1. Toby!!! I’m still kinda miffed at you for being UBER creepy but that’s ok, I missed you!

    (Oh and “was that my daughter?!” hahahaha…not Office, sorry I know..still funny :p)

  2. I love Toby!!!
    Hopefully he’ll bring that classic office feel back that i think was missing from the first 7 episodes

  3. Toby better not pull any funny business with Pam! I thought the second promo was great…it’s almost like “Michael, tell us how you really feel.”

  4. Ah, Mr. Flenderson. He must miss his daughter, Michael, Jim, Pam, Oscar, Pam, Meredith, Pam, Creed, Pam, oh, and duh, Pam.
    What’s the next episode?

  5. Aaahhh! I missed Toby. I will always love Holly and she must return to Scranton and Michael’s arms someday, but Toby brings out something special in Michael – they call it vitriol! Welcome back Toby.

    Oh and #3 – Stacey – totally agree with the ‘was that my daughter?’ statement – comedy gold.

  6. I love Toby! I don’t really understand how people can find him creepy…I just found him kinda goofy. I mean, who can blame him for loving Pam?

  7. That second promo is what NBC Office promos should be like! No cheesy music, no overdramatization of storylines, no… extended tornado metaphors.
    This episode looks great!

  8. Toby! i missed you!!!
    Michael is hilarious! “NO! NO! NO!”

    aww toby will be sad when he finds out about Jim and Pam

  9. I have to agree with Michael on this one. I don’t want Toby to come back. He’ll probably be all creepy towards Pam.

  10. I share the same reaction with Michael on Toby’s return: “NO, NO, NO!!”

    But whatever – if it makes me laugh, I’ll be fine with it ;)

  11. I’m so excited Toby’s back! I hope it’s not season 3-4 Toby though. No creepy Pam crush.

  12. Toby isn’t allowed to pursue Pam. He’s in HR. It doesn’t matter if she’s just the receptionist.

  13. Skunkboy, a tornado, Steve Martin, and Toby, all in one night? Except for K&K (PCA for “Best New Comedy”? Is it the only new comedy that got a full season?), that sounds pretty darn awesome. I’m all for more Toby, less Ryan.

  14. I love the way Michael is looking at Toby during the last “NOOOOO!!” Cracks me up every time.

  15. Is this the last new episode for a while, it’s the only one listed in “Upcoming Episodes”.

  16. some of the greatest lines have come from michael’s hatred of toby. i.e. “i’m gonna smack you in the head with a hammer,” “why are you the way that you are?…..i hate so much about the things that you choose to be,” “this is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here”

    let’s just say…i’m excited about toby’s return.

  17. As long as Toby doesn’t feel Pam up anymore, it’s ok if he has a crush on her. I don’t think there’s any way that she has those feelings for him. No more JAM drama, or other overly contrived plots. They need to get back to the first 2 or 3 seasons. 4 & 5 have been ok, but not great.

  18. #30 tylerdw- I think something big happens in “Frame Toby” and NBC is withholding other summaries because of the spoilerish nature of what might happen. Just a theory though.

  19. This season is so full of surprises and unexpected turnarounds, it’s really exciting to wait for the next episodes. Congrats to the writers and the always brilliant cast! I just think 20 min. are not enough.

  20. omg. Was that John Henson playing the weather guy in the My Name is Earl promo? He finally got work?

    Anyways, I got some flashbacks to Even Stephen in the first promo clip with Michael yelling “NOOOO!”

  21. Even though I knew it was coming, my reaction to Toby’s return is pretty much the same as Michael’s: “NO! NOOO! NOOOOO!!!”

  22. I love Michael/Toby!
    I find it one of the funniest things, EVER.
    Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  23. 31 Megs…don’t forget, “WHOMEVER’S name is Toby, why don’t you stick a letter opener in your skull.” Hahaha I cannot wait for tonight.

  24. Toby…He’s just as appealing & exciting as a wet sponge or 1/2 dry sponge…I can’t decide what sponge is most like Toby? LOL

  25. Yay for Toby being back!
    You know, everyone seems to crush on Jim…well I am here to say that my crush is Toby!
    Woo hoo!

  26. Thank you, NBC!
    Oh, I missed Toby so. I even loved him when he was creepy. Though he seemed more like he was going through a mental breakdown than randomly degenerating into a pervert, especially considering how he was in the first few seasons. I think the “creepy” plot was just a quick fix to substitute for lack of drama in the JAM department, anyway.
    But… Yay Toby! He’s totally my “Who Would You Do?” answer, just for the record.

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