The Office: Business Trip, 5.08

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The Office Business Trip

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael is ecstatic when David Wallace decides to send him on a business trip to Canada. Andy and Oscar become unlikely friends when Michael decides to bring them along on the trip.

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In a poll conducted Nov. 10-17, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.17/10

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The Office Business Trip quotes

Michael: In Japan, you must always commit suicide to avoid embarrassment.

Michael: I have always been intrigued by all things international. The women, the pancakes, the man of mystery.

Michael: I am ashamed at your naked face.

Michael: You are now sexy in your culture.

Jim: Everyone here has just been so excited for me. And involved. And intrusive. And weird.

Michael: I think I am going to have a filet with mushroom sauce.

David: In terms of nightlife, when you get there, just ask the concierge.

Michael: Two are empty for souvenirs.

Dwight: Do you want to get robbed in a foreign country?

Michael: Welcome to Cribs — Business Class Edition.

Andy: Michael G. Scott, rolling like a pimp!

Michael: Do you have a bag of baby poop in there, too, to share with everybody?

Kelly: What are we doing, this is so wrong.

Andy: Follow moi, bro-sieur.

Michael: A concierge is the Winnipeg equivalent of a geisha.

Pam: I-I hate computers.

Pam: Can you do another three months of this?

Michael: Concierge Marie. Michael Scott.

Andy: Those two dudes are as good as naked.

Andy: Beer me dos Long Island iced teas, s’il vous plaît. Bad decision in a glass.

Andy: A guy needs intercourse.

Andy: You will thank me when they spank thee.

Oscar: How could anyone stand that woman?

Andy: What is wrong with you?

Oscar: Why won’t you do Andy?

Andy: I want to take you to sex school.

Jim: How does everyone know already?

Dwight: Who is that, monkey?

Dwight: Last I checked, that’s not an office building in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Andy: Long Island iced teas are way stronger in Canada.

Andy: Get the whole nine ‘nards.

Andy: That was real?! — I thought I dreamed that.

Ryan: All you have to do is press “Send.”

Andy: She’s taking us back to first base.

Andy: I get to kiss her forehead.

Andy: Wingman for life. W.M.F.L.

Andy: You up for a chest bump? Bro hug?

Michael: The trip sucked, David. It blew chunks.

Michael: Why did you send her away? That was a really sucky thing to do.

Michael: I could be making more money as a doctor or a professional athlete.

Pam: I’m coming back the wrong way.

Jim: Welcome back.

Kelly: We’re back together again, baby.

Quotes from deleted scenes

Michael: In England, they say “hi!” In China, they say “hi-yaaaah!”

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  1. Ahhhh! Perfection! I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this episode, so many good lines, awesome emotional perfection of JAM, and Andy and Oscar! I loved it.

  2. I loved it!! I was upset at first about JAM, but the ending was worth it. I loved how Pam kept saying it wasn’t because of him because she knew Jim would feel guilty. Great episode!

  3. Didn’t laugh much in this episode, but the story line was GREAT. I loved the Andy/Oscar interaction and Michael calling Wallace out!

  4. This episode was really, really sweet. I adored it. Andy and Oscar were adorable, Michael was so vulnerable, and Jim and Pam… can’t say I wasn’t expecting it, but I can still say that I loved it. I can’t stop smiling.

    “And he was delightful!”

  5. @ officeisms1978, yeah I enjoyed this episode too. It was a very different Office. I guess this season is just all about the relationships. It’s definitely not classic Office, but I’ll take it.
    Creed’s creepy hand massaging Jim’s shoulder was the funniest thing this season.
    Oh and, um, just to say what we’re all thinking…man is Jim hot this season! (Ha, I suck).

  6. YAY to the writers for not having everyone in Canada saying “eh” and wearing winter coats! Those are stereotypes, people! :D

  7. I agree with comment #1! Although a lot was based on relationships again, I think it sets up for a great looking episode next week. And I can’t say how happy I was when I saw that Pam was back. Oh, and how could I forget about Ryan and Kelly! That was perfect!

  8. Best episode this season! I loved Andy & Oscar’s storyline. Just awesome on so many levels.

    Must. Fight. Urge. To change name to Concierge Marie.

  9. Definitely didn’t enjoy this one too much. It was pretty bland in the humour department. But it got sweet towards the end with Jim & Pam and stuff.

    As a Canadian, I’m pretty thrilled they didn’t spoof us too badly. the french accent and words were a little incorrect on Andy’s part, but I can handle that. Could have turned out alot better, and keeping all the Canadian scenes inside the airport or hotel didn’t really do much justice.

  10. I loved this episode. At first I was really angry because I thought they were going to keep JAM away for even longer but then I hoped that she would come back for him and she did! I can’t wait until next week when she is back at the reception desk. It will be a great breath of fresh air.

  11. LOVED the Oscar/Andy storyline and relationship–Ed & Oscar were PERFECT at acting drunk…is there any chance they really were, haha? Because it was that good.

    I loved the strain in Michael’s voice when he asked David Wallace how he could send Holly away…

    Ryan is such a jerk…and now he is back with Kelly. He deserves that (but she deserves better).

    And last but not least…Jim & Pam. What a moment. The sunlight was perfect. And his face as he reacted….even more perfect!

    Great & lovely episode. =)

  12. gotta love jim and pam :)

    and i loved, loved, loved michael missing holly. him calling david wallace was the best. did he sort of admit that he loved holly?

    awesome episode. still miss amy ryan.

  13. Amazing. Not laugh out loud but still.. the acting was SUPERB. Jkras and andy/oscar and pam and MICHAEL! That phone call was so heart breaking. His whole story line was sad but just endearing.
    What a wonderful episode.

  14. Of course, the JAM moments were awesome. So proud of Jim, he would have suffered through another 12 weeks for her.

    Andy + Oscar = Hilarious! I hope we see more of that, they were both funny drunks!

    Angela is going to break his heart though. I feel bad about that…

    Overall, very pleasing episode!

  15. The best episode of the year!!! There wasn’t one bad part to the episode at all. Everybody was on their game for this one. The best part was probably the Andy and Oscar scene at the bar!

  16. Amazing…I loved the David/Michael interaction at the end, and the Jim/Pam moment, of course!

  17. curlyleo, I want to know what was up with Ryan’s reaction also. Did he want Kelly to be conflicted and have to choose between Darryl & him? Who knows what’s going on in his mind….
    I’m going to take everyone’s word that it was a great episode. I was out of the house and didn’t get home until about 8:10, which is a HUGE chunk of the show…so, I’m pretty bummed.

  18. The Office is BACK! Wooooooooooooo!

    I didn’t LOVE the episode as much as I’ve loved other episodes, but what mattered most to me is that unlike the last two weeks, I didn’t feel like I’d walked into the wrong theater. I felt like I was watching The Office. My life finally makes sense again.

    Somehow the funniest thing in the episode was in Andy’s last talking head, at the end of it, when a bizarre noise escaped his mouth. If that was intentional, then Ed Helms is a genius.

  19. Andy and Oscar were hilarious. I hope they get paired up again. Kevin and Creed were awesome as well. I loved Jim’s face both times when Kevin and Creed went to talk to him.

    Jim and Pam’s facial expressions were heart breaking at the beginning. I am glad that Pam came back. Such a great moment when Jim comes out of the office and sees Pam waiting for him there.

    Overall an awesome episode

  20. I truly loved this episode! Did anyone else hear Dwight say “who is it, Monkey?” I thought I caught that when Andy called Angela.

    I absolutely LOVED Oscar’s reaction when Andy actually called Angela. The Andy and Oscar thing was great!

    Poor Michael!

    The whole JAM thing was so sweet! But the setup in the beginning with everyone touching Jim was classic…Kevin’s butt slap, and CREED! Wow!

  21. I’m really liking these new episodes. Much better than last season. Would it be arrogant to assume that my whining had something to do with it? Absolutely it would.

    Steve Carell continues to reveal his amazing acting chops in both comedy and drama. He is an excellent actor, and I hope his talents continue to diversify and be put to just use. I agree with Stacey, the strain in his voice while he’s on the phone with Wallace is soooo incredible.

