The Office: Garage Sale, 7.19

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The Office: Garage Sale

Writer: Jon Vitti, Director: Steve Carell

Summary (NBC): Michael decides to propose to Holly. Holly makes her final appearance. Guest star: Amy Ryan.

The Office Garage Sale extras

  • New York Magazine interview with Amy Ryan about the proposal: “The script was so sweet anyway that it made us all have a good cry,” she said, “but coupled with the fact that it was the start of Steve’s departure and it was my own, yeah, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house — literally, from the water pouring down on us and from our emotions. But it was a beautiful night … We did it in two takes, but it took the crew quite a bit to vacuum up all the water with these big power vacs and reset everything as we stood by in robes, shivering.”
  • The box that holds Holly’s engagement ring comes from real-life Scranton jewelry store, Boccardo Jewelers.
  • Promo

The Office Garage Sale rating

In a poll conducted March 24-28, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.32/10

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The Office Garage Sale quotes

Pam: Ten cents of every dollar is going into the party fund. So we can throw parties for ourselves.

Dwight: The warmth will lure people inside.

Dwight: Schrutes are farmers by hobby, and traders by trade.

Holly: If it’s a problem with the neon, I can have my neon guy take a look.

Michael: I don’t have an “in case.” Do you have an “in case”?

Kelly: Get out of here, Dwight. You’re blocking my table with your giant body.

Dwight: Who else is she seeing? I better lock her down fast.
Kelly: You can take my Helen Fielding collection.
Dwight: And the Jennifer Weiner collection.

Dwight: “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes”?

Dwight: Nice try. No, correction, terrible try.

Pam: I’m just coming out to see what you’re doing and maybe stop you.

Michael: You know what, do you have a siphon?

Michael: I’m asking Holly a question in fire.

Pam: You’ve had two ideas today, and one of them was great.

Ryan: Pesto party? Really?

Ryan: It’s cool, it’s kosher, it’s all good.
Dwight: Ryan, you have such an interesting mind.

Ryan sells Mama Sally’s Homemade Pesto (with Phyllis’ photo) and Hot Cha Cha Salsa (with Oscar’s photo).

Dwight: Why would I want some random black man’s old photo album sitting on my bookshelf? I’m not James Franco.

Pam: We want to help you plan the proposal. So that it’s safe and responsible and realistic and doable.

Oscar: If you are in costume, you did something wrong. If at any point you find yourself tying the ring to a dog’s collar, stop and look at yourself.

Andy: We must honorably adhere to the rules that we are making up on the spot.

Phyllis: I have a box of bras under the table if you’re interested.

Michael: How about this. I throw a corpse dressed like me off of the roof. It hits the ground, the head pops off. This leads to me saying the line “I lost my head when I fell in love with you.”

Pam: Holy [bleep]! Is that real?
Michael: Yeah. They say three year’s salary.

Michael: I want this to be an event that everyone talks about always and forever.
Jim: Totally reasonable.

Michael: Get this, Kevin thought I was going to sell my Bowflex for $200, and I told him, dude, this was a prop in my movie.

Holly: I think I need to go home to Colorado.

Michael: No, I am not going to be proposed to in the break room. That is not going to be our story. Should have burned this place down when I had a chance.

Darryl: We’re way past rules, we have been for some time now. We start having rules now, everything we’ve built collapses.

Kevin: And that… is Dallas.

Dwight: I started with a thumbtack and traded my way to a telescope.

Michael: Let’s go for a little walk. I want to show you some stuff.

Michael: This is where Toby announced that he was going to Costa Rica. It was the happiest day of my life. Until the day that you came to replace him.

Michael: Thank goodness none of that was true. Including the herpes. It was an ingrown hair.

Michael: This is where our love faces its toughest test. After this, it’s just smooth sailing for the rest of our lives.

Michael: This is where I fell in love with you. And this is where I ask you to marry me.

Michael: Holly Flax, marrying me will you be?
Holly: Your wife becoming, will be I.

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  1. I don’t like the fact that they’re revealing this is Holly’s final appearance…though many of us have already heard she leaves the show before Michael, there is no need to promote this in an official listing.

  2. Oh no!! I hope they get their happily ever after…it seems so soon for her to make a final appearance. :(

    There are only four more (including this one) episodes featuring Steve, right? Great…now I have to post ANOTHER sad face. :(

  3. I loved Season 5 Holly, but I don’t think she worked this time around. Thanks to Amy Ryan for coming back, though. She didn’t have to.

  4. Yeah would have been better if it were a surprise, but I’m glad there is a proposal. We don’t know if she’ll say yes, I’m assuming so.

    I have a feeling we’ll get a wedding episode sometime next season with Steve and Amy guest starring.

  5. wow! that first sentence, explodes to everyone!! :OO i can’t believe, that Michael is deciding to propose! man, they love each other soooo much! Holly can’t say no, i wouldn’t say no. oh, my, god!! they should’ve left out “Holly makes her final appearance” cuz now, we know….now we can’t be surprised when it happens…

  6. PEOPLE PEOPLE. LISTEN UP: Michael and Holly are NOT going to break up (no matter how nervous this plot synopsis makes you feel). Her saying yes to the proposal will make Michael’s departure from the office make even more sense because they’d now be engaged (and that would be MUCH more of a reason for him to transfer to the Nashua branch rather than leaving just because they’re just simply dating like they did before Wallace transferred her).

  7. WOW!! I wish they wouldn’t have said that Michael was going to propose. Now I won’t be surprised when I see the episode, but I am really happy about this! I am not bothered that they said this was going to be Holly’s last episode because I had figured out that this would most likely be her last episode. I wish she would stay until the end:(. I’m excited to see how Michael proposes to her. I think the proposal will be funny and romantic. I hope she says yes right away, but I could see her saying she needs more time and then saying yes.

