extended family met my husband while we were dating they made fun of him constantly and kept asking him if he were tough enough to be in the family…he just gave it right back and they love him! So I totally get the Jim/Pam/brothers story line. Plus, we know so little about Jim’s family that it was great to see some of it.
    Also, I was very proud of Dwight this episode. It’s kind of like he and Andy have become the new Jim and Dwight (for different reasons)…ahh, evolution, it happens.
    Call me crazy, but I loved this episode!

  124. First, hats off to you, #24, Andrew (the fifteen year old), because you wrote out the lyrics to a Paul McCartney song! Second, I can’t believe people didn’t like this episode. I thought it was hilarious. Sure, the Halpert brothers were jerks, and that part may have been weak, but I was laughing throughout the whole thing. You weren’t? Really? Poor Michael. And Creed sure is the creepiest guy ever. He really sealed that one this week.

  125. This was the worst episode I have ever seen. You would think Jim’s brothers would be gentlemen and nice, seeing as the way Jim always is. Why couldn’t they be normal? They always act like everyone has to be idiots… Doesn’t make sense to me. Dwight and Andy weren’t funny at all, and Michael and Holly could’ve had a way better relationship. They ruined it.

  126. I thought the opening was one of the funniest! When Pam said “Or else I am Hitler” I just burst out laughing! It had to be one of the best this season and it gives me hope for the rest of series five.

  127. Loved the episode! Kinda wish the Halloween thing would have lasted through out instead of just the opening, but it was still hilarious. Did anyone else notice the lack of TH’s? I think there were one or two at the beginning and then none. Almost made it seem like a regular sitcom. But still my 3rd favorite this season.

  128. I am surprised at how polarizing the episode is. I thought the cold open was one of the greatest of all time and the Andy-Dwight interactions were phenomenal. From a comedy standpoint, the episode is greatness. I thought the dramatic aspect is where this episode suffers. I don’t buy the manner in which Holly and Michael broke up. But this show is a comedy and I rate it primarily by whether it makes me laugh! For laughs, I gave it an A+.

  129. I really liked the Halloween part. Stanley was my favorite. Kelly was a close second. I’m disappointed that Michael didn’t dress up. I didn’t care for the Jim & Pam part either. It was just too awkward. Andy & Dwight were hilarious. Michael & Holly were heartbreaking. I really liked her. It’s a shame.

  130. Michael: “No, I’m not strong, I’ll go back to Jan, and I hate Jan!

    This was so funny to me that he said that. It’s like she has a hold on him and even he knows it. But he can’t help it, he will always go back to her.

    I actually can’t wait to see not strong Michael cave in and go back in Jan’s direction. I think it could be funny if written right.

  131. LOVED IT! I thought Andy and Dwight were hysterical. And Jim getting ticked off at his brothers defending Pam was TOTALLY hot!

    Great episode!

  132. the best episode of the season so far. Creed, Kevin, and Dwight as the Joker was hilarious. When Michael asked Holly if Darryl touched her, I laughed so hard I almost cried.

  133. I haven’t been disappointed by one episode this season until now. The Dwight-Andy thing was hilarious but besides that I found it rather lacking. The Michael-Holly breakup was horrendous. I for one thought the manner of her leaving was handled terribly and she was too good of a character to be let go in such a cheap fashion. This is the first episode I have ever been disappointed with and I’ve been watching The Office since day one.

  134. #163 StephP, that was my favorite line too. I laughed hard at that. It put a picture in my head of him waltzing back to her with deep disgust but that he just can’t help himself. Totally cracked me up.

    And the whole “Did Darryl touch you?” question put me in stitches too.

    Those two lines were the best.

  135. I don’t think this was the MAIN problem with the episode, but I’m wondering if they need to work harder to film 20 minutes of stuff that makes sense. It seems like too much is getting left on the cutting room floor. Of course, a documentary-style show has an advantage because that’s sort of how documentaries are actually done, but still… Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the huge amount of deleted scenes on the DVD, but even the good episodes this season sometimes seem to have continuity issues and confusion due to leaving out certain bits of information and scenes that naturally transition from one thing to another.