    I know I won’t get much agreement on this next point, but I liked seeing the tormented Jim tonight. John does a great job with his role, but his performance was so much more enjoyable when he was the pitiful everyman of Season 2. In some of these past episodes, the same likability he exuded back then has the tendency to come off as “smudge and arrogant.” But on the whole, I’m glad they didn’t drag this Pam-in-NY storyline on any longer. Keep up the good work, writers!

  22. Hmm…not one of my favorites, that’s for sure. I did love all the JAM stuff, though.

    As a Canadian, I wish they would have had more in-jokes for us. Or…I don’t know, had more about Canada. Is that selfish? :P

    But yeah, “Good, not great.”

  23. I liked the episode but I kind of did not like that Pam just gave up with school and her “dream”. What is she going to do now? I know the whole plot of the show is her as a receptionist but I was hoping she would go on to do something art related that she loved….kind of made me sad as a woman..the whole feminist thing yadda yadda.

  24. Great episode! My favorite funny moment didn’t have a word of dialogue — the silent yet very visible extra pep in Darryl’s post-breakup step was priceless.

  25. Ryan was upset with Darryl’s answer because he was trying to “win” her. He’s still trying to prove to himself he’s the same player he was, but Darryl having no beef took away Ryan’s glory.

  26. A couple funny moments in there. The least funny episode of the entire series, but oh well; you’ll have those. It was far too serious for me. It didn’t even feel like The Office.

  27. I am thrilled that Pam decided to come back. When she said she was failing, I thought…who finds out 1 week before class ends that they’re failing? Don’t you kind of know at that point? I was going to be angry if they had her going for another 3 months, just to keep tension, but once again (like the proposal) they caught me completely off guard! I LOVED their scene in the parking lot…it was so real.

    And I might be in the minority here, but I think it’s fitting and true to Pam’s character that she’s coming back home and giving up on art school. Not everyone pursues a dream and makes it, and also, Pam has always been about comfort and security. That’s why she stayed with Roy so long and that’s why she’s still a receptionist. She is not an ambitious person, and I’m glad they’re keeping her character the same. It’s totally realistic that she would return to being a receptionist.

    I can’t wait to have the whole team together in the office again, and I LONG for more episodes that take place 100% in the office.

    Great episode.

  28. Definitely my favorite episode of the season as well! Two favorite moments: Michael getting hit with the drink cart on the plane (I saw it in the promos and still laughed my ass off!) and the concierge putting Michael’s shoes outside of the door.

    So glad that Pam is back too! I don’t know if I could have stood another 12 weeks of them apart! Lots of humor and sentiment, which is what makes the Office at its best! Now hopefully they will go back to the same Office humor actually IN the office that we know and love!

  29. Great episode! Great storylines all around this week – loved the creepyness of creed!

    Also, I’m from Winnipeg, and I’m glad to know I have a dry cleaners open on Christmas Eve if I need one!

  30. Here’s my take on the Ryan/Kelly/Darryl thing: Ryan only wants what he can’t have and what’s “dangerous”. He lived his life on the edge in NY (drugs, corporate scandals) and maybe he misses some of that. So I think he fully expected Darryl to go ballistic when Kelly dumped him. He got off on the danger of making Darryl angry. Notice how he kissed her after he said “I’d like to see him try”? Then when Darryl only said “It’s cool”, Ryan realized two things: 1) Darryl is NOT going to pummel him over this, hence there’s no danger and 2) Kelly probably isn’t such a catch because Darryl wasn’t upset to lose her. Now he’s back to psycho relationship square one with her.

  31. Didn’t laugh a whole lot at this one but I still liked it.

    I don’t think that Pam was necessarily giving up her dream. SHe tried it out and decided it wasn’t for her after all. THat happens. I’ve known plenty of people who were convinced they were going to school to pursue their dream career, and then realized it wasn’t what they expected.

    Wendi McClendon-Covey was the concierge. She is from Reno 911 on comedy central….a fav show of mine.

    Also, I think Oscar ROCKED this episode!

  32. Katie @ 31: I totally agree. I feel like Pam coming back to reception will be a major misstep–she needs to go forward. I also feel like this NY thing won’t just go away–I’m thinking that Pam is kind of running scared into Jim’s arms because she failed that one course, and she has nowhere to go. I thought she really loved art school.

    At the same time, it’s clear that she really *did* miss Scranton and Jim, so…I don’t know. But I hope this storyline doesn’t just go away.

    tacky_sharks and curlyleo, I think Ryan just wanted to win at something. Anything. He wanted to beat Darryl, but because Darryl just conceded defeat, it was like Ryan didn’t win…AND he’s stuck with Kelly now. Serves him right.

    Not one of my favorite episodes, but I did like Michael’s sadness, and Jim’s heartbreak and reaction at the end.

  33. Episode was great – the bits were all awesome except for Jim & Pam. Honestly, I couldn’t be more bored with two characters. I watch this show to laugh, not get all angsty or saccharine-sweet over two fictional characters.

    Oscar and Andy were great. It was also nice to see Michael being clueless as usual, but I could do without all the Holly angst. Michael works best when he is himself, and not hung up on a woman.

    “Love” relationships are ruining this show.

  34. Andy’s talking head about what ‘every’ man needs—either gay, straight, engaged, whatever. We almost fell onto the floor laughing. Classic. The whole nine ‘nards. As others have said, I hated to see Pam fail. Wish they could have found another reason to make us think that she had to stay in 212 in the beginning.

  35. Great episode! I LOVE drunk Oscar! It’s one of my new favorite things about the Office.

    My absolute favorite part was the Jam scene at the end. I’m so glad Pam is back. I don’t think it was Pam giving up on her dream. She did the 3 month (or 5 month?) program, and decided she didn’t like graphic design. I have a degree in graphic design, and when I was done that is exactly what I said- “It’s just making logos and stuff.”

    Anyway, awesome episode. I’m going to go watch it again right now.

  36. What’s with all the deep analysis into Pam’s psyche? You all do know that these are fictional character’s, right?

    Andy was awesome in this episode. He is such a goofball, even when he is not endorsing his alma matter. And Oscar…what else can be said? He’s always been like the most personable character. I think he’s probably the most “normal” member of D-M Scranton.

  37. How on earth is Pam coming back a “major misstep”? Did you really think they would have her stay in NY forever? She’s a major part of the show….it was pretty obvious that she was going to come back.

  38. Really enjoyed this episode and Michael at the airport and his talk to David over the phone was amazing…such nuance from an actor on TV. It’s an incredible thing.

  39. I don’t know kids, I don’t think Pam coming home is necessarily a misstep. As the poster child for changing your major/ colleges, I thought I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life several times – only to realize that it wasn’t at all what I wanted. I doubt she’ll stay at Dunder Mifflin, but I never thought NYC was the right place for a girl like Pam.

  40. 50% Gold, 50% so-so

    Andy and Oscar were hilarious. Just incredible chemistry. I really hope we get to see more of them together in the future!

    Jim and Pam in the parking lot. That was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

    The rest I’m not overly impressed with. The storyline with Michael and the concierge didn’t really work for me.

  41. #40 I agree. I don’t think Pam gave up on her dream of being an artist. If anything I think she realized that graphic design isn’t the right thing for her

    Even though Pam went back to Scranton, it doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t be an artist. Personally I hope she continues with her paintings and maybe the writers can develop something for her from that.

  42. I don’t think Pam gave up on her dream. I always thought it was odd she was going for graphic design because her passion seemed to lie in drawing and painting. So to me, Pam deciding she doesn’t like graphic design seems right. She can still pursue other forms of art that she seems to get much more pleasure from. I still predict the long-term goal for both Jim and Pam is to end up in Philly where Jim can go after a career he wants and Philly does have a good art scene for Pam.

    But it’s not because she missed him or anything :)

  43. You don’t have to go to art school to be an artist. You have to go to art school to be a PROFESSIONAL artist.

    It’s possible that Pam just felt too much pressure in the professional art scene. It can be overwhelming if you’re not really, really committed. It’s possible that Pam was kind of weirded out by the art world and wanted to go back to a more “normal” life… She is one of the more down-to-earth people in the office, after all, and you almost can’t be down-to-earth in the art world. Of course, this all remains to be seen.

    But she might not be giving up her dream. Maybe she’s just giving up what she THOUGHT was her dream.

