The Office at WWDC

wwdc the office

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, kicked off this morning with a keynote address led by Steve Jobs (pictured here), and he used a slide of The Office in his presentation!

Further proof that Apple loves The Office. And vice versa.

Read more about the WWDC keynote address here.

Thanks to John D’Arc for the tip, and to Peter Rojas at Engadget for allowing me to post this photo!


  1. Hey! You probably won’t believe me, but I was actually already an OfficeTally reader, too. I’ve had it in my newsreader for a couple of months now. I got pretty obsessed with The Office earlier this year and started reading a handful of blogs.

    One interesting bit of trivia: anyone notice how 2nd season they switched all their computers and monitors from Dell to Gateway? I sure noticed, being the mega gadget nerd that I am, so I pinged my contact at Gateway and it turns out they’re big fans of the show and set up some sort of product placement deal.

    As far as yesterday’s Apple keynote: I was editing and posting everything, I had two people at the event itself feeding me text and images. Liveblogging a Steve Jobs keynote is hectic, it takes at least three people to do it justice.

    It’s not too hard to get in touch with me, you can either use the contact form on Engadget or you can hit my personal site — — and find my info there.

    Thanks for the great blog, can’t wait for Season Three.

  2. Okay, now that I’ve picked myself off the floor, no, I didn’t know about the Dell to Gateway switch, but this is just the type of attention to detail that characterizes a true Office fanatic!

    I love tech trivia, so thanks, Peter, for the insider scoop! :)

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