  8. Love that this it titled Garage Sale and the synopsis includes nothing about a garage sale.
    I hope she says yes. But I don’t like that it is her last episode is in the synopsis. Should just be a footnote or something. It kinda scares me that it says “Michael decides to propose. This is Holly’s last ep”

  9. Can’t stand Michael and Holly this time around…you can tell they are rushing things because of scheduling. Yea, I know they dated before, but her dating Michael a mere week or two after “taking a break” from a long time boyfriend and then getting engaged to Michael after only a month? Totally unrealistic.

  10. Whatever happens, they said it would be a satisfying, deserved ending for Michael. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I’m also glad Holly leaves before Michael. I want his final episodes to focus on his friendships with everyone in the Office, not his romance with Holly. (But i do hope she says yes)

  11. @Kyle: I completely agree with you. Not a fan of Holly’s character this season.

    This is such a typical Michael move, though, and I can’t pretend I’m surprised or anything.

  12. Well we know he proposes, but we don’t know when, where or how yet. So there are still surprises ahead. Also she may not say yes right away, but i am absolutely confident she will say yes by the end.

  13. The title Garage Sale makes me think that Michael is going to sell some belongings from his condo and move to Nashua with Holly. I don’t like how fast this is all happening. : (

  14. I feel that the writers took more time to develop Holly’s character in season 5 so she was a more dynamic character than this season. I love the Holly and Michael storyline this season (just like I loved them in season 5) but I wish that the writers had more time to really develop their storyline at a more slow pace.

  15. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! This is her last episode? Michael decides to propose? What? What do they mean this is her last episode?? The season’s not freakin over!! Oooohh I’m so confused.

  16. We’re overlooking something here…the synopsis says only that Michael “decides” to propose, not that he actually proposes.

  17. I hope this means that Toby will be back. Michael can’t go without first getting in a few more digs at Toby.

  18. It doesn’t say Michael proposes ‘marriage’ to Holly. He might just propose moving with her to Nashua. Ah, who am I kidding. This is Michael we’re talking about, king of the grand gesture!

  19. I still think Michael and Holly will end up together.

    Though, does anyone know if we’re going to see Michael interact with Jan before he leaves?

  20. It also doesn’t say he actually proposes to Holly, it says he decides to propose….but my guess is they will show him proposing.

  21. Wow, I am no longer reading the summary for the upcoming episodes. What a spoiler that was!

  22. The Synopsis should include

    Dunder Mifflin holds its first ever garage sale in the warehouse

  23. People have been complaining about how fast Michael and Holly are going. Michael proposed to a girl AFTER 9 DATES. He would propose to Holly (his true love) much sooner.

  24. **SPOILER** Michael will propose to Holly, she won’t say yes. This episode will be Holly’s last episode. And yes they are having a garage sale.

  25. @Beack- I know she said it was their 9th date in “Diwali”, but didn’t she say “4th” in “Sex Ed?” I guess it shows how much she didn’t care.

    And regards to the proposal, of course Michael would propose. They’ve known each other long enough (Dating back from season 4), so it’s appropriate.

  26. It looks like Holly will say yes and Michael will follow her back to Nashua.

    I think it is highly unlikely Holly will say no. But we will have to wait and see.

  27. #27 Nicole

    Totally thought the same thing. Hope Melora Hardin comes back one more time. I WANT THAT BABY TO BE KEVIN’S!

  28. The show is going to suck without Michael. I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching. I mean, I probably will, but it’s so not going to be the same.

  29. I agree with #36, the show will never be the same without Michael, but, I can’t wait to see what happens!

  30. Obviously it won’t be the same show. But that doesn’t mean it still won’t be good in its own right. This will be Office 2.0. Different, but i’m sure still good. I’ll never quit watching.

  31. I guarantee you Ricky Gervais will replace him and he will be better – He IS Michael !!

  32. @#38 Different, but not REALLY.

    I just can’t picture Holly saying no. If she did, that would be a huge twist.

  33. Just saw the promo and just about, no totally cried! This is going to be so sweet.

  34. This is gonna be fantastic! But it is overcast by the fact that there are only 4 episodes left with Steve.

  35. Wish I could see the promo but being Canadian – I’m out in the cold (in more ways than one). Can’t believe only a few episodes with Steve left. Very sad. Looking forward to a new episode!!

  36. Here’s something fun…what if Melora came back to be the new regional manager?

  37. I don’t know guys… The promo I just saw had Michael pouring gasoline around a car. I’m not sure he would do that if this ends happily. (It should end happily, it’s the American Office. But that’s beside the point.)

    Although he could be trying to propose to her by writing it out in flame on the parking lot…

    – Sonfaro

  38. No one knows that Holly will say no. Michael has spent every season on the Office a hopeless romantic and wanted nothing else but to get married and have kids. Holly wants the same, and dumped AJ because he wouldn’t propose.

    The rest of the characters have come alive in season 6 and 7, to the point where I dread the episodes that focus on Michael. He’s okay in small doses, but painful to watch steady. There are few characters on the show I even dislike, so I am sure their quirks and personalities will make the show carry on without Michael.

  39. My guess is that Holly will say Yes, and Michael will have to move to Nashua to be with her. This is how they are going to write Michael out of the show (but still have the character be somewhat connected so that Steve Carell can make guest appearances in future seasons).