  136. The only thing that could’ve made this ep better, is ice cream! I mean, wow, so many interactions to digest..! I wish the costumes would’ve made it past the cold open; and I thought we’d see Molly in some kind of weird couples Salt & Pepper! Holly Flax, you will be missed!! A great, final journey, with sing-a-longs, TWSS, tears, and Michael-Darryl interactions! Kudos to Craig Robinson, he’s a fantastic comedian and a talented artist, I was lucky enough to meet him at one of his stand-ups last summer. I love it when we see his character’s different levels! Hope we’ll see the Halpert Bros at the JAM wedding, and I wonder what kind of pranks they’ll pull then…!! A+ ep!!

  137. Great episode–so sad and funny. (*sniff* goodbye wonderful Holly.) Steve Carell’s acting was just absolutely phenomenal. I can’t wait to go back and rewatch this one–not so much for the painful tears, although there was enough funny to get through them, but very much to see the amazing Halloween costumes and Andy’s beet farm get up again.

    The guys playing Jim’s older brothers were really great in those roles, and it was fun to see where Jim’s prankiness comes from. Man, they were brutal to Pam! Now Jim’s pranks seem mild in comparison.

  138. I gave this episode a 6. The Dwight and Andy scenes were fun to watch but I would have liked to seen more of Angela’s reactions. The Michael and Holly break up was choppy and just didn’t seem realistic for soulmates. The Jim and Pam scenes not very interesting. I did enjoy the costumes, especially the three Jokers. Where was Oscar?

  139. I loved the Dwight-Andy battle (two very talented actors!), and the Michael-Darryl blues. And Creed…what can you say… I think this was a great “set-up” episode for what’s to come: Dwight versus Andy and Michael imploding. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season! P.S. I’ll miss Holly too, but want to say “thank you Amy Ryan” for being such a wonderful addition to The Office!!

  140. Hmm I am bit a confused, I thought Holly worked at another company before coming to Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. When they said she is going back to her old branch that didn’t make any sense since she was never there to begin with. Unless they were just talking about her job before Dunder-Mufflin in general…

  141. Two Bros Don’t Make a Jim
    In Defense of the Halpert Brothers

    Family members aren’t all alike. Just because we see Jim as sensitive and funny doesn’t mean his brothers will be, or at least always will be. Jim is not his brothers, and his brothers are not Jim. My brother isn’t as quick-witted or funny as I am (not to gloat) but it doesn’t mean he was cast wrong (thanks, Mom and Dad).

    In addition, Jim has been in front of the doc crew for at least three-and-a-half years. He’s comfortable there. Barring any unseen in-universe footage, this marks his siblings’ first appearance and they’re bound to wanna make an impact and show off (think of, well, most everybody in front of a camera).

    I, for one, think it worked well. It was realistically awkward, and the text message clearly showed his brothers aren’t jerks. I applaud the writers for not making them Jim clones (while still retaining the Halpert Look to the Camera).

    Okay. Done.

  142. I was feeling conflicted after last night’s initial viewing, so I decided to wait for the rewatch before I passed judgment. After watching more carefully, I think I agree with whoever said this episode was “good, not great.” While it in no way compared to last week’s Crime Aid, there was more to like about it the second time around, and the writers did a great job of justifying their choices in this episode. Biggest example: I was initially very disappointed in Jim’s brothers, but now I realize that we were prepared for that whole scenario by Jim’s line in the parking lot: “I never really know with those two.” I think we’re supposed to understand that Jim recognizes that his brothers can be unpredictable, sometimes stick their feet in their mouths, and while their relationship is fine (he’s a good uncle to their kids, he wants to celebrate his engagement with them, etc.), sometimes even he doesn’t like them so much, which is often true with families! So ultimately, I’m glad to see this kind of character depth and realism in the show. Not your average sitcom.

  143. Man, I wanted to cry right along with poor Holly :( (As goofy as Michael is) I think everyone has had that moment in their life where they realize it’s just not gonna work out with someone. Where, maybe it would have worked out if you saw that person everyday… But the distance is just gonna be too much… And poor Michael isn’t mature enough to get it… at all…

  144. One of the funniest things in the episode for me? When Andy walks up to Jim as the cat and says “meow”. Oh, my God, I lost it!

