1. wow, i had no idea this was going to be the episode with jim’s brothers…crazy

  2. Yes! We get to meet Jim’s brother! And will finally have a healthy dose of Pam this episode!

  3. I’m not the first person who said this but i really still can’t get over what an awesome name “Tug Coker” is.

  4. how fun! I am sure that the casting directors picked excellent people to play Jim’s brothers.

  5. Yay, can’t wait! The Tug Coker article is in my hometown newspaper – I saw it this morning.

  6. “Maybe he will be back for Jim’s and Pam’s wedding. ‘If they get there,’ Robbins said.”

    Uh oh, cue the freaking out of all the crazed “JAM” fans!

    Should be a good episode tonight.

  7. This ep looks very promising. Joker Creed. Handsome men as the Halpert Bros. Is it 9:00 yet??

  8. Can’t wait to see Jim’s brothers. And how wonderful that the two actor’s home town papers wrote about it. Good luck to them! Hopefully we’ll see them again in upcoming episodes.

  9. I just want to see Jim and Pam together on screen again, and if to do so we have two guys who look like John, well…I think I can deal with that.

  10. One of the frustrating things about The Office is that we so rarely follow everybody home. While the writers are good about having so much of their personal time “on camera,” it’s unusual that in season five, we still don’t know that much about Jim and Pam’s families and home lives. I’m anxious to learn who Larissa of emergency contact fame is!

    On a side note, Tanster, I *love* that the comments aren’t in reverse-chronological order anymore–snaps!

    [from tanster: actually, it’s in chronological order if there are 20 comments or less; reverse-chronological order if more than 20.]

  11. Go Tug! Stafford and Fredericksburg are 45 minutes south of where I live. Aww, makes me feel so proud! Haha. :p Can’t wait for tonight!

  12. Sarikaya Komzin (17)- I had that immediate same thought; all the pranking and ambivalence towards work,.. of course,
    and I like that when I clicked to see who Guest Stars 1 & 2 were tonight, they turned out to be “new” actors. I really appreciate that the Office brings us real character stories with interesting, new characters and layers.

  13. ha laura! i noticed the jim krasinski typo too. also, in one article they say it is a lunch and in the other one it says they are having dinner. i am so looking forward to it, no matter what meal they eat!

  14. I have a bad feeling about tonight’s episode in regards to JAM. I hope this feeling goes away!

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