  40. OMG I think Holly is going to say NO because in the description it says “Holly makes her final appearance”, and ‘Michael’ still has 4 eps. left =/

  41. Yeah, but if Holly and Michael move to Nashua, then AJ would be there and that would be there. Maybe they’ll get transferred to the Albany branch, since the regional manager there was shown to be completely incompetent in Valentine’s day. Maybe Jo will let them both transfer there.

  42. Dear Steve
    We are going to miss you so much, The show may go on but there will be an empty spot who ever takes over as boss will need to fill some big shoes. :) see you in the movies.

  43. I can’t believe Steve directed this episode:)! It’s going to be the best! I just can’t wait for tonight!!

  44. Didn’t realize Steve was directing – was already looking forward to tonight but now it’s extra special! P.S. I love Holly and Michael – was watching Crime Aid tonight and it was the perfect reminder of why they are soupsnakes.

  45. Buh-bye Holly. Maybe I can enjoy watching The Office again. I’ve missed Michael so much and I’m sad so much of his remaining time and character was eaten up by her.

  46. Steve is directing! Awesome! Hurry up 9pm!! Sucks having to wait extra long living on the west coast.

  47. I’m hoping this John Vetti guy turns out to be a good writer. Steve’s directed two episodes: ‘Broke’ and ‘Secretary’s Day’. Broke was fantastic, both because of Steve’s directing AND because of the great writing. The last episode Steve directed though, Secretary’s Day, didn’t impress me mainly BECAUSE of the writing. Steve’s directing in it was great though. If we can have both great directing and great writing again like in Broke, that would be fantastic!

  48. If you did not love that episode, you have no soul. That’s all I have to say.

  49. Oh man… the tears. They rain from my eyes.

    “If you’re in a costume, you did something wrong” might be my new favoritest quote from the Office ever.

    I love the sweet looks between JAM. I love Michael finally being happy. I loved Kevin taking the money.

    That was just terrific.

  50. Best. Show. Of. The. Season. I cried during the last 5 minutes. Kudos to John Vetti for the writing and to Steve Carell for directing. And so begins the Michael Scott Farewell Tour.

  51. “no no no noooo.. shut it.”

    basically, the perfect episode :) i hope steve’s last 3 are just as great!!

    will ferrell. epic.

  52. I can’t even. It was the most perfect episode after Pam and Jim’s wedding to me. Roll Tide, Michael Scott. I love you more than anything.

  53. Oh my God. That ending was so beautiful. That was such an amazing proposal. And such an amazing episode. Amazing Jim and Dwight stuff. I loved the Andy, Darryl dynamic again. There was Jim and Pam adorableness. Ryan’s booth was funny. But Michael’s proposal completely stole the show. That was absolutely perfect. As sad as I am to see Michael go, this is a great way to do it.

  54. Such a great episode to start the departure story line for Michael Scott. He’ll be missed.

  55. Was it me or was Ryan actually normal/fun in this episode? It was nice for a change..

  56. I really liked this episode (and of course, the proposal at the end was beautiful). The reason for Michael’s departure definitely was not what I had been expecting for the past few months.

    The way Holly left the show was kind of anti-climatic though. I mean….that’s all we’ll see of her for now? I know Michael’s going to be leaving soon after her, but….honestly I thought Amy Ryan should’ve left the show in a more proper way.

  57. Wonderful episode, michael finally gets his dream and Will ferrell coming soon. totally and completely stoked

  58. Alright. That was probably THE BEST SEASON 7…possibly the best episode EVER! I mean, every part of the episode was just…flawless! The cold open was great! And this episode featured EVERYONE in the cast! I love when they do that!
    The Jim/Dwight storyline? Jim is back! I love his little kick-hop thing he did when carrying out the plants! And then all the trading…for “this cute squid” was just HILARIOUS!
    I love how Darryl was into the game of “Dallas.” It was funny to see the fun side of Darryl! And then Kevin gets all the money was great! A very funny Kevin!
    And Ryan was great, too! I loved Ryan’s lines! And Pam’s “Holy S*** is that real?!” I laughed so hard!
    Which brings me to Michael and Holly. THEY WERE THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW! I mean, Michael’s memories, and then proposing in Yoda! That was so cute and so immaculate! And the candles illuminating the room? So romantic! I loved this! And I’m sure Amy Ryan probably filmed a scene that shows her leaving in the next episode. But I just have to say…this was THE GREATEST!!! And Phyllis was funny, too! She was great!

  59. Of 145 half hours of The Office, this one was by far my favorite. Sure I’m a sucker for classic season 2/3 angsty stories, but I actually loved that everything in this episode was just really perfect for everyone. Not that the summary/promos looked bad, but the episode completely exceeded my expectations. The proposal was Michael Scott at his finest and I’m thrilled that his story is getting a happy ending. He really deserves it.

    By the way, was it kind of the sweetest thing ever how shocked/heartbroken/confused everyone looked when Michael announced he was leaving? They really are the perfect family…

    I give this episode a 15/10, but the poll only goes to 10/10 so my official vote went for that.

  60. I can honestly say I’ve never exprienced such a roller coaster of emotions in such a short time span… bawling my eyes out one second and laughing my head off the next. Incredibly moving and incredibly hilarious!

  61. Beautiful and funny. Loved the whole show. The whole use of the characters. Plus discussing Pam and Jim’s proposal, which was bonus in this show.

    Thank you office writers!

  62. To add to my post earlier…I’m probably the biggest Jon Vitti fan ever. I love his Simpsons episodes, so it’s not surprising at all that he wrote this perfect episode. A+ again, Jon!

  63. Bravo, Office crew — you just hit a home run.

    I laughed, cried…. I fell in love and had my heart broken at the same time…

    I’ll miss you Michael Scott.