  145. Good episode. My favorite part was when Darryl hit that high note in the truck. I was dying!

  146. This was my favorite episode of the season. Wish there was more involving the Halloween stuff, but it was still great.

  147. Umm…. could we have more KELLY please? Every sentence that comes out of that girl’s mouth is hilarious.

  148. As much as I hate to say it, I’m not really happy with this season so far. It’s become so relationship-based, and there’s not nearly enough of the day-to-day routine made funny like in previous seasons…

  149. Can I just add a message of affirmation? The scene with Darryl trying to get someone on the phone so he wouldn’t have to be alone in the truck of despair was hilarious.

    Also, Writers? Thanks for mentioning my beloved Mets.

  150. This episode would’ve been my favorite of the season if they hadn’t crowded space with Jim’s brothers. Those guys were complete jackasses and that random text where they were like, ‘No, but Pam’s cool’. What was up with that whole plotline, show Pam’s doubts about art and/or the Halperts or something?

    And curse you David Wallace for sending Holly away! No!

  151. A co-worker of mine thought that the “Pam cool” text message shows that the whole thing was actually a prank on Pam, a test of sorts to see if she would fit in with the family. I didn’t get that at all…even if that’s true, they’re still jerks!

  152. The Halloween cold open was brilliant! So hilarious – wish we could have seen more of the costumes. I hated to see Amy/Holly leave – I felt so sad for both Michael and Holly. Really hope that Amy comes back at some point this season. It was great seeing Jim and Pam together in scenes again, though.

    Overall, I thought it was another great episode in this terrific season so far.

  153. The Jim’s brothers plotline was lame. Not only was the prank not funny, it didn’t advance the story at all (unless they’re trying to set us up for Pam having to come back as receptionist…we can only hope). Also, continuity-wise, I think it was a poor match. Jim and Pam have been dating for over a year. Just now the brothers say “Pam is cool…” I was disappointed, because there was a lot of potential for funny there. But Tug Coker’s mug to the camera was a cute touch.

  154. Can somebody with a connection to the Office folks figure out what happened to Steve Merchant? I was really looking forward to seeing his name in the credits, as a massive UK-version fan. There’s conflicting information on Wikipedia.

  155. I hope they bring Holly back. Her and Michael are perfect! Dwight and Andy were hilarious. “Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid.”

  156. I thought this was the best episode this season. I think Weight Loss had more time to be a great episode, but this was the best 1/2 hour episode. I noticed that the people who didn’t like it complain about Jim’s brothers. But look at the overall aspect of it. We got randomness, awkwardness, and a little taste of halloween. I was glad to see the “real” Dwight this week too. He wasn’t destroying strollers or crying about Angela, and was actually funny.

    Best lines:
    “Don’t make it harder than it has to be”,
    “It’s pronounced Colonel”
    “Are you crying?”. “No”
    “Did Darryl touch you?

  157. I really liked the episode, especially the Dwight/Andy thing. The Jam situation was awkward but funny, and I felt bad for Michael and Holly. Season 5 has been SO good so far!!!

  158. Best episode of the season! The scenes b/w Andy and Dwight were hilarious! Reminded me of when Jim dressed up as Dwight and vise versa during an episode in Season 3. Creed as the joker = perfection! Everyone had great lines! Glad to see more of Pam! Bring back Angela, though! I don’t think she had a single line the whole episode!

  159. Best of the season, I think this was a good sign considering the last few were weak in the laugh department, and the best since Chair Model. Dwight pulling the desk from Andy was absolutely brilliant, I was laughing so hard.

  160. I liked the episode but it’s a hit and miss episode compared to S5 thus far. All episodes can’t be blue ribbon winners. TV shows ebb and flow and The Office is no exception. Some parts of Employee Transfer were comedy gold (the cold open was brilliant) though I could have done without the tears from Michael and Holly- a little too over-the-top in my opinion. Darryl was great, Andy was hilarious and Pam was adorably awesome- and onscreen so…BONUS!

