1. OMG, hilarious! I wonder if John was nervous at all with what was obviously a room full of women. MAN! That interviewer was lucky, it almost seemed like he was flirting with her, and she was getting more and more nervous. Oh…sigh, John.

  2. She was SO in love with him and totally fumbling all over herself! I probably would react that way too if I actually got to talk to John. (sigh)

  3. She is so obviously flustered by being in such close proximity. I think that I’d be doing precisely the same thing.

    He really is spectacular.

  4. I’m totally glad I’m not the only one who thought it was kind of flirty! What a charmer, that interviewer is one lucky lady! =)

  5. John is such a charmer and a flirt. I would’ve been just as if not more flustered around him like she was.

  6. Trust me, if I was the person inteviewing him, I would be flustered by his charm and how adorable he is. Heck, it would take me 4 hours to finish the thing!

  7. She was a mess! I can’t blame her, though.

    I think John’s probably a lot like my stepbrother…just a naturally flirty guy. Is sweet and flirty without even trying. That’s my guess.

  8. LOL! I was going to ask you to post this, but I figured you’d already had gotten demands to do so; looks like I was right :)

    Poor, poor/lucky girl, that Claire.

  9. Aw! OMG. My cheeks hurt from beaming now, but it was completely worth it. Poor Claire was just bubbling all over the place and she was blushing so much. Oh John, you yummy flirt.

  10. I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to interview him, I’d be laughing the whole entire time. Also, he’s easy on the eyes. :)

  11. So I’m not the only one who thought there was a whole lot of giggling and flirting going on.

  12. I love (x100) John. I would do the exact same thing if I were that interviewer!

  13. Also, she kind of reminds me of pre-transformation Pam Beesley (personality-wise).

  14. OMG!!!! john krasinski is the cutest thing ever! she is one lucky girl! gawd i would do the same thing she did.

  15. I really don’t appreciate Claire flirting with MY boyfriend. I think John and I need to discuss this during our next date. On planet Zebulon.

  16. all i have to say is that he is so freakin hilarious and if i were interviewing him, I would be one HOT MESS!

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