  64. This was either the best or maybe second best of the season (Classy Christmas). I loved Jim/Dwight prank goodness. Andy/Darryl games. Pam was back to her normal sweet self. And they were all terrible compared to Michael and Holly. Who knew Michael was actually an effective romantic? 10 for sure.

  65. OMG OMG OMG OMG….I’m crying with happiness and sadness at the same time…

  66. Perfection!! I didn’t know I could love “The Office” anymore than I already did.And all of their faces at the end… Michael Scott, don’t go!!!!

  67. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. So many classic Office-y scenes (Pam and co. talking Michael out of something ridiculous, a season-two-worthy Jim prank) partnered with Michael’s crowning moment of awesome. I don’t remember ever laughing and crying so hard simultaneously than I did when the sprinklers went off.

  68. Michael’s proposal was perfect, the entire episode was. When Pam told him they were all a family, and the viewers know it’s going to be one of the last times they’re all in that conference room together, oh my god, it made me so sad. I spent the entire half hour alternating between being thrilled that Michael finally found some happiness, and feeling crushed that he’s leaving.

    I do feel silly for being so emotionally invested in a comedy, but Michael Scott really is one of the greatest characters to have ever graced the television. I’m glad he’s going out with a happy ending.

  69. “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” — Truvy Jones in “Steel Magnolias” puts it best. This proposal scene was TOTALLY the best Laughter Through Tears moment that I think I’ve ever seen on television. Amazing, amazing episode.

    Besides the proposal, I loved the Dallas board game, Dwight’s swap shenanigans, the awesome Jim prank, the adorable JAM moments, and the way Ryan exploited Oscar’s photo for his salsa label.

  70. I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry. I was just saying “awww” as Michael guided Holly through their journey of love. I said everything that was symbolic of the places before Michael even said them! And then Michael opens the door to the kitchen…and I just broke down crying. I couldn’t control it! It reminded me of the tenderness of the ensemble cast, how they’re always there for each other. It was the same feeling as the wedding dance…seeing them all come together for something so special. I just bawled my eyes until the episode finished. It left me quiet, thinking that in only 3 episodes, Michael Scott will no longer be an employee of Dunder-Mifflin :/

  71. Great episode! Loved Michael’s “That one I was worried about” when Ryan “proposed” to Holly. Loved Kevin’s thinking they were all going to Colorado. (Wait a minute…that’s not such a bad idea!) Loved the little look-backs to Jim’s proposal to Pam. And loved Jim’s little side kick in the close when taking the plants out to the parking lot!

  72. That’s a lovely episode. I’m glad Michael and Holly are getting married, but I’m also upset (sad, not angry) they’re leaving together, and that left everyone in the office with their mouths wide open, because he cannot live without her anymore; although it’s clear that Steve Carell (not just his character, but himself) will leave the show.

  73. Absolutely amazing episode! One of the best this season. Although to be quite honest I started tearing up when Michael said he was leaving, I mean…it’s the END OF AN ERA. We all knew this was coming…but to see it now…it’s just bittersweet. I love that Michael and Holly are together, but Steve made this show. This was the beginning of the end, let’s brace ourselves for these final moments we have with the one and only Mr. Michael Gary Scott.

  74. Yes!!!!!!!! Bravo! By far, the best episode this season!!!!!!

    How anyone could keep a dry eye watching this episode would have to be checked for a pulse. Reminded me of earlier seasons of the Office where there was a heart mixed in with the comedy.
    I loved how they intertwined Jim and Pam’s proposal during Michael’s pep talk. During that scene, Jenna has never looked cuter.

    Just loved it!!!!!

  75. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Michael Scott. He should come back when Holly’s dad “you know”, right? It will be interesting to see what the writers do about that. Also, maybe a wedding episode next season? No matter what, that would be the greatest The Office episode ever. And to number 67, ROLL TIDE. What a great comment.

  76. When the whole cast was revealed holding candles, it really reminded me of the closing scene of Scrubs. I cried then and I cried tonight.

    Did everyone look at the reactions when Michael said he was leaving? “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

    I think he got his wish.

  77. Never before have I cried during a comedy show. But I cried for ten minutes after this episode. Not only was it hilarious and sweet and an amazing callback to all the Office antics, it was heartfelt and touching too.

    I’m happy that Michael and Holly are finally together forever. But I’m still in denial that Michael only has 3 more episodes left. I can only imagine how tough it must have been for the entire CAST when wrapping up these last few episodes.

    This episode is for sure in my Top 5 Office Episodes of all time. Every part of it was fantastic. Every cast member did an amazing job in every scene they were in.

    So many great lines, so many great moments. For a while, leading up to the proposal, as Michael led Holly down the candle-lit hall, I was thinking that it would be a PERFECT proposal, with no mistakes and no antics. I was definitely not expecting the Fire Alarms/Sprinklers to go off. I just didn’t think of that because of how touching the proposal actually was.

    It was the PERFECT proposal. And it was the perfect way to start saying goodbye.

  78. This was near television perfection.

    A beautifully done multi-season romantic story arc coming to a close, classic lines, good jokes, and most importantly somehow bringing the main character’s story to a close. Amazing story telling-connecting the two most liked couples on the show proposals together. In LOST the show was ultimately about the characters, their journeys, that they couldn’t do anything alone. I got a sense of that tonight watching the end scene. In the end, the show isn’t about Michael or any single character, it’s about this work family as a unit. And this episode showcased the best of each. Very well done writers.