  161. Good Riddance to Holly! We don’t need Michael’s twin sister on our show anymore. It totally ruined the episode with 80% of the emphasis on their boring road trip. Thankfully there was Dwight to save the show. Otherwise, Jim’s brothers were pretty wack and senile. His oldest brother could’ve been Jim’s dad. It was way too unrealistic.

  162. This episode had the best cold open. Andy’s strut up to Jim was hilarious. Brilliant episode!

  163. My favorite parts of this episode were the Dwight/Andy Cornell interview and the 3 Jokers in the office (it might not be as funny to someone who didn’t see the Dark Knight).
    I thought Jim’s brothers were so mean and immature. I hope John’s real life brothers are nicer than that! I also got bored quickly with Holly and Michael in the truck. Usually the scenes with Holly and Michael are my favorite. So I half liked this episode. I was kind of disappointed. I’d wished the whole episode was about Halloween. I think the Office was at its best in Season 2. The storylines have become really unbelievable.

  164. Last night’s “Employee Transfer” episode was enjoyable but so sweetly painful, too. I think Steve Carell did such a great job at some serious acting at the very end. He is such a joy to watch anyway. Overall, the show is a great getaway for me from the daily grind. I truly feel like I’ve relaxed after I get done watching it. I really find it hard to believe the Holly is gone for good. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised at her return when we least expect it.

  165. I’m very sad that there was very little halloween! I love the holiday episodes. But the Dwight/Andy parts were good.

  166. This was probably my least favorite episode, not just of this season, but in the history of “The Office”. It seemed so flat and cold…

  167. What an episode!! The plot between Michael and Holly sure felt like those great GREAT jam moments of the past…

  168. I hope that they don’t keep Holly and Michael apart. I hope that the writers find somehow to get Holly back with Michael even if she has to take another job. Their truck scene was very sad. And Pam really looked like a man. The picture of her on this website proves it!

  169. I don’t understand all the negativity surrounding this episode! Michael+Holly+Darryl+long road trip = TV genius.

    I’ve even gone onto DMI to change my favourite quote to
    ‘I’m not strong. I’ll go back to Jan. I hate Jan!’ I REALLY don’t want to see Michael and Jan back together.

  170. The Dwight/Andy interaction was hilarious! I loved Andy acting like Dwight at the end….. I almost fell off my chair! Also, I agree with several people, more of the costumes throughout the episode would’ve been cool. Overall, good episode I think. Also, Steve Carell-awesome actor; I love Michael’s more emotional side when it comes out, which isn’t very often.

  171. I wasn’t impressed with this episode :( I like it when they keep it in the “office”.

  172. Holly: Don’t make it harder that it has to be Michael: That’s what she said.

    Michael: Did Darryl touch you?

    Andy: Applicant has a head shaped like a trapezoid.

    I laughed so hard at these moments that my cat sleepin’ next to me nearly had a heart attack.

  173. It makes sense for Jim’s brothers to be jerks! It’s not possible for one family to have three sensitive, quirky, amusing sons, and makes sense for his brothers to bully the youngest. Then he’d be used to putting on a chill exterior and letting insanity roll right past him.

  174. Like every other episode , I really liked it!

    Jim’s brothers were a little off, but I like to think that they’re teasing Jim with the horrible corny faces at the camera, and testing Pam with the “Make fun Of Your Dreams” prank…

    About Dwight usually taking charge of the office when Jim and Michael are gone, I’d say he has a different agenda going on…and it’s way better than being the boss for a day.

  175. #213, I totally agree. I find some striking similarities, like when Holly said during Business Ethics that her best friend wouldn’t speak to her or during Crime Aid when they both just looked at each other while sitting at Michael’s desk.

  176. this was great! I was sad about Michael and Holly, but it was expected. I feel so bad for him. I loved the scene with Darryl and Michael, though. Steve was terrific.

    Dwight/Andy was amazing. It reminded me of Jim imitating Dwight, but to another level. Angela shaking her head was great. Cornell. Ha.