  44. In my opinion, Business Trip is to season 5 what Money was to season 4: not overly hilarious but well acted and important plot-wise. Could have used more Dwight though.

  45. I really liked how things went for Jim and Pam in this episode. In this season we’re learning just how in-tune they are with each other. Pam left New York along with potential career opportunities. She couldn’t stay away from Jim. This reminded me so much of the season 3 finale when Jim did the exact same thing. Everything was the same: New York, a career, the yearning, and even the surprise reunion.

    This season is also making me like Michael more and more. We finally get to see him as an emotional human being instead of just a doofus. Also, why does Wallace have such a problem with Holly and Michael dating? Everyone else at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton gets away with dating,having affairs, and getting engaged with one another. Poor Michael.

  46. Psychoanalysis of Pam and Jim aside – this episode was hysterical. The entire scene with Andy and Oscar drunk dialing Angela was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all season. And Creed’s “tender” (i.e. creepy) touching of Jim’s shoulder was so painfully awkward my jaw touched the floor. Loved all of it.

    P.S. Don’t ruin good episodes by over-thinking them! After all, it is JUST a sitcom!

  47. Ryan wanted to be the one who was manipulating Kelly, he was upset when he realized it was the other way around.

  48. I think we’re thinking too much into this. We have to realize that they are real actors with real lives and the purpose of the show is to keep the viewers coming back. Yes, in today’s world, Pam probably would have stayed in New York but she is vital to the show and many people would stop watching if she was out of the mix. Also, the writers needed some way of getting Holly off the show so Amy Ryan could go on with her career. So while in a real world the outcomes would be different, we have to think of what has to take place behind the scenes to keep the actor and viewers happy.

  49. #57 You’re exactly right.

    This wasn’t the funniest episode ever, but it did have its parts (especially Andy drunk-dialing Angela IMHO). But this episode was very well done, the plot development and character development were excellent. I thought it was great that Michael stood up to corporate like that.

    It’s weird how The Office works. It seems one week we get a more funny episode and the next we get one that has more plot stuff.

  50. Loved it! Absolutely fantastic! Everything from Creed, to Andy and Oscar drinking and calling Angela (while she’s with Dwight of course!), to Michael and his infamous business trip..and the return of Ryan and Kelly!!!! Although, not sure what to make of Darryl’s reaction; but it’s all gold! And, it goes without saying, the lovely JAMness!

  51. I really enjoyed this episode! Andy and Oscar were absolutely hilarious in this one — I want to go out with Andy sometime, that would be a trip!

    Although this episode had its up and down moments, I definitely enjoyed it more than I have some other episodes this season.

    Was anybody else sort of shocked that Michael talked to David like that at the end of the episode? It’ll be interesting to see what happens there that’s for sure!

  52. I’m really excited that Pam is back for good. This is a show about drones in an office, not That Girl!.

    Pairing Oscar & Andy was a terrific idea and I hope they hang out more.

    Darryl didn’t say a word and he was awesome.

  53. Who knew Andy and Oscar would make such a great pair?! Loved their dynamic in this episode.

  54. So glad Pam is back. And may I just say how awesome Darryl’s reaction to Kelly’s breakup with him was. That lovely jaunt in his step…hilarious.

  55. 61. Truman State Bulldog: “Yes, in today’s world, Pam probably would have stayed in New York.” How do you figure? There are real people who go to school, or have good careers, and leave them behind for something less lucrative or less glamorous. The character we’ve seen likes drawing/painting, not graphic design. She didn’t leave her dream behind, she left a school & potential career opportunities.

  56. I didn’t mean to ignite some sort of fury, but on we go.. I don’t think it will be a misstep for Pam I just want all to be happy and well in the Office world and would like to see her achieve her dream. I guess I was just confused because all previous episodes talked about how much she loved her classes, then all of a sudden she was failing and hates it (and now I am getting way too into over-analyzing a fictional show). Anyway I was just confused but I am really happy she is back though and the Office can get back to normal. Loved Oscar in this episode by the way.

  57. I disagree with the opinion that Pam is giving up on her dream. Honestly, NY is not the only place that Pam can be an artist. I have always thought that it was important for Pam to go to NY to experience that world for the first time and to see what she was made of. So, she did it, and decided it wasn’t for her. Big deal. I don’t think it’s at all unrealistic that she could change her mind. I think that saying it wasn’t for her was a good plot move. That way, she didn’t come back solely for Jim, and still got the experience she wanted.

    As far as the episode, I liked it ok. The Michael story was meh, but everything else (especially Ryan and Kelly) was pretty awesome.

  58. Another great episode. Andy and Oscar’s drunk hijinks were golden. As well as Jim’s smiles and expressions to Pam being in the parking lot.

    She was clearly upset about staying in NY 3 more months, missing Jim, and the fact that she was coming to terms with the fact that what she wanted did work out like she thought it would. She’ll still do her art, but it will be for fun. It really breaks my heart when someone makes fun of it, even if it isn’t really hers, it doesn’t suck.

  59. I’ve gotta say, I’m super annoyed at Pam going back to Scranton. WHAT was the point of FNB in Season 3 if she just quits?!

  60. Jim left New York for her and now Pam left New York for him….the question is will she resent doing it?

    New York magazine reviewed ‘Customer Survey’ and said that Alex (Pam’s art school friend) at the end of the episode was “playing the exact same role in New York that Jim used to play when Pam was dating Roy”. I thought that was an interesting point…. even though, obviously Jim is much more encouraging than Roy, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  61. Forget Jim and Pam, my new OTP is Andy/Oscar. Maybe this will finally solve the Andy/Angela/Dwight triangle :)

  62. I am very glad Pam’s back, but to me, it made Pam’s whole NY adventure feel a little Bobby-Ewing-wakes-up-in-the-shower-and-it-was-all-just-a-dream-ish. Kind of a weak way to wiggle out of a writing corner, in my opinion.

    All is forgiven for the priceless nuggget “bad decision in a glass,” though.

  63. #71: “As well as Jim’s smiles and expressions to Pam being in the parking lot.”

    YES! That was one of the things I enjoyed the most. Jim simply couldn’t take his eyes off her, even when Dwight walked up. And the *way* Jim looked at her was awesome.

    I really enjoyed seeing Andy away from Angela for a while. “The whole nine ‘nards” really made me laugh. It was fun watching Andy and Oscar interact.

  64. Go Michael for hanging up on David Wallace! I absolutely loved this episode. I think my favorite part was Andy and Oscar drunk together

  65. I was really excited to see Wendi McLendon-Covey as the concierge – she was great!

    That ending scene with Jim and Pam was too cute. Too cute. I’m glad they’re happy!

    Also, I thought Oscar was really awesome in this episode. Him and Andy together was really interesting and amusing, actually. I’d like to see more of it.

  66. Pam not staying in New York does not equal her giving up on her dream (as many others have said). It probably just took her awhile to realize she really didn’t like graphic design. Sometimes it takes awhile to sort that stuff out, as many people can attest to.

    I agree the pairing of Oscar & Andy was awesome. I also agree the Ryan/Kelly/Darryl scenes were priceless, and Michael’s were funny and sad and sweet. And woo-hoo! Canada made it into an American TV show without the ‘hosers’ and ‘ehs’ and continual cold jokes!

  67. Funny that Oscar Nunez was on Reno 911! and Clementine was Concierge Marie in this episode. 1 degree of separation!

  68. For what it’s worth… my impression was that after Pam called Jim, her tears were more of a disappointment that Jim didn’t tell her to come home. She appreciates his support, but his answer (due to surprise/disappoint/trying to be supportive) was closer to Roy’s “whatever, babe” attitude, than Jim’s usual “I can’t wait to marry you” romantic response. What girl doesn’t want to be told she’s badly missed?

    I think failing the class and having to consider another 12 weeks made her realize that while she enjoys art, it is not worth another 12 weeks of a difficult class. It made her realize how much she does enjoy her life in Scranton.

    Just as Jenna has said in past interviews that potentially Jim could be the one who makes Pam realize what she wants and who she is, even if she doesn’t want Jim.. perhaps art school is what helped Pam realize who she is and what she wants… and that she wants Jim & Scranton, not art school. Does that make sense?

