The Weekend Tally

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  1. John’s movie is going to be shooting down the street from my best friend’s house in Tucson. Looks like it’s time for a visit!

  2. Wow – great Tally! I especially enjoyed the Variety article about the American Office becoming a hit overseas. I just watched the entire UK series for the first time over the last week, and I’m absolutely head over heels in love with it. It doesn’t compare to the love I have for “my” Office, of course, but it’s good to hear that the British are appreciative of both shows too!

  3. My brother is working on the “Into Temptation” movie with Brian, but he has already finished his part. I saw him, but didn’t talk to him. My brother did though!

  4. Thanks for the weekend update! I just bought tickets for BJ’s Seattle show this Friday! Should be a fun night for me and my husband! What would we do without Office Tally!

  5. reading rainbow really is underrated. thank you for noticing, Leslie.

  6. I liked Leslie David Baker’s article and how they feel good when they get Steve to laugh! And I must say that John is looking good. :)

  7. Kenna: It’s good to hear some love for the British version, and also to know that the Brits love our version, too! My love for both shows is enormous, but I love each version for different reasons. It’s hard to describe…

  8. Mindy has a teenage son? Really? I never knew that…she seemed too young herself to be able to even have a teenager :)

  9. I live in the Twin Cities, but that link about Brian Baumgartner dosn’t work for me. I would like to know more.

  10. I’m yaying at the article about The Office being a hit over here, but a bit confused because as far as I can tell, it isn’t… nobody I speak to has ever heard of it! Maybe if ITV2 put it on in a timeslot that WASN’T 23:30-23:55 / 0:30-0:55 / 3:00-3:25 (that’s AM), and maybe advertised it once in a while, they’d get more viewers… grrr… People need to watch The Office!!

  11. Leslie likes Grey’s Anatomy?! I could just SEE him playing the sassy chief or surgery, couldn’t you?

  12. I saw a behind the scenes picture from the Hannah Montana movie and I was so shocked when I saw a person who looked like Melora’s identical twin! I’m glad I know that it’s actually her now. Billy Ray Cyrus’s love interest? Hmm…

  13. I’m sure someone must have spotted this already, but when Pam says in ‘Goodbye Toby’ (6m 23sec) that she has never used the work “perfect” in the office, she actually has at least once. In The Fight, at 3m 50sec, she said: “I call it the perfect storm”.

  14. I’m pretty excited about Northern Attack’s Summer hiatus contest. Last year’s contest was a lot of fun, and there are some great prizes. So head on over and check it out, by following the link when you click my name.

  15. My friend was on set w/ John a couple of weeks ago. His scene was to choke on some carrots and my friend spent the whole morning being pelted by him!!

  16. did anyone else notice the error in entertainment weekly? they say “we cried when she said she was still marrying roy” or something to that effect. that was in the flashback in gay witch hunt, not in the season finale! oh silly entertainment weekly….

  17. ha! i am having a great time just finding errors in these different articles. meredith is supplier relations, not customer relations!

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