  177. I didn’t think it was such a great episode. It wasn’t funny, really, at all. Does anyone else think that Dwight has lost all of his comedic value, and that he’s just plain mean now? Ugh, he’s driving me nuts. I don’t even like him anymore.

  178. It’s interesting how the ensemble characters are consistently more funny than the “stars” of the show — some good moments with the Michael/Holly/Darryl and Andy/Dwight segments. I wasn’t feeling the pam/jim plotline at all — terribly unfunny. If the writing is like this in Season 5, how are they going to make it to Season 8? Such a stark difference from the laugh out loud episodes from Seasons 1-3.

  179. I really enjoyed this show! Just as I’ve enjoyed the ones in season 1-4 and season 5 to date.

    Jim/Pam — I’m glad they’re not all over each other every time they see each other.

    Holly/Michael — so bittersweet! I watched it twice and both times missed the TWSS! Guess I’ll have to watch it a third time, eh? ;-)

    Dwight/Andy — priceless!

    I’m glad season 5 and season 4 were not like the first three seasons. It shows growth in terms of character and plot development. I change over a 5-year period — why can’t fictional characters do the same? Everyone has his/her own opinion though, so I suppose that’s the beauty of DVDs — you can watch what you like!

  180. Even though you’ll never find an Office episode with nothing going for it, this one was definitely my least favorite…ever. Andy and Darryl made the show this week but I too thought that Jim’s brothers were “off” and their whole interaction was stilted. Was the only criterion for hiring them that they be tall? They actually looked nothing alike and one of them was just too old. Aso, Jim’s greeting to Pam in the restaurant was totally bizarre! Here’s a guy who’s madly in love and pining for this girl for months, and when she finally walks in he greets her with a kiss on the cheek and a “it’s nice to see you”?!! That was strange and just didn’t ring true.

  181. So who are the “almost four women” that Michael has dated in 10 years? I count Jan, Carol, Holly…?

  182. I gotta agree that this one was less than great. The Jim and Pam story was definitely the weakest of the three. Steve Carell was still awesome, though.

  183. 228 – Sherry – I think the almost 4th person is the waitress in A Benihana Christmas.

    This episode had funny parts, but, just like last week, too many major story lines going on all at once in a half hour episode. I remember when there was basically just one story – something on the carpet, a fire, an injury, etc. Too many major stories with major characters in one short episode = mess.

    The Office is still must tv – but these last 2 episodes are not.

  184. I feel like Michael’s grown up so much since meeting Holly. Deciding not to spend the weekend and that smile he gave her right before leaving- I’ve never seen Michael that mature! Their goodbye got to me as much as some of the epic old Jim/Pam moments.

  185. funniest scene: Kevin almost knocks over Angela as he is yelling at Creed.

  186. I loved this episode – except for the Jam scenes, which weren’t awful, but not very well done. Besides that I thought it was one of the best of the season. Go Anthony Farrell!

  187. One more thing to add – did anyone else feel like Jim’s brothers were channeling Roy’s personality?? What is up with that? We’ve already been over the “art is impractical” thing. They even called him ‘Jimmy’ like Roy used too. Gotta feel bad for Jim when he has to deal with the wretchedness with his family as well as his work. No wonder Pam is his life. Yikes.

  188. I am totally going to miss Holly. She’s cute, and helpful. And she makes everything better while Pam’s away.

  189. I’m glad Holly is gone, just too many relationship stories going on. I hope Michael gets a break from girls for a while, but I know that’s part of who he is. I guess it’s wishful thinking. Also, loved the Dwight/Andy storyline. We needed something like that!

  190. I just realized, that’s really cool for Nathan Ford that he got mentioned on the show. I wonder if he watches it.

  191. I thought Dwight’s character was a little too much like Jim in this episode, with him dressing up like Andy and tormenting him…Maybe he’s learned a thing or two? But this is Dwight.

    I agree with the other comments that there should be more of the office characters involved in the storylines. Now that Ryan’s back, it would be awesome to have more Ryan/Kelly interaction (bickering, crying and kissing.) But in general, more office stuff that involves most if not all of the characters.

