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P.S. Hey Tallyheads, just to set expectations, I won’t be asking the writers to do Q&A for every episode this season. I stalk the writers enough already, I don’t want them to put out a restraining order against me. :)


  1. What alternative ideas did you have for Jim and Pam? I loved what happened, but I’m sure other possibilities were discussed.

  2. Is there a story behind the Ryan’s (and Michael’s and Dwight’s) goatee? I recall the writers rejecting a goatee last year for being too lame for even Ryan (hence the beard), so I was surprised to see it.

  3. What’s up with Ryan’s goatee? I thought last year the writers gave him a beard because a goatee was too lame even for Ryan?

  4. I can’t believe the Q&A is happening again! This is amazing!

    I thought the concept of following everyone through the summer week by week was really cool (and definitely a time at Dunder Mifflin I’ve been curious about!). Why did you decide to change up the format, and were there unique challenges that arose because of the change?


  5. The proposal was such a well kept secret that no one really saw coming in this episode. Two questions: (1) Did the entire cast/crew know about the filming of this scene? and (2) How/where was it shot to keep it a secret from the public? (Freeway rest-stops in LA aren’t very secluded).

  6. It’s great that the camera guy is like another character on the show. Was it actually in the script for him to “sigh” when he got denied entrance into Pam’s dorm room?

  7. What was going on with Meredith’s face? Why was it all red and blistered?

    (perhaps this was explained in a deleted scene but I’m in the UK so can’t view them, sorry!)

  8. Ryan got arrested at Dunder Mifflin for fraud, now the company just takes him right back?

    This seems ridiculous.

    Any info on why/how he is back?


  9. Congrats on a great season opener!

    Is there a particular reason why Amy Ryan is not a regular cast member and just a guest star for a few episodes? She’s GREAT and would be awesome to keep her in the show forever. :)


  10. Please explain Meredith’s extreme sunburn at the beginning of the ep!!!! We’re dying to know what awful things you planned to do to her which inevitably didn’t make the cut.

  11. In the scene at the gas station w/ Jim and Pam, (vague for spoilers) did you have to make it rain with TV magic, or wait for a really rainy day to shoot it?

  12. Is Ryan sincere (at least partly) as he tries to make amends with Kelly, and maybe get back together? Or is it just part of his calculated plan to get back on top?

  13. At the beginning of the episode, we see the photo that Darryl took of everyone on the scale and it said how much they weighed. I expected to see that through the rest of the episode but it never showed up again. Was that originally going to happen everytime and just got edited out for time?

  14. How did Steve and BJ feel about their temporary beardlets?

    And if someone hasn’t already asked, what happened to Meredith? Were there any (other) cut storylines?

    Thank you Gene for that awesome roller coaster ride of an episode. And thank you tanster for stalking the writers on our behalf.

  15. Thanks for doing this Mr. Stupnitsky!

    How did you guys decide on the Jim-Pam scene? Were there other ideas going around the writers’ room that you guys and gals were considering before you decide on it?

  16. Why can’t Michael see that Holly is actually flirting with him when any other woman who even looks at him he takes for flirting?

  17. I’ve noticed that Jim/John or Dwight/Rainn (“Launch Party”) are really fast typers. Did they really learn touch-typing or was the IM-software manipulated?
    Great episode btw.

  18. Hi! I loved the premiere. I was wondering if you guys thought if Angela has become an entirely differently person or not and if you plan to ever show the more human side of her this season, like we’ve seen in Traveling Salesmen and Fun Run. Thanks!

  19. I wasn’t expecting the proposal to be so soon. Were you always planning on having the proposal in the first episode?

  20. I have a few questions.
    First: where was Toby? The episode of entourage was in Spanish but it doesn’t make sense that the crew would be in Costa Rica.
    Second: Do you guys put any kind of stool for Jenna to stand on when having scenes with John? When John was kneeling down he was almost as tall as Jenna and then when they were kissing he was just slightly taller.
    I had one more but i forgot it. Love you guys, The Office is pure awesomeness.

  21. Is there any significance in the numbers in Jim and Pam’s screen names which we saw in them talking to each other online? Receptionitis15 and JIM9334?

  22. Thank you Gene for writing such an amazing premiere. Did you write the rap sequence, or was it improvised?

    (I’d go into my question further, but I’m sure Gene will if it’s a question that’s chosen.) Thanks again!