  79. I remember when it was just a few of us during season 1, when Jenna started to talk to us through myspace (lol). This was the first TV show, in a social media age. At least the first to really reach out to the fans, and bring us into their lives though social media. I feel personally invested in this show. Tonight was such a lovely payoff to our investment. So perfect. Thanks you Steve. We will miss you.

  80. Wasn’t the funniest episode ever, but it was PERFECT. Loved it. I liked when the sprinklers went off and it was reminiscent of Jim/Pam in the rain.

  81. Nothing to say but: perfection. I’ve loved Season 7, but I wasn’t sure it was possible for a S7 episode to break into my top five episodes, and this one easily did. The promos left me wondering how good this episode would be…and the end result was amazing. Laughter, tears, every character having a moment. And it’s so cool how everyone in the office has come to care a great deal for Michael…just like his fans.

  82. pretty much a perfect episode. one question though: how did michael know that toby announced his leaving for costa rica in the lobby? he was in new york with dwight & ryan.

  83. Wow, the build up for this episode was making me really hope the proposal wouldn’t fall flat and wow was it so much better than I could have ever imagined!! Loved the sprinklers going on reminiscent of the Jim/Pam proposal and the entire staff in on it (esp Angela asking if Holly would marry her, the only woman to do so). Seemed so Michael and Holly and perfect. I also enjoyed the Jim prank and the stuff people brought in for the garage sale. I’m sad we have to wait 3 weeks for a new episode!

  84. I think that it was a solid episode and they seem to let Michael go out the way the fans would have wanted him to go out. Him and Holly engaged, and going off into the sunset instead of him doing something to get him fired. I didn’t cry when he proposed, BUT I did have THE biggest smile on my face at the end. The Jim prank was good, Kevin taking the money was good, and it was just a great ensemble episode all together

  85. Just got done watching, and yes, as i type i am still crying. I haven’t really allowed myself to process the fact that Steve is actually leaving and when Michael told his co-workers he was moving to Colorado my heart broke. I literally feel like I was just broken up with haha, I know that sounds dumb but it’s finally hit me. On a happier note I LOVED Kevin in this! It really was a great episode :)

  86. Yup, i cried, with a smile on my face the whole time. And i haven’t even been that much of a Holly fan this season. It was everybody else’s involvement, and then the sprinklers, that made it perfect. Just perfect. All their reactions to the happy news, and then the sad, were overwhelming. I can’t imagine the goodbyes. They are a family, and that is why it was so emotional. Beautiful, unforgettable episode.

    Not to mention the episode really had all the things that make this show great. A Jim/Dwight prank. Sweet Pam/Michael interaction. And a touching Jim/Pam moment. Every episode needs a Jim/Pam moment or it just doesn’t feel “complete” to me. I still can’t get enough of them.

  87. Honestly, this wasn’t a great episode. The garage sale was pointless; the only real saving grace was Jim pranking Dwight with the magic beans.

    HOWEVER, this wasn’t trying to be a great Office episode, it was trying to be a great Office MOMENT. And as a great Office moment everyone totally knocked it out of the park. The proposal was very sweet but also very Michael–over the top and not exactly happening according to plan. It was wonderful to see Michael get his dream, with all of his employees genuinely happy for him to boot.

    The only really bad part was at the end when he told everyone he was leaving, because it was another grim reminder that this great character is really leaving.

  88. BEST. EPISODE. EVER. – This episode had EVERYTHING (I sound like Stefan from Weekend Update on SNL) — Jim Vs. Dwight, picking-on-Kevin, JAM, MILLY (my new name for Michael and Holly) even a Toby insult was worked in! Absolutely Brilliant.

  89. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. What else can be said that hasn’t already been said? And how fitting was it that Steve Carell directed this episode? Hey Emmy voters, can you please finally give the man his WAY overdue Emmy?

  90. After watching this episode, I said to myself, “That is The Office.” This episode was over-the-top in the exactly perfect way that only The Office can do. Amazing. Beautiful. I’ll watch this episode again and again.

  91. We have all watched Michael Scott grow up. A gorgeous, perfect beginning of the end.

  92. I loved this episode! I have never cried on an office episode. I also love that it looks like Amy Ryan didn’t know how the proposal was gonna be and that she jumped when the sprinklers went on and laughed. And the audio not being very clear as the proposal was happening also looked spontaneous and I loved it. great episode!

  93. Lots of happy tears tonight. Well played Michael Scott. I’ll echo everyone else and say this was perfect television. It had it all, including an awesome Jim prank. I never expected to get so emotional. But how can you NOT when the whole office is right there supporting him. This is truly the best ensemble ever. I also loved Pam’s smile after Jim said he had been scared to propose, then their shared look as the sprinklers went off. That was wonderful. I was pretty much smiling ear to ear this whole episode.

    So many little details at the garage sale. Jim was selling the clown picture!

    [from tanster: wow, nice catch! i’m going to have to re-watch and look for that.]

  94. I thought this episode was both funny and genuine, and I thought Michael’s reason for leaving was really appropriate and nice. I’ve watched it twice already and I think I liked it a lot more the second time around. I thought Ryan’s Oscar salsa was really funny, and it’s always nice to see Ryan standing out, being that sometimes he just seems kind of an ambiguous character.
    One thing I did notice was that Holly and Michael are supposed to be going back to Colorado to be close to Holly’s family, but didn’t Holly originally say she was from Des Moines?
    Oh well, it was still a damn good episode and as much as it pains me to say this, I really can’t wait to see the next episode, even though it means the office will have to say their final goodbyes to Michael.

  95. Such an amazing episode – definitely the best of the season. I still can’t believe Michael is beginning to move on. The reality of it is there, I just haven’t come to terms with it just yet. :(

    That said, I’m glad Michael and Holly are together (and happy). Michael’s finally found love – and let’s face it, after all this time he certainly deserves it!