  69. Ahhhhhh, Pam is finally back in Scranton. Now we just need Toby to come back and all will be right in the world again. :-)

    And just in time for the Christmas episode!

  70. I know a lot of people are disappointed in Pam for coming back to Scranton and that her mecca to NY was pointless, but I personally disagree. If Pam hadn’t gone to NY, she always would have wondered “what if.” Now she knows “what if” and she discovered that it wasn’t right for her.

    Just because someone has a dream and is able to fulfill it, doesn’t always mean that the dream is perfect or that it ends up making them happy. Sometimes we have to pursue what we think is our dream, just to discover that it really isn’t our dream after all. Something else makes us happier.

  71. I loved this show. Great job writing to Brent Forrester and the crew.

    First time in a long time where I really liked seeing Jim and Pam together. That was a cute scene in the parking lot. He loved her enough to let her pursue her dreams and she realized it wasn’t what she thought it would be and her love for him brought her back. That was awesome!

    Ryan and Kelly back together. Great scenes with the two of them. Dwight and Angela back together (Angela, you cute little slut)…and, could it be love for Andy and Oscar? “and he was delightful”.

    Last but not least, Michael telling off his boss because of his true feelings for Holly. Yes!

    Great show.

  72. Great episode!

    Welcome back Andrew Bernard!!!! So funny with Oscar.

    Loved how Michael told his boss off about Holly and hung up the phone on him!

    Loved seeing Pam back and a touching moment at the end with Jim. For me, I loved the angst of Jim and Pam and now that they are together, I want the writers to give them better material (but not to break up).

  73. I really enjoyed this episode. The JAM moments, Andy and Oscar, and Michael’s phone call to David Wallace made it great for me. And of course after the drunk dialing scenes all my friends said that they wanted to get drunk with Oscar!

  74. That was the best episode! I loved everything… I laughed so hard AND I cried. Awesomeness, Brent Forrester and Randall Einhorn.

  75. Some of my favorite lines from tonight;

    “Do you guys like apples?”

    “You’ll thank me, when they spank thee”

    “Where is first base with Angela?” “A kiss on her forehead”

    “I see past her hard exterior to a little jelly in the middle”

  76. One of the best episodes ever. Tears of sadness, tears of laughter, new character interactions, really great jokes, etc etc. Absolutely looooved it.

  77. While this episode was no where near as good as last week’s, there were still a lot of things I loved.

    1) Why have Oscar and Andy never been put together before?! Loved their interactions (and that finally we hear a little bit of why the heck he stays with Angela)

    2) Pam is back! As a graphic design student, I was sad when she called it “just logos and stuff” because graphic design is sooo much more than that. But I think the dynamic is just too different with her out of the office.

    3) Darryl’s response to Kelly. Ryan never learns does he?

    Overall, I just wish we could get back to staying in The Office .. the best episodes are when everyone is together. If a couple characters are off somewhere else the whole thing just seems too fragmented.

  78. Great episode! I loved Andy and Oscar together, and it is awesome to see Ryan and Kelly back together too! I thought the last talking head with Ryan and Kelly was great- because Ryan there seemed just like season 2 Ryan! Looks like Kelly’s the only one who can deflate cocky New York Ryan.
    And poor, poor Michael! I’m pretty excited that Holly’s still in Michael’s (and the writers’) thoughts… it seems like she’s got to return sometime!

  79. I can understand how Pam feels! While graphic design is not just logos, I went to two years of graphic design school and got my degree, but then decided I didn’t really want to do it. I am so glad she came back to Jim. When she was telling him she might have to stay 12 more weeks and we saw Jim’s face, I had to hold back tears! Sigh… I get way too involved in this show.

  80. John Krasinski can smile and walk towards me silently anytime he wants, and I’d be a happy girl. :)

  81. I so loved that drunk Oscar was like a teenage girl

    Major highlight and lol moment for me

  82. I guess I’m in the minority here but I really didn’t find this episode that good. Actually, I kind of thought it was a big step backwards from last week. All the office hooking up is kind of annoying although it can be funny at times. The funniest parts for me were Darryl walking to his car and Dwight wanting five copies from Pam right when he saw her. I’ll have to watch it again but for now not one of the best for me.

  83. Loved it! I could watch Andy and Oscar hang out in a bar for an entire episode–just awesome.
    It was cool, but so sad, how Michael went from being such an excited little kid about the trip and airplane, to being a disillusioned adult after experiencing a bleak/empty liaison with the Winnipeg geisha.
    Pam’s realization reminded me of a friend who was so gung-ho and eager to take an auto CAD design course, and then near the end of the course, she confessed how much she really hated auto CAD design now that she was into it…so that seemed pretty real. Hope the writers find something for Pam to do besides make five copies for Dwight. He’s on my bag of baby poop list for dissing her office watercolor! I love that painting!

  84. Meh. I’m sorry to say, but didn’t like it that much. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was because there were good moments but in the end, this Ep. didn’t do it for me.

    For those wondering about Ryan’s reaction at the end, think of Scrubs. JD is Ryan, Elliot is Kelly. Once JD and Elliot are FINALLY together, what’s the first thing JD thinks of?

    “I don’t want her”

    Exactly the same thing going on here. ;)

  85. I really liked this episode. Michael’s misunderstanding of “concierge” was hilarious, as was his failure to realize that Winnipeg is almost entirely devoid of French influence. Amazing.
    Definitely got a little teary eyed when Pam started crying and when Jim gave that bummed out look. His acting has improved soooo much and I’ve been really impressed with the ease with which he switches from comedic acting to more dramatic stuff. He’s definitely one to look out for!
    That being said, I really do miss the Andy Bernard of Season 3. Where did the super-ambitious kiss up go ? The closest thing I saw to that character was in Baby Shower when he almost replaced Dwight in the birth reenactment.

  86. So many great things happen in that parking lot.

    Really a wonderful episode! Heartbreaking and heartwarming simultaneously. Brilliant.

  87. The writing is the most important element to make a good episode. Great Oscar performance.

  88. This was a fantastic episode – Andy and Oscar are such a great pairing! And the Kelly and Ryan scenes were brilliant, but made me sad because we might not have much Ryan time left :(.

    I have to say though, I know there are a lot of Dwangela fans but I am really starting to dislike both characters now as neither have displayed any sympathetic qualities this season. I’m on Team Andy! (though he deserves better).

  89. This was definitely the one episode I could relate to the most. I just broke up w/my boyfriend of almost three years recently because there’s a whole Pacific Ocean between us and it just couldn’t work out. It was a stab in the heart to see J/P at the point where their distance was unbearable. I really wanted to cry when Pam cried! While it may not have worked out for me and my guy, I’m glad that one couple I’m rooting for is back on track. (knock on wood!)

    I got really personal just now. (-:

  90. Michael telling off David Wallace was fantastic. Don’t know how I feel about the rest of the episode, though. It was different.

    103: Ugh, as a Jelliot supporter, I hate that scene so much. It was totally random and didn’t make any sense considering he had proven that he really did love her in so many other eps. And since word on the street is that they get together in season 8, I wonder how the writers will explain that one.

  91. I have to say, this ep was 50/50 for me — LOVED the Oscar/Andy thread, but found the JAM drama totally LAME!

    When Pam said, “I have to stay another 12 weeks,”
    I literally said out loud, “Oh give me a BREAK!” It was such a typical, transparent, temporary feint of the plot — it completely telegraphed that at the end of the ep either she would show up in Scranton or (preferably) Jim would bust in at Art School and make a big speech, possibly kicking Alex’s ass too. I found it so contrived — as if there are NO GRAPHIC DESIGN classes at the Univ. of Scranton? I quote Andy: “COMEON!!”

    The fact that Pam gave up on design altogether made more sense to me, and sure, I’m glad she’s back in town. But the whole Alex speech and this pathetic switcheroo just seemed trumped up, not like a good long subtle JAM arc of seasons past. Sorry folks!

    Best line: “Long Island Iced Tea…it’s a bad decision in a glass”! :)

  92. This was a wonderful episode! I loved how the writers brought everything back full circle. Ryan and Kelly are together in the annex again, Toby is coming back and Pam came back! The world makes sense again!

