Greg Daniels’ favorite episodes of ‘The Office’

[Original post date: February 9, 2009]

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Greg Daniels’ favorite episodes:

  1. Health Care
  2. The Alliance
  3. Office Olympics
  4. Performance Review
  5. The Injury
  6. Gay Witch Hunt
  7. The Convict
  8. Business School
  9. Local Ad
  10. Chair Model

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  1. I find it humorous that all of the eps we voted as #1 in your off-season survivor game are actually not anywhere on Greg’s list!

  2. Ooh, I adored Performance Review, Gay Witch Hunt, Business School, and Chair Model…Not wild about the others, but I still like pretty much all of them. Good picks, overall. I would’ve definitely added Drug Testing. Dwight interrogating people was brilliant…it was one of the first I saw and DEFINITELy a favorite.

  3. I find The Alliance to be kind of overrated along with Performance Review, but it’s wonderful to see Gay Witch Hunt and The Convict, two of my favorites that nobody else seems to like, get some love. Good list, overall.

  4. Like #4, I’ve always thought that Gay Witch Hunt and The Convict were way underrated, so it’s cool to see them here. Local Ad is probably in my top ten favorite episodes of all time, as well. These were all great choices, though! Very interesting.

  5. I have what I know must be a silly question. Do you need an ipod to download these, or can you do it onto your computer?

    [from tanster: you don’t need an iPod.]

  6. The Injury is one of my absolute faves! “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”

  7. This is a great list, but my favorite of all time is definitely The Job. The only episodes I have genuinely disliked were the Pilot, Goodbye Toby and Moroccan Christmas.

  8. Don’t judge me for spending my entire afternoon watching a ‘Greg’s Favorites’ themed DVD marathon. You would’ve skipped Russian class too. Trust me.

  9. I would have to replace The Convict, and Chair Model with Drug Testing and Dinner Party, but otherwise I like this top 10.

  10. Health Care is my favorite too! (along with The Dundies). I die everytime when Dwight brings up Count Choculitis.

  11. These episodes are ALL amazing. Health Care is my favourite season one episode, the convict is my favourite season 3, the Office Olympics and The Injury are GREAT! Love ya Greg

  12. I noticed that the list starting at #1 goes in ascending order by season:

    Season One: Health Care(1), The Alliance(2)
    Season Two: Office Olympics(3), Performance Review(4), The Injury(5)
    Season Three: Gay Witch Hunt(6), The Convict(7), Business School(8)
    Season Four: Local Ad(9), Chair Model(10).

    I wonder if this was on purpose? Or maybe Greg Daniels’ favorites just happen to be in chronological order by season, lol.

  13. Love all of these, but “The Fire” is still the first episode I show to anyone I’m trying to convince that the show is great.

  14. He has fantastic taste. Although I would have added “Conflict Resolution” and “Goodbye Toby.”

  15. I’ve always wanted to know his favorites!
    No Dundies? I’m surprised. I would have left Chair Model out.

  16. Wow, a lot of his favorites were sort of inspired by the Office UK. I feel like Health Care, The Alliance, and Performance Review were all sort of taken from stuff from the the UK series.

    I honestly can’t believe his favorites from the 3rd season, though–in my opinion, those were Gay Witch Hunt, The Convict, and Business School are three of the worst episodes of the Office EVER. I like his choices for season 2 and season 4, though…

  17. 22:

    No, he just named a few from each season, and Season 4 only had like 12 episodes.

  18. Buisness School is my favorite episode ever! As for Arrested Development, I wish iTunes would actually allow me to download videos. Seems I don’t have the latest version yet whenever I try to update it doesn’t work at all.

  19. I was also surprised by Chair Model (although the bit at the end where Michael and Dwight sing ‘American Pie’ at her grave is pretty funny) and disappointed by no ‘The Dundies’ – definitely high on my list if not the fave. And what about Season 5?

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