    One question though: where was Erin? I didn’t see her.

  96. I thought this was a great episode. My wish has come true for Michael — that he has found the love that he he has yearned for in almost every episode for 7 seasons. And the proposal was in perfect Office style — Michael and Holly were first drenched by candlelight and then drenched by the sprinkler system.

  97. Fab episode! My mind (and heart) are still reeling. I loved everything about it too! Quite perfect! But soooooo bittersweet. Michael will be missed!!

    I did have 2 thoughts about the episode though….

    1. Didn’t Holly keep in touch with her parents at all?? Christmas was just in December, you’d think she might have felt they needed her earlier, but it all seemed kind of sudden to her…

    2. Do you think it’d be asking a lot — assuming the finale doesn’t involve a spontaneous wedding somehow — for us to get an episode next season where Steve returns so we can see their wedding? :)

  98. This is by far the most beautiful episode of the Office that I have ever seen! My heart is still shaking! Steve and Amy both deserve Emmy’s for this. They really channel the deep love that Michael and Holly have for each other. Michael’s journey is by far the best in tv history. To go from social awkwardness for most of the series, to the arms of his true love is priceless, and inspiring. I hope Amy and Steve come back for a wedding episode. Thank you Amy and Steve for your wonderful chemistry together and brilliant acting. You made this girl believe in love.

  99. I’m going to miss Steve Carell so, so, so much. I loved this episode, it was such a great mix of sweet and really funny. The proposal was perfect–even my kinda stoic husband was all, “Awwwww!” about it. It was a wonderful writing decision to have Michael go out on a high and happy note, instead of getting fired, ending up with Jan, joining the circus, or any number of equally awful things that could have been.

    And at the end between my tears I was still laughing so hard at, “Why would I want some random black man’s photo album sitting on my bookshelf? I’m not James Franco…”

  100. I don’t understand the James Franco reference lol. 127 hours? Hosting Oscars? Milk? This is what happens when I don’t watch movies.

  101. I wonder if they would consider doing a special wedding episode at some point?

  102. How cool that Michael’s hatred of Toby indirectly lead to him finding the love of his life?! Toby leaving for Costa Rica brought Holly into his life.

  103. Steve Carell as Michael Scott is the best character in television history. Period. Yes, even from Season One, Episode 1, Scene 1. I am so overly passionate about this that I feel so bad for Steve any time he is snubbed for an “award.” I chalk it up to politics as to overlook his genius as Michael Scott is insulting. The writing is incredible, yes, but Steve’s intangibles he brings to the character cannot be duplicated. He is a consummate professional so that probably doesn’t bother him too much because he understands who he is. Any way, I wish I could take all the admiration in the world for the people who love him as Michael Scott and put it in a medium so he can see how many lives he has touched. Especially mine. I love Michael Scott as a character and am truly sad to see him leave. Steve, if you ever read this (or someone who knows him), know that what you have given to me (and us) as a fan I am forever thankful for.

  104. Great to see Michael finally happy, so happy in fact that he’s ready to leave his beloved Office behind.

  105. Re: Michael & Holly’s wedding. The fact that they sent them way out west to Colorado probably means we’ll never see them again. In my opinion, anyway.

  106. #114 – I saw the painting too! Hooray!

    WONDERFUL episode. LOVED LOVED LOVED it! It was the perfect way for Michael to propose (even if the Yoda voices were a little off), and I think that Michael leaving to be with Holly while she takes care of her parents is a good exit.

    GREAT JOB cast and writers! Top episode!!!

  107. Loved it – totally cried :-) More so than Jim/Pam proposal… Maybe because Michael and Holly are so odd, so they’re so much more perfect for each other and can only be with each other.

    I loved that Michael “dissed” the rain in Jim’s proposal to Pam, then it “rained” on he and Holly when he proposed! Great twist in the writing!

    I do have a question, though – what was the purpose in everyone else asking Holly to marry them? I didn’t quite get that… or, maybe there’s nothing to get?

  108. I cried so hard. I can’t believe he’s leaving, but what a beautiful way to make an exit. I love you Steve, and I’ll miss you so much.

  109. This episode was amazing. I laughed. I cried. I guess I can’t be in denial that Michael Scott is actually leaving. I better have some tissues handy from here on out. The silver lining will be when Steve Carell finally accepts his Emmy.

  110. Now, when will we be seeing Michael & Holly’s wedding??? Steve & Amy have to come back to film a wedding episode!

  111. #121- I think Dwight made the James Franco reference because he seems to be in a way, Ryan’s idol so if James Franco is doing something- clearly Ryan should be doing it too. At least that’s what I thought.

    PERFECT episode. Really hadn’t come to grips with Michael leaving until he said that. :(

  112. Loved this episode, so so perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time!

    One thing that super bugged me, is that Michael wasn’t there when Toby announced he was going to Costa Rica, that was in Night Out when he was in NY partying with Ryan and Dwight. But, the proposal was still perfect.

    I loved the mentioned of “let’s get ethical, ethical” and Professor Klump!

  113. thank god an outstanding proposal made up for an extremely lame episode up to that point. i agree with #109–a great office moment, not a great office episode.

  114. Can I say best episode ever!!!! And what really got me was when he said he was going to Colorado with Holly and Kevin asked if they were all going with :(

  115. Finally they’ll be together forever. :) In my top 3 favorite episodes. I hope the writers keep Michael alive and give us updates about what’s happening while he’s with Holly. I’d love to see a wedding episode!