    Michael’s phone call to David Wallace broke my heart. When he said, “How could you send her away?” I almost sobbed. Steve Carell is just amazing. The Jim and Pam stuff was just beautiful. I love how Jim was going to support her 100% even though he was so disappointed. Props to John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer for making these characters always having us wanting more. I loved it!

  93. i am soooo happy that pam is back in the fold (and seeing jim happy like that makes me happy too =P). the office just seemed off without her physically there.

    mmm, quark + acrobat + flash = all programs that have no real relevancy to each other. oh well =)
    but anyway, i agree with others that commented just b/c graphic design wasn’t pam’s thing doesn’t mean art is out of the picture. it was weird that they turned her into a graphic designer on the show anyway, given that she’d displayed excellent painting/drawing skills which don’t necessarily translate into being a good graphic designer. i’d love to see her pursue fine arts and actually succeed in that respect.

  94. Loved this episode!

    Oscar/Andy FTW! The drunk dialing was “delightful”!

    Lol @ Creepy Creed and Kevin butt-slapping Jim.

    Kelly/Ryan was hilarious especially the push-ups bit but I hate how he doesn’t want to be with her again.

    Can’t wait for next week. :)

  95. #97 astird – My sentiments EXACTLY! I have literally rewound that part 20+ times. I also have to say the lighting in that shot is amazing and adds so much.

    Time to watch again – WOW!

    The Oscar/Andy exchange with the cell phone in the bar was perfection. Give us more Andy and Oscar!!!!

    ..and being someone who has worked in Offices for 25 years, the whole “One more week” countdown thing in the beginning was SO perfectly executed. It’s exactly how people are when it comes to big events of co-workers and I LMAO!

    I loved this episode!

  96. What did Ryan say exactly at the end? “for whatever reason, I just can’t do better than Kelly”. That cracked me up. And Oscar drunk giggling was the highlight of the season for me.

  97. #77–I also noticed how Jim never took his eyes off Pam while she was talking to Dwight at the end. Those moments where he can’t seem to look away from her are better even than the proposal. Wow. Such incredible acting by John Krasinski this year. If he doesn’t get an Emmy, it’ll be a real shame. The range of emotion he’s shown as Jim this season has been awesome, better even than his work in seasons 2 & 3.

  98. Definitely agree with Husker on that one. Not the best ever, but some good one-liners. Also, the Scrubs comparison is spot on.

  99. Yay, Pam is back! I hate episodes when she cries, because I just want to hug her and tell her I totally know what she’s going thru and that we could be best friends forever. Um, yeah! Needless to say, I sympathize with the whole receptionist-wannabe artist plot, and as a graphic designer, I can also say… yeah, it’s pretty much just logos and stuff!

    Also…since when is Quark a flash program? Or has it really just been that long since I’ve used anything but Adobe? :)

  100. I didn’t really like this one. I think it was because they relied too much on relationship drama between the couples to move the plot.

    I really just need for there not to be 3 or 4 different office couple storylines in each episode.

  101. Being from Winnipeg I noticed nothing inherently Winnipeg in the episode. Why go to all the trouble to pick a city and do nothing with it? The concierge sounded nothing like a typical Winnipegger. The Office has never held back before, but then all of a sudden they don’t want to take any stereotypes into account?

  102. “Business Trip” signals a return to what made “The Office” great — classic lines, make-you-cringe-with-laughter scenes and a few unexpectedly touching moments (i.e., Michael’s call to David). The show seems to be moving away from all the drama … which leaves me satisfied and smiling.

  103. Two great episodes in a row.
    Liked- Entire Andy/Oscar interaction, Michael telling off Wallace, Dwight in the background of Angela/Andy telephone conversation, Darryl joyfully leaving after his break up with Kelly (ha ha), Ryan’s expression being back with Kelly, Pam is back.
    Disliked- Pam flunking out of art school (how did that happen in the last week??) It did not make any sense. Was it to explain why she will return as DM receptionist instead of moving on??

  104. I wasn’t too crazy about this episode. Last week’s was SO much better. Michael was really annoying, but I did feel bad for him when he was talking to David Wallace asking why he sent Holly away.

    Andy shined in this episode…he was hilarious (and normally I’m not a big fan), and of course JAM had me all teary eyed. I’m SO happy Pam is finally back!!

  105. I gave this one an 8. Andy and Oscar had good chemistry. Give us more drunk Oscar please. Reuniting Jim and Pam was sweet. I think that was realistic. I think painting was more her dream than graphic design. Bring on Toby.

  106. I know there were a lot of great moments in the episode, but my favorite was when “Creepy Creed” put his hand on Jim’s shoulder and said “One more week” with all his creepiness.

  107. Another good’un. The Rylly stuff kinda fell flat for me but it was more than made up for by Andy and Oscar. One of the big advantages this show has, even 72 episodes in, is that the wide range of characters allows for new interactions all the time. Seeing the two drunkenly giggle like sorority girls had me crying.

    Michael Scott, you broke my heart. There, I said it.

    And I do believe Meredith’s greatest line in the history of the show was one word: “Hello?” The confusion in her face as she guessed how someone from Abu Dhabi would sound was brilliant.

    Best line: “Yeah, with a hot slab of Canadian bacon in your hands.” Wow.

    Best little moment: Meredith’s aforementioned “Hello?” Seriously, that slayed me. Honorable mention goes to the quick pan of Michael leaving with Concierge Marie during Oscar and Andy’s chat; little shots the doc crew just happen to get while shooting something else really reinforce the documentary aspect.

    I am just loving this season.

  108. I loved it all, Andy and Oscar were gold and I hope they show those two more often.
    Ryan struggling through one armed push-ups were hysterical.
    Creed was too creepy for words.

    My heart broke for Michael.
    My heart broke for Pam. Her tears at art school were so honest.
    My heart broke for Jim too, his facial reactions showed PERFECTLY his struggle between wanting to support Pam and total let down and sadness that she would be gone. By the way, whoever decided that they would show NO Jim and Pam in the entire second act was a genius.

    And finally, I LOVED the ending for Jim and Pam, my heart fluttered when I saw the way Jim looked at Pam as he slowly walked towards her. I SO wish I had that, and the whispered “I missed you.” Sigh and swoon.

    Brilliant job everyone. “DELIGHTFUL!”

  109. Oscar was really the hit of this episode for me. His face during the Andy-Angela phone call was priceless!

    P.S. Lots of women leave the fast-track to come back home and be closer to someone they love – wait, I did that! Haven’t regretted it for a second.

  110. I’m surprised to see that so many people like this episode. Yes, the andy, oscar think was awesome but other than that I hated this episode for the most part. One of MY least favorite episodes. I want to see Jim pull a prank on Dwight again. Maybe we’ll see it next week.

  111. Best episode since last season’s “Money,” and one of the Top 10 of all seasons. Not a false note in the entire episode, exquisite writing, nice acting — just a perfectly-crafted Office. Nice rebound after a few disappointing weeks, in my opinion.

  112. To #121

    I think what they were trying to do was make the fact that Michael saw going to Canada as a huge international thing even funnier because everyone there was quite similar to Americans. If they had made them a stereotypical Canadian then it would make Michael seem right which wouldn’t be funny. That was just my take on it anyway.

    Seriously such an awesome episode! I love Andy even more for being such a sweet guy!

  113. I loved it, and it made for two great eps in a row. I especially thought there was great acting in this episode. John and Jenna were exceptionally heartfelt and realistic in this one, they did a great job in making me feel that they are going through something completely natural.

    Andy was in awesome form, and Oscar surprised me! I like him even more. I did miss a lot of the office interaction though, and we had very little Dwight. But still, I loved it!

  114. Overall, I really didn’t like the episode. It was very crass. The Jim/Pam stuff was very well done though. And it was interesting that Michael was so honest with David Wallace, good for him.

  115. I did like this episode. I thought that all of the Andy/Oscar stuff was nice because we never get to see that aspect of any of the minor characters in the office. It was nice that they got along and are friends. Michael was killing me with his little rebound-ho. I felt bad for him. Like every scene they were in together I was like “oh Michael” and “no Michael don’t go there now!”. But my favorite scene by far for this episode was Michael telling David Wallace off in a very respectable way. I mean he didn’t curse, he didn’t yell, he was upset and hurt and for all of the sacrificing he has done for the company to get screwed over like that was just wrong! So I really like that we got to see Michael being mad about it now, like his only chance was stolen from him for what? And I liked seeing Michael and his amazing sales chops, that was nice. And the JAM stuff was very satisfying, all I can say is… Thank goodness PAM is finally back!

