E!’s Kristin visits the Office set

Oh man, is this ever hysterical.

The luckiest Office reporter in the world, Kristin Veitch from E! Online, recently visited the set of The Office and met up with Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer. Hijinx ensues. That poor bobblehead!

Watch the video here.

Thanks, GMMR, for the tip!


  1. did anyone notice that Jims desk is COMPLETELY bare….the blue picture frame is gone and anything else that is Jimesque is gone too…i smell proof of transfer

  2. This clip was so good! John does indeed look hotter (which i thought wasn’t possible but he managed to pull it off ^_^). I am so jealous of Kristin! And Dwight and Michael: so funny!

  3. My theory with Helms is that he will play “bizarro Dwight” in Stamford. By bizarro I mean he won’t be annoying and childish. Chip Esten will be bizarro Michael, and Jones will be bizarro Pam (she’s easy, so she and Jim hook up pretty quick) Maybe the training guide is for Ryan…

  4. My take:

    Ed Helms replaces Jim for 10 episodes (needs the training manual to study up and has a clean desk), while Jim works under Charles Esten with Rashida Jones (possibly love interest or a receptionist) at Stamford.

    Somehow, Jim makes his way back to Stamford, via a merger, Helms quitting or getting fired, etc. All is happy again with the viewers who can see Jim and Dwight resume their fun, which really is one of the backbones of the series, more so than any storyline with Jim and Pam. The conversing between each character and their adversary really is what makes the program worth watching and feel real. Michael and Toby, Jim and Dwight, Pam and Angela, Ryan and Kelly, etc. I do not think NBC will want to tinker with that too much and have Jim gone for good. This show is so Seinfeld-esque, it is scary.

    Devil’s Advocate:

    The underlying theme of the whole documentary being shot, show’s premise, is downsizing, so why would they even hire Ed Helms to replace Jim, if Michael is always trying to cut costs or fire someone. Maybe Jim is phased out after this season and other actors too that are becoming larger stars. Ensemble casts are hard, look at Cheers which was so wildly successful but lost two of it’s biggest as Coach left and Woody joined, and Diane split making way for Rebecca.

  5. Kristin caught the giggles.

    man I want one of those epic hugs…, from any of ’em really

  6. Man, if only they knew behind the scenes footage was analyzed and dissected like a photo of UFOs. :)

    I just loved seeing all the chemistry among the main players intact. Can’t wait for the season premiere. I might have to finally invest in a Tivo even. :)

  7. I wonder if Rainn Wilson’s still going to wear eyeglasses as Dwight (he doesn’t seem to in real life). He’s not in the video, but maybe he only wears them for filming. They seem too much a part of his character to drop. :)

    My own conspiracy theory is they’re going to time-warp the show back three years to show how Pam and Roy met and got engaged, and when Jim first joined the Scranton branch and met Pam. That makes no sense whatsoever, I know, but until Season 3 premieres, I claim that as my theory. :D

  8. That video was fantastic. Steve and Rain are the funniest guys. I was crying from laughter!

  9. That was brilliant! Was Pam wearing a ring? Hmmmm… I can always count on OfficeTally for video clips that I’d never see anywhere else. Thanks for posting this, Jennie.

    I really dislike Kristin Veitch, but she does seem to bring out the best in the people she interviews so good for her, and us. That was hilarious!

  10. Ok, not to be crazy and all but 10 episodes away in another state would be wayyyyy too hard to shoot. And why would John even be on set if that were the case? I think the branches have merged and Jim is just sitting somewhere else. It gets him “away” from Pam to pursue this other love interest in the back room he will share with Toby and the other Stamfordites. [Stamfordites is so not a real word.]

  11. Was anyone else just LOVING the hug Steve gave John? “One more for the road.” So charmingly hilarious.

  12. Aarrrrgh! Ok, that was hilarious, even with the crappy way any clips from the E! site view on a Mac. Just woulda been cool to see and hear everything.

    With all the praise for the writing of the new ep’s (from the USC panel and now Steve) I’m even more excited for S3.

  13. Man, you people have amazing eyes for detail. Dwight’s glasses. Pam’s ring and lipstick. The picture on Jim’s desk. I caught exactly none of that. The video was an awesome fix for my Office jones, though.

    I was able to watch the video on a G5 without a problem, though I had to launch the viewer, which I don’t have to do on my Dell.

  14. “launch the viewer”… I’ll pay for tech help, Brian. What are their clips done in?

  15. I’d be interested in knowing your trick, too, Brian! On my little PowerBook, I can hear the audio just fine, but the video stutters.

  16. I also noticed BJ Novak sort of dashing off camera to the left (drinking from a water bottle I think) about the time she talked to Steve. She should’ve tackled BJ for some writing questions. :)

  17. The link gives me what’s basically an ad for the vine online with a big “launch player” link that i hit and the player opens in its own window. It stuttered once or twice but that’s it. I’m running Safari on OS-X, which is standard, right?

    sorry, not much help

  18. Brian: I found a window (finally) that let me “launch player”; same crappy result. I’m also on Safari on OSX. Looks like it’s time to upgrade my G4.

  19. FYI, Coach didn’t leave Cheers, He died.

    26 | Jason Tue. Aug. 8, 2006 at 7:36pm

    you know what i mean, that the show went on without a key character

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