    P.S. Can’t wait for “Year One.” What a cast!

  23. What made you decide to check up on the office throughout the summer?
    Great premiere, by the way!

  24. First of all, welcome back Office cast, crew and show. :)

    My 1st question is… when Jim proposes, Pam asks him “What are you doing?”- did you put this line in the script as a direct reference to Casino Night?

    and 2nd question:

    Does Ryan really love Kelly now, all of a sudden, or is he just trying to get back into her good graces because he doesn’t really have anyone now?

  25. Did Dwight play “Little Drummer Boy” as his mood music on that little stereo he brought to his hanky panky sessions?

  26. A question that I think has been on everyone’s mind…what was going on with Meredith’s face?

    Good episode!

  27. Did Meredith have an allergic reaction to Dwight’s bug spray? She looked… uncomfortable and blistered.


  28. Gene, this premiere explored The Office during the summer. Did the writers feel it was necessary to include summer footage because of the writers’ strike?

  29. We only had a brief moment with Jan, but I’m wondering what’s happening with her: Is she living in Scranton? How’s her business really? Is she getting sane (please?)? When’s she due? Will we be seeing more of her (again, please?)?

  30. How many takes did you do of the proposal scene?

    John and Jenna nailed the acting beyond my expectations, you and Lee nailed the writing and Paul Feig nailed the direction. It was emotionally magnificent. Bravo and thank you to all of you.

  31. Hello! I loved the episode! Was that really the sumo suit that Steve was wearing under his clothes?

  32. Gene,

    During one of the weigh-ins they didn’t lose any weight and Michael said “WHO IS SLACKING?!” The camera pans to Angela and she makes a face. Did that face mean something or am I over exaggerating this in my mind?

    Michelle D

  33. Why wasn’t there a gag at the start of the show? Just for the premiere or did you decide not to do it anymore also in future episodes?

  34. I loved the episode, especially the proposal. Can Jam fans be finally happy or is this as good as it gets for a while?

  35. Hi Gene. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Mine: Can you give us any details about the shooting of the lovely JAM proposal scene, with the rain, and the traffic whizzing by, and the camera man across the highway?

  36. Was it intentional to give Paul Feig the episode about weight loss given his background as fat camp counselor Tim from the movie “Heavy Weights”?

  37. First off, great job. I thought the writing was off-the-charts for “Weight Loss.” Bravo :)

    Question: You had a lot of “surprises” (Ryan, Toby, the proposal, etc). How long have you known about these storylines? Since the season 4 finale? Since the season 2 finale? How far ahead do you go with the plots/writing (obviously leaving wiggle room)?

    Thanks for all the hard work!!

  38. Hi Gene! Congratulations on a fantastic season opener!

    While I was rewatching the episode online, I noticed that Holly has a nameplate that reads “Hollis ‘Holly’ P. Flax” Whose idea was it to make Holly’s real name Hollis?

  39. Hello Gene,

    I am still unclear about whether Pam quit her job at Dunder Mifflin, or if she is just on some sort of leave. Also, does David Wallace know that Michael hired Ryan, even if only as a temp?

    Michelle Henson (aka dying star)

  40. First, I would like to say that this was one of the best episodes ever! Thank you so much! The Jim/Pam marriage proposal was one of the most beautiful proposals in TV history. How did you come up with the idea of having it done at a rest stop in the rain and how many times did you have to shoot that? Thanks again!

  41. First, thank you for that wonderful proposal! Second, how did you come up with having it go like that?

  42. Was the JAM proposal planned for the first episode of the season? Or were you guys feeling the pressure from the stressed out fans?

    Either way…thank you. :)

  43. Who was behind the camera during when Jim slammed Pam’s dormroom door in the cameraguy’s face? Who sighed?

  44. Best episode since Dinner Party! Loved the pace and inclusion of the entire cast.

    The proposal had a distinct ‘Casino Night’ feel. Was that intentional and how did it come together? Pam’s ‘what are you doing’ and having it in a parking lot shot from a distance was perfect for them. Brilliant and Beautiful. Thank you!

  45. That didn’t look like fake rain for the Exit 17 scene. Did you have to wait for an actual rainstorm to film it and then call up John and Jenna…”Hey guys! We’re on! Let’s go!” and then hope a caravan of SUVs didn’t block your shot during the brief kiss? Beautifully shot, however it was accomplished!