  116. @Steve #121 – the reference to James Franco wasn’t about any of his movies really. It was a reference to him as a person. He’s an actor, a “writer,” student at Yale, “performance artist,” etc. He tries his hand at every medium there is and thinks he’s the greatest person to ever achieve…whatever it is he’s working on. Basically just a pompous guy (in my opinion) who thinks way too highly of himself and thinks he’s a genius at everything he does. The type of guy that Ryan Howard would aspire to be. If James Franco is doing it, well then so should I.

    Back to topic…one of the GREATEST episodes ever! I loved every single second of it and cried a lot. Sorry to see Steve go.

  117. What a sweet, sweet episode. I guess I wasn’t looking up at the tv when it said that Steve was the director. When the episode ended, I reflected on what a blessing he has been. In June ’08, I became interested in him but realized I had lots of catching up to do with 4 seasons of the show already complete. Then to meet him in June ’10 at the “Despicable Me” premiere in LA! What an opportunity to meet such a special person who will be missed in his usual role. Yet I wish him the best in his future . . .

  118. What a nice episode! I cried and after I watched it again, cried again…more so that I started to realize it was the beginning of the end to not seeing Michael much longer :( Love the parallel to Jim and Pam’s proposal (sort of rain-related)!

  119. Two words….emotionally magnificent!

    That was such a GREAT episode! Totally worth the wait. Loved the garage sale, and so awesome to see Jim back on top in terms of pranking Dwight. It was also nice to see the call back to Jim and Pam’s proposal, and the call backs to other episodes during Michael and Holly’s walk.

    The proposal was perfect. The only problem with this episode is that we are being set up for Michael’s departure. :(

    Sill a fantastic episode. :)

  120. I’m crafting a ranking website (since I love lists and doing things that have been done a million times) and I’ve written an introduction for my “top 20 and bottom 5 episodes of “The Office.”

    I don’t know if this was the best, but I do think it was the most beautiful episode of the series….sincerely. Just wonderfully crafted, tastefully funny (see: James Franco reference or yoda-style proposal) while never going too over the top (see: driving into a lake or Recyclops). It had nice subplots, and focused more on the heart than parlor tricks and trickery to shock all of us. It played to new fans and veterans alike…. and the sprinklers going off to create a parallel between the two proposals was SO…entirely….PERFECT. Another “Michael” discovery. even the best laid plans can have some PERFECT imperfections (where earlier in the episode he dissed the rain!)

    Lovely, lovely. I debated if PDA was top 10…

    I have no doubts here. Just wonderful.

  121. A+ Such a sweet and funny episode. Simply wow! I started crying when Michael said “Should have burned this place down when I had a chance”, it made me realize that my Thursday nights will never ever be the same, looking forward to adorably clueless Michael Scott moments. I feel like I’m dying inside. I feel like Neve Campbell in Scream 2…I love you, Michael Scott!!

  122. What a lovely proposal! I’m so glad Michael’s office family helped him make the moment perfect – even though the sprinklers went off in the middle of the proposal. Michael’s story line was great and really made the whole episode for me, and it’s so sad to know that he’s really leaving now.
    The Dallas plot was a miss, but Jim’s prank was amusing.
    Also, great directing by Steve Carell!

  123. (Sigh)
    I am still on an emotional high and was wondering how they were going to pull off such a big event in just a short half hour. They did it perfectly. I’m so glad that things became more serious when Michael started guiding Holly through their tour of love, and the surprise when Michael opened the kitchen door to reveal the whole staff holding candles totally put me over the edge to start my tears rolling. That was a “wow” moment. Also loved that the staff were involved in introducing the proposal, but when Michael and Holly reached her desk, it was private and personal with the staff having to peer through the blinds. Nicely done writers and Steve for directing. Very classy touch in so many ways.

    On kind of a freaky note, before the show began, I decided to light a candle on a table that sits next to my TV. “This is to celebrate Michael and Holly’s love”, I said to myself, having no idea that candles would represent such significance in the proposal. My sprinklers did not go off though !! : )

  124. When Andy, Kevin and Darryl were playing the Dallas board game, Andy’s southern drawl reminded me of his accent when he was playing “Belles, Bourbon and Bullets” in the Murder episode.

    And am I the only one who worried about the damage the water from the sprinklers caused to the binders, filing cabinets, desks, computers, papers, etc (both fictionally and on the real Office set)?? That’s the practical Virgo side of me, worrying about such stuff during their beautiful proposal!

    Although I did love how the whole staff rushed in to hug Michael and Holly and no one seemed concerned that they were getting wet!

  125. My first thought when I saw all those candles was, “What’d they do? Loot a Pier One?”

  126. I CRIED, I came on here immediately to tell, and I thought this episode was a perfect 10! The staff being involved in the proposal just brought the entire series full-circle for me: despite all the misadventures through all the locations and all the seasons that the staff have been through with Michael, they all managed to come together for something beautiful. I would have been happy if this was Michael’s last episode — they better make his last ones just as good :)

    I was also fond of the garage sale subplot. Classic Vitti.

  127. Can’t I please give this episode a 10 again??

    PERFECT, Office staff! Absolutely perfect.

  128. Really enjoyed the episode. I rank this just below PDA for me. Loved the references to Jim and Pam’s proposal and those good old “looks” between them. The moments of clarity for Michael were very touching. Solid episode.

  129. “Garage Sale” was a perfect metaphor. As every one knows, people throw out useless stuff in garage sales.
    To me, it seemed in “Garage Sale”, that the “Holly” & “Michael” characters were for sale at a bargain.

    I’m happy they’re leaving. “Michael” & “Holly” sucked the comedy oxygen from The Office this season.

