Pre-order The Office Season 2 DVD

the office season 2 dvd cover

Following yesterday’s news that The Office Season 2 DVD set will be released on September 12, the DVDs are now available for pre-order at the Universal Studios Home Video store.

This purchase will run you $37.98 (before shipping and tax), with a ship date of September 10th.

Click here to pre-order!

Update 6/22: Amazon is now selling the Season 2 DVD set for $34.99 with free shipping! Pre-order here. (Thanks to the LiveJournal Office community for the tip!)

Update 7/7: Amazon has reduced the price to $32.49 (35% off) with free shipping! Pre-order here.

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  1. It probably will be, especially if you get it from somewhere else. I ordered season 1 from, and it was 17$ after shipping and everything. That’s less than what Wal-Mart was selling it for.

  2. Nice, but does anyone think it might be cheaper to wait till September when it comes out? I’m not doing very well in terms of money and despite my almost scary and crazy love for The Office I need to think about which option is cheaper.

  3. Yes, you’ll probably be able to find it cheaper. If you buy it from Amazon you get free shipping on orders of dvds over 25 dollars.

  4. Y’all please keep me posted on the best deals you find! I’ll “sticky” this post once it rolls off the front page. Thanks! :)

  5. Even though I’d love a copy I could play in my DVD player, I’m pretty satisfied with owning the iTunes copies. I agree with Art, though – I’d just buy it on Amazon. :) Almost always cheaper.

  6. I cannot wait for this! My PVR broke with ALL of Season 2 on it, so now I desperately wait for re-runs on Thursdays. Besides that, I can’t wait for a whole new batch of commentaries, deleted scenes and whatever else goes on the dvd. Jenna mentioned her home movies from the set will be on there, so it should be an awesome package for us die-hards. I’m going to wait until it’s up on Amazon before I decide where to order it from. I’m with you guys in that we should hold out for the best deal. Yay!

  7. I may wait to buy mine, but I’ll price my options. By the way there are some really great comments on the last post. Some people are very creative.

  8. On the other hand, the more people who pre-order, the more Universal will see how many fans there are..then again I guess they’re already aware of that…!

  9. Does it charge your credit card right away for the pre-order or does it charge your credit card when it ships? If it doesn’t charge you until it ships I would totally do it. Anybody who has already done it want to post and let us know? On the other topic, Season 1 was $20 for 6 episodes and season 2 is $38 for 22 episodes. I doubt it will be cheaper in September.

  10. Patrick – I’ve never purchased anything through the Universal Studios Home Video Store before, but I have gone through a similar process at different websites like Amazon. Amazon only charges when your item ships. The reason, of course, is that if something goes wrong with your order, it’s easier to not have charged you than to refund money to you. That would just be my guess. Hope somebody here knows for sure, though!

  11. I have been saving the $25 gift card I have at Best Buy just for this dvd & will have to make a trip over there the day it comes in. Heck, I might be there at the door waiting for them to open by September! I lucked out & got my Season One dvd at Target on sale for $17.

  12. I thought Jenna said that the DVD would have some of her home video footage around the office on it. But I checked out the screenshots and it doesn’t seem to be on there. Anyone know anything?

  13. Toward the end of the 4th paragraph of that review, they mention “Lewis” – is that supposed to say “Fischer”? Did this author mistake Jenna Fischer, amazing actress, for Jenna Lewis, annoying Survivor alum?

  14. I just pre-ordered from Amazon. $32.49 and no shipping seemed like a great deal…or is there a better deal out there I missed?

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