    How fun of a conversation was it in the writer’s room narrowing down Andy’s list of acapella members’ names? Did it come down to a list and then a vote? Were there some inside jokes there too?

  46. I have 2 questions,
    First, If Kelly did not swallow a tapeworm (according to Creed) what was it?
    Secondly, one of my favorite moments in the episode was when Jim pushed the camera guy out of Pam’s room, and then sighed. Was that written in the script for him to sigh? I always love it when the camera guys get to be included in the show!
    Thanks so much!

  47. Was the rain during the Jim and Pam proposal planned or was that just something you guys accepted and ran with? Thanks!

  48. Who’s idea was it for Dwight to hammer the fruit into the vending machine? That part was hysterical!

  49. Whose idea was it to cover 8 weeks of summer is this episode? I thought it was handled really well. Did you think it was a real challenge, or did it just flow naturally?

  50. Gene, Weight Loss was just an amazing episode and I wanted to say thanks to you and Lee for creating such a gem!

    My question is regarding Jim. I felt like in this episode we got to see Jim return to himself in a way we hadnt quite seen in the past two seasons. Yet, we also saw his new found spine and confidence. Did it feel as much like home to write Jim in this episode as it was for us to watch him?

  51. Hey Gene,

    So what state/location did Jim and Pam’s proposal actually take place in? Was there any signifigance in that?


  52. A second question (Is that ok Tanster?): I really liked how Angela’s berating of Kevin was the catalyst for the reveal to Holly that Kevin is not, in fact, mentally challenged. Did you have any other ideas, that you’d like to share with us, on how to wrap up this storyline?

  53. Did you know at the end of the season what direction you were going to take the Andy/Angela/Dwight storyline? It seemed to fit perfectly, and I loved it, but was there a time where you debated back and forth as to whether or not Angela was going to continue to see one of them?

    Where did the idea for a summer weight loss program come from? It was brilliant!

    Great job on the episode, guys! Definitely one of my top favorites!

  54. First off, Excellent episode, everything about it was perfect! I was just wondering how the proposal scene was shot. It seemed like the cameras were far away and then zoomed in to catch the moment. Also how many takes did you do?

  55. Great job to all of y’all for a fantastic episode.
    How did you come up with the idea for the “girl in the computer” sequence and what that hard to film? It’s a great and funny scene along with the TH. :)

  56. When Jim slams the door in the camera’s face while going into Pam’s dorm room, the camera man sighs, right? Was this in the script, or did this just happen?

  57. Kind of an obscure question, but here goes: Was Jim’s sarcastic “How’s your summer?” meant to remind us of Karen’s similar line in the Season 4 Summer promo?

  58. At what point was the engagement added to the original story? Was it known during “Goodbye, Toby” that it would happen in the next episode?

  59. Amazing premiere guys! Congratulations!!

    What did you have in mind for Kelly to have swallowed if it wasn’t a tapeworm? I’ve been racking my brain for possibilities and I can’t think of anything!!

  60. When Michael threw the condom at Jim, did Jim drop it? It seems like he looks down at the last second as if he missed it and drop it on the floor, but the camera cut makes it look like he caught it.

  61. Pam mentioned that ASCII Dwight was her “summer project,” but there are computer programs that do that sort of stuff in seconds. Was Pam joking about that being a “project,” or are we supposed to gather that as an indicator of Pam’s inexperience with computers?

  62. I really enjoyed how the proposal scene was shot from across the highway and how the rain and traffic sounds were in the foreground. Did you ever consider having this scene unfold with Jim and Pam’s dialogue buried by the noise?

  63. This premiere truly seemed to bring back the subtlety we all loved about the show but that was missing most of season 4. Was there any collaborative effort or process the writers went through to really sit down post-strike and reevaluate the coming season in order to bring back the office we love?

  64. Someone else probably asked this, but just to make sure it’s covered: is there any reason Michael didn’t have a goatee in that one lunch scene with Jim & Holly? Was it supposed to be a flashback to an earlier week or something?

  65. We really didn’t learn much about Ryan except for the fact he now has to do community service. Will we ever find out what exactly happened? (I love that he’s the temp & fire-d guy now!)

    and one more…
    How’d you get to be so awesome?
    Seriously, one of the best eps ever, not just because of the engagement.