    With Holly & Michael out of the way, The Office can focus on reviving the Office’s dormant characters, plus revitalize the comedy with a new regional manager.

    “Garage Sale” with the candles, group participation in Michael’s madness, Dwight falling for Jim’s inane “magic beans” prank, all this seemed forced. Sentimental, yes, but not the least bit funny.

    Watching “Garage Sale” I felt like I was watching a goodbye party mixed with a proposal.

    Good luck to “Holly and “Michael”.
    Now, on with the show!

  130. I watched this episode five times straight – – I couldn’t get over it. I also cried each of those five times. . .
    The look on their faces when Michael said that he was leaving. . . Beautifully depressing. I wanted to kill someone or something.

  131. I wonder if they had the sprinklers installed after Stanley the Manly’s heart attack?

  132. I’m so glad it went this route… when she was about to propose, my husband and I thought that michael blew it.

  133. Is it possible to get a Q&A with Jon Vitti, the writer of this episode? I know it’s a lot to ask, since they’re most likely super busy with the remaining episodes of the season. I don’t know, just thought it doesn’t hurt to ask :)

  134. Was it just me, or did the proposal and the talk about Jim and Pam’s proposal make them feel bad for their own proposal?

    Anyway, terrific episode! I loved when Pam gets Michael about the “meeting” that he had called. I was dying when he said that he wanted to talk about…”recycling!”

  135. WOW is all I have to say. I was a little indifferent about the first half or so of the episode and some of the scenes and lines (such as Pam’s “HOLY SH*T IS THAT REAL?” line.. seemed out of character and a bit off)

    However, the proposal scene was AMAZING. I loved how the entire office was involved. It was PERFECT. When everyone came running in congratulating them after Michael popped the question, it honestly felt like a finale.. It almost leaves me wishing they would’ve made Michael’s proposal to Holly the finale and left us to wonder what happens to their life in Colorado and everyone else in Scranton. I guess I just don’t see how it can get any better than what I just watched.

  136. this was just amazing. Michael will invite the camera crew and his Dunder Mifflin family (and us) to the wedding, right?

  137. #158 I do agree that the Michael/Holly storyline was weak this season. But “Garage Sale” more than made up for it.

    There were plenty of funny lines mixed in with the sweetness of the proposal.

    Why I loved this episode so much is it brought back what is so special about the Office; providing humor and heart in an episode. For me, that has been gone for a long time, especially since Jim and Pam are now married and parents to boot.

    While you are looking to get on with Office version 2.0, I am saddened that Office verson 1.0 is soon coming to a close with Michael Scott’s departure. I am not sure the new version will live up to its predecessor. Time will tell.

  138. This episode was just perfect! Everyone was fantastic, but my favorite part was the proposal scene. I was shocked when Holly proposed to Michael and thought it was very cute. I loved how Michael gave her a little tour around the office. I loved how everyone was there to support him. I loved it when Michael said “This is where I fell in love with you and this is where I ask you to marry me.” Those lines had me tearing up. I was really hoping to see Michael and Holly do some impersonations before leaving and my wish came true! It was hilarious that Michael proposed to her speaking like Yoda. What a perfect callback! It was so heartbreaking to see everyone’s reactions when Michael said he was leaving. I get sad every time I hear him say “I’m leaving.” I was amazed that Michael decided he would go to Colorado so quickly without thinking about it twice. He would do anything for Holly. They really are soup snakes. There’s no doubt about it. I REALLY hope we get to see a Michael and Holly wedding next season!!

  139. Best episode ever! I can’t believe it! Michael Scott finally found the love of his life.
    Steve, I know it’s pointless but, please don’t go!!!

  140. When Holly met Michael, she said she was from Des Moines, now she’s “going back” to Colorado! Wassup?

  141. Hopefully this episode breaks the 9.0 rating, it deserves it. (so did a couple others this season, imo)

  142. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I thought the episode was pretty bad. I mean like Hallmark Greeting Card bad. This was sappy, typical sit-com, cutesy, ‘awwww look-at-that’ stuff. By the way – when DO these people work? I remember when an episode of The Office was about people that worked in an office. very funny stuff. Now nobody works and it seems like all you have to do is snap your fingers to do things like filling a room with romantic candles that will (surprise!) set off the sprinklers. I don’t know – it didn’t make me laugh and I didn’t feel the love (like everybody else seems to have). Very uninteresting, typical and not funny.

  143. You know what I literally just thought of?

    We won’t get to see Michael and Holly’s wedding. :(

  144. Amazing episode, easily the best of the season. My one nit-picky flaw: isn’t Holly from Des Moines, as stated in Business Ethics? Maybe her family moved to Colorado?

  145. I loved the scene where Michael talks about , how he is going to get a corpse to fall off the roof and Jim just shrugs as if it is perfectly normal for Michael to think about a head-popping is so subtly hilarious..

  146. Truly the best episode to end Steve Carell’s participation on the show.
    There should be no follow-up to Michael’s character… even using this as a series Finale would have been perfect.
    Worked on about 10 different levels.

    Note to NBC. The show will have to start a new dynamic. Better to spin off than beat a dead horse in coming seasons. be careful!

  147. Why did BJ’s Character look at the camera when Dwight says “Why would I want some random black man’s old photo album sitting on my book-shelf. I’m not James Franco.” I get the joke, Franco is supposed to be artsy, and might collect something like this… but why the look? What was that supposed to mean?

  148. Just watched the rerun. I was laughing, clapping, and crying at various intervals. Amazing episode!!!! 10/10

  149. Wow, wow and wow again…..
    Best episode of the season, will never forget the proposal….

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