1. Aw, Michael is selling his neon beer sign. I bet Holly would let him display it AND all his dundies.

  2. For some reason, the promo won’t play for me….it shows the NBC logo and then nothing.

    [from tanster: NBC.com is working on getting it fixed. thanks!]

  3. Aargh! The promo won’t play for us Canadians cause it’s on Hulu!!

    Guess I’ll have to wait watch NBC tonight to see if they play it…..

    I’m already getting sad because Steve will be gone soon :(

  4. @Katy, the proposal will be during the Garage Sale episode (next week!). I can’t believe he’s going to do it, this will be so fun to watch, and yeah, I bet he sold his beer sign. (P.S. I wonder if he got rid of all the Jan stuff? Like the Warhol style paintings on the staircase? I bet he did… I’d love to see the condo again!)

  5. @Claire, thank you for clarifying. For some reason, I thought it was a separate episode. I can’t wait for it either! :o)

  6. Oh, why can’t I stop watching this? Our Michael’s growing up so fast!

  7. I love how it has that sweet music and then all the office characters are looking through the break room window. It just shows how much they care and respect Michael. And when Pam smiled at Michael’s idea, the whole promo was just..amazing. It really shows how much Michael is growing up and getting to be at that point where he knows that he just can’t wait forever to do something. He’s really one of a kind, and I will miss him. And dang, Holly’s last episode!

  8. Seeing this promo has made me even more excited about next week’s episode! Michael proposing to Holly is going to be EPIC. The ring is so beautiful. I love how everyone is just waiting in the conference room. This is going to be an awesome episode!

  9. Such a great promo. Caught it on TV a few times last night, but had to watch it again here. So much “awww.” I hope the episode is just as the promo seems. ;)

  10. I’m so excited! I have a sinus infection and today has been horrible but now I’m super anxious to watch this tonight!

    Though it’s Holly’s last episode, I don’t think she’ll say no. She loves Michael and wants a family. My guess is Toby returns from jury duty and she’s sent back to Nashua, with Michael following her after tying up his loose ends in Scranton.

  11. I love the preview clip. Going to be a great episode! Hope I’m home in time, but I got the Tivo set anyway.

  12. When Holly first came to the office she said she was from Des Moines, now she’s going “back” to Colorado. Continuity?

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