  66. Which (if any) of the nicknames of the members of Here Comes Treble were scripted and which (if any) were improvised?

  67. Kind of an unnecessary question, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me and my computer doesn’t allow for great clarity of pictures: What were the pictures in Pam’s room of?

  68. This was such a great episode!

    Just wondering, where did you shoot the proposal scene? My parents are convinced it’s the Merritt, but that’s all the way in CT.

  69. Why did Angela and Dwight not do a very good job keeping their relationship disguised to the cameras? Normally they were very sneaky!

    Thanks! I really liked this episode, especially the proposal!!

  70. Was it my imagination but did Michael not have a goatee in one scene in between scenes before he was supposed to shave it off because Ryan shaved his off?

  71. I am so glad you got Gene to answer questions for this episode, Tanster! I was just thinking of how much I enjoy these interviews. Great work!

    Gene – for three seasons, one of the main subplots of the show was the Jim/Pam/Roy love triangle. In season four and now in the premiere of season five, that triangle has finally been resolved (for good, I hope!), but then we get three new love triangles – Jan/Michael/Holly, Dwight/Angela/Andy, and now apparently Ryan/Kelly/Darryl. What’s next, a Creed/Meredith/Kevin love triangle?!? As fans, we can only handle so much!!! (TWSS)

  72. First of all, this was probably one of the best episodes ever. How did you manage to keep the proposal a secret? Normally, the NBC promo monkeys would have been all over it. Who wrote the actual proposal scene?

  73. First of all, awesome episode! One of the best, totally. I loved it! Not just because of the proposal, though of course that was a highlight! :) I’m wondering, was Angela being nicer to Andy just because she was “having relations” with Dwight, or is she actually becoming more human? Thank you so much for this wonderful episode! Can’t wait ’till next week!

  74. What went on with Ryan between the “Goodybye Toby” episode and the “Weight Loss” episode? How much trouble had he gotten into for fraud and what was the extent of his punishment?

  75. Hey Gene! Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions of some of us “very dedicated” (read:obsessed) fans.

    Here’s mine: Who wrote Ryan’s line – “I was in my mid-20s…I was going through a lot of stuff. I think I never really processed 9/11.” That was the absolute best line of the episode, and I just have to know who is the genius that came up with it.

  76. First of all, I gotta say that was my favorite premier of all time.

    Now here goes my question:
    Did you guys do the rainy day thing on purpose? Or did it just happen to be rainy outside and you thought that it’d be perfect? Or is it fake rain? I just thought it was really cool.

  77. I felt like the pacing of the show has gotten faster – shorter scenes between people and more cutting back and forth between several stories. Is this really the case? If so – could you talk about how you decided to do it this way?

  78. # 69 – 212 is one of many area codes (but probably the most well known) in Manhattan.

    I loved that Ryan’s return is a bit of a throwback to “The Convict.” I think it’s hilarious that Martin was berated by Michael for being in jail for the same type of crime Ryan committed, yet in Ryan’s return, his crime is barely mentioned. Is Ryan’s time in jail going to be brought up at all throughout the season?

  79. I’m curious about the screen names Jim and Pam used during their chat sequence. Do the numbers at the end of ‘JIM9334’ mean anything special and is there perhaps a back story behind ‘Receptionitis15’ (reminds me of ‘pretendonitis’)? Thanks!

  80. I have noticed quite often that Entourage is referenced in the show. I know that is one of Michael’s favorite shows, but do the writers/creators of the shows have any sort of working relationship? I love both shows. Thanks!!!

  81. I’m pretty much in love with the fact that Ryan is back down to temp status and is answering phones for Dunder Mifflin now. But will we ever find out who got his old job?

  82. How many different proposal scenarios did you have in mind? Or was it just the one? And if it was the former question, how did you pick that one? (It was brilliant, by the way)

  83. Gene, Bravo to you and Lee on a fantastic episode.

    Of course, many of us want to know all about the JAM proposal scene. It was simple and beautiful, and Jenna and John did an amazing job. How did you decide it should be in the rain at a gas station? How long did it take to shoot? Please share all the details!