  116. I really liked this episode because of all the small stories that were told about the characters. The Jim/Pam ending was, again, a virtuoso scene — awesome acting, writing, lighting, directing, etc. Wow!

  117. GREAT episode overall.

    I loved the scenes with Jim/Pam, Oscar/Andy and Michael/David Wallace.

    Michael telling David what he did was a really “sucky” thing to do……very honest scene and heartfelt….great job.

    Jim and Pam on the phone and then at the end….wow. I loved every second of it.

    But I have to ask, why have these episodes been stretched to pan scan on normal TVs? I miss my widescreen Office!

  118. Wow…I absolutely loved it. I had to watch it twice just to take it all in. Andy and Oscar! What a hilarious dynamic! I loved that whole storyline! Ryan and Kelly killed me! It makes me so sad that BJ won’t be around for a few episodes because S2 Ryan is back! Michael standing up to David Wallace…my heart just broke for him. Jim and Pam…somebody mop me up because I melted. I love how Pam’s return was handled. She tried something new and ultimately made up her own mind about what she wanted. It was very realistic and very sweet and before people judge by saying that the reason everyone loved it was because of the JAM, let me say something…I am a HUGE PB&J fan, but I love this show for the ensemble dynamic. I love when other characters get brought into the forefront (i.e. Oscar last night, Kelly in Customer Survey, Phyllis in Crime Aid) and we get to see a little bit of everyone. I look at the show as a whole, not by whether the three minutes we get in a B-plot of Jim and Pam are squee-worthy.

  119. Awesome episode!!
    I absolutely loved the Andy/Oscar thing. I was laughing so hard when they made that call.

    Liked Ryan and Kelly and their weird but funny relationship.

    And the Jam moment at the end was just a great way to bring Pam back. Can’t wait to see her back in the office.

  120. I unfortunately have to say that this will not make it into my list of favorite episodes! Usually I watch each episode around ten times, but I think two was enough for this one. :(


  121. 138, Mabby-

    That’s interesting about your aspect ratio. I have a standard def 4:3 television and, starting this season, The Office always starts out for a wee millisecond “stretched” into pan-and-scan before resorting back to widescreen (black bars top and bottom) like normal. Maybe it’s your TV or cable provider.

  122. The scene w/ Andy and Oscar drunk had spectacular acting. Well Done Episode. Loved the PB&J moment… and Dwight interrupting it was priceless. Ryan+Kelly thing was great too. good overall. I also liked when Michael told off David Wallace.

  123. I loved when Michael was talking to the concierge at the bar and he kept saying “how you say….” even though they both spoke English.

  124. 123. ASAPpronto: Pam said she did not like graphic design. She failed a computer program. She is not quitting being an artist, she did not really fail ART school. Being an artist has nothing to do with having a degree or a career.

  125. what was up with the darryl thing? does anyone have any idea what he was doing in that clip of him going to his car? i watched it online so the resolution sucked


  126. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. The JAM stuff was incredible. Andy and Oscar were hilarious, and Michael telling off Wallace was just awesome. 10/10

  127. The two year nightmare is over! Sad Pam is back with her hair pulled in a ponytail and back lighted as well. David has replaced Jan as the only sane person in the company. Naturally, Michael will be butting heads with him.

    Otherwise, it’s pretty much back to the magic formula that worked so well in Season 2. Hope they don’t mess with a good thing again.

  128. One of the best episodes of the season so far. Loved the Andy/Oscar drunk scene. I want more drunk Andy and Oscar!! SO glad to have Pam back in Scranton! Did anyone else get the impression that maybe Pam is not as good at art as she was led to believe or that Jim thinks and that everyone in the office has just been patronizing her until Dwight spoke up about her pic of the office building? Great episode – feels more like Season 2 now. A welcome change!

  129. Great episode! I absolutely loved the line “You will thank me when they spank thee”, I missed it the first time, but when I caught it I was practically dying from laughter.

    Also Dwight’s critique of Pam’s painting had me laughing so much; I can’t explain exactly why but it just seemed so perfect for his character.

    152: You can hear Dwight in the background of the phone conversation (and he called her Monkey, awwwww)

  130. FANtastic episode. Watch it again and watch Jim’s face as he walks toward Pam at the end….ADORABLE and so real.

    Oscar drinking his drink out of a straw and giggling when Andy dialed Angela….WAY beyond hilarious!!!

    Michael..Michael..Michael…HATED the bounce-back ho, but SOO loved her ‘role’ in the show…and the best moment for me of all…..

    Michael getting whacked with the drink cart on the plane!!

  131. Loved the episode. I just finished watching the episode for the second time and caught some things I didn’t catch the first time (like always).
    Best moments:
    -Michael comparing the concierge to a geisha
    -Andy: “Do you like apples…?”
    -Andy: “Beer me dos long island ice teas…bad decision in a glass.”
    -Andy: “You will thank me when they spank thee.”
    -Andy: “We Men For Life…WMFL.”
    Obviously I loved Andy and Oscar’s interaction. Steve Carell’s commitment to Michael in this episode blew me away. As did John Krasinski’s to JIm. Thank god Pam is back…and Toby’s on his way. Pure Bliss.

  132. I loved the Oscar/Andy interaction of the episode and I hope that there are more appearances by the minor “cast” before this season ends. Great episode, brent!

  133. interesting episode. I love drunk Oscar. Wouldn’t it be so weird if Andy turned gay for Oscar? I was thinking that when Andy said Oscar was ‘delightful’. I didn’t like Dwight bashing Pam’s art…I felt it was unnecessary and Jim didn’t even defend her. Am I the only one who thought concierge Marie was reminiscent of Dawn from the BBC version?

  134. 156. CreepyCreedBratton – WMFL is “Wing Man For Life”

    i thought this episode was great. and it took place mostly out of the office so does this mean everyone has gotten over the “it has to be in the office to be a good episode” thing? hope so.
    i agree with stella (#82) i had the same impression about pam, wanting jim to just tell her to come home because that is what she really wanted. i also think that her going to art school did have significance in that she learned that new york and graphic design is not for her. andy and oscar were hysterical and i am thrilled to see kelly and ryan back together, i have been calling for that since last season!

  135. I am still laughing about Foppy Magee and Andy’s promise of a big handful of Canadian bacon.

  136. The show is slowly going back to the classic cast and story (minus Pam and Jim angst, yay!) Love it. My only thing is, I’d love for Holly to return. Maybe David Wallace will allow it, after Michael’s outburst on the phone (did anyone else think that was extremely disrespectful?!).

    What’s Ryan’s deal? He wants Kelly, then when Darrell doesn’t want her, he doesn’t anymore? Well, at least it’s consistent.

    I’m SO excited for next week’s episode!!!!

  137. I don’t know why everyone’s bashing Dwight making fun of Pam’s art. I thought that was the funniest part of the whole episode.

    “Last I checked, that’s not an office building in the Andromeda Galaxy.”

    Freakin genius.

  138. Darryl had that swagger cos he was finally free. An unequivocal, no strings attached (and well-written) pardon.

    Dwight’s Andromeda joke let me down for I was certain his talk about two suns was leading right into a Tatooine reference.

    Andy turning gay for Oscar? Hmm… (if it is indeed a choice)

  139. My bet: Andy’s gay and he and Oscar will get together and Angela’s going to get preggers with Dwight’s baby!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

  140. #154 – You were right. I went back and re-watched that scene and I clearly heard Dwight. Missed it last night. Thanks!

  141. #153 – Yes. I don’t think the writers had ever originally thought of Pam being this “incredible artist” and chose to make her just “okay.” In the “Job Fair” Q&A, Lee Eisenberg made a comment about Pam possibly having untapped talent, like she could draw buildings and probably bowls of fruit…Something like that. Anyway, and that’s why Dwight’s bashing was so inline with the show as well as Pam’s return. She gave it a try and it didn’t work out.

  142. Steamtown Buff (#151) – why do you think Sad Pam is back?

    Great episode. Andy was hilarious, and I do love me some Oscar. Michael’s reactions were hilarious and incredibly touching – his look of despair after leaving the concierge’s room in particular.