  192. Why is everyone so bent out of shape over how Jim greeted Pam? Hasn’t every person in the world been in that situation? Nervous and unsure of how to act with each other in front of family…I thought that was the most believable part of their storyline this episode.

    And perhaps I’m the only one here but I thought Dwight was hilarious. Maybe picking up a few of Jim’s old tricks and trying to annoy Andy is his way of dealing with his heartache. I, personally, could not take how heartbroken he was all through S4. It was like watching Bizarro Dwight. I would much rather see him acting goofy. Oh well, to each his own. I still thought it was pretty funny.

  193. Finally got to watch it.

    For those critizing the Jim/Pam greeting, they were at a restaurant. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t start making out in the middle of it. Maybe if they were at a club… that would be a different story.

    It was a decent one, but I really wanted more Halloween too!

  194. I can’t believe people hated this episode so much. I thought it was hysterical – especially the epic Andy/Dwight Battle of Cornell (I think the earlier comment indicating that Dwight is just an “arrogant douchebag” was a little harsh, don’t you?).

    “Interviewees head is shaped like a trapezoid.” Hilarious.

  195. This was a great episode, very funny at times and very sad . . . This ain’t your father’s comedy. It’s a helluva lot better, and it’s still strong 5-years on. I loved the interactions in the truck cab.

  196. ok, this might bave been covered already, but I did not have time to read all the comments.
    was it still halloween? Jim went to NY on Halloween. yet, the entire office was out of costume, as well as Pam. I never noticed it being a different day. can anyone answer that?

  197. #248: I think it was a different day.
    To who(m)ever doesn’t like Dwight anymore: Do you also think Jim is an “arrogant douche” because of all the times he pranked Dwight or Andy? At least Dwight had a reason to be mean to Andy. He was jealous because Andy is engaged to the woman he loves. Jim never had a reason to prank anyone, other than “He’s annoying and I’m bored.” Also, you don’t like Dwight NOW? What about the time he flipped Andy’s car for profit? Were you ok with that? I’m just saying…

  198. Dwight was awesome in this episode, loved how he managed to one up Andy every time. awesomeness.

    I don’t know where all the dwight hate is coming from, he just keeps getting better in my books.

  199. but how could it have been a different day? Everyone in the office was dressed up, when Jim said he was going to NYC for lunch with Pam. while he was at lunch in NYC, the rest of the office is suddenly out of costume? as was Pam? I know it is just a sitcom, and they need to cover multiple stories at once, I just figured they would stay on the same day for everyone though.

    favorite line: “did Darryl touch you?” classic.

  200. i am pretty certain that jim did not go to new york on halloween. i think that the cold open was one day, halloween, and the last scene from that day was dwight in the elevators right before the opening credits. the next day started as soon as the credits were over. holly and michael’s road trip, jim in new york and dwight and andy’s cornell war all happen on the same day – not halloween.

  201. No, they were only in costume during the cold open. That makes sense, since a lot of times the cold open seems to take place on a different day than the rest of the episode.

  202. I think it deserved a better score… Anyway, if you watch the show 251, cold openings aren’t always on the same day- hence the coldness.

  203. I know the opens aren’t always the same day, but I could swear that Jim was dressed up as “Dave” in the cold open, and said he was heading to NYC for lunch that day. stupid me already deleted the episode though, so I need to try and watch it online again to be sure.

  204. The shows this season seem to be more focused on drama than in the past. They are doing it well and I’m liking the episodes, I just hope they turn the funny back up soon.

    Is anyone else having trouble watching this episode at I click on it in the pick an episode menu, but the pick a chapter menu won’t come up.

  205. A decent enough episode. I know Amy Ryan was only on a six week stint, but still…the whole thing was kinda hotshotted. But still a good episode.

  206. I’m upset that this episode is farther down on the list. The Andy/Dwight battle is fantastic. Andy has been mellow since anger management, but now is fuming! The Jim/Pam storyline is the weakest, in my opinion. It’s very realistic and well written. It’s just a bit boring! My favorite is the opening. I didn’t know it was Creed in the Joker costume until Kevin said something to him!

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