  84. Pam said she was going to hit Bungalow 8 with John Mayer. Why did you chose Mayer? In your mind, is Pam a fan? And did you have to get any clearance? When Your Body Is a Wonderland was used in Benihana Christmas, Mayer asked for a Dundie in return, did he want a chili’s voucher this time?

  85. Can’t Toby just have some luck? Can’t things work out for Toby? Poor Toby!

  86. 2 questions

    What is your idea of Angela’s state of mind at this point regarding her relationship with Dwight and Andy?

    I loved that you were able to span this amount of time during one episode. Did the writers discuss a lot of miscellaneous character back stories that were not inherently explained in this episode? (i.e. Meredith’s face breaking out) What were other ideas that didn’t make the episode?

  87. Was it a conscious decision to have Oscar be one of the first in the office besides Michael to befriend Holly? I thought their interactions were great. Just wanted to know if there were other characters taken into consideration for this office buddy role.

  88. Was Dwight’s little booty tap to Angela the first time they went in the storage room an improv? Angela’s laugh was a little more Kinsey than it was Martin. :)

  89. Jim mentioned Pam having had a long engagement with “Someone who used to work here” Was that meant to just be funny or are you trying to keep Roy in people’s minds for when/if he makes a return?

  90. Awesome, awesome, awesome season 5 premiere!!! Gene, I have one question. What was wrong with Meredith’s face in the beginning? It looked really sunburned and blistered.

    Also, I loved the proposal scene! Thanks for your time answering our questions!!!

  91. Gene:

    Great episode!!! Amy Ryan must stay in Scranton.
    Jam’s proposal was unexpected, romantic, and real. Congrats to Jenna and John!

    Has Ryan’s job been filled? Will Jim look to move to NY to be closer to Pam? Will Pam come back to Dunder Mifflin?

    Love the Counting Crows!!!!

    Look forward to a wonderful season.

  92. Who do you think you are? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

    Someone pointed out that Jim’s line about going to put up some shelves may have been a reference to the fabulous Mr. Roper of Three’s Company. Any truth to this? On a related note, do you all crack each other up in the writers’ room all the time?

  93. I read somewhere that perhaps Jim’s comment about “putting up shelves” was a reference to Mr. Roper’s (Three’s Company) code for sex. True? False?

  94. Stanley’s black power salute while standing on the scale at the end of the episode looked almost exactly like the John Carlos/Tommie Smith black power salute at the 1968 Olympics. Was that intentional or coincidence?

  95. What was going on with poor Meredith’s face? I figured it was another horrible rabies-carrying animal-related incident, but it was never explained. Perhaps a cut story line?
    Awesome episode. A whole ton of very stressed and serious college students gathered to watch with rapt attention and laugh our butts off.

  96. Thank you for such a fantastic episode and season opener! I love how we got to see what happens over the summer.

    The proposal between Jim and Pam was absolutely beautiful. Where did the idea of making it happen at rest stop come from?

  97. Awesome Job guys,

    Just one thing, where were the Vance Refrigeration guys during the Weight Loss campaign?! I was hoping for some jokes from the two hilarious dudes! Please tell me we’ll be seeing a proper interaction with them and some of the characters in this huge episode order from NBC this season.

  98. I love that Pam is going to Pratt (my boyfriend is a Pratt Alum), I wonder if there was any thought to perhaps having her go to the other Pratt campus (Pratt at Munson William Proctor) in Utica NY? I thought it would be interesting for Pam to be in Utica along with regional manager Karen!

  99. Great episode guys! Here’s my question:

    Was it intentional to have Pam’s school friend be male? I know when I was watching that I cringed thinking he could be a new Karen/Roy type character… in fact he looked a little like Roy!

    Two more questions: …Who are you? W-what gives you the right? ;)

  100. Thanks for writing such a great episode to set up the season! I loved it! It never stopped being funny and it was packed with so many hilarious stories that flowed together so well. The time lapse view of summer was such a cool idea.
    Dwight’s icky replacement snacks and the fruit flies just killed me! Every time there was shot of the vending machine with the lone stalk of celery, smashed peach, etc. and the swarms of fruit flies, I just totally lost it laughing. Was someone tasked to go catch a bunch of fruit flies and put them in the vending machine? It was such a small background thing but so worthwhile and hilarious.

