The Friday Tally

  • Steve Carell responds to the Emmy announcement from yesterday: “I am honored and overwhelmed that ‘The Office’ has received a nomination. This is a very exciting moment for everyone involved with the show. We are all extremely honored. I’m also additionally overjoyed by being personally recognized as well.” (Source: Access Hollywood)
  • Rainn Wilson appears next week on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ (Wednesday night, still trying to confirm) and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ (Thursday morning). Both are listed in the calendar. Thanks, Jill, for the Regis tip! (See video clips of Rainn’s most recent late night visits on Leno, Conan, and Carson Daly.)
  • Lastly, has reduced its price for the Season 2 DVD to $32.49 with free Super Saver shipping. Don’t know how long this new price will last …


  1. I know Steve Carell is genuine and all that jazz, but I’ve got to think that his statement was probably planned well in advance. After winning the Golden Globe, his personal nomination was a mortal lock (unless you’re running for outstanding drama series).

    I’ve been scouring the web for odds on the emmys (for entertainment purposes only, of course), and have found two sites with lines. In one, The Office is 3/1, behind Arrested D at 3/2 (Scrubs and Curb both 4/1, Two and a Half at 7/1). In the other, The Office is the 1/1 favorite, followed by Scrubs at 11/9, AD at 3/1, Curb at 4/1, and 2.5 at 19/1.

    The second site is the only one to list odds for lead actor, and Carell is a prohibitive 3/5 favorite. Charlie Sheen(!) follows at 15/7, Tony Shalhoub at 3/1, Larry David at 5/1, and Kevin “Dark Horse” James at 10/1.

    The lead actor field was so deep this year, you could take the top five omissions and have a pretty solid lineup of nominees. Without Bateman in the running as a sentimental goodbye favorite, Carell should win the award fairly easily. For the same reason, Arrested should eke out a win in the series category. I like Curb, but this was its worst season out of the five.

    As for Amazon, if we order it online with the free shipping, will we receive the DVD September 12 or a few days later? I guess the same question applies if we order it with standard shipping. I’m planning on taking a day off on the 12th to enjoy The Office, Barenaked Ladies, and Ken Jennings’s book, so I’d rather not risk not receiving it on that day.

  2. I particularly enjoyed Brian’s response to the Emmy nom:

    “…the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, History and Physical Education, nominated our little show, THE OFFICE, as one of the Best Comedy Programs of the year.”


    “Oh, by the way, does anybody know if this award program needs musical entertainment? Cause that could be pretty huge for the band.”

    Haha… gotta love ’em.

    Thanks for the TV appearance updates. Better go make room on the Tivo…

  3. Jim, they ship it the day it’s released. So you will not be able to watch it the same day.

  4. I mean, I have to agree with the line on the Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy. Every other actor in the category is simply a joke.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  5. Jim, Amazon defines Super Saver Shipping as “5-9 business days,” so I’m guessing the earliest you would receive it would be Sept. 19.

    Free shipping means slow shipping.

  6. I’m pretty sure Rainn will be on Conan on Wednesday night. I always check Yahoo! TV to see who will be on the talkshows and from that I’ve learned that whatever date it says someone will be on Conan, that means they’ll be on the day before. Its because Conan starts after midnight, so technically Yahoo is right, but we tend to think of it as Wednesday night, not Thursday morning.

  7. The Late Night TV page has Rainn on Thursday night, and I know that the person who runs that site gets her info directly from the different shows so it might indeed be Thursday (i.e., Friday at 12:35 am.)

  8. I see on the Late Night TV Page that Rainn will also be on Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, July 17th.

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