    And Jenna and John were fantastic. So pleased she’s back!

  143. #153 & 169 – Interesting to note that Brent Forrester wrote this episode as well as “Business School,” where Gil inadvertently insulted Pam’s watercolor as motel art.

  144. Loved it, loved it, loved it! I think the word “classic” has been bandied about a lot last week and this week, and that’s the best description for it. Everything that I love about the Office was in this ep.

    Oscar’s giggling at Andy’s drunk calling is hands down my new favorite clip.

  145. Wow, just watched it twice. great unfurling of Andy Bernard and Oscar. Very touching. Hearing how much Michael missed Holly was very sweet, and how he probably thinks about it all the time. I’m sure she’ll be back, and it’ll be bittersweet.

    All in all, one of my faves! So great to see other members of the ensemble rise up.

  146. As a Canadian I was disappointed with the lack of Canada jokes and Winnipeg references – I mean seriously, does ‘murder capital of Canada’ not warrant any jokes?!

    But I did love the Oscar/Andy dynamic

    And of course the ending was awesome!!

  147. I actually thought that this was one of my least favorite ones. Nothing really stood out to me. But I did like when Pam came back!!

  148. I’m absolutely THRILLED that they finally decided to write in the difference(s) between “fine art” and “graphic design”. While the fields are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they are not the same thing!! Pam’s interests have always seemed to lie in fine arts and/or illustration. And this is coming from someone who’s been in the business for years.

    92|Phil: Quark still has relevance. You’d be surprised how widely it’s still used and how many places still consider it to be industry-standard.

    112|pw: Good call! I think they might have just asked one of the graphic artists on the show about random programs that we use regularly. I would have loved to see a Quark/InDesign debate or switch.

  149. Really liked everything about this episode. Only thing missing was a Dwight / Angela scene while Andy was playing wing man in Canada.

    Loved the Dwight’s comments about Pam’s drawing and then appearing out of now where during the JAM kiss – classic office! I think the dynamics will be better with Pam back for real now. Michael, “How do you say” priceless. Need to watch twice to catch all the wit in this episode!

  150. When Pam was with Roy she put all her attention and time into their complicated relationship. When she got with Jim..It was so much easier and that’s why she threw all her time and thoughts in a major trying to fix something else. I don’t think it’s a question if she’s good at art or not.. More that she realizes she didn’t need to change anything else. Now she can fill Jim’s parents household up with her art. :)

  151. What was Jim whistling at the sink? When he was all happy about Pam coming home, in the beginning?

  152. I loved this episode! Michael’s multiculturalism, Ryan’s push ups, Creed and Kevin’s creepyness, Oscar and Andy’s drunk behaviour, Dwight’s comments on Pam’s art, Michael telling David off and, of course, Pam’s return. Oh, and Dwight’s appearence in the middle of that JAM moment. Some people get annoyed with that part of the show, so Dwight appearing was a good touch. Favourite so far!

  153. This just might be my favorite episode of the season so far! And I usually like the out-of-office episodes the least but this one was amazing and hilarious. I just love seeing Oscar more–and I would so be up for an Oscar/Andy bromance.

    And last of all…YAY PAM’S BACK!

  154. Sad Michael is so depressing :'( When the lady threw him out of the room in the morning it was not funny at all. Then when he was making his speech about how dunder mifflin treats people “like a human being” and his voice caught it killed me. I do not cry at movies or tv shows but I discovered last year when I watched Season Two that the Office and Steve Carell can make me choke up.

  155. 158, I completely agree! The concierge was a lot like Dawn from the UK Office! I absolutely loved that.

    This was an amazing episode.

    I loved Michael’s excitement in the beginning, and Meredith’s “Hello.” I also loved Stanley’s “heh heh” after Phyllis said “One more week!”

  156. Ok I am sure a lot of people may have reached this conclusion about 2835478 years before I did but…Michael saying he can disrespect his boss & hang up on him without getting fired?

    Foreshadowing? Especially considering next week’s episode description. Although they could also have something to do with Toby coming back and Ryan leaving.

    I don’t know! Ah!!

  157. I’m pretty sure it was just him referring to himself since that is exactly what happened with him and David Wallace in that phone conversation.

  158. Even though this episode got lackluster Nielsen ratings, it seems like most of the comments here have been positive. I hope it gets great fan ratings and that The office writers give us less contrived drama and more of what made this show great.
    There are plenty of very dramatic, very zany, very contrived/complex shows on TV. Fans can get their fixes from those shows, then watch & appreciate the everyday-style of humor, zaniness, and drama on The Office.
    JAM can be, and has been, very entertaining without introducing serious conflict to their relationship. They’ve been hilarious & interesting as well as “lovey dovey.” I’m glad the writers haven’t ‘shaken up’ JAM. They’ve gotten fans to speculate about conflict, betrayal, etc., but haven’t put it in the show.
    Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Pam are the main characters. They should take up the bulk of the storylines. The entire rest of the cast is extremely talented, but they play supporting characters. This is still a really good show, and I’m sure it will be great again.

  159. I loved this episode! Great work, Brent! So many funny scenes, especially the one of Andy and Oscar at the bar. I’m glad to see more of David Wallace, too. He’s always been one of my favorite characters on the show.

  160. By the way, I have to say that I really laughed when Michael put his jacket over Meredith’s head. That was hilarious!

  161. Although I loved this episode, I wish Angela would go back to being her prim and proper self, because right now I can’t find any reason to like her. Do you guys think you could make her more likable? She has no moral fiber anymore.

  162. Amazing episode. I’d say the best of the season. Hilarious, moving, it had everything. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    I’m coming back the wrong way.

  163. Michael Scott is breaking my heart, so sad and sweet. Steve Carell, as usual, was awesome! He did a phenomenal job, especially in the scenes where he left the concierge’s room, the sales pitch to the client and his call to David Wallace.

  164. I was just heard a theory: What if Pam actually didn’t fail that class, and just said that to try to stay a little longer? Not that Pam’s so devious, but, think about it. She had fun designing logos for the DM commercial. .. Think it through for a minute. Anyone???

  165. Just rewatched the episode. I was pleased that the ensemble characters got a little more love this week -the interaction between Andy and the underutilized Oscar was great to see, and Stanley had some subtle but funny moments.

    Re: Pam coming back, I have to say it made me a little queasy that she seems to be coming back to Scranton as a “failure.” Obviously, the Office is a sitcom and not meant to dwell on the larger societal questions of life, but as a feminist, I found it a little troubling to see a female character who was so dominated by her prior relationship that she willingly stifled her personal and professional desires, to then finally pursue these goals, only to seemingly give them all up for a man (albeit a cute one!). I can see that the writers needed a plot vehicle to get Pam back to Scranton, but it seems like she is sacrificing all of the assertiveness and self-confidence that she’s developed – particularly in Season 3 — to get there.

  166. Just realized that all I did was talk about Pam and not about the episode itself.

    Hate to say it, but I’m of the minority here. With the exception of the beauty and brilliance of the JAM ending, (Dwight’s hilarious intrusion included)- I had a hard time with this episode. In fact I was about ready to slit my wrists towards the end I felt so bummed out. JAM angst aside, the concierge storyline was killing it for me. It felt so dark and unfunny. She didn’t even seem like Michael’s “type”. I thought the Canada thing would be funny but it fell flat. I did like Michael standing up for himself with the phone call- though it was heartbreaking. I usually love any episode that highlights Kelly but the story seemed rushed and again- unfunny when scenes with those two are usually golden. I would have liked to see more development before them getting back together. Without the redemption of the ending it was low on my list.

    Yet, even at it’s lowest the show is always funny:

    1) Creepy Creed
    2) “How you say…?”
    3) “Bad decision in a glass.”
    4) Andy/Oscar
    5) Dwight’s painting critique.

  167. What is the multi-colored thing Pam has on her desk? It looks like maybe a memo holder, she has it in the box when she’s leaving. I really want one…

  168. Best episode of the season – classic! Andy and Oscar completely stole the show. It was a great episode for both of them.

    I’m glad Pam’s back, but I thought the call from New York scene was very weird. Hopefully the JAM stuff will feel less awkward in the coming weeks.