  101. Great episode guys! Here’s my question: Was it intentional for Pam’s school friend to be male? I thought he looked a little like Roy, and cringed to think what could happen with him… Also, who are you and what gives you the right? ;)

  102. Great episode! Definitely top ten!

    My question is about Pam. Regarding her clothes and hairstyles, I noticed that there was a lot of darker clothing and her hair was in ponytails. Studying in New York over the summer, I know it’s like the standard to have at least one black dress and/or sweater in your closet. If you can, could you talk about the process of her New York style?

    Again, fantastic work!

  103. Where was the proposal scene shot? It was gorgeous, but I found myself thinking that was a little too much greenery to be shot in California.

  104. Sorry if this is a repeat, but please tell me that Amy Ryan is going to be a permanent new cast member! She’s fantastic!

    And is Ryan really taking over for Pam, or is it just temporary? I was hoping for some Prison Ryan (reminiscent of Prison Mike) talking heads, lol. =D

  105. Was there a cold open for this episode? I didn’t catch it on tv and the online version on doesn’t have a cold open. It goes directly to the theme song. =(

  106. Are we supposed to be under the impression that Michael went and got Ryan from the temp agency without blessing from corporate? I assume that corporate wouldn’t want him back in the company.

  107. Loved, loved, loved the episode! The proposal scene was wonderfully romantic.

    Did Jim know he was going to propose when he asked Pam to meet him for lunch? It seemed like it could have been something he decided to do on the way there.

  108. This was an AMAZING episode, I LOVED everything about it!! THANK YOU for the Jim/Pam proposal….It was BEAUTIFUL!! Where did the idea of a rest stop come from, it seemed so perfect?! :) Also, PLEASE do NOT let ANY drama happen between them…they ARE SOULMATES!!!!!!!!! :)

  109. Bravo, writers, for a great episode!! Would you explain Michael’s mindset toward Holly at this point in time. They seem destined to be great for each other, but Michael seems to be really not connected with her in a strange way. Thanks.

  110. Thanks for this Q&A. I loved the proposal scene. That kiss was beautiful. What does the ring look like?

  111. Why in the world is Andy’s nickname “Boner Champ?” Also how much more is he to endure at the hands of Angela? Can’t a man have his dream wedding without the bride getting in the way?

  112. Amazing episode!
    So I was wondering how Toby would return to the office, if he returns at all? Thanks so much!

  113. LOVED EVERYTHING about the episode!! Where did you get the idea of a rest stop…the proposal WAS PERFECT!! I am SO THANKFUL…PLEASE don’t make them go through ANY drama…they are SOULMATES!! WE want to see it have a PERFECT and HAPPY ending!! :)

  114. So now that you’ve crossed “Phyllis’ boobs joke” off the list which one of the Office ladies will you be zeroing in on next? We all know about the list of “the female actors body parts to mock” on the writers’ room wall – just admit it.
    (although Phyllis’ boobs line was hilarious)

    A more serious question though – I noticed that the camera shots were a little more jostled and the lighting a little more grainy than usual. Was this an attempt at making it look more like a documentary than a sitcom?

    Well done though! Amazingly well done!

  115. Wonderful episode!! I have three questions: Did Jenna know that Jim was going to propose to Pam? Her reaction seemed pretty real, but then I guess that’s why she’s so awesome, though!

    Number 2: Was it always intended to show Toby in Costa Rica, or was that a last minute thing?

    Number 3: Was the camera man’s *sigh* improve or was it scripted, I must say it was brilliant!!!!

    Thanks for answering, if you do!!!

  116. Does the guy from yoga class really exist, or was it a phantom created by Holly to get Michael to declare his interest?

  117. I loved “Weight Loss”… but one of my questions was not answered…will someone be taking Ryan’s old job at corporate? Will we learn who soon?

  118. Was the branch’s lack of a significant weight loss due to Stanley’s muscle gain through strength training, or is someone preggers? I appreciated seeing Stanley’s character fleshed out more. Idea: “Stanley’s Fight the Power Strength Training Tips” blog.

  119. 1.) Why aren’t Dwight and Angela being very careful about their secret romance? It’s not like they haven’t done this before.

    2.) Pam as an RA – haha. Loved the roommate conflict – that has so happened to me before, when I had friends over.

