‘Goodbye, Toby’ photos

NBC.com has photos of The Office Season 4 finale episode, ‘Goodbye, Toby.’ (Check out the one of Holly and Kevin — it’s adorable.)

Some photos are from behind the scenes, and others are from scenes that were never aired or posted online!

The final photo in the sequence is a cast and crew photo. (I was there the day the photo was taken; you can see my view of the photo on this page.)

Link: ‘Goodbye, Toby’ photos


  1. Kevin is so hilarious! And I’m not gonna lie, Jim doesn’t look that bad himself:)

  2. I think its sad how fast I instantly recognized a lot of people in the group photo considering how small they all are in the picture.
    Oh well.
    Crazy love for this show!

  3. These pictures are so cute, I think Angela is wearing Uggs in her picture with Kate :p

  4. Great set of pics. The big cast and crew especially is really nice.

    I have to wonder… Who is that guy with Michael in the gold tie? I’ve seen him as a character actor in other shows, but they completely cut him out of the episode. Huh.

    Thanks for the link, Tanster!

    [from tanster: that’s the director, paul feig.]

  5. Great pics! ALL of the Holly/Kevin ones are adorable! Thanks!!

  6. Cute!! There were a couple of Holly/Kevin ones, but they were all hilarious. I love the one of him eating the M&M’s

  7. Great pictures! Loved the Kevin & Holly one as well as the one with Angela hiding behind the door and the one of her and Ed Helms.

    Hope you’re having a relaxing Memorial Day, Tan Monster!

  8. tanster, we know you were there (hooray!)…when do we get your recap of finale-shooting moments? looking forward to your inside track from the day you were down there–as it relates to scenes you saw shot, etc… now that you don’t have to worry about spoiling anything!

  9. OMG! Did you see the shot of the staff looking at Jim’s pc when they were watching Ryan being hauled to jail? Did you see Troy standing off to the left? LOVE IT!

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