  169. I used to not really like Andy, but tell you what–he stole the show in this episode. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Love that guy!

  170. Lance,
    I couldn’t agree more! I never liked Andy’s character before (sometimes even tuning out when he was on screen), but when he described Oscar as “delightful” — I howled! He was adorable and really impressed me as a guy who needs a friend — badly!!

  171. tuna tuna tuna (161)
    –I caught that “Wing Men For Life” just now. Thank you. Haha…even funnier than I first thought

  172. 192. jollydecember: that would make Pam very devious. That’s not at all like the character we’ve seen for 4 going on 5 seasons. The writers would have to be turning Pam into a completely different character.
    193. nan1972: Pam said she did not like graphic design. She failed a computer program. She is not quitting being an artist, she did not really fail ART school. Being an artist, a feminist, or a strong woman have nothing to do with having a degree or a career.

  173. I must say, I loved this ep. I probably would have stopped watching the show if Pam did stay in New York (j.k. no, but i would be ticked). I like that Michael finally expressed his anger towards David Wallace. I liked how Andy and Oscar made such a “connection.” And I love that Pam is back so I won’t have to see such a depressing Jim anymore.

  174. A good, but not great, episode. Had its moments.

    Too much relationship drama in this show lately. Hopefully Pam coming back and Holly gone will allow the writes to concentrate on the Dwight/Andy/Angela triangle for a few weeks instead of cramming three relationship plots into one episode.

  175. You know, in life we all go through seasons and The Office has always had a very good balance between the absurd and what’s real. We’ve watched from the very beginning these very same relationships with their ups and downs, so I don’t understand why there would be complaints. People evolve. Characters evolve and they still have a long way to go. And, some of the best episodes have been out of the office: The Dundies, Booze Cruise, etc. This show is still hilarious as ever and “Business Trip” was so great! We got a great mix of everything that makes us love this show. We had LOL moments, sad mixed with strange, office scenes, and sweetness w/ humor. I gave this epi a 10…

  176. nan1972: I would disagree. I don’t think Pam is coming back as a “failure”–she gave it a shot, and she didn’t like graphic design. To me, I think it’s great that she isn’t subjecting herself to it just because it’s what she thought she wanted (i.e. Roy), but that she decided to pursue what she really wants. We don’t know yet what she is going to do with her passion for art, but I’m sure she isn’t just giving up. :)

  177. Jollydecember, I don’t think that theory stands up on close inspection. Before making the call to Jim, she is reacting to the news she’s just received about her course. She is genuinely distressed during and after that call. I don’t think that’s the behaviour of someone who is trying to trick their partner into something. Not to mention that it would be totally out of character for Pam!

    I’m really intrigued about how her ambition will be played out. I don’t think she’s going to give up on her passion. And where’s it written that you can’t be in a relationship with a man and follow your professional dreams?

  178. Am I the only one who felt that Pam was lying about not liking graphic design? I mean, it came out of nowhere…she seemed to be loving her classes and having a great time…and suddenly she fails a class and she hates graphic design?

  179. How long has that picture of Pam been on Jim’s desk? I just realized that the second time through, too sweet!

  180. I doubt Pam is lying about disliking graphic design – I have a good friend who has been in a G.D. program for several years, but eventually became very disenchanted with the whole idea of using his artistic talent to create ads, signs, and basically anything else that might make someone else money.

  181. I love how the writers handled the Dwight-Angela-Andy love triangle. They didn’t antagonize Andy like they did w/ Roy. they just made Andy seem really innocent and oblivious. Bravo writers, Bravo.

  182. best line of the show: “He’s DELIGHTFUL!” That was the line that had me on the floor laughing. The rest of the episode was okay. I miss seasons one and two.

  183. Lesa #204 I totally agree! It was wonderful to see Pam willing to admit when something just wasn’t right for her (graphic design) because in the past she doggedly stayed with something that was so wrong for her (Roy). Her character has grown up and gotten so much happier over the course of the past 5 seasons, while still maintaining her essence. It’s fun to watch.

  184. For me, an avid hater of season 04, this has been the best episode in years IMO even if it wasn’t that hilarious. It was well written.

  185. #149: Darryl had that “pep in his step” because he was happy to be rid of crazy Kelly. I would’ve liked to have seen a talking head of him too though to express his “joy”.

  186. Absolutely loved this episode. I laughed from start to finish. But I can’t help but wonder about Ryan’s motives. He obviously doesn’t want to be with Kelly but goes out of his way to “win” her back and then he seems disappointed by Darryl’s reaction. I don’t get it.

  187. I also loved this episode!!! I know the office characters so well, that when Jim’s talking head was on, we both said “and weird” at the same time! LOL

  188. What is it with our girl Ms. Kapoor, that men are inexplicably drawn to her, stay with her even though she annoys the bejeesus out of them, and makes it almost impossible for men to dump her? Girl must have some kind of magic.

    I’ve always loved that Ryan talking head from Branch Closing, after she tackles him into the fridge. He looks at the camera sheepishly and says “I can’t explain it.” I think that sums up Kelly’s allure to men perfectly.

  189. I find it interesting where Michael has gone as a character. In “The Deposition” Michael clearly stood by Dunder Mifflin and David Wallace over his then-girlfriend Jan. Now, Michael is turning on his company and his boss for his new girlfriend – I think it shows the depth at which he really cares for Holly (and didn’t care for Jan) – even more than he loves Dunder Mifflin – and isn’t that saying A LOT?

  190. callan – i hate to say it but i think it is because she’s easy! we know that she is ryan’s type (remember him balking at how pale elizabeth the stripper is in the ben franklin deleted scenes? and his attraction to stanley’s daughter? so he obviously like dark complexions). i think that coupled with how easy she is and that he can do whatever and she will still hook up with him are pretty attractive prospects – especially to someone as shallow as ryan!

  191. What a great episode! Darryl is hilarious. I love his “oh well!” walk after telling Kelly that it was cool. And Ryan just looked so sad (serves him right!).

    My favorite part of the entire episode was Andy and Oscar at the bar. I used to hate Andy but he deserves better than Angela. Angela and Dwight are made for each other, and Andy deserves a girl who’s not such a prude towards him.

  192. I am a graphic designer.. and I was totally shocked when I heard that Pam was failing “Flash” because Pam only knew “Quark” and they switched to “Acrobat”. What??? Flash is an animation program, Quark is a layout program, and Acrobat is the program that opens PDFs! I can’t figure out why in the world someone didn’t catch this!!! Me and my co-workers are HUGE office fans, and this was the first thing we had to say about this episode. Did they do this on purpose??

  193. Great episode and a return to form!

    The Andy-Oscar interaction was a nice switch and worked great!

    Michael might be the only male to possibly be pissed after getting some nookie on a trip. What a character!

    I have mixed feelings about the Pam thing. I don’t know what to make of it. I really do hope she is not giving up on her dreams that easily though. As a boyfriend I would be concerned about it, even If I missed her ridiculously.

    I guess they felt leaving her in New York with Jim in Scranton again would not have been believable, after all why would Jim stay in Scranton? It wouldn’t make sense.

  194. RE: #218

    I think they were just trying to show Ryan’s immaturity and insecurity. He wanted to feel like he was fighting for something, that Kelly was coming back to him because he was better, to feed his ego but in the end it was just handed to him. lol.

  195. random thoughts:

    Am I the only one feeling awkward when Ryan and Kelly are making out??? Either I’m picking up something from the actors OR it’s just not right in the office!

  196. Please get a consultant to review references to graphic design programs. Acrobat is hard to learn?! And who uses Quark anymore. I think they are doing a disservice to design professionals by suggesting that a three-month class is equivalent to a four-year degree.

  197. Michael’s outburst over the phone with David at the end truly shocked me. That was an incredible moment for Michael in my mind, and actually made the episode for me. As soon as he said “you listen to me” I was just like, wow. It’s pretty sad what happened to Michael and that scene really moved me.

  198. I love Andy’s french and english accent, it’s so refreshing.

    Loved this episode especially the Andy and Oscar scenes and how the episode ended.

  199. Pam’s explanation for failing Flash makes me ill. I too am a graphic designer. How flipping hard is it to run something like that past a designer on set. Are you kidding me?

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