  120. Great episode guys!

    In the episode, Andy says that he got his acapella group “Here Come’s Treble” class of 96′ to perform at the wedding. But in Job Fair, another episode you guys wrote, Andy introduces himself to Phil McGuire as Andy Bernard, class of 95′. I was just wondering if that was a goof on your guys part or not? Thanks.

  121. When Jim goes into Pam’s dorm room, and he slams the door in the camera man’s face, you can hear the camera guy sigh. Was this in the script, or did it just happen?

  122. I noticed that Dwight wasn’t at his top game in this episode. In season 3, he made me laugh every time, but I don’t think he was as comically aggressive as he used to be. He was kind of…normal? Is the old Dwight coming back?

    Great premiere!

  123. Why no cold open for this episode? Please tell me you guys aren’t canning the cold open format we all love so much.

  124. What were some of the most notable improvs in the episode that made it in and what were some that you wished had made it in? Thanks!

  125. Thanks for answering these questions and for the brilliant show we love so much.

    Was the proposal shot at a real gas station or did the production crew create it?

    If it’s a real one, did you warn the owners that this will be the hot new place for couples to get engaged? :-)

  126. I loved Pam’s video talking head! Was Jenna actually on a webcam for that scene (like in phone scenes when the actors are really on the phone), or was the video recorded separately?

  127. what happened at Ryan’s trial? I can gather that he was fired, but he seemed to have gotten off easy.

  128. The cameras and documentarians showed a bigger role this episode ex: Jim closing the door on them and them following Michael to Pam’s car and I think we got a glimpse of a camera man’s hand this time too. Are they going to be given more of a role this season?

  129. Any chance of Holly (Amy Ryan) signing on for an extended period of time? More than 5 episodes please! Needs more Holly!

  130. Congratulations on the super start to a super season, and thanks for answering our questions.

    Mine is about the most romantic proposal ever! When Jim leapt up to kiss Pam, the ring seemed to disappear! Did you delete the part where he actually slips the ring on her finger and seals it with another kiss? (The whole scene took only 52 seconds!)

  131. How many proposal scenarios did you have in mind? How did you pick the one you did? (It was brilliant by the way)

  132. This is not specific to “Weight Loss” but It’s been on my mind. What happened to Jim going to Australia? He supposedly bought a non-refundable ticket but then it was never mentioned again. Did he actually go?

  133. What was your favorite scene from the episode and why? Did you do any “research” into office weight loss initiatives to prepare for writing this episode? Did you have fun estimating weights for each of the characters?

  134. How did this episode compare to the other season openers in terms of energy on set? Were the actors and writers more enthusiastic? Because this may have been the best season opener. (though Fun Run in my opinion had the most funny lines that any other episode)

  135. When Jim didn’t propose at the end of “Goodbye, Toby” did you have the proposal during “Weight Loss” planned out already or was it decided over the summer?

  136. I just wanted to say congratulations on reviving the awkwardness that was so characteristic of Season 1. Holly’s interactions with Oscar and Kevin made me cringe in a way that I haven’t cringed in a long time. Looking forward to a great season!

  137. There was another mentioning of “Kendell or Kindell…” the horrible HR guy from corporate. Will we ever meet him, pleeeaaaase? :)

  138. Is it at all possible that the goatee that michael was sporting was a fake? He doesn’t really strike me as a hairy kinda guy, nevermind the kind that can grow a full goatee over a week that was as intense as the one he had.

  139. Loved the premiere! My question is:

    Were you planning to have Ryan come back as the receptionist all along? Karma?


  140. Why did Pam not stand up for herself when she was in the wrong classroom and the teacher told her to sit down? I thought the “New Pam” would have walked out anyway.

  141. So glad it is back on. Great job! you know in the deleted scenes where Michael takes Jim’s chair. what was up with that?

  142. I noticed the Stay Puft Marshmallow man on the wall during Michael Klump’s speech…is this a little bit of bragging from Lee and you for Ghostbusters III??

  143. Hey Gene! Congratulations on the season 5 premiere, it was awesome!
    I have to say my favorite part of the episode was Andy talking about his old acapella group being his best men collectively, and all of their nicknames. It was brilliant!! Are we ever going to see the group perform together again?

  144. It was so awesome that you guys decided to have the proposal during the season premiere. NOBODY expected that! Why did you make the decision to have the proposal in the season opener, and did the writers have this planned since before the season 4 finale? Thanks! Keep up the fantastic writing!

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